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George Clooney: Standing Ovation in Houston!

George Clooney: Standing Ovation in Houston!

George Clooney is the special guest of honor for the Conversation With George Clooney talk held at the Wortham Center Brown Theater on Thursday (May 3) in Houston, Tex.

The 50-year-old actor spoke with interviewer Lynn Wyatt in front of a packed crowd. The evening began with a standing ovation for George, and ended with the crowd singing “Happy Birthday” for his birthday, which falls this Sunday.

When Lynn asked if George risked his life to visit the Sudan, he replied, “I was in Batman & Robin. That was risking my life. I almost killed a franchise.”

He also shared with the audience his life motto: “Be the person that your dog thinks you are.”

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Credit: Gary Miller; Photos: FilmMagic
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  • Helen

    He looks very old..older than his real age

  • George Clooney

    “Be the person that Brad thinks you are”

  • drooling :-P~~~

    ummm… I love the rippled effect his hands in his pockets is creating in this shot:

  • Selina Kyle

    he’s harsh on himself regarding Batman & Robin.
    I think he was one of the better ones. Too bad the script was lousy.
    And besides, I wasn’t even in it :))
    Adam West or Michael Keaton were dull.
    Val Kilmer -> mediocre & Christian Bale rather vapid.

  • so down to earth

    …. what seemed like a most fitting description of the man simultaneously grateful for yet somewhat mystified by his fame was met with humor. Wyatt told Clooney his self-deprecation, making people feel at ease was one of the things she most admires about him. “It’s like you don’t take yourself seriously,” she said perceptively, “but you take life seriously. How do you make it seem so easy?”
    Clooney paused for effect. “I drink,” he said.


    I thought it was “Be the Sugar Daddy” your latest ho thinks you are.

  • Jezebel

    So he wooed them with charm & sex appeal. Never a dull moment.
    How lucky was that crowd!!! Interesting topic:
    “Hollywood Humanitarianism: To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected”

  • kizbit

    Haven’t seen him with Keibler lately. Maybe it’s over?

  • Guest

    Well I was there and George was excellent. He was witty, charming, thoughtful, and handsome. So bottomline is he was brilliant. Sorry some of you didn’t see how charming he was. Couldn’t have asked for a better evening.


    He doesn’t look old! He looks like he had a sleepless night and tired! It happens to the best of us. It must be an epidemic of a*s*s*hole central these days. Anna is being skewered too. Give it a rest people!!!!!

  • Bodhi

    Mr smooth. George Clooney is an example to wannabes in HW.

  • Scott @ DLA Piper

    George said he doesn’t like cruelty and adopting Einstein was one of the kindest acts another person can do:
    He saved him… so he most definitely is the person his dog wants him to be: his carer & friend.


    Scott @ DLA Piper – Thanks for sharing the video. Einstein is so adorable and precious! It is hard not to fall in love with the little tyke. Einstein deserves a quiet happy life filled with love. He is a very good boy!


    From Anna- Happy Birthday Baby Boy! Have a beautiful day filled with love, happiness, and lots of cake and icecream!! Enjoy!

  • Alwara

    I must admit, you were very, very sweet yesterday.
    Too sad, we can never meet, don’t want to cause you a heart attack.
    Just stopping by to show some LOVE :))

  • cindigirl

    wasn’t it Anna’s birthday last month? Not yesterday. Someone is messin’ with me. Just sayin’

  • for whom the bell tolls

    @Alwara: Such big head. Such egocentricity… Don’t flatter yourself, honey. You’re not capable of causing a heart-attack :) Not even a mild raising of the pulse.


    Alwara- Oh you are toooo funny! Ha ha! Now you are trying put some poor defenseless women in the hospital? Have you no shame?? Lol! Anna just wanted Georgie Baby Boy to know that she wish him a very Happy Bday. I believe the one that would be getting the heart attack would not be on our team…..You big flirt………… Grin
    Cindigirl uh… It was GEORGE CLOONEY’S Birthday yesterday not Anna. Anna’s is closer to the end of the year. Winky wink……

  • hmh1108

    @TIMEKEEPER: thanks, Kirstie Alley… How DO YOU KEEP UP WITH THE CHARADE???Lol…winky… winky…..
    How many sockpuppets do you have?
    Never mind… You’re all over the place. And you sure as helll aren’t Anna nor know Anna. But you DO ADVISE STAN ROSENFIELD.
    And you do source new hoookers for Clooney. DWTS being your specialty. Is he resisting? Your special puppet-on-a-string fool??

  • Donkeys 2012

    @hmh1108: oh, but don’t you know…. TIMEKEEPER / KIRSTIE ALLEY switched from davidarochelle (an extra she pays to use her identity as a sockpuppet) then annemarie and SO SO MANY MORE…in just 15 mins. Whackjob!
    But senility & old age is creeping up….She slips.

  • hmh1108

    @Donkeys 2012: either that or Timekeeper aka Kirstie Alley’s gastric band is too tight. Hahahahaha….. At least she’s versatile. Hahahahhaha
    KIRSTIE ALLEY -small screen actress, pr networking advisor, DWTS advisor, promoter of Organic Liaison placebo effect pills to suckers…. Tsk tsk tsk….

  • Donkeys 2012

    @hmh1108: don’t forget extra-terrestrial. Occupying their human life form here on earth with her other freak show scientology family… The posse stick together.
    Dumbasss suckers of a foolish cult. The two-digit IQ prerequisite candidacy…
    Suckers alright!!!

  • Timothy Tomahawk

    @ Kirstie Alley – so who’s the next sk’ank you done selected for George?
    how much time are you keeping on this one, Timekeeper?

  • Lainey Ling

    Well, yes, everyone knows that Kirstie has a pr network that advises 75 year old Stan Rosenfield on Clooney’s public image.
    But Kirstie branched out in various fields. I’d call it multi-dimensional.
    I hear Kirstie Alley already signed up the next one. Clooney’s a pushover, according to Kirstie. And she thinks she ordered a more appropriate “mail order” concubine this time.


    Sick disgusting people! All of you! God bless you! Mental illness is rampant these days. George’s rep will continue to fall unfortunately to this mess. I have better things to do!

  • Alwara


  • shouldveknownbetter

    And what is this here? The battle of schizoid rattlesnakes? It is forbidden to make jokes.

  • Alwara

    but Elisabetta Canalis has a deformed mouth shaped like inflamed hemorrhoids trying to squeeze out a massive turd from an an’al crack.
    Both these last who’res are as ugly as each other.
    Who chose em? :))

  • just observing…

    Clooney chose them from a selection of several potential options. One as bad as the other. He hates it deep down.
    Clooney’s cowardice & insecurity is what Stan Rosenfield banks on.
    Something an ultimate loser would do. Like ordering mail order brides or hoookers at an escort agency.
    His minders (Stan, Bryan Lourde, etc) say it’s time for a pr relationship. Then they search options. Narrowing it down to one. Stan calls them his daughters.
    No, his management change the diapers of brand Clooney.
    And they guard him so no one changes the status quo.

  • Alwara

    Abusing nicknames is your new hobby? Are you really that limited?
    But what I find interesting is that I got more thumbs down for posting harmless jokes without offending anybody than you weirdo writing the must disgusting crap I ever read.

  • Nemesis

    @Alwara: talking to yourself? Awwwww….Looney tunes haven here.
    Starring Timekeeper, Pari the closet fag’got & LOL….
    The PR gnome T*U*R*D syndicate.
    Selling baloney to the world about a man they deem weak, insecure & delusional.
    So, Alwara, if someone mocked you, maybe you mutherf*uckers shouldn’t spin lies on the internet to deceive the world who actually respect Clooney. Sure.. sure… it’s always his choice. Cause he’s a coward & lost cause, you all say.

    Alwara—> go back to your cyberspace gnome tupperware pow wow with the other geriatric senile matrons & your guest star. LOSERS!!!

  • Cat’O-9-Tails

    @Alwara: oooo!!! Spanky spanky time! Most disgusting crap the prim & prissy matrons at ClooneysOpenOrifice ever read!!! Ooooooooooo!!!
    “Canalis has a deformed mouth shaped like inflamed hemorrhoids trying to squeeze out a massive tu’rd from an an’al crack.”

    FAIL — FAIL—- loser PR network! Old bag brigade using 1980s methodology… cos that’s all Stan Rosenfield practices & lectures. Mega loser!

  • http://emma_james635 emma james goldsmith

    god i love this man. i really admire what hes doing in sudan, it really is amazing. and he just gets better and better( by appearence i mean)