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Mila Kunis Calls Ashton Kutcher Dating Rumors 'Absurd'

Mila Kunis Calls Ashton Kutcher Dating Rumors 'Absurd'

Mila Kunis covers her face with a Los Angeles Dodgers cap while leaving the gym on Tuesday (May 1) in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, the 28-year-old actress returned to L.A. from Las Vegas, where she promoted her new movie, Oz: The Great and Powerful, at CinemaCon 2012.

“I play Theodora, one of the witches. Any time you can fly and be angry about it, it’s pretty awesome,” Mila told Extra about her role in the movie, which co-stars James Franco.

As for the persistent rumors she’s dating her That ’70s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher, “It’s absurd!” Mila said. “A friend is a friend.”

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  • kel

    she protests too much!

  • jasonbres

    Shut up, Meg! No one gives a hoot about if or who or what you’re dating!

  • Mary
  • lisa

    Don’t care pug face!

  • loa

    People seems to ignore the fact that Mila and Ashton used to be co-stars and very good friends it’s not a crime for a girl and a guy to be just friends they do not have to be dating just because they go on holiday or dinner together sheesh this is 2012 they are allowed to be just friends.

  • seriously?

    @Mary: I never knew having dinner with someone means you’re dating them, so would this still apply if the friend was female?

  • Gossipgirl

    No Mila; you are banging him. Your denials are absurd!

  • many


    LOL, how old are you??

    They might’ve had dinner together for all I care but the way this was written doesn’t make it believable. ” They tried to keep a really low profile…, Kutcher didn’t want anyone to recognize him..” – how does one go about this – did he announce aloud ‘I don’t want anyone to recognize me!’, or maybe he came dressed in drag?
    They were trying so hard to make it seem like they weren’t a couple..didn’t even say hi to each other.. “Then they got cozy with each other”.. I see.. she brings him fancy cupcakes, then hands them out to the staff.. Indeed, WAY TO KEEP LOW PROFILE”.., I mean c’mon, what moron writes this stuff, a 5year old?
    Now, I can just picture Kutcher going ‘nah..ain’t taking any of your stinkin’ cupcakes b*tch, give them to the staff.’..way to please your lover.

  • Mary

    LMAO ofc having dinner with a friend doesn’t mean they’re dating BUT, having dinner together and hide from paparazzi THEN mediastorm with your rep. denying everything THEN you make best decision ever just spending the weekend DAYS AND NIGHTS together when you know paparazzi are going follow you to the end of the world THEN coincidence! mila has to promote her new movie in Vegas where 150 journalists are, now, eager to talk to her. Ofc she responded all offended a là Li-lo denying everything THEN what you do? as soon as you can you go to dinner with him ONE MORE TIME. wow, they must be really good friends, can’t spend a few days without seeing each other even when they know gossip sites and paparazzi will talk about it…don’t be naive…

  • Mary

    Ofc they are not going to say “Yes, we’re having s ex for fun” Friends is more accurate for PR. Check rihanna last pictures with strippers, chick is having fun, first with kutcher…now it’s mila’s turn. Good for them.

  • Hanna

    Paparazzi are scum but sometimes they are right. Remember Brad and Angie their publicist almost swear on her mother’s grave nothing was going on between them when Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and then…

  • jillyro

    Since the rumors of her with Ashton cropped up, she has looked rough and not so cute lately (even on the RC the other day in those shorts she looked so rough). Same thing happened to Scarlett Johanssen when she dated Sean Penn. It’s like the doucheness and skank of those guys rubs off on the gal they dated and they lose their pretty. Scarlett has yet to reclaim her pretty, wonder if Mila will be so unlucky.

  • many


    Well. – the way you describe this sounds like this whole thing is a publicity stunt and not genuine dating then. Are they really dating or faking – make up your mind. The ‘weekend together’ claims are just that – claims. It’s up to you if you want to believe them but the way this is being written about sounds like it’s all coming from one source and is intended to generate publicity. Quite similar to last year’s rumors re Kunis&Timberlake which they both denied while at the same time presenting awards together as a ‘couple’ … Mila is often seen with other male friends why no gossip here? I guess those aren’t famous so who cares..
    “A publicist is a person whose job is to generate and manage publicity for a public figure, especially a celebrity…” Wikipedia

  • Mary


    I think they’re “having fun together” as People Mag. said if you know what I mean…AND I think they’re using their “relationship” for free PR. do you have pictures of timberlake and kunis having dinner together or spending a weekend together?. Presenting awards as a “couple”? that’s new, selling their movie maybe?

  • Ann

    Don’t like her since Michael Jackson’s funeral where she was chewing gum and laughing ,gives me the 2-faces vibe

  • Effy

    Even working out she still looks pretty.

  • many


    “selling their movie maybe?” – well, that’s exactly what it was. I don’t know about a single photo of them having dinner or spending a weekend together. All you have is a pic of them/her getting into a car..the rest is fiction.
    I’m pretty sure these stories come from her publicist’s office who manages her media visibility. They’re actually quite innocent (first kiss etc..) and written in a way that is only 50% believable (no proof + they’ve been friends for long time) hence you get one group of people saying it’s BS & others that believe the stories. This creates speculation and buzz which is exactly what it’s meant to do.
    Sunflowers, blueberries & cupcakes. Clever & cute just like Mila. Well done.

  • Red

    Match made in heaven. They both look like they have poor personal hygiene.

  • tj

    I don’t care if they are dating or not. All I know is Mila is drop dead gorgeous.

  • r0bz

    Lmao she looks like Meg here

  • t

    Some people have such high expectations of celebrities that they forget the fact that they’re just NORMAL PEOPLE.

  • Sarah Parker

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have always wanted each other- you can tell- but always went for people that seemed like strangers to them and that they didn’t really like. I can bet you they never told each other their true feelings about how they felt.
    But why did they betray each other like that? It just confounds me how you would leave someone you love like that- Sometimes love is weird like that…like you are trying to shy away from the person you love most, sometimes even without realizing it…It’s kinda like the relationship between Heathcliff and Catherine in Wuthering Heights. H.C and Cathy knew they loved each other, to the point where it reached a supernatural love, with connection of souls, even after Cathy’s death, but ultimately betrayed each other but dating another totally random person. Heathcliff even said to Cathy “you loved me, then what right had you to leave me??” in desperation nearing her death in the novel.
    You could tell Ash was going for Mila Kunis from the start, there are old interviews of him raving over Mila, calling her “gorgeous” and “beautiful”. Like I feel bad for him, he really loved her, maybe he tried to get her but she was acting all hard to get and cold. So as revenge he married Demi to get her jealous. And it didn’t work out that way because they were both “too proud” to date each other, in a sense. He’s always loved her and always will. They missed out, sometimes you can’t take back experiences like that, it’s too late for them to ever be serious now. It’s a little tragic, because maybe he wanted to tell her he loved her, he wanted to approach her, but was too scared at first- and missed his chance, and now it’s too late. Imagine having to go through that agony all those years, regretting the missed chances and words you could’ve said….it also could’ve been the same experience for Kunis. Love stories like these where one or the other in the relationship is too proud or too arrogant or shy to tell the other that they love them…make me sad. IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE TELL THEM SO…GO ON…DO IT NOW…EVEN IF THEY SAY NO AT LEAST YOU TRIED AND DID YOUR BEST…YOU WILL FIND YOUR TRUE LOVE ONE DAY! :) THERE IS SOMEONE ON THIS EARTH, AT LEAST ONE PERSON, WHO CARES FOR YOU…IF NOT A PERSON THAN REMEMBER THAT GOD LOVES EVERYONE! Peace

  • hmm

    @Sarah Parker:

    A good one, maybe you should work for one of those mags. Could you pls post a link to at least one of those interviews in which Kutcher is raving about Mila? Cheers.

  • Lala

    Meg comes to life.

    lol I love mila though

  • Sis

    you can see why she always wears those glasses :D