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Charlize Theron: Baby Jackson's First Photos!

Charlize Theron: Baby Jackson's First Photos!

Charlize Theron carries her son Jackson while heading into LAX Airport on Monday (May 7) in Los Angeles.

This is the first time we’ve gotten a glimpse at the 36-year-old actress’s baby boy!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Charlize Theron

“He’s the coolest kid ever,” Charlize told Vogue UK‘s May issue, just a few weeks after revealing she had adopted Jackson.

“I’ve always been very honest in saying I wanted a family. I’ve always known I wanted a family,” Charlize also told the fashion mag.

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  • Maron

    What’s up with all the whities adopting black kids. sick of it.

  • Ugonna Wosu


    Charlize NEVER said she didn’t want to have kids. Just didn’t want to get married. Instead of saying someone “lied” maybe you would want to improve your HEARING and COMPREHENSION skills.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    bump this thread.

  • Cheryl

    Hold on a sec I am South African so I am able to comment – and 65% of our population is black so yes that is a majority – you clearly don’t know your countries demographics very well. The vast majority of children up for adoption from SA are black or children of colour. That is a fact!
    I am a white South African with a black foster child so I am well versed in this topic huh???
    Even if Charlize hasn’t lived here for many years she is still a big supporter of this country and I think it is fantastic that she came back here to adopt her child.

  • XYZ

    CHARLIZE and her pet monkey. Because her Zio/Marxist handlers told her so. She makes me sick. Never liked her before, now even more. Fail to see the fuss about her. Just another Hollyweird overrated blonde.

  • In Paris
  • karl

    @In Paris:

    Why would he be? Viking is out skydiving…

  • peggy


    The cab driver passing them by doesn’t know whether the person has a white parent or not – so having black parents or white doesn’t make a difference in that way – so your argument lacks validity.

    But this I can tell you – any child raised in wealth will have an advantage since they will have the means to live where they want and associate with who they please.

    Finally why do black americans assume that their experience being black is the only experience being black – there are black people all over the world citizens of different countries who experience are different and just as valid.

  • ladybug

    @Cheryl: She didn’t go back to SA to adopt, Jackson is from the US.

    “According to a source close to the single Young Adult star, little Jackson was born in the United States, and is African-American. Jackson is the first child for Theron.”

    “The trip overseas is not a surprise, as we spotted the bright-eyed baby boy and Theron out and about running errands — which included a stop at the post office for passport photos.”

    If he’d been adopted from overseas he’d already have a passport.

  • greta

    Awwww they are so cute together!!! there some pictures of his face at the Charles de Gaule airport in Paris at her arrival, they were adorable he was grapping his hand around his mama’s arms!! wish them so many beautiful things, this baby is so lucky!!!

  • Adel

    Such a class act lovely woman i’ve always loved her, welcome to you Jackson you cutie angel !

  • jan

    Where did she buy this baby?

  • Les

    The new fad for white women. Adopt black babies.

  • denise

    She does not stand a chance with Will Smith. He has said, he likes Black women, he is not attracted to white women. I heard him say this.

  • XOXO

    @HANNELIE: And from what I have seen of the men, they are FVCKING GORGEOUS, blonde, blue eyes and tan with that delicious accent.

  • Pam


    Umm at the Hancock promotions and premiers Will Smith was all over Theron on the red carpets, interviews.. kissing her hand, holding her, all excited joking around her( who would not???), saying she is the most beautiful talented actress around, they are old friends, she is a friend with Smith family, there is no ambiguity here.

  • denise

    He was just hamming it up with Charlyse, because of that movie they were in together. You know how silly Will is. ‘

    He has said he loves and is attracted to Black women. I heard that with my own ears.

  • shalom

    @denise: there is nothing attractive about a black woman

  • Ugonna Wosu

    Will Smith even kissed her neck at one point. He also made comments about JLo, so no he isn’t only attracted to black women.

  • tasha

    I heard Will Smith say out of his own mouth that the rumors about Charlize are not true but he does like white women. He said this to ET. Either way nothing is going on. @denise:

    So adorable. Shame on the racists. Be happy she can give him a better life than he would have had.

  • Guest

    You totally miss my point. I’m all for anyone adopting any race. I’m not for Charlize adopting a black child because she lacks any sensibilities regarding race. This is based on her recent comments to Viola Davis during the Newsweek Oscar roundtable also the fact that she didn’t feel there were going be opportunities in her homeland based on race. Because of a black majority rule?

    What will say to this child if issues of race ever came up and I used the example of Lenny, Nick and Danny to make my point. I think she’s ill-equip and don’t let me get started about her friend that hag Chelsea
    handler. I believe Sandra bullock will be a better mother raising a non-white baby.

  • lafamepoma

    maybe she adopted him from Africa, i don’t thin he’s from USA

  • ladybug

    @lafamepoma: See my comment at #59, he’s African-American, he’s American born.

  • Jane

    Denise is right, I have heard Will say, he is only attracted to Black women.

  • Jenn

    It is well known that Will Smith is not attracted to white women. He has not kept a secret.

  • Chanel

    Black women are beautiful. Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan, Beyonce, Angela Bassett, Kelly Rowland, Kerry Washington, Naomi Campbell, Phylicia Rashad, Lela Rashon, Keisha Knight-Pullam..And the list goes on and on.

  • @Chanel

    Also Rutina Wesley , Tara from trueblood she is a stunner

  • guest

    What Charlize Theron Doesn’t Get About Black Hollywood
    by Allison Samuels Jan 24, 2012 8:14 AM EST Black Hollywood

    During Newsweek’s Oscar roundtable, The Help’s Viola Davis tried to speak about the difficulties of being a black actress in Hollywood—but a well-intentioned reply from Theron was just another example of the problem.

    Charlize Theron surely meant no harm. The actress genuinely thought she was complimenting fellow thespian Viola Davis during this year’s Newsweek Oscar roundtable when she told Davis, “You’re hot as shit.’’

    Their exchange revolved around Davis’s comments on finding work as an African-American actress. Davis, who has won praise for her starring role in The Help, was attempting to explain the difficult plight of being black and female in the movie industry. “I’m a 46-year-old black woman who really doesn’t look like Halle Berry, and Halle Berry is having a hard time,” said Davis.

    No doubt hoping to forge a sisterly bond, Theron rushed in to reassure Davis that she was indeed “hot’’ and naively implied that a simple change of attitude would make a world of difference. Her exact words—“You have to stop saying that, because you’re hot as shit.’’

    How sweet of Theron to say, and how thoroughly misguided and offensive as well. Davis was honestly confronting a number of painful and complicated issues faced by many women of color in Hollywood today—issues Theron (who was born in South Africa to parents of European descent) more than likely has never encountered and would have done well to listen to. The Oscar roundtable was the perfect forum for such a discussion, and yet Theron’s verbal charity managed to downplay the importance of Davis’s point. What difference does it make if Davis stops speaking a truth if the reality remains?

    In Hollywood, where even legendary filmmaker George Lucas had to fight and ultimately use his own money to get an all-black film (Red Tails) made, black actresses still struggle to find quality work. When they do, they are rarely cast as ideals of beauty or objects of desire. On the odd occasion that they are, only a certain look will do. Berry, who is biracial, has long been viewed as Hollywood’s most beautiful black actress, and some would argue that much of her success is based on that belief. Apparently Theron didn’t get the memo that mainstream culture strictly dictates what beauty is—and by those narrow standards, Viola Davis doesn’t fit the bill. Has Davis graced the covers of any of the beauty and fashion magazines that Theron lands with ease, whether she has a project or not? She hasn’t. Davis’s only covers on major publications such as Entertainment Weekly and The Hollywood Reporter also featured her costars from the film or George Clooney. Her “hotness” was apparently not enough to warrant a solo appearance despite the fact that she may soon snag her second Oscar nomination for The Help. The reasons for this are as varied as they are disturbing, and Theron’s overly simplistic advice only underscores the lack of understanding many have around a reality they either don’t comprehend or don’t fully appreciate.

    Apparently Theron didn’t get the memo that mainstream culture strictly dictates what beauty is.

  • Whycantipost

    74&75; obvious much you are both Denise? No one here to support her and then 2 people 3 minutes after eachother? hahaha

  • ellie’

    So nice to see u out with your new little…can’t wait to see his adorable face..

  • ellie’

    Awe Jackson is so cute….just seen his face ..too cute!!!

  • plz


    S Bulock aka the fame wh*re who sold her kid to the people magazines better mom than??? who the hell you think you are you don’t even know this actress, yet you open your big hateful racist mouth, if there is and will be one good mom it’s will be certainly this class act actress, private wonderful humanitarian and UN Messenger of Peace, what she has done in Africa and for the native african in SA, Congo…in health, education, entertaiment, nothing you so called black american has probably ever done there, probably not even put your foot there, no wonder why she’s been honored personally by Nelson Mandela for her wonderful work, she is real generous and one brave woman who know the real value of the life, i have no doubt that this kid will receive an amazing lessons about life. He is so lucky to have a mother like Charlize Theron.

  • Lisa

    @Jennifer Redgrave: You thought “IT” was a toy? That is terrible thing to say about a baby, and yes the baby is African, Charlize is African American she is from South Africia. I’m not sure if the baby is for the same area but she said earlier on that she adopted a baby boy from Africia.

  • Lisa

    @jesse: Dumb ass…

  • Jessie

    @Tom: Tom what is wrong? Are you a big fat stupid white boy that no one will date? Do you resemble a white monkey or troll with warts.? Well don’t worry GOD still loves evil people like you and he won’t give up on you and all your hate.

  • Ugonna Wosu


    why are you on this mission to revitalize this old controversy? I couldn’t care less how you and others chose to misinterpret Char’s words months ago. It is ancient history and has NOTHING to do with adopting Jackson. Get a life, instead of being bitter, unfulfilled and jealous. You made your point over and over and over over these last several pages, and still aren’t satisfied. Why don’t YOU go out there, and adopt your OWN black baby, since you “get black people” so much better than Charlize does? No one’s stopping you. If she doesn’t get it, let her learn. Either way, you cannot change this adoption, and all the controversy you are TRYING to stir will hurt Jackson more than the so-called lack of empathy you insist on complaining Char has. Thank you.

  • Cheryl


    You may be right on that one – we were told on local radio the baby came from SA, but facts are often misquoted and just plain wrong. Sorry if I got that part wrong.

  • MissJ
  • Ash2

    Sorry but Charlie has no business adopting a black child, having seen some of her previous interviews it is clear she has issues with race that need to be looked into.

    I will not say poor kid, and he is better having a carer than being in a home but…damn these starlets need to check the damage they are doing to society by doing this.

    The black race is not up for sale.

  • Chanel

    @@Chanel: #77

    There are many many many many of beautiful Black women, for lack of time, I just named a few.

  • Good on Charlize

    It doesn’t matter If the child is black White pink, blue yellow etc, Charlize is giving Jackson a stable loving home , and when jackson grows up He will be surrounded by people that love him and care for him and want the best for him and his career
    and Jackson will always know that his mom Charlize Always loves him regardless of his colour

    It is cruel when people say Charlize is in the wronge for adopting a black child. It is better for Jackson to be in the arms of Charlize then Jackson growing up on streets
    Jackson already had a good start in life he will be very well travelled, and some of us have never had that chance or never will.

    Just saying :)

  • topic of discussion

    Level 2 of T.O.P Look people, look see I do spend time with me baby all by myself look I am a good mother. Don’t believe the hype, it’s all hype. All these actress uses babies has a selling point to get sympathy from the audience to buy their perfume, to go to their movies, talk about them. (Take your money and your time) Don’t be blind just because she is hot, she doesn’t have a choice, she has to be to sell you the BS that she is better than you and you want to be her. She is an actress her job is to deceive you. Yes she is pretty and talent but it all in the name of FAME and staying the Topic of discussion. I hate blind worship she is not a goddess and this is not envy but she’s selling BS that I am not buying this baby is way too time convenient. but thumb me down because truth is lost to most of you.
    I especially love that LIE that she wrote a letter that she wanted to adoption when she was small. Really! Give her an Oscar again for level 2 lying.