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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Vow Renewal Photo!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Vow Renewal Photo!

LeAnn Rimes walks down the aisle with hubby Eddie Cibrian after renewing their wedding vows in this pic posted on her Twitter page.

“Thought I’d share a few smiles and a special moment,” the 29-year-old singer wrote, also thanking photographer Joe Buissink for the “beautiful” pics taken in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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“Renewed our vows today….it’s incredible to thank each other for the past year as husband and wife. Here’s to another great year!” LeAnn wrote in another tweet on April 27, a few days after celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

Bigger pic inside

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Photos: Joe Buissink
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  • n

    that is a beautiful church, can we agree on that?

  • chucklechuckle

    - laughing with the Devil at Brandi

  • Whatever.

    She’s such a proud s k a n k. Both of them are pure trash.

  • Birdie

    Tryhards! Close your ugly mouth!

  • Emmy

    @n–I can agree about the church–a renewal ceremony only after a year…? I don’t get it…

  • kel

    They are as fake as her boobs.

  • The Real Emma



    Good for them! Congrats LA & Eddie.

  • safireskeye

    The ones that renew their vows end up divorced the quickest.

  • Lia

    Why is she barefoot and he is wearing flip flops?
    It is maybe hot out there but isn’t it your second wedding day ahum..?

  • Kimberly

    I agree that it looks like a really lovely church, but why do they feel the need to renew vows after only a year? Also, why share that with the world? Can’t they/she keep anything private and sacred? She is already getting called out for being in cahoots with the paps and hiring them personally, is she really so desperate for attention that she has to make sure that even the most intimate of moments are disseminated to every available news source? The more she does it, the more the negative backlash they receive. It is actually sad that she is so in need of attention. I guess being a former child star, who now has to watch everyone else her age and younger outshine her, is taking a toll on her mental health. Hence the prolific Tweeting and staged photos. He seems to be taking advantage of her in a big way. Like an honorless, ego maniacal user who is just biding his time. Pretty sad really.

  • jane-lee

    Boring couple

    Although, Eddie is handsome

  • Maggie

    Yes, these two are enormously in love….with themselves! It’s absurd.

  • WLF

    Okay….renew your vows after you’ve been married for 20 years – which by the way, I just celebrated with my husband!

    I’ll be surprised if I see a picture of these two (still together) in 20 years!

  • Delilah

    She would do anything to prevent the public to stop talking about her.

  • speaktruth

    I’m gonna say this once: Stop trying to take away the attention from Will & Kate. First you get married around the same time and now when it’s their first year anniversary and everyone’s making a big deal about it, you go and have a vow renewal (which btw should probably happen YEARS down the road, not one). To me it seems, you just want people to google your name and will use other, classier people as a means of doing it. GROSS!

  • bnmy

    what a beautiful couple..!opps sorry, wrong picture

  • danielle

    I’m surprised she actually had time between all her tweeting to actually go through with the ceremony. Just looked at her Twitter account. Who has time to tweet all day? Oh yeah, Leann!

  • Dee

    BLARGH! I’m sick of those faces!

  • Quincey

    Why would she choose a photo that makes her look like she is a cackling lunatic? She doesn’t look happy, she looks deranged. Not a flattering picture and it makes her look like she is trying so damn hard to show how happy they are. Yet another epic PR fail for her. Along with her the lurid details of her personal life, it would be nice if she could keep the inside of her giant mouth and nostrils to herself.

  • Jane

    2 poor excuses for human beings. I am totally disgusted with the both of them!

  • Risa

    @Jane: And JJ for continuing to post these posed photo ops

  • Jane

    @Risa: You are totally right.

    Get this, people. Fox News is calling her on her “staged” phot ops.

  • judy

    Pics of Leann and whats his name, of yeah Mr rimes better known as her paid companion. think she must use those huge nostrils to store nuts in for the winter or the time coming when she has run out of cash Ya Hoo

  • Jane

    @judy: ROTFLMAO—I actually have a few acorns that would fit in them as well. Why oh why is she laughing so hysterically? I wonder if she was drunk when she did this. She is a class A example of a histronic personality disorder.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Calm down folks.
    Lok. Think. Really look at this.
    LOL, hon, this is the beginning of the end.
    Those who renew weddinbg vows , yearly, and aftre a year marriage, usually means DOOMSADAY!!!!
    It is like getting a tattoo of your signif other ‘s name.DOOMS!!!
    LeAnn, I think has that too.

    Yeah, renewing vows like after 25 the Silver Wedding anniversay, or 50th Golden, but , after a year or every year, umm NO!!!!
    Ask Heidie and Seal now did that work out for them.
    If a couple chooses to do that, then do it alone , just you two in a private setting.
    No one not knowing is not in leAnn and Eddie’s vocabulary.
    Jokes on them though.

  • dadad

    she’s so delusional and elated she’s trying to suck god’s dick while eddie laughs off her attempts.

  • scotgal14

    Does anyone else feel like this woman orchestrates ‘special moments’ in her life simply so she can post them on twitter? I hope these two never wonder why the world despises them so much!

  • kathy perry

    bcoz he has hot feet mmmmmmmm

  • Jane

    @scotgal14: Very much so. She simply has too much time on her hands, an over-active imagination and self-centered personality. She needs the attention whether it is positive or negative. I would not be a bit surprised if she did this on purpose to see how she affects people. She loves the power and manipulation. I called this one with the first anniversary. She got the big ring, went on holiday, posed with endless bolt-on cover shot bikinis and the paps covered her. I am just wondering which magazine will have a spread on her and Eddie this week or next. I am thinking In Touch, Star or OK magazine will have something.

  • sea

    She always looks so stupid.

  • Joelle

    Even though I have always had a “don’t judge others” attitude, this pair of narcissistic bullies has made me change my ways just for them.Their latest media plants are just as disgusting and low class as they are. Nothing they do will ever make people (with working brains) believe they are the victims. They use her money to bully and threaten his ex because it allows them to bring lawyers into situations where he and his ex should be able to work together to come to a compromise. LeAnn should have zero involvement in big life decisions of her step children. She is not their parent and needs to learn her place. Eddie being the low life scum he is, relishes the opportunity LeAnn’s money gives him to punish his ex for kicking him out. What a great Father. LeAnn is probably too insecure to allow he and his ex to meet alone and discuss the tv show and the fact that it is hypocritical for him to not want his kids in the background on tv when his new wife has been PROVEN to call the paps when they are with the kids. They make money off the kids paparazzi shots. They are being called out for it everywhere right now.They are disgusting hypocrites and I hope that their inevitable divorce brings them as much pain as what their prior one has caused to others. They can renew their vows all they want, they are still just a pair of completely selfish, self involved losers who’s former spouses are better off without them. Unfortunately there are children involved. Their careers are over so I guess they have decided to take up being a$$holes full time.

  • Jane

    @Joelle: A’men–couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Joelle

    @Jane: This thread is old so I won’t comment again after this but when all of this first went down, I was on the “people make mistakes”, forgive and move on bus. I didn’t think it was right to label LeAnn a home wrecker or assume she was a horrible person just because of the affair. She got married at 19 and I basically gave her a one time pass. However, the way that she and her new husband have chosen to behave afterwards has made me see that they really are horrible, selfish, moral less people who not only are bullies to the ex, but can’t really have the best interests of the children in mind as they use the kids for their own selfish purposes when it suits them. They really are sadistic bullies and I think he gets off on being able to threaten his ex. He knows how much she loves her boys and what a good Mother she is but that doesn’t matter. His family meant nothing to him. He threw his family away so why now is he so concerned about the impact being in the background of a tv show is going to have on his boys? He was part of a scandalous affair where he was shown to be a serial cheater who disrespected the Mother of his children and who has allowed his new wife to harass and abuse his ex, as well as have her so called friends do it on her behalf. Both of them prove, without any shadow of a doubt, that they are the very lowest form of humans, who take pleasure in making others suffer and who have no remorse for their actions. Basically, two sociopaths have found each other. He has to stay with her now because his career is over. So is hers, but she still has money from her glory days so she can afford to not work and stay glued to his side and pay for their monthly vow renewals and vacations. When those boys are older and they see how these two treated their Mother, they will hate them for it.

  • Jane

    @Joelle: Very much agreed. Their behavior is getting worse because no one calls them on it. She seriously needs someone in an interview to pummel her with questions to the point where she is forced to walk out and then face public humiliation. Time to save the children—they have two very dangerous people taking care of them ½ the time and they are no fit parents by any standards. I hope Brandi’s show does well enough so she can get extra help for taking care of those boys—for they are the true victims in this case. Eddie and Leann will ruin these beautiful boys for life if they do not stop their antics. This is a time for the boys to develop their identities. If they are in a household with two sociopaths, Lord help them as they will need therapy in the long run. Real loving parents do not screw around with other people while married and act like a gigolo with the new wife. I would love to be in the room when the one of them asks in the future—“Dad, why did you pay people to take pictures of us so you could get money? Why did you cheat on Mom? Why did you say Leann was a speed bump in marriage and then you married her? Why did you lose so many jobs? Why did this lady on Mom’s show say you had an affair with her and she was asked to leave Mom’s friend’s restaurant? Why did Leann make out with another woman while you were looking on? Why do you tell us not to drink, but you have had tons of pix taken of you with a drink and you look loaded? I don’t get it Dad. Were you doing this all to not work and have Leann stay with you? Were we playing pieces in her game? Do you love us or do you love being married to Leann so you can just get money? Did you love us when you cheated on mom? Did you think of us when you cheated?

  • agreed

    “However, the way that she and her new husband have chosen to behave afterwards has made me see that they really are horrible, selfish, moral less people who not only are bullies to the ex, but can’t really have the best interests of the children in mind as they use the kids for their own selfish purposes when it suits them.”

    I think that pretty much sums up why their reputations are suffering so bad and they’re in the situation they’re in: she can’t sell albums and he can’t keep a job. Who knows, maybe her next album will sell, but her career stalled out years before she met Eddie, and since she’s been quoted that the new album takes lots of digs at Brandi, I think it will just add to their reputation that they’re just not very nice people, who have handled the whole aftermath of the affair in a multitude of inconsiderate ways. Being complete famewhores who pay for paparazzi attention isn’t helping things either. Ever look at her twitter? It’s a huge turnoff: she essentially pats herself on the back all day long. It’s a bit bizarre, and indicative of what a Z-list celebrity she has become.

  • Ronni

    I liked Lee Ann Rimes prior to Northern Lights. I even liked her in the movie. What I was not crazy about is her flirting, man stealing, cheating, lieing etc.. I know things happen and she didnt do it alone but she could have said no. Since then she has become what seems self obsessed and determined to photograph her and Eddie at every opportunity rubbing it in the ex-wifes face and what about the kids. What does this teach them? I believe alot of folks are disappointed in her to the point it has hurt her career some. Its probably how it all went down. I still love her voice and music but dont think much of her personally at all. skank comes to mind. Eddie will stick around as long as the publicity and money holds out..then he will hitch onto the next pretty skirt tale willing to give it up.