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Jared Padalecki: Shirtless in Rio!

Jared Padalecki: Shirtless in Rio!

A shirtless Jared Padalecki takes a dip in the ocean on Monday (May 7) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The day before, the 29-year-old actor met with fans at a convention for his hit sci-fi show Supernatural.

The CW recently picked up the series, which co-stars Jensen Ackles, for an eighth season. Other shows on the network that will be returning: The Vampire Diaries and 90210!

Here’s the synopsis for this Friday’s all-new episode of Supernatural titled “There Will be Blood”: Sam and Dean must locate three key items to defeat Dick Roman and the Leviathans, and Castiel aids them in their request. Meanwhile, Bobby attempts a new ghost trick that turns out to be extremely dangerous.

20+ pictures inside of Jared Padalecki in Rio…

Just Jared on Facebook
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 01
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 02
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 03
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 04
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 05
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 06
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 07
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 08
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 09
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 10
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 11
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 12
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 13
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 14
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 15
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 16
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 17
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 18
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 19
jared padalecki shirtless beach rio 20

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • British Latin American

    Wow! Jared looks hot as hell again. Ovaries will explode.

  • Luiza

    everybody loves RIO!!

  • ash


  • JaredSam

    This pics are awesome. Thanks for posting

  • Hera

    Wow! is all I have to say!! lol

  • losa

    Wow! He has big muscles. And where is his baby? I would like to see him.

  • Marina


  • mags

    I thought Jared cancelled a few of the conventions he’d signed up for because he didn’t want to be away from his wife and baby, but he’s spending time on the beach in Brazil instead of flying back to be with them when the con is over. I don’t understand why he cancelled the other cons now.

  • mel


  • Giulia

    @mags: maybe because his flight is allowing him to relax a little and have a swim??? can you actually think before saying stupid things like that?

  • Linda


  • Elle

    It looks like from his twitter, he left today so he probably was wasting time until his flight. Gosh.

  • Iz


    According to his twitter, he’s already left Rio and is back home. He was probably only at the beach for an afternoon or something.

  • K

    Now that he has a kid we can officially call him a DILF!

  • Jessica
  • Iz


    And we can officially call you a POS.

  • Iz


    Just kidding. Only because he belongs to me ONLY. lol

  • http://sammysangel Tina

    one or two of these comments are so unnecessary honestly J

  • Jen

    Omg! I had no idea Jared was thissss sexy! And I had no idea he had all that sexy chest hair! Soooo freaking hot!

  • ???

    Where’s Jensen Jared? You know you’re always suppose to have Jensen with you at ALL times?! Anyways happy to see you had fun today, before heading home. Rio is GORGEOUS!

  • Shannanigans

    Thank you Just Jared for totally breaking my concentration. Jared Padalecki is just… perfect. Okay, back to work… Not really.

  • niagirl


  • Jackie L. Vester

    First off OMFG!!!!!! He is soooooooo freakin hot!!!! Second just to clear this up. He was already signed to go to the convention in Brazil. He wasn’t signed for the others. He didn’t want to spend a lot of time away from his new baby. The only way his baby could have come is if they gave me a bunch of vaccinations. They didn’t want to put a 2 month old through that. I think it’s kind of ridiculous that people are making a huge deal out of the conventions. It’s not like he never goes to the conventions. He’s been to more conventions then anybody else on the show.

  • nepenthes

    Hotness overload!!!!

  • Elle

    @Jackie L. Vester:
    He was signed up for the Paris one because there are reports that he talked about it in his JIB con meet and greet that he would be going unless something came up and a day or two later, he cancelled.

  • Love The Shoes

    I couldn’t stand his character on Gilmore Girls but maybe if he had looked like this I would have! I don’t watch Supernatural but maybe i should start? If for no other reason than those not of this world guns!

  • Winchestergirl

    @Love The Shoes:
    You should def start! It’s an amazing show! :D And he looks HOT in it hahahaha.

  • jamie

    Wowwee Wowweee Wowweeeee! He’s too frickin hot!!!!!!

  • sanz

    This man is hotness purified, just WOW

  • JC

    Awesome, gorgeous man! Beautiful face, beautiful body, beautiful big meaty feet! Perfect from head to toe!


    Total P@nty Cre@mer!

  • Sayer

    Dear sweet jesus!

  • Sayer

    Jared, my Lucivar Yaslana!

  • Michelle

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is what perfection looks like. Jared’s beautiful with clothes on but when he removes them it’s almost too much to handle. Unf.

  • Kady

    The only con Jared canceled out on was the Paris con. The ones in UK and Germany he never agreed to. People need to lighten up and allow that he deserves time off with his wife and son. Give the man a break.

  • Yuyi

    Jared was NEVER confirmed for those cons, you guys. They added him as a guest without his knowledge and he had never planned on attending those cons. That was a simple mistake made by the con promoter. The con in Paris, I think, he pulled out of because the man needs time off. He’s still going to NJ con and etc. this summer. These cons are not an obligation for him. He does it, per his contract, as his personal and professional life permit.

    Jensen didn’t go to any of them. Why is nobody hating on him?

  • living in a box


  • thirty-nine

    Damn he’s HOT!! He’s one of those dudes, the less clothes the better!

  • NotAnAsshole


    Oh boo hoo. So therefore, when he is in Rio and has the chance to see the place – he should sit at the airport waiting for the plane for hours? Get over yourself.

  • zlee

    He was signed up for both the UK and German cons. His manager received a booking fee for both.

  • Nic


    There is no need to hate on Jared, just like there is no need for you to cry out for people to hate on Jensen. Hypocrite.

  • Luysa

    My favorite celebrity :P

  • Larch

    Loop loooooooooove you Jared ./

  • Jackie L. Vester

    @Giulia: WELL SAID!!!!!

  • Jackie L. Vester

    @Nic: I don’t think any of the actors should be hated on. I don’t believe in hating on Jared or Jensen . They’re both sweet sweet and talented guys. The only thing that annoys me is all this cra I keep hearing about Jared when Jared has been to more of the conventions then any other actor on the show. I adore Jensen so I’m not putting him down at all.

  • kimmi


  • oliajo

    HOLY SHIT – he’s unbelievably hot!

  • mary

    Why would anyone take a baby who is not 2 months old yet to Rio for, what 5 days? I know common sense is dead, but it needs to come back from extinction. As someone said earlier Jared has been to more cons
    then anyone else. I think he has earned the right to not go to a few. After all he and Jensen do have blood relatives and friends who would like to spend some time with them while they are not filming. So just relax and enjoy the pics, both J’s are breathtaking.

  • Jackie L. Vester

    @mary: Well said sweetie!!!!