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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Visit Vancouver

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Visit Vancouver

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds hold hands while crossing the street on Saturday (May 5) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 35-year-old actor showed Blake, 24, around his hometown, and popped into Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe for a bite to eat.

Blake and Ryan are going strong, reportedly even looking “around different areas of Connecticut” for a house to share.

“They love getting out of [New York City] and appreciate a slower pace,” a source told Us Weekly, which adds that the two were spotted checking out home decor stores in the upscale town of New Canaan.

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  • Wes

    Nice couple. Would prefer her back with Penn but they’re nice together!

  • Marina

    I’m liking them more. Nice low-key couple.

  • Chuck Bass

    i like that they are so low key unlike many hollywood couples these days (vanessa and austin, eva and ryan)

  • Jessica
  • ck

    People (a more reliable source than US Weekly imo) already had them buying a home in Bedford, NY

  • becca

    In the story picture she looks like she realized that they were being photographed and then she grabs his hand lol, boring couple

  • jane-lee

    Fake lively and her Bo

  • MaisyRL

    there are all these reports that Blake wants to settle down, get engaged…etc. and that’s great. but Ryan Reynolds just got divorced LAST YEAR from ScarJo. and those two rushed into a marriage too. if Blake’s got any sense, she’ll pace this in a way that helps them both figure out whether this is a long term relationship. i still remember Ryan being engaged to Alanis Morrisette, then all of the sudden that engagement was broken, and about a year or so later he was getting married to ScarJo. there is no reason to rush things is all i’m saying. and Blake is pretty young.

  • losa

    I think she is gonna be a famewhore. First Leo now Ryan. Who’s next? She didn’t need Penn Badgley anymore because he was not enough famous. She just wants a famous and successful boyfriend because she is not so talented that Hollywood notices her.

  • j

    I thought she was known for her fashion sense…what kind of outfit is this?

  • Oh please

    Another sake hollyweird publicity hungry couple that pretend that they don’t like the attention. What a disspointment in Ryan. I Thought mOre of him before

  • Oh please

    Another FAKE hollyweird publicity hungry couple that pretend that they don’t like the attention. What a disspointment in Ryan. I Thought mOre of him before

  • Chuck Bass

    @Oh please:

    i know right. they are SO desperate for attention. they call the paps ONCE every TWO months. doesnt any more desperate or fake than that.


    do people lose every bit of common sense and logic when it comes to blake lively?

  • Chace

    @Chuck Bass:
    They are incapable of using logic. Her haters click on the rare photos we have of her b4 descending into mouth foaming hysteria. Hilarious
    OTH I think she looks kinda chubby in those jeans.

  • mel

    A lot of people criticize her for her break up with Penn and I don’t know why, some relationships just fizzle and end. And with Leo…. gosh… if Leo asked ME out and wanted to take me on trips around the world I sure as hell wouldn’t say no!

  • sweetness

    I think they are adorable together. Why are people going on about her being a famewh_re? She’s a popular actress what is she suppose to do stay a prisoner inside her home? Nver is she allowed to go out and be seen with anybody. Is Selena Gomez a famewh_re, is Kristen Stewart a famewh_ore? If actors and actresses choose to date other famous people they will attract the paps.

  • Cleo

    They are so cute! I really hope Blake will be at the Met Gala, but it doesn’t seem like it if she is in Canada.

  • Chace

    I know and that makes me uncomfortable.
    Don’t get me wrong I LOVE how Blake has being pacing herself and has dissappered from the scene. Its just the Met Gala has always been her thing knowing her love and adventure for fashion it was fitting.
    I hope shes not changing or trying to become someone else because of Ryan and his desperation for a stay at home wife, something Scarlett to her credit was not. Blake is still young. Such scenes in relationships start with bliss but always ends with resentment.

  • a fan

    FYI, this is still photograph, it is no way you could know she grabbed his hand just before the picture was taken. I don’t think that camera caught all of that.

  • larry

    light green corp!!!!

  • ms_levitt

    I can’t put my finger on it but they are so weird. I really can’t stand them both. Ryan is good looking and Blake is quite pretty, besides they horrible actors, they haven’t done anything to dislike them…but still I do..:D

  • anonymous

    If you live in this century, you must know that nobody has to stage anything, everybody and his mother has a cell phone w/camera, these pictures are SOLD!!! Even Laniey admitted that she could not buy a couple of photos of them. This is the nature of their business and obviously you are watching them. All the people who love to post how boring they are should just step back and wonder why the take the time to even mention this couple

  • Mimi

    I love Ryan and have no idea what he saw in Scarlett Johansson! Anyway, he’s going to continue to get his heart broken if he doesn’t start dating women more his own age. Blake is way too young for him! I wish him luck though.

  • Reina

    @Chace: I don’t think he wants a stay-at-home wife. He wants a companion, someone ready to travel, to hop on a motorcycle and see the world. Scarlett Johansson always gave me the impression of being the type who does not cook, who likes to get up late, smoke, lie on the couch or on the beach and be presumptuous and annoying. She looks like a terrible bore. He seemed to always be dragging a recalcitrant girl who would have liked to be somewhere else. Lively, instead, seems prepared to follow him to hell, if he so wishes. Why should she prefer to be perched on stiletto heels, in an uncomfortable dress for an entire evening, be torn to pieces by gossip sites rather than be with him? Let’s face it, they look fantastic together. And let’s stop this mantra of them being horrible actors, Ms Gordon (?) Levitt, because they are not.

  • megan

    gorgeous couple!! i really like them together!

  • Chace

    Thanks for your input Reina.
    Them ‘looking fantastic together’ does not make it anymore palatable that Ryan wants a frau frau at home to cook and clean. He has mother issues IMO, and I remain convinced from Blake’s earlier interviews she wanted more out of life than to be a stay at home mom. She says what he wants now, sure, we’ll see if she feels the same in 3 years or ends up resentful and feelin lost like Scarlett did aged 26.

  • @24

    Mrs Levitt ain’t wrong. Lets face it Channing Tatum has more firepower than Ryan does in HW right now. And Ryan R ain’t worthy of licking fellow Canadian Ryan G’s boots career/credibility wise

  • Reina

    @@24:Hell, Tatum is kind of beefy (I hate myself for being so unkind) and always in a kind of stupor, and he did not have much of a firepower in Haywire, did he, together with about 5 other major actors… And do not get me started on the other Ryan, which I do not find a good actor AT ALL. Marble-mouthed, cold, inexpressive, adenoidal voice and weird accent. The guy cannot manage TWO, I repeat TWO, facial expressions. That is not toned-down acting. That’s facial paralysis.

  • @28

    Your opinion as a blogger is all well and good.
    But its subjective
    And I’m talking about HW. In box office, award nominations, cache and Ryan aint worth jack. but for Denzel Washigton and Sandra Bullock he would have Dane Cook’s career by now and I agree with #26 on his attitude too.

  • @28

    Oh and Mr ‘beefy’ Tatum, has not only starred in but produced hits this year unlike Mr ‘Ken Doll’ Ryan whose nearing 40! Hell Joanh Hill’s name opens more doors as does Ryan G’s who EVERYONE name checks a sthe King of Cool – Jon Hamm, Bradley Cooper e.t.c

  • Reina

    @@28: Ryan G. has not had one, I repeat one, box office success. Check Box Office Mojo for ALL his films. We will see whether he will still be EVERYONE’s King of Cool next to Sean Penn or, for that matter, Josh Brolin, who are REALLY good actors. As for D. Washington, Safe House is the second biggest grossing movie of his entire career, with 126M domestic gross. Only 4 million less than American Gangster, his highest grossing, which anyway cost 15 million more. And the movie is still running. Same for Bullock. The Proposal made 320M WW. It is her highest grossing movie. Her previous film, with B. Cooper, All About Steve, was a major flop. Ides of March made 40M domestically, with heavyweights such as Clooney, Hoffman, Giamatti and Tomei. Haywire made 18M, repeat 18M domestic gross. It is easy to document oneself properly in Internet nowadays. Just to be nit-picking: I think Reynolds is 35.

  • @31

    I may be wrong but I’m sure Sandy and Denzel have had other hits in thier careers without Ryan’s help *sarcasm off*
    Cant say the same for him in any respect
    As you mention films of others can we have the receipts for The Change Up, Buried, Garden stg (dont remember the name so floptastic was it) and of course THE GREEN LANTERN.
    Any academy award nominations? Globes?
    Ryan G goes for offbeat scripts that favour quality over bombast as everyone can see. There aint no superhero franchise or gross out comedy in his back catalogue, thats for sure.
    Only Haywire? 21 Jump Street which beefy Tataum also produced has not done too shabbily with both Box Offie and critics . And right now he STILL reads more sripts than Ryan . Fact

  • Ryan is cute

    They’ve been dating for 7 straight months now. And from what I see they’re getting stronger and stronger. It’s always a good thing for couples to start being friends before getting into anything serious as lovers. They did just that.

  • Jasmine

    @losa: If you’re going to be so critical, at least learn to type a sentence correctly, you moron.

    Personally, I completely disagree with a lot of the “fame wh*re” comments. When she’s not supposed to be in front of a camera for a show/movie or at an event, she seems to live quietly. She doesn’t promote her private life on social media websites, she doesn’t go to hot spots in Los Angeles or New York to get attention and she doesn’t flash the paparazzi. People are always interested in what she’s doing because of who she goes out with and her connections with a lot of people in the entertainment and fashion industry. I’m happy for her. She’s on a high in her career and judging from her interviews, she handles her private life and relationships in a mature and dignified way. I thought her and Penn were a very cute couple but not everything will last. They were together three years or so and that’s (sadly) longer than many marriages.
    Her and Ryan make an absolutely adorable couple and I’m rooting for them!

  • Reina

    @@31: Buried = 20M WW over a cost of 1M (prize of the international critics at Deauville and Goya prize) carried exclusively by Reynolds. The Change-up: 90M WW over a cost of 52M. I agree on Green Lantern. When I saw the so-called constructs I paled. But that’s not ascribable to Reynolds, who was the only good thing about the movie (together with Sarsgaard, who was great). Fireflies in the Garden is a good movie and very well acted. BUT: Blue Valentine, heavily marketed: 11M. Half Nelson: 4M WW. All Good Things: 644K. Lars and the Real Girl: 11M WW. Look, it was not me who initially made the comparison between the two. I find this habit barbaric. It seems that people HAVE to bring up Reynolds to bash him in favour of this and that. That is what makes me like Reynolds. Never a comment on anything or anyone. I will not comment on 21 Jump Street. I have not seen it and is not a film I will ever watch.

  • @35

    Well dont worry Ryan stan at this rate its going to do better numbers than Safe House. I notice there are no UK/US nominations in your tally I guess most of the discerning world does npot share your devotion to Ryans abilities
    Change Up RT = 35%, Fireflies = So pointless got lower rates. Lets leave Green Lantern out shall we? All heavily marketed
    Half Nelson = GG/Oscar, Lars= Critics Choice/ GG. Most controversial crtical choice that stunned for its snub Drive (and good BO returns). May I also add Ryan G carried these himself did not need Denzel or Sandra to avoid repelling people. Now has 3 movies back to back. Ryan R has Reece W movie, studio has still not green lit cos she like he is floptastic . Soi has to travel round with Blake to get the tabloids to give a s**t about him.

  • @35

    BTW 90m over 54M is NOT a hit. A movie has to make at least double its budget simply to cover production costs!

  • Reina

    @@35: I know that 90M is not a hit but you will agree that it is remarkably better than the other grosses I cited. As for Green Lantern, compared to Thor and other blockbusters is Battleship Potemkin. With regard to playing solo, I think that Buried is the most notable example. Drive was bashed by some European critics, who remarked that the lead actor had one single expression from beginning to end and that the director had borrowed heavily from other films (e.g. Live and Die in Los Angeles) Your comment on UK/US nominations (discerning world) sounds provincial and a tad fascist. If Drive had not been awarded the prize for Best Director at Cannes (thanks to De Niro, who should be hanged for that and for Tree of Life) nobody in the discerning world would have given a damn. As for ‘avoiding repelling people’, boy, are you prone to hyperbole! May I remind you that Reynolds was People’s Choice as best superhero? But the interesting thing is that he appears in practically all lists of Favourite Actors. 200M people voting means something, doesn’t it? Vox populi vox dei. But I suppose these are people who are incapable of discerning. I have ALREADY said that I did not start this thing. I repeat: I find this habit of comparing people’s competence barbaric and untoward. I enjoyed discussing with you, though. However, let’s call it a day.

  • @38

    You are joking People’s Choice Awards? LOL
    That has as much credibilty as Sexiest Man Alive.
    I could list what critics had to say about Ryan in Change Up and Green Lantern (he was compared to George Clooney in the remarkable ability to almost bury a franchise (Batman & Robin) and even Blade. But they are numerous and google is your friend for that
    There was a also a campaign to get Buried recognised by the UK/US award season and also for the Garden movie to get award moxie which came to nought. No one gave a damn but OK we’ll call it a day.