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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Botanical Garden Date

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Botanical Garden Date

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler share a romantic moment at the Huntington Library Botanical Gardens on Friday (May 4) in San Marino, Calif.

The couple spent the afternoon strolling around the gardens. Vanessa threw some rose petals in the air while Austin took pictures with his phone.

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The day before, Vanessa posted a picture to her blog that her younger sister Stella took, saying, “Sun cafe photo shoot lol by Stella Hudgens“!

25+ pictures inside of Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens enjoying a romantic afternoon at the Huntington Library gardens…

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hudgens butler botanical gardens 01
hudgens butler botanical gardens 02
hudgens butler botanical gardens 03
hudgens butler botanical gardens 04
hudgens butler botanical gardens 05
hudgens butler botanical gardens 06
hudgens butler botanical gardens 07
hudgens butler botanical gardens 08
hudgens butler botanical gardens 09
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hudgens butler botanical gardens 16
hudgens butler botanical gardens 17
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hudgens butler botanical gardens 19
hudgens butler botanical gardens 20
hudgens butler botanical gardens 21
hudgens butler botanical gardens 22
hudgens butler botanical gardens 23
hudgens butler botanical gardens 24
hudgens butler botanical gardens 25
hudgens butler botanical gardens 26
hudgens butler botanical gardens 27
hudgens butler botanical gardens 28
hudgens butler botanical gardens 29

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  • Creed

    this looks unbelievably staged.

  • yummy

    Haha these two act like they are married or something.

  • Love The Shoes

    I am an objective observer who’s gut told me the first time i so them all PDA-ing that “he is SO going to break her heart.” She is D-whipped and it’s beyond obvious. I give them till fall.

  • Hannah

    It’s not even cute anymore, this is getting really annoying.

  • http://sassypants1990 aryanna

    @Hannah: thank you hannah i totally agree with you

  • louis

    Ellos se besan en medio de todo el mundo para hacerse notar, si es lo unico que hacen en sus casas por que lo hacen para que todos los vean? Pura publicidad. Y luego Austin se hace el molesto cuando los fotografian!. Que pateticos.

  • BOJI

    What happened to you people to make you such skeptics? Does everything have to be staged. You know, I can totally feel what Vanessa experiences when she is surrounded by the beauty of nature. This would put any love bird couple in the mood for a little romance. Shame about the paps, Vanessa and Austin are not allowing tthem to spoil their moment, that’s for sure. Haven’t you heard of telephoto lenses?! Vanessa is truly in her element surrounded by beautiful flowers and nature. Can’t blame her. The way Austin looks at Vanessa, you can totally feel his love for her.

  • BEAN

    Oh my god these two are so cringe. And please argue that Vanessa is not an exhibitionist fame-whore, puhleeease. I’d really like someone to try argue that one without looking a total fool.

  • JJ

    I RARELY comment on this crap. My god this couple is hands down the most ridiculous, annoying, and over exposed couple EVER. Its not cute… its annoying.

  • .


    Feel his “love” for her? They’ve only been together for a couple months and they act as if they’ve been together for years. He’s clearly using her to gain more fame because he’s a no body. She could do way better and get with someone who is actually known for work and not just known for dating Vanessa.

  • xo

    As much as I lover her, you really dont need to make a post everytime she leaves the house, Jared. It’s getting old again.

    At least she looks happy.

  • http://Fanpopgirl Pete

    Vanessa looks really beautiful but that effin troll thing is really annoying come on Vanessa what’s wrong with you,get rid of that thing and get back with zac:) To me when zac&vanessa kissed it was very rare,but when it was i would be so freakin happy and when they kiss which is like every effin day I’m like Urghhhhhhh ewwwww gross.If u love to do it so much why don’t you do it in the house instead of flaunting so much……..Plzzzzzz make it stop!!!!!

  • sam

    I haven’t even looked at any Vanessa posts in a while because they are so PR, but that main pic is so staged it’s not even funny. What the hell has happened to this girl? She used to have class, now she’s turned into LeAnn Rimes.

  • A

    So staged. She’s such an attention ___.

  • Nicole

    Some of these comments are ridiculous. What’s wrong with what she’s doing? Better yet who the hell are you to judge her or anyone for that matter? If you don’t like her or want to see the pics the answers easy, move on and don’t look at the thread. The girl isn’t doing anything wrong, no one should have to live their life in a box or avoid going places where paps might be lurking. Let this girl and the rest of the celebs live their lives without being judged so harshly.

  • Haters Suck!

    Oh get bent. Nicole said it perfectly Vanessa is doing NOTHING WRONG!!!! She’s out with her boyfriend having a nice romantic day and enjoying herself. No bullshit this is the happiest I’ve seen Vanessa in a very long time. Maybe if some of you got the stick out of your ass you could be just as happy.

  • Elendur

    Vanessa looks beautiful; She really lights up around the natural elements. She and Austin make a great couple. They are a little over exposed though.
    I don’t understand all the negative comments though. They are not hurting anyone and the photos are not staged, if they were the other people in some of the shots would be looking at the cameras. The paps are using telephoto lenses.

  • http://sassypants1990 aryanna

    @BOJI: yeah right ausitn butler is a looser who lives with his mother

  • Effy

    I LOVE her skirt!

  • http://sassypants1990 aryanna

    @Elendur: it is staged and they are not in love austin butle is poor and he lives with his mother poor baby yeah right dont feel sorry for that two timer looser austin asshole butler or whatever his name is

  • Elendur

    I do wish we could get more pics of Vanessa and her friends though.Especially Laura New. They hung most of last year but not so much since she stated seeing Austin. I miss seeing them together.

  • McMuffen
  • Nicole

    You little one need to get a clue and realize their not together anymore, they aren’t secretly seeing each other, and at this point don’t appear to even be friends. They both appear happier and you should let it go and be happy for them.

  • buzz

    LOL if it’s staged and he need the “fame”, he would go for someone much more popular and richer than vanessa and more success in her movies than vanessa lol

  • http://sassypants1990 aryanna

    @Nicole: vanessa is not happy at all she is faking it and a and her fight alot and she is missing her man zac efron and FYI i am 22 years old you know

  • Nicole

    I doubt you know Vanessa personally so you shouldn’t act as if you know her inner thoughts about her relationship with Austin or her past with Zac. Wish and dream all you want about them reuniting someday, but you have to face reality they aren’t together anymore; however, they both seem happy with their careers and personal life and you should respect that whether you agree or not with their choices.

  • sshhhhh

    i’m just glad that i’m not the only one who sees this for what is its PR i use to have so much respect for this girl I have slowly but surely lost all respect for her all she does is dry hump this loser who looks like he’s more interested in the camera guy then her i strongly believe that she calls or someone tips off the paparazzi on her where abouts i mean she isn’t even a relevant actress anymore no one cares about what she does or her movies so why does the paparazzi follow her so much it’s all obviously staged

  • jr

    Man who died and made you people god. Relax and have a drink or something take it easy. Regardless what u say this couple has more fun than all of us combined

  • Allie

    Here’s the thing obviously people do care because no matter how many poster’s such as yourself and others that claim not to care you guys are sure quick to comment on her threads.

  • BOJI

    Think it is P R? Fine, just don’t give this thread the light of day. As said Vanessa has done nothing wrong except be with her bf and showering him with PDA. What is so wrong with that?! If you think them attention seeking or staging, why is it they never use twitter or even talk about their relationship at interviews? And what is so wrong with kissing your bf in public. No body invited the paps. LEAVE THEM ALONE.
    Another thing is what is so wrong if Austin lives with his family? Why discrimate if he does not own his abode? I really cannot believe what nonsense some of you ignoramuses are spouting.

  • Haters Suck!

    you are outside your damn mind.
    PR for what exactly? Honest to god I’d bet 95% of the people who use that word have absolutley no clue what it means. People said the same $hit about her last relationship too among other things that of rather not mention. It’s been 8, almost 9 months nowjust because you don’t like the couple doesn’t mean it’s not real. They’re acting like a normal couple their age.
    This post is completley asanine, asa-ten, Asa-eleven, asatwelve.

  • Nicole

    This is the last time I’m going to respond to the fantasy world you seem to be living in. THEY AREN’T TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t know Vanessa, Austin, or Zac personally so stop acting as if you do. You haven’t heard he was seeing anyone, you want to believe it because it will make your delusions seem like reality. Face the facts they aren’t together, I don’t know how many times you can be told the same thing before you finally get it through your head.

  • Milli

    oh my god! how shallow people can be!! let the girl live her life!! she is not asking u to see her pics, she is not asking papz to follow them! in fact it proves that whatever Vanessa does is something people wanna see, thats why papz take her pics, because they know media is gonna buy those pics. and staged? sorry crappy people here, but i dont think that when u go in a date with ur bf u are hiding inside a box for the matter, so what, she is a public figure, ppl will follow her, in fact its good to see her not letting fame, haters or papz dictate what she is doing with her life, she is having THE career, she is happy, she doesnt need you to let her live her life. I respect her for doing what she wants, after all HATER ARE NOT ANYTHING BUT JEALOUS PEOPLE OF WHAT SHE HAS, THE MOVIES SHE IS IN, THE LIFE SHE IS LIVING. Go get a life people

  • sshhhhh

    @haters suck i know exactly what pr is sorry if i don’t worship your acting god but she has changed and not for the better

  • BOJI

    @ haters suck, you are funny!!! I’d recommend ass- prins and paps- codeine for the nutheads posting here.

  • sshhhhh

    @allie but that’s the thing this is a blog so if i want to express my feelings about a topic i can do that, its called freedom of speech and I don”t care about vanessa i don’t lose sleep at night thinking about someone so insignificant i’m on here because i’m bored and it’s funny to see all these pathetic worshipers get upset because someone doesn’t like her lmao

  • Haters Suck!

    you’re right she has changed. She’s happier, she’s free, she’s living her life for her and not letting anyone dictate how or what she should do, and she’s finally with someone who cares for her and respects her. I fail to see how that’s not better.

  • sshhhhh

    Hahahahahaha yeah he really respects her groping her in public turning her into a public mockery wow sign me up for a guy like that she doesn’t seem happier she seems desperate to prove that she could be happy

  • ?

    but you’re not expressing your feelings you’re making accusations saying their relationship is PR. So I just got one question for you and everyone else here. Can you prove it? I’m talking undisputed, concrete, undeniable, absoulte proof. Can you or am I just supposed to just take your word for it? If you can I’m all ears if not I suggest you change topics.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @Pete: for absolutely nothing in the world he would take her back and especially not after they way she’s acting now. They are over for good and the break up was just a matter of time. A lot of people incl. myself saw that coming sooner or later. Give it up already.

  • sshhhhh

    ? can you prove that its not give me evidence that this is a real relationship every opportunity they are together they are making out you don’t make out in front of a camera unless you want someone to see and talk about it lets be honest with ourselves if this was anyone else you’d be saying the same thing what makes them different from heidi and spencer NOTHING

  • Haters Suck!

    you’ve obviously never been on a college campus. That’s about their age range at the moment if they were just regular people that’s where they’d be. There not acting any different then Couples I see walking across campus everyday. Again they are doing nothing wrong and of it is then damn it I don’t want to be right. And at least he’s groping her and not another girl.

  • sshhhhh

    okay i’ve been to plenty of college campuses and no people do not act like this unless you’re at sorority party you can justify her actions all day long but it won’t change my opinion she’s become an attention whore and she’s one bad movie away from her own reality show and he’s an opportunist i still don’t know who he is other then a wannabe actor

  • ?

    I don’t have to prove anything you do. I’m not making accusations you are. Innocent until proven guilty. Again I want real proof not just your word or gut feelings. Something I can see and be verified.

  • sshhhhh

    who says i have to prove something are you the blog police haha that’s funny the evidence is in every last post of these two together i’m not one of those who makes rash decisions like i previously said i use to like and have respect her but since she began dating this guy she has turned into a attention slut she looks like his groupie

  • ?

    and who are you to judge anyone and determine what is right or wrong for a boyfriend and girlfriend to act?

  • Haters Suck!

    you sound like them crazy ass bats from Twitter is that who you are? Save your conspiracy theories for that place.

  • sshhhhh

    common decency and common sense

  • sshhhhh

    haters suck you are by far my fav you get so upset i’m wondering are related to her, because the passion you have for this girl is astounding haha you’re funny

  • Haters Suck!

    I’m actually more pissed the Lakers just got their ass kicked but that’s beside the point. Im wondering if you work for perez Hilton you’re full of so much $hit and hot air it’s amazing.