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Alexis Bledel: 'Mad Men' Guest Star Surprise!

Alexis Bledel: 'Mad Men' Guest Star Surprise!

Alexis Bledel attends the 2012 Lucille Lortel Awards at the NYU Skirball Center on Sunday (May 6) in New York City.

The 30-year-old actress was joined by Hugh Dancy to present the Outstanding Featured Actress award to Tonya Pinkins.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexis Bledel

Alexis surprised Mad Men viewers tonight when she appeared as an unannounced guest star in this week’s episode, “Lady Lazarus”.

Alexis played the wife of the insurance salesman befriended by Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser).

DID YOU CATCH Alexis Bledel’s surprise guest appearance on Mad Men?

10+ pictures inside of Alexis Bledel at the 2012 Lucille Lortel Awards

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Credit: Jemal Countess; Photos: Getty
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# 1

she’s weird looking now. she was so gorgeous during gg.

# 2

it always surprises me how pretty her eyes are and how young she looks!

# 3

She still looks 18 years old. I have a feeling she’ll still look the same in 5 years time….

# 4

ugh she is a TERRIBLE actress. She basically played Rory Gilmore in 1960s clothing on madmen..

# 5

Love her style, she has such great sense of style, chic class and hot at the same time.

# 6

I don’t know of anyone else who has such beautiful eyes, they are just mesmerizing!

# 7

I just love her! She has such a lovely, humble personality. So refreshing among people who crave so much attention to validate themselves.

# 8
Chuck Bass @ 05/07/2012 at 12:42 am


all alexis does these days is go to random events for d list celebrities. she craves attention, she’s just not interesting enough to capture it.

# 9

I might be wrong but I noticed that the more she ages; her eyes get bluer & bluer – how possible is that?!

Effortlessly gorgeous, and this is a good weight on her. But having said that, I really wish that she was more popular & somewhat a `better actress as well.

I like the print & color of her dress; not the usual black or dark color that she’s wears usually in the past… she looks angelic & virginal (lol)

Alexis is on MAD MEN to night and she’s been “trending” now on twiitter so she’s still much on the popularity radar huh!

Alexis was born under a lucky GENES star. So not fair.

Its so great to see her!!!! She is only really seen when promoting a movie and on a very few events plus odd lucky pap shot!!! She looks beautiful as always!!

Yap, amazing genes. She has been looking like around 21 or 22 for the past 10 years or so LOL!

Always a great day when the beautiful Alexis makes an appearance! So beautiful and graceful :)
Some ^hater^ can get the f*ck of anytime!

It was no surprise. Almost anything about her is newsworthy. She is still an interesting topic.

She looks very appropriate for the said award event. And its a very nice dress for a gorgeous & (still) young looking woman.

I like her… combination of sweet face yet w/ a elusive/mysterious personality.

ultiggfan @ 05/07/2012 at 2:18 am

Well I dont need just a TV guest apperance much more an unannouced at that… Alexis rightfully deserves to have another TV show either a solo one or a co-starring w/ another actor/actress (like GG) or could be much much better if its a GIlmore Girls movie!

ultiggfan @ 05/07/2012 at 2:19 am

Well I dont need just a TV guest apperance much more an unannouced at that…. Alexis rightfully deserves to have another TV show either a solo one or a co-starring w/ another actor/actress (like GG) or could be much much better if its a GIlmore Girls movie!

ibiangski @ 05/07/2012 at 2:28 am

Stunning! Love the dress, love the makeup plus the bloody red lipstick. Girl be working more on that pose /posture too – lol

I like her but thought she was miscast on MM. It was actually really creepy watching Rory seduce Pete – especially since she’s always looks younger than the character she plays. She looked like a teenages playing dress up.

Worst.Actress.Ever. No shock her career crashed and burned after Gilmore. and no weirdo Alexis fans a guest appearance on 1 episode of Mad Men and a supporting role in an off Broadway play isnt a good career.

The fact that she still looks younger than her actual age is a huge blessing for her in youth-obsessed Hollywood. What woman wouldn’t want to look younger than her age?

The best feature in her face is her eyes – pure hypnosis! Imho it could also be the main factor why she doesnt look older after all this time…

Oooh some posters here were obviously still pissed that Alexis doesnt want to continue Season 8 of Gilmore Girls…
Jeeez, there were a lot more worst actresses than Alexis, its just that Alexis is not that thick-faced to always be on the media and/or dont have much connections in the biz.

Wow, she looks so young like a college girl, 22 at the most. Good genes or clean living or just both?!

Hello… your HoTnesS!!
Definitely a girl-crush of all time…

She looks so fine. It’s nice to see some classic simplicity in the day and age of plastic people in over hyped designer rags.

She looked somewhat “thin” these days; thanks that she got some curves. Her being skinny could get overlook Anyways, she’s lucky, because she has a face shape &/or bone structure that really ages well or don’t age much too soon.

Can Alexis be “cloned” or just even her eyes???!!!
As she makes 30′s looks soo damn good!!!

I preferred her guest stint at ER on their final episode where she plays a doctor/surgeon rather than in Mad Men where she plays some other woman… But probably I could watch her on anything just to see her regularly even on small tube these days…
And very nice to check out those hot trending topics.

I wish she would make more red carpet appearances and put on blue dresses or shoes that match her eyes. Fierce!!

Alexis Bledel trending on Twitter just becoz of Mad Men guest stint is just Freakin’ Mad LMAO

I wish that Alexis could consider to go back to TV now or very soon. Just look at how twiiterdom reacts at her mere MM guest appearance?! So paging NBC, FOX, ABC & BBS but NO to CW, their TV shows were lame and their ratings were always tanking.

And GG was “originally” from WB where the show got their best scripts & high ratings, their last two years were passed to CW right after WB Network close down and that how & why that GG got abrubtly cancelled.

Certainly good for Alexis and totally unexpected, I really hope her career takes an upward turn after this. Good luck to her!

Whatever she does, it works! She looks really young, fresh and beautiful.

I’m absolutely a GG &/or Alexis fan and I dont watch Mad Men but I might watch it even for once once coz Alexis is in it. I was actually surprised that she;s trending at Twitter coz she doesnt have that bankable career to speak of these days yet I’m so glad at the Twitter results..

Her eyes are just out of this world… they are her best & priceless accessory.

Ive been waiting for her movie w/ Saoirse Ronan ***Violet & Daisy*** since last year huh?!?!?!

She’s just so beautiful! I love that she doesn’t look vain at all. Confident maybe, but definitely not vain.

Seriously, she is my favorite celeb because she doesn’t …
1. Comes from a HW family
2. Pap Tipping
3. Sleep around
4. Do Showmance/s
5. Have big / faked boobies or any kind of surgery

Love the fact that even the Twitter Fandon adores Alexis Bledel / Rory Gilmore… totally awesome!!!

Love the fact that even the Twitter Fandon adores Alexis Bledel / Rory Gilmore…” totally awesome”!!!

Wow her piercing blue eyes!

shes 30?? she looks 17! why wont she age? scary……………
shes pretty,though………..

Lovely, grounded and likeable. Soo Approved.

I just love seeing her and I dont care “where, when, how or even why” LOL!!!!!!

Give me Alexis Bledel OVER that fake-faced Megan Fox & Blake Lively, bitchie/druggie looking Kristen Stewart, or the tabloid freak Rachel Bilson or Kate Bosworth at any day & any time…

Gilmore Girls movie is soo “ripe” now to be made onto a move right before it’ll rot!!!ot!!!

Alexis is soo pretty and very pale as well. Does she ever go to the beach and get some sun sometimes; as I dont ever seen her vacationing on a beach & wearing a bikini – w/c Ive been waiting for all this long time daaaaaamn!.

I for one LOVE the pale skin, I’m so very sick of the fake tans. Embrace your natural skin tone people – Alexis do!

Pretty WHITE Woman… LOL!!!

Pretty WHITE Woman…… LOL!!!

Here’s someone who knows how to age gracefully & acts appropriately.- nuff said.

Alexis Bledel doesnt even have that full guest stint @ Mad Men but just a short cameo role; but look at how the Twitter World went crazy coz of that – unexpectedly good surprise!

Alexis is already 30 yrs old for real… and would turn 31 in just 4 months – how surreal or even creepy is that?!

Alexis Bledel consistently smiling w/o showing her teeth off; amazing LOL

Alexis Bledel has the most beautiful blue eyes ever. They’re like the clear-blue-ocean in holiday movies. Woah!

tinkebell @ 05/07/2012 at 1:24 pm

Alexis sporting some funky-hip shoes all over again – love it!

Damn Alexis has some great genes. Her future kid/s will be lucky too if they would also have it!

Oh I love her! She looks gorgeous!

Those Eyes!!!
Methinks that its the one thing that she can still get on some acting jobS and not about her acting prowess LOL

Due to Alexis’ Twitter trending, do the latest MM episode got a much higher rating that the previous ones – thats how it supposed to be isnt it?!

did a great job on mad men

Gorgeous girl

Ive browse all her Twitterings related to the Mad Men episode, it has “more” positive vibes than the negative ones; so yah, she probably did a good job on the said show.

Fiercing bluest eyes…. fiercing shimmering style as well.…Just fierce all the way.

And why is it that she’s ^not^ invited at the MET Ball Party?!
Damn… Grrrr…

Love her dress & make-up, but don’t like her hair; she would look much better with bangs. But still lovely overall.

Seeing an all-grown-up Alexis Bledel from Mad Men Eps., it absolutely looks like that she’s trying much to get out of that goody-two-shoes Rory Gilmore image – well hitting now on her 30′s, its probably damn about time so *good luck” to her.

Seeing an all-grown-up Alexis Bledel from Mad Men Eps., it absolutely looks like that she’s trying much to get out of that goody-two-shoes Rory Gilmore image – well hitting now on her 30′s, its probably damn about time so *good luck” to her…

She’s a terrible actress and effectively ruined the entire episode.

She had guested on E.R. now on Mad Men, both high-rated & award winning shows. So my next wish list for her is to be on “”CSI”"…

Alexis Bledel looked so beautiful on the other night’s Mad Men. The 60′s look really suits her; like an Old HW Galmour…

Whether Alexis made a grade or just sucks at the said Mad Men Episode, at least, it doenst go un-noticed;and at most is that it created a major buzz at the Twitter Fandom and still going…

I love her. I think she’s actually talented in a HW world full of disposable & superficial actresses.

Alexis Bledel should play ANASTASIA STEELE!

I actually deb along these lines Rss to search ahead of time to experience studying a person’s negligence appreciate you’ve never the internet internet marketers views and that i lmost all only a major web site

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