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Jennifer Aniston: Still John Mayer's Muse?

Jennifer Aniston: Still John Mayer's Muse?
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  • Jessica
  • JL

    mayer is a freaking Moron

  • E.B

    Jennifer … so pretty :)

  • E.B

    I meant Aniston,btw. Jennifer Love Hewitt too though

  • Suzie

    John sucks Justin is much better.

  • Jade

    Lauren Conrad’s book cover looks beautiful

  • k

    This is random, but I always thought Isla and John would be a good couple since that movie they were in together.

  • Honeybunn

    I love and has already purchased John mayers Shadow days. I truly feel that he loved Jennifer and will always love her.Welcome to the club John because I don’t think you are the only one. i did read once upon a time that you were the love of Jen’s life and not Brad Pitt.I followed you’ll relationship to the end.You really added a lot of heartache in her life. Although she has moved on with justin you never know what the future will bring. Hang in there.

  • Amanda

    “Shadow Days” is the best John Mayer song I’ve heard in a while. Can’t wait to hear the rest of Born and Raised on the 22nd. Check out the video:

  • Bella22

    @Honeybunn: You cannot be serious? Have you lost your memory?
    Firstly–Mayer dumped her via TMZ on a street corner like she was rubbish,then she actually took this player back after throwing her in the gutter like trash.
    Secondly–In his infamous Playboy interview,he said he did not want to spend his life petting dogs in her kitchen(boring?) and said that JA wishes it was still 1998!
    All while drooling over another Ex’s s exually skills!!

    If you are a true JA fan,you would NOT wish this man to go anywhere near her!!


    Not Mayer’s muse, Mayer’s personal toilet paper for urine, that’s what she was TWICE IN A ROW !!!.

  • khloe

    @Jen MANASTEALIN: shut up brangelina fan. your hatred for Jennifer is sickening and pathetic.

  • Lauren

    I actually think Justin is the best thing that has happend to Jenny:) All her ex lovers were kinda douches. Justin seems to be down to earth and loves everything about Jennifer ;) They seem to be on the same page. so happy they are together.

  • http://JustJared GetOverIt

    John Mayer is using Jennifer Aniston, for publicity. This guy is a user and a fake. Sure John make more money off of Jennifers name and try to gain more sympathy from your fans. He’s nothing but a fame whore and I think he’s a bit Bi Polar, maybe just little LMAO. Last but not least, I still think John Mayer is gay. Jennifer probably flashed her lady parts and John screamed and ran away LOL.

  • abby

    Jennifer is a sweetheart :) love that pic.

  • Richard

    Kristen’s fashion sense is really bad.

  • lisa

    IKR :)

  • http://JustJared Camille

    John and Lana Del Rey should take and continue a hiatus for a long long time. Maybe Lana can beard for John LMAO.

  • JL

    Golda Meir – that’s a name in the world.
    Meyer Lansky – that’s a name in the world.
    Justin Bieber – that’s a name…
    Who is John Mayer without Aniston’s name near?

  • JL

    why do you so love to talk about urinating? Hard childhood?
    Did you have a wet pants all the time? What about this time? :)
    What can you know about celebrities? You just repeat the rumors created my another morons.
    Thanks to you John Mayer is well known as urinator – not as a singer :)

  • http://JustJared Benji

    Well from what I hear John Mayer likes when someone goes to the bathroom on him or vice versa, so maybe that’s why urine/urination came up LMAO. hahahahaha.

  • JL

    About statistics:
    phrase: “mayer is a freaking Moron” has a rating -3 (#2)
    BUT the phrase: “Jennifer… so pretty !” has a rating -17(#3)
    it’s an illustration of how Jolie’s hidden PR machine works.

  • Brainwashed jl

    @JL: If JA was charged with a crime or went to rehab,splits with JTX or anything negative…YOU would blame Angelina Jolie! Get over it..JA makes her own decisions now..It’s been over 7yrs.

    Oh..and it was Mayer himself who said he likes Golden Showers and JA was with him for over a year…and that’s nobody’s fault but Jens,each to there own.

  • Kikicohen

    Judging from all the comments on this site, neither JM nor JA get rave reviews. JA is an over-paid, over-rated actress , still milking the “friends” reruns and victim role from Brad Pitt leaving her. John Mayer, although talented, publicized his many relationships with women and treated most of them poorly, including JA, as evidenced by the “street corner” incident., although she gave him another chance….. terrible judgement….

  • JL

    Mayer can love Golden Showers Or Silver one – nobody saw it.
    But everybody repets….
    I know John Mayer loves to urinate on himself. Especially against the wind.
    Good For him.

  • anna

    Lauren Conrad is beautiful

  • Stinky Muse

    Finally…. The urinated and pup, anything for attentions fame Ho, come to a DEAD END…. 5 days ONLY 25 post later….. MHUAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • zoey

    @Stinky Muse: what? you sound crazy

  • http://JustJared Benji

    John Mayer made a poo poo boo boo LMAO. He left sheets in a bag with poop all over it and a housekeeper in the hotel went to clean the room and found the crappy left overs. That poor woman got crap for a tip. Eeeewww LOL. He’s disgusting.

    Why did afro american women get pissed at his infamous playboy interview, it sounded like John Mayer gave a back handed slap toward white women. To tell you the truth, if he is against white women, that would make his career even worst than it is now. Lots of white women like this punk, so any which way, John Mayer better not be bias to any type of woman, shape, form, color, etc. I feel he really shot him self in the foot with this interview back in 2010.

  • JL

    Yeah, Stinky,
    Mayer is not a subject for discussion.
    There is nothing to talk about…
    And nobody…
    She used him to show to Brad how happy she is with the younger guy in 2009.
    End of intrigue.
    The article about new dog would be really interesting.

  • scared

    @Stinky Muse: your scary. wtf

  • JL

    is a bright example of Jolie lovers.

  • Guest 8

    I guess this is why she bailed last week.

    I sure hope she can keep Justin and stay away like she has been. It is soooooooooooo nice not to see her mug!

  • JL

    She will keep Justin as long as necessary.
    Her “mug” will stalk you in the cinema, on TV, in the magazines, in the internet, in your night dreams
    and you can do NOTHING with this, poor Guest 8.

  • Stinky Muse

    Not as scary and crazy as Chinny Maniston, that’s for sure!!
    Poor JM, he can’t even write songs in peace, without being link to Huvane no ONE client… HE DUMP her twice.. Remember??
    Only J Loon fans loony enough to believe!!!
    Tabs and web side bought by her PR machine, HUVANE, to publish any bullsh1t for crazy, scary… desperate…Maniston lovers!!!!

  • JL

    Stinkey, are you under drugs?
    Looks like…

  • anita

    Jen looks beautiful in that picture:) like a barbie doll…..

  • Emma

    Who knows! John’s video for “Shadow Days” is still awesome though <3

  • Stinky Muse

    JLoon, you not just sound “sick”…. But psycho too…. Are you on drug??? Take one to know one, heh Loon!!

  • jl is brainwashed

    jl Why don’t you show your posts to YOUR parents? I’m sure they would look at you with the disgust you deserve.
    I’ve seen our awful cruel posts on other threads…WTF is wrong with you??
    You do realize that JA& BP split over 7 YEARS ago..Get over it.

  • amy

    @jl is brainwashed:
    Jp fans keep saying”JA& BP split over 7 YEARS ago..Get over it.” over and over. but THEY are the ones not over it. and they keep coming back to insult Jen. wtf! effing psychos

  • Stinky Muse

    Why don’t you tell that to the Loons over at the Female First … and to the evils posters over at the JPs threads….
    Pot … meet kettle!!!!!

  • JLoonifer

    Insult Jen?? Wtf…. Tell me what you called all those crazy psychos who’s foamings from their mouths day in, and day out 24/7 for the past 7 years over at the JPs threads… When it’s come to Looniver ANUstain fans, DOUBLE STANDARS is the words!!!!
    Ps. Thanks God, BP dump JA sorry self absorb sorry Ass…….

  • jilly

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ hates me!

  • jilly

    Talking about Golden Showers is moderation but saying that the Angel is Falling, not acceptable!!!!!!!

  • jilly

    Double standards!!! Anything said about Aniston is fine but don’t you dare saying something negative about Jolie. Your comment won’t even show. i thought this was America!

  • Kelly

    Of course Jennifer is probably his muse. she is wonderful
    too bad for him she is with gorgeous Justin

  • amy

    there are so many rumors about Jen and Justin. they split,they’re engaged,she is pregnant. I think they’ll marry in autumn or winter. I dont really think they’ll have kids. (adoption/biological) I cant really see it happening. but thats fine. I think they’ll live happly ever after together.
    What’re your predictions/thoughts, Jen fans??

  • JL

    Our predictions are very simple: Jennifer builds her life step by step and everything will be great. May not tomorrow morning – how can we know what the version of the future is the best?
    Good for her and for Justin if they will split. He is not for the industry rhythm. He may go to his Heidi. Jennifer is a person of another scale. All her life is devoted to acting. She works honestly – who has the eyes may see that. She is talented, she is nice person, she looks great – no reasons to worry.

  • amy

    :) I doubt her and Justin will split,though, they seem to have a connection. they’re good together. they seem happy and in love.
    I wish her all the best!! she is sweet and funny and genuinely a nice person who deserves to be happy everyday.