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Gerard Butler - Met Ball 2012

Gerard Butler - Met Ball 2012

Gerard Butler walks the red carpet at the 2012 Met Ball held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (May 7) in New York City.

The 42-year-old Scottish stud suited up in Alexander McQueen.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Gerard is in the Big Apple after spending time in Los Angeles, where he recently attended a birthday bash for hotelier Jason Pomeranc. Other celebs, including Tom Welling, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Gabriel Aubry, came out for the party held at Caulfield’s inside the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills.

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Credit: Larry Busacca; Photos: Getty
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  • tina

    yum :)

  • kiki

    he looks nice. he wen’t on a date with my cousin’s friend like 5 years ago. lol

  • Lennie


  • busted

    the tie is too small..

  • kelly

    I love to see gerry all cleaned up and looking charming he sure cleans up well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looking good gerry

  • Michele

    Didnt even notice tie was too small and your cousins friend was lucky kiki

  • curious cat

    Something told me today as I posted on the last that there would be a new thread in hours if not minutes. Attila-Leo still wears a tux well, no matter how many fans criticize his usual schlepping around on the streets garb.

    I have an idea I got an invitation to this ball—I am not joking!–but it may have been Metropolitan some other ball in New York. It’s a very metropolitan place, New York! I will be in nearby cities and may well end up in NYC on my forthcoming trip this week but it’s too late to make that ball even if it was the right invitation. Drat it.

    Honestly, if you are 1) a journalist, however obscure and 2) make an effort to support the arts, however small, and if it’s a fundraiser they will scratch the woodwork and even the humblest of us can get invited to these things if we fork over some moolah. Where I live, I am actually listed as a supporter of a certain classical music organization along with a European Prince and Princess. I often wonder how much P & P donate compared to my neglible contributions. But we get equal status on their list of donors. LOL. Maybe it includes anyone who gives more than $1 a year. I don’t know.

    It would be strange to end up at an event like that and find GB there. If I’d known and it was the right ball I would have tried to make it if the cost wasn’t prohibitive just so I could ask him some questions and give a full report here, peeps. : ) Have a great week.

  • curious cat

    Kiki, tell us a bit more without revealing confidences.Your cousin’s friend lives where? NYC? LA? Scotland? This board likes details, Kiki.

  • cupccake

    Looking good gerry.

  • cupccake

    I had gut feeling he would be there.

  • hobnobber

    He cleans up well, but he looks sad in those pics, imo.

  • Dallas

    yeah tell us some details. what happened between them? did they go out only once?

  • The Noise In The Walls

    No one rocks a tux like Gerry!! Lookin GOOD..:)..Hope he has a good time in the Big Apple..

  • curious cat

    @The Noise In The Walls: ‘

    HEY, you;ve been around awhile. We were talking about oldtimers on this board and your name has been here awhile even if you haven’t. Greetings.

  • Cara

    He does anything he can for charity. But he given us great eye candy. He is rocking that suit. British designer too.

  • someone had to say it

    Yet another vapid shallow event for shallow vapid people to attend

    Flaunting their meaningless lives in their fancy clothes, puffed up like peacocks on display for insecure people to admire,

    Can’t stand these events where celebrities fawn all over each other, as if they are above all us commoners

    Gerard no doubt chasing tail, spinning his near death experience for the hundredth time, trying to avoid all the starlets he bedded and didn’t call back.

  • age showing

    His face is weird here, pudgy and puffy back to the 2008 TUT time.

  • Flavofthemin

    @Cara: Sure. Anything. Going to lavish parties to get some more candy in the name of charity. Do not put him in any legit sphere of giving. Mgp was to push his boundaries as an actor only. He spends way too much in nightclubs to really understand selfless sacrifice..

  • bah

    @someone had to say it: I agree completely. These people have nothing better to do than get dressed up, pose for pics, and promote themselves over and over again. What is the point, except self-promotion?

  • Flavofthemin

    Honestly, does anyone truly believe this type of celeb would pay 25k for this event. Maybe when he was climbing to get into the in crowd. Wintours probably wanted him there.

    Discount charity

  • 10:07

    Especially in these times when millions of U.S. citizens are out of work. So I wish GB the best. Time to mix with the elite.

  • cupccake

    @1007 give us some details.

  • Emma

    Very handsome! :-)

    Ciao, lovelies!


  • GerrysDaisyDuck

    Kind of feel anytime celebrities lends their names, and hard earned cash, to charity events, whichever they are, it’s a good thing. But that’s just me.
    Gerry looks proud and glad to be there, not to mention very handsome as if he smells really good. Hope he enjoyed himself!

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough

    All of the pics compiled here and some close-ups too, courtesy of GALS:

  • GerrysVeryOwnDaisyDuck

    Impossible conversations is right! How? But it’s about the energy, the camaraderie and joint efforts to help out!
    Lovin’ the one with the dude with he radio (?) about his neck. No, I really do.

  • GerrysVeryOwnDaisyDuck

    Another thing, good to see him with Adrien even if Adrien look like he’s been on a bad road for 5 years! Lord, seems like the good life is the worst thing for ya! Three words: John Lennon, Imagine. Someone write a screenplay and script so Adrien can play John’s last week (and Gerry Harry Nilsson) please so he can bring back the night the music died, for real this time–and they both win Oscars? Thank you.

  • Flavofthemin

    @GerrysDaisyDuck: If this party was called the Donald Duck Ball, gb would attend.

  • GerrysVeryOwnDaisyDuck

    And that bothers you why?

  • Flavofthemin

    @GerrysVeryOwnDaisyDuck: good looking and tux. Narcistic.

    Truth hurts.

  • GerrysVeryOwnDaisyDuck

    Eh? Not picking you up? How’s that answer my question?
    Think the only truth that hurts is you haven’t the 25K to donate, spend, use to your own devises, so you’re bitter, smug and resentful of those who can. How’s that for a truth that hurts?
    who thinks Adrien looks like he’s been on five years of bad road who hopes his next film does well who thinks he was awesome as Salvador Dali in Midnight in Paris

  • subee

    Handsome man. It’s a fund-raiser, so what’s so terrible about it? At least it isn’t public fawning on TV like the Oscars.

    Did you see Matthew Fox got arrested for DUI. I remember a time on here when some posters were holding him up as an example of what GB should be. Seems we Gerry fans have the last laugh.

  • curious cat

    Sorry, folks, I apologize. I saw coverage on TV and this is clearly NOT the event I was invited to. The fashion biggie. I don’t want to mispresent myslf, even on an anonymous board. Onward.

  • GerrysVeryOwnDaisyDuck

    Feel it necessary to remember these events keep tons of people employed! The list is so long it’s impossible to compile. It is also very good for the economy in general, which is making a comeback.
    And it is good for networking, reuniting with old friends and a chance to make new or meet some of those stars you’ve always wanted to, and of course, the charity.
    It’s also keeping Gerry out of a club for a night so that should make some happy!

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    CC, CGE, lolita and GFW, I left you a post on the last thread. Gawd I have to say, he really really rocks a suit. And how much do you love that old dude with the radio(?) around his neck in that pic with Gerard B.?? Love it. Have a great day JJer’s. :)

  • radarlove

    Another ball and Prince Butler without his Cinderella.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    The ten best-dressed men of the evening…..and number 1 is……

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • NYC

    Seems Gerry did have a “Cinderella” last night.

  • Vikious

    What a sexy man

  • NYC
  • GerrysVeryOwnDaisyDuck
  • Ziggy

    Gotta admit, he looks nice, not hot like he used too, but he looks good cleaned up!

  • He’s dating someone

    so Gerry had a date last night lol
    Corbis wouldn’t let you see the pictures

  • FYI

    @He’s dating someone:
    she is ugly and looks like one of the house wives. Scroll down to see her. looks 40+ nothing special, but at least she is blonde for a change.

  • niknoks


    Maybe you’re looking at a different photo but there is only one with GB and the woman with him looks nice but definitely not blonde, it’s more light brown with maybe some lowlights.