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Zac Efron: Lakers Courtside with Ashton Kutcher

Zac Efron: Lakers Courtside with Ashton Kutcher

Zac Efron watches the L.A. Lakers take on the Denver Nuggets at Staples Center on Tuesday (May 1) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actor sat courtside near Ashton Kutcher for Game 2 of the NBA Playoff series, which the Lakers won 104-100.

Ashton is reportedly in talks to return to Two and a Half Men for another season and possibly two more.

“But the offers provide no raises from what the stars [Ashton and Jon Cryer] currently make, and that’s shaping up as a big problem for the reps for the actors,” sources tell THR.

Ashton is believed to be earning $700,000 per episode or about $15.4 million for a 22-episode season.

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  • R U sure

    Hi Zac , Hi, Mike, Hi Robin . Who had the Win?

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    I wanna thanks to my mom…….lol
    He is not happy at all thats it!!!

  • Joseph

    You know for a guy at a basketball game, he doesn’t seem very happy to be there. Why go in the first place??

  • mattie

    Aww Zac look adorable.

  • lauren

    uh jared he was there with his friend/assistant micheal?

  • samsam

    he looks so sad in these pics :(

  • florence2

    totally agree he usually looks a lot happier to be at the games especially when the Lakers are playing.@Joseph:

  • lauren

    wow for once your not being a tool on here.

  • Derpina

    There’s photos of him smiling, people don’t need to smile 24 hours a day to be happy

  • amber

    Zac looks very happy in the first pic though. Click it and you can see Zac smiling next to serious looking Ashton.

  • Hahah

    Ashton and zac both look like they don’t want to be next to each other. Didn’t zac have an affair with demi and rumor? Haha

  • lauren


  • savannah

    Looking good!

  • SummitMall


  • Proudofzacnessa

    I’m so excited, tomorrow!
    “cuando te encuentre” (The Lucky One) here, in Chile! :’D

    Zac looks so adorable in this photos, people don’t need to smile all the day…
    Handsome boy, good job Starla and David

  • LinNa
    Hahaha Ashton looks like a fairy in this pic
    - no insult, but i could not stop laughing :P

  • Hahah

    @lauren: Well, did they do whipits together ?

  • tina

    Well this is just too much. I usually defend Zac (I’m the other Tina) but this is getting to look more and more that it’s true. If it is then I will give it to the Haters that he did cheat back in 2010 while making this film and they reconnected during these promos. Well I hope they are happy but Karma is a b****cheaters never change, they so it once they will do it again. He might be a nice guy but it sounds like he is a horrible boyfriend.

  • lauren

    why do you believe everything you read and hear?

  • mattie

    @tina: They probably the “friends” we been hearing about who spread rumors just to ruined him. Nice to known people will do anything to ruined people.

  • http://Peggy Sue

    Stop believing everything you read they are not dating now and they did not date then. I knew this would come up once he started doing proms for the lucky one. Don’t start this rumor again please .

  • What a laugh

    @R U sure:
    just who are you trying to fool? i can name all those guys too. furthermore, i can tell much more stuff and much more believably than you. i might even make more sense and it will be easier to follow.

    just stop. get this straight, zac did not cheat with taylor or anyone for that matter. he also never had a thing going on with taylor during filming, not after the breakup, zac hasn’t even seen taylor until it was time to start the promos, and lastly he was not doing anything with her since the promos started. even if you don’t know the sites or publications that are notorious for printing tripe it would seem by now you could figure out by the way a gossip item is written whether or not it is true or all pr.

  • tina

    @What a laugh: Ok then I’ll bite how do you know he didn’t ? If you have listened to all the interviews there are references and I didn’t say they continued I said they stopped after filming, it happens alot an affair during the filming then they connected again during promos. He had a booty call right there every night while traveling here and in Europe. Unless you personally know him then my guess is as good as yours. You have your opinion and i have mine.

  • mattie

    @tina: Tina what the hell are you talking about? What “references” are you talking about,because I quite sure there no references of cheating and you know it. They were just friends then and still probably are. We not going to get in a debate because it the same thing over and over again and it really tiring when you keep arguiing about it.

  • Bunnylover

    @tina: is this the article with his supposed friends saying a lot of crap ? They post that he was in the bedroom at parties doing stuff while he was being papped on the other side of the country!! No wonder he is dropping some of his so-called friends!!

  • R U sure

    @What a laugh Did you look in the mirror when you laughed? all I said was hi to three people ? So if you can name them all which one is Robin? And what do they do?

  • cherrie pie

    I was thinking the same thing, there are way more people out there that would be loving those seats, these spoiled a s s e s look so spoiled, the only time they smile is when they p o o p i n ‘ I bet

  • R U sure

    @tina Gossip Cop just gave this article a 0 rating , meaning it is 100%

  • Seriously?

    All I can say is this boy needs to do some serious removal of his so called friends or enforce a damn gag order. What, did he not buy them an icee or something so now they are acting like a woman/man scorned to sell his so called “secrets” Leave the guy alone.

  • tina

    @R U sure: I’m sorry where there is smoke there is fire and another one? Even Zac thinks she is old . LOL what a gentleman and how mature is that?

  • R U sure

    @tina Well if you open your eyes Gossip Cop called the first one 100% false . If the first one is false then it stands to reason, that the second one is false also, since that is what it is based on
    @Seriously? That is a good one, I agree with you 100%

  • mattie

    @tina: Really Tina you really becoming annoying with your no evidence of cheating. Obviously it his so call friend who starting these rumors and you believing them and hollywood life. Why don’t you quit because nobody here believe the rumors and again I starting to be annoyed with this whole topic.

  • Still talking about him?

    I guess the word is that these so called “friends” are apparently D-listers so why he and his CAA/Warner clout can’t take care of them is beyond me. The only plausible thing about this whole mess is he needs to revamp his PR team. Why he stays with them is beyond me.

  • Still talking about him?

    I think a more appropriate choice at this point would be someone like Ken Sunshine and his team. Gina and her people are hovering over him like he’s still 17…when they should be helping him move his career and image up to the next level.

  • Not a fan

    See I’m not even a fan of his and I’m sure this story and it’s so called follow-up is a bunch of crap. Anyone with a little common sense knows that the stories HL put out are about 95% false.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!


    My darling boy, you look very handsome in preppy wear. In fact, you do Leo Dicaprio’s look better than Leo Dicaprio. Perhaps he should take lessons from you on how to exercise and dress.
    So incredibly handsome, and so talented too!

  • florence2

    Just listhened to the 20 rules of dating zac efronthat was put on the links below and it was quite funny except for the last question he answered while doing promo with taylor and is answer to what they asked him was ‘ i’ve not met anyone yet that i’ve been in love with’ while looking at taylor.

    This just shows how much he changes his words becuase it was also reported that he stated that he and Vanessa were in love and then he say’s that showing his true colours once again.

  • mattie

    @florence2: Florence if you trying starting trouble here please go somewhere else because you only going to angred us more and I for one is getting tired of hearing “he change” or “showing his true color” when he hasn’t.

  • R U sure

    @florence2 For someone who says they don’t try to cause trouble , you are on here doing just that.
    What 20 dating rules?
    We get it he changes his story all the time, so how do you know which one is correct? Oh, I forgot you know everything and evan what people are thinking.
    I wish he would get one story and stay with it.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @tina: Yeah sure, Hollywood Life is really a reliable source for everything. Gosh, I really don’t believe it. They know absolutely nothing, they only want to cause trouble that’s all. The reps of Zac and Taylor already destroyed the whole made up story. They all are so tired and sick of the bs they always come up with, so that they hardly waste time for that anymore. At one point it’s really enough for all of them.

    Especially when I read such nonsense like: “They’re definitely hooking up,” the source says. “Zac’s been going around town bragging about it for the past couple of weeks.”

    Really? When does he said the last thing about a theme like that? He doesn’t talk about his private life at all and about something like that, not even with his friends. This theme is something his keeping to himself. Stop to believe all these rumors, they just try to make money with that and they give a shit about how much trouble and pain they cause.

  • florence2

    All I was don@R U sure:

  • Whatever

    So how about this?? Why doesn’t he stop giving them something to talk about? Why doesn’t he stop taking pictures canoodling with her on the red carpet? Better yet, how about you don’t talk about what a turn on it was to film sex scenes with her? If he’s ‘so private’, and doesn’t want to be known for what he does on Saturday, then keep your nose clean, buddy, and stay OUT of situations that will create gossip. It’s pretty simple. And if it’s done for PR, then quit whining. Then it accomplished what they wanted. They certainly looked like a couple while on promo. The only other girl he’s held, gazed at, and nuzzled on the red carpet, is Vanessa. So, I’m NOT surprised people are talking. It’s what they wanted.

  • florence2

    I have said I know what people are thinking or know everything but you obviously think you know everything about Zac and jump on anyone who dares to voice their own opinion about Zac that does,nt agree with what you say.

    JJ is the one who posts the other links on this site from various sources and by doing that he gives people the chance to say something if they want too. I know they are exes but how hurtful was a comment that is on video and said by efron himself that he had,nt been in love with anyone so far, so why the hell did he stay with the ex for nearly 6yrs and then recently say that they were in love@R U sure:

  • Rachel

    Aww, Zac looks adorable :)
    And people believe stories that Hollywood life puts out? No wonder they don’t stop putting crap articles on their site.

    P.S. always like to see Zac at a Lakers game! He is such a big fan :D

  • R U sure

    @florence2 You have a very selective memory don’t you. Yes he said that ,I wouldn’t say he was gazing into her eyes. he made a misquote.
    I belived he later clarified that in People mag. Saying he and vanessa were the real deal and really in love. this was pointed out to you before, and you only choose the remember the bad things. I really don’t know where you are coming from. I said ,”I don’t like a lot of the things he says myself” If I think he is wrong I say so, and I will continue to say so. That is my opinion. I don’t attack people because they don’t like him, only if they are passing out lies or bad info. I try to correct it. I will say it again , at times I think he acts and sounds like an idiot. ONCE IN AWHILE EVERYBODY DOES THAT INCLUDES YOU AND ME. But you go overboard in your hatred for him. and say things that turn out to be false , that is when I correct you.

  • Bunnylover

    @Whatever: As I have said elsewhere, I was at the London premiere, barely 6 ft behind them, where the press photo’s were being taken. He was NOT canoodling with Taylor on the red carpet. it was blinking noisy and the only way to talk to each other was to talk directly in someones ear! Hence, it looks like he was whispering and nuzzling her ear if you catch it that way on camera, but they weren’t! They were barely together on the carpet either, cos he was out signing autographs etc a lot longer than anyone else.

  • florence2

    The link was in Buzzfeed that jj posted and the interview is with him and Taylor and after he says it he looks right at Taylor.

  • florence2

    Excatly he brings on the comments himself and both he and PR team know what is said about him but neither party do much to correct things that are posted. And they did very much like a couple while promoting too hand holding, hand on her butt and various other glances and gestures done by both if them sure gave a good show for people.@Whatever:

  • R U sure

    @florence2 You just refuse don’t you. that was corrected in People Mag. ignor it all you want it was done. HATE HATE HATE