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Bar Refaeli: Nude for Video!

Bar Refaeli: Nude for Video!

Bar Refaeli strips down in this video launching the new men’s underwear collection from her line.

“Duper excited for this video! hope you’ll like it!” tweeted the 26-year-old Israeli model, who goes nearly nude in the clip.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bar Refaeli

Bar‘s features tees and underwear for both men and women.

“I feel I look my best when I’m comfortable. Especially when it comes to underwear,” she writes on the line’s website.

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bar refaeli nude under me video 02
bar refaeli nude under me video 03
bar refaeli nude under me video 04
bar refaeli nude under me video 05
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  • bahha black sheep


  • Karen

    so sick of her

  • Message

    Her body is ridiculous.

  • Dieter

    I just came on her ass !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andee

    Classless attention boar


    another sexist ad :P

  • parody

    Bar nude? what a concept…

  • Stubs

    her arms looks really funny in that top picture. Popeye the sailor girl?


    I See PENTHOuSE In her Future…or maybe PLAYBOYYYY!!!!!!

  • pachi

    very nice! what is the song name?

  • Fan of Models

    Amazing! What a sexy presentation. She has the best body in the business.

  • Thanks Jared

    The woman does not need tons of makeup and push-up bras to look her best. I like the video a lot.

  • cleoapatra

    she seems old woman

  • Dieter

    Best butt ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ….

    The concept is good wearing your man`s undershirt and stuff. But she went overboard with all the nudity. That`s her way to bring in attention and she needs to tone her body. Same old stuff from her. Also overpriced basic items, nothing new or interesting.

  • ashhey

    her body is ok but her eyes are too small

  • lily

    She’s gorgeous and has a fantastic body. And the video is really an artwork, brilliant and subtle. The only problem is being too long. 30 seconds or one minute perhaps would be more enough.


    wow how perfect

  • shubby

    @Fan of Models: what bizzness? cheap men’s mag modeling?

  • Jessica
  • KAY blood

    “Duper” excited? Didn’t she mean to say “Super” excited?

  • Patrick

    Her deep set eyes turn me off. People with deep set eyes arent very evolved and have genes youd see on primitive people. Look at Scandinavians and Israelis. They arent very evolved or modern like white people or Brazilians. Her deep set eyes turn me off. Its an indication that her body may look good and healthy but her genes are old school.

  • Fan of Models

    @shubby – business of showing her body, like modeling, VS models, catwalk models. We are used to look at sticks with push-up bras, full of makeup, twisting their spines to pretend they have a figure and never smiling. This one (Bar) has a real woman’s figure. And her hair does not serve her as a security blanket. She is natural.

  • shubby

    thats pretty bad when she cant even get one of the lower end Vogue’s like Taiwan,Hellas,Portugal. can’t believe she’s called supermodel.
    Fan of models; you dont sound like you are much a fan of models at all, lol. you mean video/men’s mag models? Candice Swanepoel contorts her body and gets alot of work. its called POSING!

  • maggie

    @Patrick: Could you be ANY more idiotic and offensive?

    I’m personally a big fan of Bar’s. JJ people love to tear her down for reasons that clearly call out their lack of knowledge. Bar does a TON of modeling for a TON of different magazines and companies. Just because all you see on JJ is the nudity and bikinis doesn’t mean that it’s all these models do. Bar has been in just as many magazines as all the VS models you people love to praise. And by the way, get the f*** off your high horses with that. I love Miranda and Candice and all them but they spend just as much time baring their bodies as Bar does, so get over yourselves.

  • benita

    Looking more and more like a porn star every day, congratulations bar. I think the picture at the end of the top row says it all how she reallyfeels. Naked on beach in Spain, naked and needing to tone up here. Of course the next stop will be Playboy, and no one will buy it because they have already seen the goods. barfie you should be ashamed! You’ve gone down hill even for you !

    And stop posting how Erin is nude all the time—look at yourself, anything to make a buck.

  • benita

    @maggie: sweetie, whenever bar publishes ANYTHING, it gets flogged to death everywhere. Sometimes even years later its “recent photos” from five years ago in some israeli rag noone has ever heard of.

    Bar has been in some mags but generally she’s there because of who she used to fcuk not because she is a model of any kind. and they are never the high end ones either. If she is, she’s fellating a sandwich or naked again.

    Stop trying to defend her, we dont like, are not impressed by her and never will be.

    And no one I know is going to buy her damned undies ! No one !

  • benita

    @lily: the video is cheap and low budget. You can tell because they are using somebody’s crappy house for the set- very cheap, didnt even pay for location, and very little hair and makeup. She’s starting to wear around the edges too…defintely not a 20 year old like she used to can see the lines and bags start on the last picture, and she does still have a “nice” body but its going soft. Needs to hit the gym with a trainer for real.

    Even black and white film is cheaper! Did the guy who shot her “movie” in Syracuse do this too? Looks it !

  • Patrick

    @maggie: The worl dis evolving and we arent. That is why we have so many illnesses like cancer and genetic illnesses that can be cured without medical intervention. White people especially need better genes. Look at the great genes blacks, whites, asians and natives have. Look at how the majority of white women struggle with labor and their looks fade at 27. Look at how whites predominately get cancer over all other races. I need a woman with more evolved genes than Bar deepo set eyes. We have to go forward not backwards. Maybe all our of ignorance would improve if we mixed more. Racism inhibits evolution and white people need better genes. Its evolution: tall men love lil chicks (cross polination) and blacks with blondes (the oldest with the newest). I am pointing out that her genes are old school like Jews with their very narrow gene pool and lack of diversity in the asian community and Bar’s deep set eyes and european and their horrible teeth. Im looking for a Brazilian spouse for her genes. Mixed people are better cus they have more genes to offer. Her eyes turn me off. You know nothing about beauty. Bar here is already finished. Just her body is great but its Jewish. One kid and shes fat.

  • kjkk

    So fkn ugly. Who does she blow to get jobs sent her way?

  • maggie

    @Patrick: You continue to be an idiot and offensive.

    @benita: You know very little about what Bar has done. Like seriously, you seem to be completely ignorant. She’s had repeated editorials, internationally, with Allure, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, and Glamour, to name only a few, and that’s just in the last few years. And the vast majority of them are of her fully clothed. Also, newsflash, the vast majority of models have done work involving little to know clothing, on a repeated basis. So next time you try to bash someone, do some effing research.

    I’m not saying everyone should like Bar, but if you’re going to hate her, at least do it for logical reasons that aren’t based on stupidity or ignorance.

  • Gorgeous

    Good luck beautiful Bar

  • ali

    she was always a Slut and a fame w***e .

    dont be surprised if she does a Porno movie next .

    she is not a supermodel . she is supper sleezy more like it .

    these photos proves she dosnt have shame or class .

    she is the most hated air head in her country , hands down .

    she used Leo far too long to get fame .

    no one will buy anything from her .

    over rated .

  • Peapo


  • @maggie

    Considering these models Candice, Miranda, even Irina, came to the spotlight waaay after she did, Bar’s back portfolio compared to theirs is shockingly poor and low rent (yes even compared to Irina’s)!

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    I remember seeing a PS Vita commercial where she introduced herself as “supermodel Bar Refaeli”… I’ve rarely laughed so hard in my life.

  • LOL

    @maggie: and Im not hating on her at all but its truth! Bar hardly works for any prestigious jobs and her portfolio is WEAK weak weak!. Its even worse than Irina and Kate Upton’s and they are the epitome of cheap commercial models. Get out of your Bar bubble and you will see she is one of the lowest rent models around (work wise)…Glamour? lol… and the mags you named; she only does the random country editions like one time each in 7 years, lol. Bar has more bikini lounge pics and red carpet pics in her portfolio than actual work. Just face it. I googled Bar’s covers and I didn’t see ONE worthy of mentioning. The biggest cover shes ever gotten is SI, in 2009, while dating Leo. nothing important pre or post Leo. says it all really.

  • Stunning

    DiCaprio is a fool for letting this one go… she’s GORGEOUS

  • Anahit

    she’s very beautiful,and to me this video didn’t bring a feeling of lust,even her nudity,but brought the feeling of a woman’s beauty,really,I didn’t see anything sick of her,very beautiful

  • Man

    Thank you Bar for turning me on

  • myass

    She’s promoting herself not the underwear. She’s just plain with no expression.

  • ali

    this is why they hate her in her country .
    she is a snob and very stuck up .

  • @ali

    After reading that post you can`t help but wonder what kind of guy dates a woman like this for 5+ years…

  • Love u Bar

    @ali: Well, it is very clear that you hate her… obsessively. r u jealous?? Poor 1. u must be very miserable and lonely . Get a life ali

  • Good for her.

    I have respect for her after reading that she does not like the IDF, good for her for not taking part in murdering innocent armless people. Other than that I dont care much for her or for anyone famous person.

  • dessi

    so funny she makes digs all the time on her twitter for dating “d-bags ex boyfriends” hahahah. You know who shes talking about! She should thank him for even making her semi known, not bite the hand that fed her stubby a** in the first place.

  • ali

    aparently you are the only one who likes her . because
    in Israel everyone Hates her .

    this says alot about you. go get help . you need it

  • @dessi

    True. She should be thankful for the attention she got because of him. Also nobody forced her to date the dbag ex for years. If her tweets are correct that shows what kind of guy Leo really is….

  • benita

    I think what you said Ali that is the most interesing, that no one is going to
    buy this stuff because no one likes HER. this might be the one that really sinks her- because if she cant market her own brand why should they pay her to do it for them?? PRESSURE. Maybe that is why the nude pictures—the initial playing tennis in underwear didnt bring any sales. she looks old and tired here. the bod is still nice but showing wear and tear. I heard Rampage nearly went under because they switched from gisele to bar.

    The rates for editorial are much less than ad rates for fashion or luxury items…..

    so ali tell us more about how bar is seen in israel…

  • ali

    Thats right Benita . posing nude proves she is DESPERATE
    to stay in the lime light . sad for her . she is almost 27 .

    she dosnt have a model body , not skinny or toned .
    real models hit the gym for hours a day and not veg out in bikinis
    all year round like she does . she is too lazy . thats why she never does
    runway shows . Cameron Diaz who is almost 40 has an amazing body better than this chunky one .

    she is an attention seeker – thats why she tweets non stop .

    she rubs people the wrong way . very self absorbed and entitled
    which people do not like .

    she is a cheap striiper , thats it .