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Nicole Kidman & Faith Cover 'Harper's Bazaar Australia'

Nicole Kidman & Faith Cover 'Harper's Bazaar Australia'

Nicole Kidman holds on to her baby girl Faith on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Australia‘s June/July issue, on newsstands May 14.

Here is an excerpt from the article detailing the behind-the-scenes action of the photo shoot:

Kidman was booked for our cover shoot with a young Australian photographer and regular Bazaar contributor, Will Davidson. The shoot took place a few hours out of Sydney in a country home with a perfect red dirt road, as envisioned by Davidson. Kidman arrived on time, without entourage, and even spotted the crew not a coffee but a coffee van – “my treat” – when she was told the cost was beyond the shoot budget. She was a willing photographic subject, talked to me in an unguarded and genuinely warm manner before the pictures, and later waited obligingly until dark for a specific Gucci dress to arrive. (In the end the light was so low that the shot didn’t make the cut.) Later in the afternoon, Sunday Rose and Faith arrived after their sleeps to see Mummy. Kidman didn’t want to put them down; Sunday Rose donned one of the tuxedo jackets from the clothing racks because it was getting chilly. The photographer then took some shots of Kidman with the girls solely for her family album.”

For more from Nicole, visit! Bigger cover pic inside…

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nicole kidman covers harpers bazaar australia with faith

Photos: Will Davidson/Harpers Bazaar
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  • Emma

    This cover is so beautiful! Love!

  • Cris

    the best cover ever

  • laugh

    how cute

  • um

    Good picture. Begining to like Nic again for some reason.

  • PinkCashmere

    Are they trying to say her greatest role yet is being a mother. Because if they are, that’s real f”ed up. She had Conner and Isabelle as toddler, or do they not count.

  • love

    Oh my God! So beautiful. I loved.

  • Cindy

    Beautiful Cover

  • timmy

    PinkCashmere, this story again! changes this please.

  • just wrong

    Love the cover but not the title. Nicole is a mother of 4 even if she tries to pretend like she is not. She has been a mother for over what 16 years.

  • Sandy

    Wow! Now that’s the most amazing picture of a mother and child. Truly breathtaking !!! Looooove!

  • Bikey

    A truly beautiful cover!

  • km

    she is a mother of 4.. but after watching an interview when she just dismissed her elder kids i want 2 slap her. People seem to think shes a humble actress but that’s just smoke and pretty mirrors. If angelina jolie ignored her kids when they grew up people would rip her apart but everyone’s OK with N.K doing it??? weiirrdd!!!

  • Party Notion

    she has alot of surgery done to her face..

  • miss infamous

    what about her other 2 kids??

  • sills

    @km: seen it on australian tv,, she just shrugged and laughed when asked why her kids didnt want to stay with her. usually children want their mother. being from sydney i can tell you that there is so much about this woman that doesnt add up and people think she sh*ts rainbows

  • km

    @miss infamous: apparently we cannot talk abt them?!?! she is an angelic mother (voooooom)

  • Just Barb

    BEAUTIFUL cover! She should think about cutting her hair this length cause it’s just stunning! Baby Faith has her curls.
    @Party Notion: You’re either blind or just plain dumb. She looks like she did 20 years ago in this picture.

  • Just Barb

    I suppose you haters know her personally and know exactly what kind of a mother she is. I also suppose you haters think she wrote the article and put the title on the magazine. Just when I think you can’t get any more stupid………Eat your jealous little hearts out. She’s got Keith Urban.

  • Dava

    She is serving some serious vintage Grace Kelly realness right here – love it.

  • sills

    @Just Barb: she dismissed her kids on tv idiot. what mother doesnt talk about her two eldest children??? stop being ignorant.

  • Me3

    Having your own biological kids may be a little different than adopted kids that live with their father and who may also be brainwashed by some whacked out religion. I’m not a huge fan but this cover is breathtaking.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @sills: Mental patient, that never happened. But continue to live in your delusions.

  • just wrong

    .@Just Barb: If she is a good Mom to her older kids than she will have her spokesperson denounce the title of this magazine. I have a feeling we will be waiting for hell to freeze over before that happens. She kicked those kids to the curb rather than fighting for them like any other mother would do.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Is this another mental patient or the same one with a different name?
    Every time there’s lots of nice pictures you nuts go off the deep end.

  • sills

    @Me3: her kids are brainwashed?? are you fuc*cking crazy?? she doesnt care about them. and mental patient? why? because i dont kiss N.K’s as*s.. so stupid. what mother doesnt talk about her kids?? ALL of them??

  • neve

    Can’t wait for the other photos!

  • woohoo

    Nicole has been looking so much better recently, not so fake & plastic. She should stick with the more natural & real look

  • Moh123

    sooooooo Beautiful

  • Tim Gunn

    Gorgeous Cover !

    The same face we all fell in love with in in 1990 in the incredible thriller “Dead Calm”.

    I love the surgery articles, when Kidman has the exact same face as her father and sister. My absolute favorite.

  • Louisa

    What a beautiful cover! I can’t wait to buy the magazine, read the story and see the rest of the photos.

  • P*ss off Nicole

    Who the hell is this woman. She would have allowed that baby to be photographed half dressed, while she is all warm in her winter coat and the crew have their warm coffee. I live just near where this photo would have been taken (i.e. Her country house, in the Southern Highlands) and
    it has been cold for a few months now. I can just see her giving directions. -”Now don’t photograph her face because she has a birthmark on it and isn’t pretty like me, Oh and only photograph her left arm because the right one has a birth mark on it too” She doesn’t care about any of her children, they’re just a way of garnering more attention and publicity.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Another delusional hateful whackjob. There’s plenty of photos of Faith’s face. She has no disfigurements, only a common stork bite which like her sister’s has faded. You really need medication, treatment, something to get your life back. You no more live in Australia than I am Ronald McDonald.
    How many women are this girl’s “real mother” according to you? Keith’s assistant, Nicole’s former assistant, Antonia, anyone standing in a room with reddish hair??? The madness will never end unless you want it to. How badly in a hole do you need to be before you’ll stop???

  • Oz

    Beautiful cover. Amazing work!

  • Libby

    Nicoles hair doesn’t look as thin. Oh I must be a septic, I mean sceptic,
    I mean skeptic. Well anyways, I’ve now been keeping an eye on this exact same comments column and defending a celebrity I don’t know, for about 4 whole hours, and someone told me a really, really long time ago that if I went looking for a life I might just find one.
    Now if I could just lift this 200lb arse off this chair…..

  • losa

    It’s a beautiful cover but i would be better if we can see the baby face too. And Nicole looks so much better without platinum blonde hair.

  • Been There

    IP addresses never lie, unlike the skeptics.

  • mya

    @Been There: you sound like a creep.

  • who

    Wow! Absolutely gorgeous cover.

  • tyago

    Love this cover, it’s hauntingly beautiful. Nicole has always talked about her older children, I think there’s very little to say though. They’re grown up, they’re adults with their own life. Bella lives with her boyfriend and Connor is working as DJ and he earns his own money. They seem very mature young adults, anyway must be hurtful for Nicole not seeing them often because of the church of Scientology. They’ve been raised differently, Nicole is a Roman catholic. I’m happy she has this new family and these two beautiful daughters, but I’m sure she considers her self the proud mother of 4 children. If you watch the interview she did last year with 60 minutes you’ll see it. I think she’s a nice person, she’s always polite and well-opinionated and it’s improbable she pretends all the time. She’s a true woman, true mother, true actress, true movie star.

  • taco

    haters and skeptics must all disappear from this planet as soon as possible. stupid morons. get a life. they ruin every damn thread about nicole. for what? NOTHING WILL CHANGE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

    Look at her, she’s amazing, beautiful,splendid…jelousy will kill you all.

  • taco

    @P*ss off Nicole:
    “I live just near where this photo would have been taken”
    And I’m Queen Elizabeth.
    LIES LIES LIES LIES! Nobody belive to your stupid stories haters!
    You’re delusional and you live in a complete denial of truth and facts. so sad.

  • taco

    This interview never happened….NEVER! lies on lies on lies…

  • Justme

    As a subscriber I’m going to request photo shop be stopped on aging actresses. So we can see what they really look like. Biggest laugh. The children miraculously showed up on the movie set. Nicole had to be talked in to allowing the photos to be used. LMAO

  • Justme

    @taco: Yes you do

  • Justme

    Wait. Greatest role yet. That’s the biggest laugh! LMAO

  • anon2

    Awesome pic.

  • sills

    @taco: LOLLLL… I seen it on 60 mins.. go try youtube. but w/e. believe the lying junk..

  • Nora

    Can’t wait to buy this magazine Beautiful cover !

  • taco

    I saw the interview several times moron and there’s nothing you’re talking about. She answered normally to a question. Just your stupid mind deformed by anger and hate saw things in a different way. Dumbass.

  • who

    Both Sunday Rose and Faith have mama’s red curly hair. So cute.