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Alexander Skarsgard & Peter Berg: Frequent Flyers!

Alexander Skarsgard & Peter Berg: Frequent Flyers!

Alexander Skarsgard and Peter Berg are all smiles as they make their way through LAX Airport on Friday (May 4) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old True Blood actor and 50-year-old director were in Hawaii last week for a photo call for their movie Battleship.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander has several upcoming film projects, including a drama called The East. The story follows a young woman (Ellen Page) who is tasked with infiltrating an anarchist group, only to find herself falling for its leader (Skarsgard).

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  • Disney Villainess

    OMG! That smile…….is so f*ckin’ adorable! I see you Skars, trying to go incognito and such…your height gives it away everytime.:-)

  • Disney Villainess

    OMG! That smile………so f*ckin adorable.

  • A

    Hello handsome!

  • wow

    Alex looks good … all smiling, relaxed and rested :)

  • Amazeballs


  • LaLaHollywood

    Welcome home, handsome!

  • wow

    … whether this small bag which is on his shoulder it’s the whole of his luggage on a trip to Hawaii and Colombia? If yes, I’m very impressed :)

  • karl

    the reason viking is smiling, is that roberta was there to greet him…

  • Canuck

    Berg is wearing a Viking t-shirt, LOL!

    Alex looks great, love the relaxed smile.

  • uranus

    @karl: He’s happy cause finally he’s gonna get some dick

  • uranus


  • Why Ask Me?

    Alex looks great, love the smile sunshine!

    Yet again though JJ makes an error, it’s not Ellen Page’s character in The East that infiltrates the group it is Brit Marlings character….she also wrote the script. The writers here are such noobs!

  • nemo

    lol @ people who actually believe that roberta and/or ted c BS.

  • María

    so happy and relaxed!que bueno verlo así y no agobiado por los pararazzi.debe estar feliz por volver a su casa después de tantos hay como dormir en la cama propia.nice clothes too!

  • M

    Well Alex is smiling and looking happy because he is glad he is back in LA able to spend time wirh his girlfriend Charlize theron and his son baby Jackson, awwwwww

  • ladybug

    I see the relationship trolls are up early.

    Random thoughts: Isn’t the first time he’s been papped in airport in almost two years? And wasn’t that the last time we saw the baseball cap?

    And is he actually smiling in this pic? For paps? And one of them looks a little better after a a long flight than the other:

    @Why Ask Me?: Accuracy isn’t always JJ’s strong point. Heck, this post makes it sound like AS and PB were returning from Hawaii, when they were returning from Colombia for the Battleship premiere there. Which, oddly, JJ never covered. I thought JJ never missed a chance to put posts up about AS.

  • María

    y taylor?stay in colombia enjoying the colombian girls?she have fame of being the most beatiful girls.por otra parte lo que más me gusta de está página son los comentarios.y la lucha contra los trolls!

  • Mjb

    acabó de ver una nota en you tube donde por fin je preguntan por charlize de forma directa. he say that he isnot in a former relasionship but he look really uncomfortable…later he was little sarcastic too.are you saying the true alex?

  • POGO

    He looks dam* good for a man he has been traveling a lot lately.

    Give me a fan it has gotten hot in here.

    I wonder what him and Peter are laughing about?

  • ladybug

    @Mjb: Do you mean the Extra Interview where the interviewer asks him about the Charlize rumors?

    Well, who knows why he was uncomfortable, but he doesn’t like talking about his personal life, period, whether there’s anything going on or not. And he probably wasn’t expecting it, actually. He was probably thinking: Did we set up the ground rules where we don’t talk about my personal life, whether past or current?
    Did the interviewer really expect him to answer that?

  • wow

    I don’t think that the he smiles to paps, his smile is rather results from the talk with Pete. At the next picture they is laughing together :)

  • chelle

    Who cares who he’s smiling at. At least he is smiling!
    @ladybug: I have s feeling the man could send a handwritten statement, with writing verified it’s his, stating every aspect of history personal life and people will still believe gossip BS because why would those rags lie? Sorry for long grammatical error full sentence…. lol!

  • chelle

    @chelle: sorry supposed to say his not history……. that’s it I am turning off autocorrect! It’s killing me!

  • Lilla

    Aww! Look at that smile!!!

  • Strange

    Hello gorgeous> What a beautiful smile . He looks good.

  • I believe Alexander

    I watched the extra interview it looked akward and Alex looks confused as to whom the interviewer was talkimg about his face expression priceless
    and he gave a sarcastic answer” I hope were happy” (him and Charlize) and if Alex from his own sexy mouth says he is not in a relationship, then I would rather believe him over the gossip rags “casually dating ”

    But of course people are going to say he is lying look at what happend with the Kate era “single” show up with her a few days later.

    But I would like to think that Alex has learned his lesson, I believe him when he states he is not in a relationship with Charlize,
    And even Charlize has said she is still “single ” hollywood access
    interview video

  • karl

    ofcourse he is confussed, viking is nailing 4 ladies… interviewer needs to be more specific…

  • ladybug

    @wow: Pete’s probably joking about calling the paps -IIRC the last time AS was photographed at the airport was flying back with Pete from Battleship preproduction.
    The Extra interview was weird/bad, she was trying to be cute and indirect about asking about CT, so initially even I didn’t know what the heck she was asking.
    And yes, about his personal life, people are going to believe what they want, no matter the source.

  • Gina

    As an FYI – There are a group of paps that hang out at the airport, full time. TMZ has a full time camera person there too. They get tips on who is on flights from crew, airport staff. There was an interesting article on them a couple of years ago on I’m sure if you google paparazzi + lax you’ll find it.

    That being said. These guys are in full on promotion mode for Battleship so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a setup to promote the movie. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more pap shots of Alex in the coming weeks since TB also starts up soon. Yay!

  • ladybug

    @Gina: I remember the LAT article, which is why I’m impressed that it’s been nearly 2 years since he’s been papped there.


    @ladybug: I solved the “one travel bag only” mystery but I need your help. There is a JJ post from when he was shooting Battleship and he and Peter came in at LAX. In the pictures There was one of him and a man with a luggage cart. Then in another pic the man was with him at curbside. I think it must have been a limo driver.

    I was so tired I did not post it then and now I cant find it. Can you help me?


    @ladybug: I found the post but it wont let me post the link. The post is titled HOT, FLAT, AND CROWDED.

  • ladybug
  • Not fooled (single)

    This time I am not buying what he is selling, he is trying to convince me that he new nothing about the Charlize dating business and trying to act like a smart A@@ happy comment.

    I don’t think the female Interviewer believed him either because she looked shocked “your not ” meaning off the market

    He fooled me the first time with Kate b he said he was single and i believed he wouldn’t date that twat. : ( but he went there anyway
    but not this time sorry Alexander but not being fooled again.

    We all know you will be spotted together at some point

  • Lilla

    He won’t comment on his personal life. Never has, never will. I don’t understand why people are so upset about this. It’s his life, who he does or doesn’t date is no ones business but his own.

  • chelle

    @karl: The Italian skydiver has a boyfriend and has since 2009 unless the guy is a liar on his own twitter account. Seriously you moron go stir up trouble somewhere else. You do this on EVERY SINGLE SKARS POST. Ok I’m going to the corner now for responding to a idiotic troll….

  • chelle

    @Lilla: The rumor about Roberta is annoying because it is bad journalism. I mean really?!? I found out on google in about 10 min what her BF name was and his twitter talks about his GF new video and showed it…. I guess I need to quit medical field and go into gossip writing…LOL!

  • karl

    No no, not moron, just well informed, just read facebook, yes…

  • chelle

    @karl: So her boyfriend is a liar??? OK go back to the land of make believe in your head! It’s on his facebook page too dumba**….. Sorry! I did it again didn’t I….. I’m going to put my nose in the corner and hands behind my back this time……LOL

  • karl

    yes its on her facebook that he and she is no more…

  • Lilla

    @chelle: That could be your back up plan!! The sky diver rumor was just so random. I can’t believe people actually believe it.

  • TexasLovin

    Ew he’s such a dork. I don’t see why all the swoons. He is not all that attractive. Looks like a doofus

  • Disney Villainess

    @Lilla: Can I get an Amen up in here?;-) I totally agree with you. I just don’t understand the fascination, analyzation, or frustration over his personal life, but people are going to talk about what they want to talk about; that’s just how it is. #KANYESHRUG

  • chelle

    @karl: Link it please cuz he isn’t able to go on shark dive with her due to infections. I can read after all I did actually graduate from college., med school, residency, get my point? Don’t talk out your ass if you can’t back it up. GO AWAY!!!!

  • AS fan

    I see some posters are getting rattled over the CT dating comment and Alex denied it.I thought the interviewer was dumb, she asked a backwards question, you have been seen with a certain blonde errrr hello how many blondes are in the states, and how many unknown blonde actress’s alex might have been with ?which obviously through Alexander off a bit that’s why he was so confused ? Poor alexIf the interview said the first place you have been seen with Charlize theron and rumors of you dating ? There might have been a better response ? Anyway it’s his business and that there in the getting to know stage so I support his comment he did nothing wronge
    Anyway she should not have even asked about his personal life or Charlize while Alex is promoting battleship nothing to do with his performance in the movie

  • pbt

    Love ASkars. I also love when he pretends not to know what the interviewer is asking. LOL. Alex never answers questions about his personal life no matter who it is. That’s why its personal. Swedish Sergent in an anti-terroist unit. Alexander is always modest about his accomplishments.

  • Nina


    Karl is just being stupid, don’t waste your medical intelligence on this 12 year old twat
    His momma just let him out of his baby day care centre, I think he is due to be picked up soon and back in baby care where he belongs.

  • Lilla

    @Disney Villainess: Amen! ;) I don’t get it either. Like you said, people are going to talk & it’s their right to do so. But, if anyone is waiting for him to make any declaration, they’ll be waiting a long time.

    @chelle, focus on the pretty & look at his smile :)

  • hmmmmmmm

    Hi Alex! :) welcome back!

    He was definitely playing off the reporter who I give credit was upfront and gave it a shot. LOL. I don’t think she was dumb she played it right back with her down to earth Aussie self.

  • chelle

    @Lilla: I know, right? How many times have I put myself in the corner now? hubby always says I am the most stuborn person he has ever met……Damn I miss him! He flew overseas late Wed. night. It’s going to be a LONG 6 months…..