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Freida Pinto & Maggie Grace: Roger Vivier Party!

Freida Pinto & Maggie Grace: Roger Vivier Party!

Freida Pinto and Maggie Grace sandwich in Roger Vivier Creative Director Bruno Frisoni at the fashion brand’s private party on Wednesday (May 2) in Los Angeles.

The bash, hosted at the home of brand consultant/ambassador Anne Crawford, was held the night before the opening of Roger Vivier‘s Costa Mesa, Calif., boutique – the first on the west coast.

Last week, Freida was in NYC where she premiered her new film, Trishna, at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival.

FYI: Freida wore the “Crystal Palace” pump with the “Night Tube” clutch, while Maggie wore the “Cecil” sandal with the “Prisme” clutch all by Roger Vivier.

Maggie‘s dress is by Ted Baker.

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Photos: Amy Graves
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  • rikki

    I like Freida, she’s pretty and seems to be v. sweet

  • Ellie

    Gorgeous girls.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Well that was random…

  • matt

    oh freida !! im drooling all over my ipad!

  • vic_peace

    i would spend the rest of my life with you Freida!! <3<3<3 xxxxxx

  • noris

    hot hot hot!!!!

  • Jamil

    Are freidas 15 min up yet or what? dont get the fuss over her looks or her atrocious acting. she looks very average in comparassion to both the hollywood and bollywood actresses.

  • Lisa Younes

    who are they???

  • Darerk

    Who the heck is Freida Pinto? And why does JJ keep talking about her? They always talk about nobodies on their website.

  • lollipop

    both look bad

  • sunnel sheeta

    lol…freido looks like a housemaid in the poor parts of india. and she is not even the slightest bit talented. look all you guys gushing over this housemaid. look up rani mukherji or priyanka chopra, who are dark skinned and hot and can act.

  • Patrick Smarin


  • jajulicious

    @sunnel sheeta:
    Shame on you! Have you no decency? Why do you look down on housemaids so much? It’s an honest living. Why so much contempt for poor? Just because someone is poor and trying to making a living doesn’t mean they are lesser than us. You are making Indians look bad.
    BTW I looked up Priyanka and she looks generic…..her nose is plastic. Rani has a pretty face but she is round and short.

  • Jassie

    @jajulicious: LOL Priyanka and Rani are way prettier then Freida Pinto. And Freida is not that tall either. Freida has a flat face and no boobs or ass. She looks like a stick. Sorry but she is very average looking, not to mention a shit actress.

  • jajulicious

    How does Freida have a flat face? She’s got very high cheekbones and and defined jawline. Just because she doesn’t have a hooked beaky nose?

  • Jassie

    @jajulicious: Okay LOL….Freida’s face is flat. What does having high cheekbones have anything anything to do with this dicussion? Please there are plenty of indian and non-indian beauties with high cheekbones and a defined jawline, so she is not an expection. I don’t find her beautiful because her features are average at best. The eyes,nose jaw,teeth,bone structure are nothing special .There are also many Hollywood(not only Bwood) that outshine her in looks too. And she does not have good body either. Now leave me alone and stop trying to shove Freida’s “beauty” down my throat. I don’t find her beautiful but you do, so thats great. And you want to know an actress who has a “hooked nose” and is very beautiul according to Holywood standards? Penelope Cruz.

  • Tina Shosern

    jajulucious what is your problem man? And what do you keep going on JJ forums attacking anyone who doesn’t like her or find her pretty? If this is how you react to such people who like their bollywood actresses I wonder what you would have to say to those who prefer Angelina Jolie or Sofia Vergara then this Freida Pinto. Jesus not eveyone finds her to be the most beautiful indian woman they have ever seen. Grow the heck up ! What makes you think only your views are the correct ones?

  • jajulicious

    @Tina Shosern:
    My problem is when people are hated because they ‘look like maids’ or ‘look poor’. Why are Indians making incomprehensible hateful comments like that?
    I agree beauty is subjective.

  • jajulicious

    So what is your idea of beauty then? Thundering thighs, matronly hips and bust and witchy noses? With OTT make up?

  • Jassie

    @jajulicious: WOW how immature are you? You need to go see a shrink. I don’t know why it bothers you so much when someone doesn’t find your favorite star attractive. And when did I even mention that I liked those attributes you mentioned? You have the mentality of a 5 year old, I am not gonna further this silly argument with you. Goodbye!

  • Tina Shosern

    jajulucious,We get that you like this girl but need to understand that people have diffrent opinions of her and that does not make them racist or haters. Personally I don’t think Freida Pinto is pretty .Shes does not have the kind of radiant beauty like Angelina Jolie ,Eva Green,Olivia Wilde, do. Nor can she even act properly. To me she looks like a very dull in comparrsion to those women. Sorry but thats my opinion. You can go ahead and throw childish rants about it if it makes you feel any better.

  • Harvinder Jacobson

    @Jassie: agree with you, how she is managing to even get sidekick roles despite her awful acting is beyond me. anyone who finds her ubber hot must be blind, she is the exact opposite of hot,kinda fug . jajulicious or whatever is a poser who goes around many sites trying to pick fights with anyone who dislikes freida pinto for her acting or finds her ugly. does he/she work for freida or something? looks like it. have no idea why they are so presisent in doing this.

  • jajulicious

    @Tina Shosern:
    I never called anyone hater or racist. I am just pointing out that it’s wrong to say someone looks like a maid or looks poor so she can’t be beautiful.

  • Huh

    @Jassie: Actually most Indians don’t have defined jaw lines. They usually have round faces. And Priyanka is hideous without makeup and lighting. Rani is cute though.

  • Srele

    LOL. Ummm, her having high cheekbones means nothing. Many bollywood and hollywood beautues don’t have them and are considred more beautiful then this ugly Freida Pinto. Go suck her ass instead of trolling on forums loser.

  • potel

    @Huh: Another ID? Go fcuk youself.

  • potel

    Yes We like ‘beaky nose women. Too bad beaky nose woman Aishwarya is reffered to as the most beautiufl woman and ‘high cheekbone’ freida is still doing c grade roles and is not considred beautiful like ’round face’ charlize or ‘beaky nose’ uma thruman or penelopr cruz . Stupid troll.