Eva Mendes Gets Shy Talking about Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes Gets Shy Talking about Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes makes an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in an episode airing Monday (May 7).

The 38-year-old actress (in a Jason Wu dress) was gifted a bag of onesies for her family members, who have a tradition of wearing PJs at various family parties.

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Eva started giggling when Ellen brought up Ryan Gosling – her The Place Beyond the Pines co-star and real-life beau – as the audience cheered.

Ellen then brought out a guy and girl’s onesies attached together, prompting Eva to respond, “If I happen to see him tonight, I will give this to him.”

Eva Mendes – ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

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  • losa

    She was a very long relationship with her boyfriend (8 years). She is now 38. I think an almost 40 years old woman wants to start a family but Ryan is just 31 and I don’t think he wants a wife and children. But Eva seems nice and pretty. So I wish her good luck.

  • Steph

    Love her hair

  • Lynn

    i like her because she is real and funny.. she is also effortlessly pretty

    people say “oh she is lucky that she has Ryan Gosling as her beau” I think HE is lucky to have such girlfriend.

  • Barbie Kate

    Her contract with Gosling begins to give benefits

  • lulu

    She is sooo lucky!!

  • sj

    its weird she calls him Gosling. not Ryanm not i dont know HE.
    i dont like her. her shy moments looks fake
    Gos still have a chance to come back to being him before it all starts.
    looove him when he was doing Half Nelson and Lars and keeps a low profile

  • Bella

    She said in an interview some years ago, that she never wants to have children. So Gosling don’t need be worried. Maybe that is what he likes about her?!

  • mo

    if their relationship is real, i hope they’re happy together!

  • Tim

    The question is, will Ryan be escorting her to the MET Ball this evening?

  • ultimate

    She is sooooooooo stuck up. I went to high school with her. She was a b1tch then and I’m pretty sure she is a b1tch now.

  • lisa

    I don’t care for her.

  • Maggie

    I think that the comment about not wanting children was made when the man in her life at that time didn’t want kids. Maybe that has all changed now.

  • kara

    She was pretty vocal about never wanting children and never getting married. Somehow I think it was her ex that wanted the children, and it was the deal breaker which caused the break up. If she has children with Gosling, it will be like a slap in the face to her ex.

  • Jessica
  • belinda

    Do you think their relationship will last years and years? Ryan seemed to be such a player before.

  • lola

    If they last past the opening of the movie they did together, then I will have reason to believe it’s not a showmance.

  • losa

    @Bella: Oh! I didn’t know it. It’s just a little bit weird for me that she doesn’t want children. What about adopt a child? Does she wants to be without children in her whole life?

  • janet

    I personally don’t want children. That’s not everybody’s path in life. It’s refreshing that people like Eva aren’t afraid to speak up on this. If she doesn’t want children, it’s her choice. More power to her!

  • Olivia

    how come she looks so homely on pictures but not on camera? it’s maybe the make up and hair, well at least she’s very pretty here but i agree her shy moment looks so fake

  • Angela

    Reply to Losa’s comment, I hope you don’t believe that everyone is born to have children, guess what, they’re not, I’m so happy, Losa learned something today!!! There are so many idiots having children today that shouldn’t, but God bless the ones that should have children and are!

  • lucy

    she really acts like a teenager , hiding her face in her hair … when I read all the comments about the fact she has a men’s face I thought it was exaggerate but no , she has a very masculine face. I think she doesn’t want children because she’s got Jennifer Aniston syndrome, too much chirurgy in their faces and now they can’t accept it. Diva mendes was really ugly before chirurgy, that’s why ! Anyway she’s taking advantage of her relationship with ryan ( she was old and finished before dating him) and when they split she’ll go back to vulgar bimboland ! get this trash out of hollywood !

  • jayce

    Bearding situation. I don’t care what nobody says.

  • losa

    @Angela: I don’t think that every woman has to be a mother because there are terrible mothers in the world too. But I think it’s hard if you wake up one day and you realize you have no carrier, you’re not so beautiful, you’re alone and it’s too late. She has enough money, time, she always looks for me that she’s family-centered. And it’s an interesting question what is if his partner wants a family. Then she’ll break up with him? But maybe I was wrong. She is not that type. I’m just saying people changes so she can adopt later like Sandra Bullock or Charlize Theron.
    It’s her business.

  • Angela


  • Angela

    Losa, in your defense, just from your comments, I believe that you’re young, and you will realize one day, that NOT everyone thinks like you do, and NOT everyone cares if they have a “carrier”, it’s not necessary.
    But, I do understand what you believe right now, but one day you’ll understand what I’m saying. Thanks……

  • becca

    Her shyness seemed put on to me. I’m not buying what they are selling.

  • lucy

    @Angela: @Angela: I’m not bitter, it’s cruel truth and I’m not the only one who think that, I don’t like stupid superficial women who make chirurgy and don’t accept it and claims everywhere she’s a natural beauty. And thanks I had a great day !

  • ha ha

    wtf is chirurgy?!

  • Kate

    She is gorgeous.. I totally see physically why he is into her. But she didn’t utter even under her breath to Ellen a THANK YOU for the onsies. “this is amazing” doesn’t cut it. She really might be as rude as people on the Internet claim.

  • marty

    Ryan and Eva are both impressed with themselves. They can have each other.

  • charlotte

    @Kate: I agree. She didn’t even say thank you to Ellen for the gift. AND she pulled it back when Ellen tried to put it back in the bag for her. What happened to manners?

  • lucy

    @ha ha: sorry surgery

  • Arlene

    World’s b*tchiest celebrity with the world’s nicest celebrity. Or maybe he isn’t? Think about it.

  • daisy

    Ryan is nuts. She’s pretty, but she’s so unbelievably self absorbed, vain and vapid.

  • paula

    She says Ryan is “the most precious thing to her.” Let’s hope she treats him better than she treats waitresses. Like I mentioned before, someone I know witnessed her being horribly rude to a waitress. There’s never an excuse for that.

  • adam

    he can do so much better than Eva she looks like a man. He was better with Rachel by far.

  • maxine

    You are calling Eva rude and mean. But Ryan chose her. He must have seen something he liked. He ain’t no greek god. You are only as good as the company you keep.

  • Beth

    Hmm…it’s interesting that she’s been vocal about never wanting to have kids, because Ryan has done the opposite. He’s said he wants to have children and get married, AND he’s also stated he would give up acting once he becomes a father. This is a quote from September of last year: “I’d like to be making babies but I’m not, so I’m making movies. When someone comes along I don’t think I’ll be able to do both and I’m fine with that. I’ll make movies until I make babies. I have no idea when the handover will happen.”

  • carleigh

    Let’s hope Eva’s not pregnant then. I’d hate for him to quit acting.

  • Carmen

    look that all the comments that woman are making here, the majority are like: she is a diva, she doesn’t deserve him. Oh, come on, you are all jealous because they are together and you love Gosling. Grow up please and let them enjoy their relationship … she is a woman he is a men they like each other and tha’s all, there is no big deal.