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Jennifer Garner & Violet Kick It to Karate

Jennifer Garner & Violet Kick It to Karate

Jennifer Garner and her 6-year-old daughter Violet head to karate class on Friday (May 4) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The day before, the 40-year-old actress made another trip to the doctor’s office with hubby Ben Affleck.

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Earlier in the week, Jen took their son, Samuel, for a check-up.

Up next for Jennifer, in addition to a web-series for YouTube as part of the Wigs channel, is The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

The family flick co-stars Joel Edgerton and centers around a childless couple who find themselves with a new boy in their lives.

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  • Lily

    Lovely family. I love howJennifer looks always so fine and healthy! She barely uses make up, always with comfortable clothes.. she looks like she really loves herself, not her own image or appearances.

  • life

    such a good mom. I do wish papparazzi would stop stalking and photographing kids though. It sucks.

  • BEAN

    Ok I am at the point where I am getting fed up with seeing this family everyday, so I really cannot imagine how they feel about being constantly followed.

  • http://alexhere12 lyla

    I’m also fed up with SJP family, if you go to CBS site you know what i mean, people always notice affleck family out and about but how about those the likes of SJP and Alison Hannigan. When jen is out and about, she’s pimping the kids but others doesn’t get that kind of comment….

  • BEAN

    @lyla: I never notice SJP but I compleeeeetely agree about Alison Hannigan. I am really quite sick of that family too, through no fault of their own.

  • KC

    Jen can choose to not be photographed! She is papped everyday because she does nothing to avoid them!

    How in the world are the paps at this place before she arrives? hmmm

    For example, the Jolie-Pitts were in LA most of Nov, Dec, Jan., Feb., Mar., & April and were photographed a handful of times! If they can avoid the paps, anyone can. Weeks, Months have gone by with zero pics. And they do go out b/c there are often twitter/facebook sightings.


    Every Day they have to call the paps to photo JG Frumpya$$
    but jens not pimping her kids she is the perfect mom

  • Jane25


    Samething with Johnny Depp and his family have been in LA for month and only a hand full of pictuers of them, just twitter post of sighting of them. How can these A list celebrities get in and out of LA with little to no pictuers of them but C listed celebs can’t, like SJP,JG and Jessica Alba can not manage not to be photograph on a daily bases.

  • Annie

    Jen can go under the radar when she wants to, like last week or the week before she and her kids were not seen for a whole week I don’t think her kids didn’t go to school for the full week, she just chose not to be seen.

    That is one ugly dress Violet has on, it looks like it was hand made by a blind grandma.

  • http://alexhere12 mikee

    It’s because they have a routine everyday..their children goes to school, ballet and karate, that’s why paps can easily take their photos. You mention the Jolie-Pitts as to why they’re not seen as much as the Afflecks in LA. I think you compare Apples to Oranges. The Affleck kids maintain a stable life despite the paps, I dont know the JP kids because they constantly travel but i’m sure they go to school. I don’t want to accuse jen for pimping her kids just because we often see them on the net.

  • hrmph

    At least every time we see Violet or Sera, they are almost always smiling/giggling. Suri? I don’t even think I can recall how she looks like with a grin on her face. All boils down to how well-adjusted they are.

  • People’sMan

    who is jen garner?

  • http://alexhere12 mikee

    @Rachel: Oh God! this is a healthy kid, you don’t know a person just by looking his/her pics., do you, by any chance, had the privilege to talk to little violet? if you answer yes, then you can supply your claim that she is really retarded., you know what rachel, I think you lack love in your whole damn life to be mean to an adorable girl. This girl, who most damn people here claimed to be retarded, goes to Carlthorp School, read books, goes to Ballet and Karate. Pls just give me a valid reason to all your claim…Peste!

  • http://alexhere12 mikee

    Hey JARED thanks for deleting all the nasty comments to ms violet affleck. It is really alarming that people tend to put their hatred on the children. TAKE NOTE: If you hate the celebrity parents too much, why don’t you skip the post in the first place. Just don’t comment. By the way, I think it is only one person who tried to put down the Afflecks in every thread here. No wonder the divorce rate is increasing every year because some people here don’t want a happy ending. And tried very hard to gossip even the body language in a still photo. THANKS!

  • Lisa

    Hey guys stop being so mean, this girl is disabled and retarded.
    Her parents are drug addicts and alcoholics they are going through a lot.
    why she is so thin, bless, some disabled kids find it hard to eat.
    well i guess we can tell whose eating all her food, the mum whoever she is looks like one fat pig.

  • hrmph

    To all those that say Violet is “retarded or disabled”… In a few years time, that girl can probably karate kick your ass all the way to the hospital. Only she’ll have more kindness and self-control in her little body NOT to do it – way more than you’ll ever have in your lifetime.

  • sammy

    The paps know where she lives. I wonder what makes them decide to follow her on some days and not on others. She’s obviously very profitable for them. Profitable or not, I kinda feel sorry for these sleaze bags — making money out of harassing celebs and stalking young children — great life.

  • Heinz

    beautiful Affleck women we would rather see Ben’s queens on this blog than that ghetto hood rat JLO.

  • jaspisgirl

    nr.15 :hello beep or whatever you are today.still down-leveled,or????? this is one happy kid for sure!!!!!

  • Kastia


    They have a routine. Why should she change her schedule just because the paps follow her? If you pay attention to what they get photographed doing (which I assume you do given you know how regularly she’s photographed), it’s always the same. They’re going to and from school, dance, karate, or the farmer’s market. (Also notice how many of those activities are centered around the kids.) Most people have routines, which makes it easy to find them. Hence, when celebs have routines, they’re easier to find as well. I think it’s suspicious when celebs with children but without routines get photographed because I wonder how the paps found them…