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Kate Bosworth - Met Ball 2012

Kate Bosworth - Met Ball 2012

Kate Bosworth goes glam at the 2012 Met Ball held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (May 7) in New York City.

The 29-year-old actress wore a Prada bordeaux and navy ostrich feather low cut-back mini dress with three Fred Leighton art deco diamond and platinum bracelets.

“This is the first custom dress that has ever been made for me,” Kate told “I feel really lucky and special today.”

This year’s Costume Institute Gala Benefit – celebrating the opening of the Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations exhibition – is co-chaired by Carey Mulligan, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, and designer Miuccia Prada.

FYI: Kate finished off her look with Repossi earrings and Prada heels.

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  • ahj

    I love her make up, and the hair. She looks nice. Thank God her boyfriend was not pictured, he’s most def not photogenic. Weird looking.

  • kiki

    what poor peacock was killed for this?
    is she still relevant? i think she stepped in for kim kardashian.

  • ash

    OMG I also wish she would stop posing like that, like her broke both legs or something, always the two feet in. Whyyy??

  • jen

    That’s just a boring feather dress. She’ll never be as glam as she was in that black lace Stella MCCartney from a few years ago.

  • Lilla

    Like the dress, but she shouldn’t do her hair like that. Or stand like that.

  • Actually…

    At first I thought her dress just looked like a pseudo “edgy” modern version of a flapper dress, but now I can’t decide if she looks like she’s wearing a Sasquatch pelt or if she looks like a deranged bird. (She even has a little egg shaped bun to go with the theme.)

  • janekay

    agree with number 5 about the hair, she should never put her hair up like that, its def not flattering!

  • ladybug

    I like the color, she looks better in darker colors than in her favorite beige.
    But, yeah, the drunken baby giraffe pose needs to stop.
    And the bun is too severe.

  • Be

    She looks excellent here. Every single woman has that colour for their lipstick…

  • Lennie

    She killed and skinned an Ostrich.

  • Bree

    @jen: That was the last time she looked really good. She looks embalmed here. Like the dress, tho.

  • ladybug

    @Be: Yes, most of them do. And it doesn’t look any better on them than it does on her.
    @Actually …. This isn’t horrible. And yet, with a few tweaks, less severe hair and makeup, better posture, it would look really good.
    I’m not a fan of fringe, but the style of the dress itself isn’t so bad. Though it would have looked better covering her knees.

  • Actually…

    I would really like her shoes except the way she stands in them makes it look like they are impossibly uncomfortable. And whoever did her makeup messed up because the over the shoulder pictures look ridiculous with her super pale face and her tanned/sunburned back.

  • Bryn

    A lot of dark lipstick this year….I like the idea of it but it isn’t flattering on most people. It’s a tricky trend.

  • JEN

    Don’t feel too special Kate, roadkill’s not that hard to find. And look they even left the blood stain on the front of it for authenticity.

  • fashionista

    It’s wonderful! Kate, Gwyneth, and Carey M. are Prada’s guests and it seems Prada has a theme. Carey’s dress looks symbolic of the sea, Kate’s the air, and GP’s beyond the Universe. All beautiful women. Love it!

  • boo!

    At first glance, I thought she was Leanne Rimes.

  • baby love.

    why is everyone wearing dark lipstick? is it goth night? i don’t like hair like that, makes her ears look funy. i like the dress, but it seems out of place at the met.

  • ladybug

    @fashionista: Huh? How is KB’s dress symbolic of the air-the air is dark and feathery?
    I will say this, KB’s looks better than Goop’s.

  • Eresyn

    Dress is meh…i like the color though…but i really hate the severe hairdo and the stupid pose…

  • chelle

    @Actually…: Oh hell! I love it!!! She’s must not have read my tweet about the drunken newborn giraphe stance… she is so tacky there just aren’t words…..

  • ladybug

    @baby love.: The goth lipstick thing is really annoying, though it appears that there are some who thankfully are ignoring that trend.

  • Eresyn

    and seems that the paps weren’t too interested in taking pictures of her…notice they only took like 3 random shots and didn’t make her pose in a more cleared place, to get a better view of her…just saying…

  • chelle

    @ladybug: RHW has the same hairstyle except she looks good. Can anyone say copycat?

  • ladybug

    @chelle: Actually, I’m not too thrilled with Rosie’s hair either. At least she’s not wearing goth lipstick.

  • lily

    Sweet jeebus, WTF is that, the black swan? She should REALLY stop wearing that bun on the top of her head… it’s ugly and it makes her look even skinnier, plus, isn’t this supposed to be a big fancy event? So why is she wearing her everyday hair style?
    If my stylist would let me go out like that I’d totally fire him/her…

  • JEN

    Well they share the same sh*tastic stylist so…
    The hairdo looks severe on both of them but slightly better on rosie, because her face isn’t made of molten wax. On the other hand Rosie’s earrings are ugly, so I’m assuming they’re sh*tmint.

  • BLAH

    its a nice dress make up blah blah but this dress will be forgettable compared to all the other dresses. with 800 guests you really need to find that perfect dress.

    she looks good better than that party on the weekend

  • Jeannie

    I like the dress & color, but like most have said the hair & pose are awful.

  • JEN

    actually I just noticed the reason Rosie’s hair looks infinitely better than twiglet’s is because Rosie has a lot more hair. Twiglet is going to need a full wig soon. She hardly has a bun on top.

  • Actually…

    @ladybug: Kate’s definitely wasn’t the worst dress of the night, but I’ve seen the exact same thing before (or nearly the same thing). The only original part of this dress is the ombre detail (which I do like). I do agree that it would have been better with different hair. Maybe a bob (faux or real)? But I think maybe she was trying to make the dress look different from similar ones by wearing the bun.

  • Blackcat9

    What the HELL is going on with Kate’s lower back? Are those rolls of loose skin or her internal organs showing? I swear I think she has callouses on her knees!

  • Macy

    I noticed that too! She appears to have some kind of weird rippling going on there, like ribs but not really. It’s very odd.
    The dress is a rip off, it’s been done before just not in that color.

  • Actually…

    @Be: “Every single woman has that colour for their lipstick…”
    I once accidentally bought that color lipstick once when I was trying to find a good red and wore it out because I didn’t have time to fix it. I deffinatley got plenty of shocked expressions and smartly decided to take it back right away. (Fortunately I had a couple of friends that gently told me it might not be the right shade for me, “at least not while it’s still light out. Maybe if you were going out to a club.”) It’s really not a good shade for everyone.

  • Elle

    Why is she famous besides for dating Orlando Bloom like 10 years ago?

  • Macy

    It’s a terrible shade on many people. Also, not every single person has it on, so Be is mistaken there. There are a lot of women who don’t have it on, Cary Mulligan, Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, just to name a few.
    The MET ball doesn’t exactly just bring A listers either, they invited people like Ashley Greene and we all know she’s not relevant in any capacity but I just can’t wait until some bonehead tries to make the argument that Bosworth is A list or something and that’s why she’s there. Ugh!

  • Texas Swede

    @Actually…: I think she reminds me of an emu in that get up and the hairdo just reinforces the image. And just because dark lipstick is a popular thing does not mean it is the right thing for one so pasty as she.

  • Texas Swede

    @Blackcat9: The one bulge on the right is he bottom rib. The ripples under it are where there is nothing between her spine and her epidermis and the endcaps of the bones in her spine cause it. Her elbows hang worse than mine. She must not have any upper arm muscle tone at all. A backless dress was a bad choice for her.

    And isn’t Cher in South America? How could she have done the hair?

  • mforman

    When you are so sickly looking and have absolutely no skin color you do not wear that color lipstick. KB truly looks like the walking dead in a cousin it costume from the Addams Family.
    Why would her makeup people keep doing her hair like that, first her ears stick out and it really looks like she did something to her cheeks again and she definitely went with the collegan on those lips.
    Her dress is going to be voted one of the worst of the night, just for the fact that it truly shows how disgustingly skinny she really is and it is way too dark for her, and I cannot believe she is posing like that again, with the pigeon toe look.
    Also look at JJ’s pictures 3 and 5, she just doesn’t look right.
    The funniest thing is that no one except JJ and MP (which means herself) was taking pictures of her. Even the paps have no use for her anymore.
    This will get her attention and what is so sad it will only be negative attention, but she doesn’t care because she feels it makes her relevant.
    Even Cher tweeted asking only for a photo of RHW not of KB, seriously guys that has to tell us something, and she called RHW a “dream client”, come on.
    Maybe that is why KB is dressing the way she is dressing lately, she doesn’t have any help anymore.

  • Tulip

    Kate looks amazing! Beautiful!

  • Karina

    I love everything about Kate’s look. The dress works beautifully with the theme of the Ball, her hair is perfect pulled up as she’s highlighting her dress, minimal makeup except for the darker shade of lipstick that works with the color of the dress and she has such gorgeous lips she can pull it off. I love that she’s not doing the hand on the hip pose that we see way too often. Good job, Kate.

  • Lois

    Someone should let PETA know she’s wearing BigFoot fur.

  • bex

    why does she pull her hair so tight like that? it looks like it hurts.

  • Lois

    If she had squatted and laid an egg after this stance, I would not have been surprised:

  • danielik25

    This is not type of dress for Met Ball!

  • ladybug

    @Actually…: Yep, it’s basic a flapper dress, as someone else pointed out. But it was done for her by Prada, so it’s a special flapper dress!

  • What happened to polish

    Polish obviously isn’t good enough for her to pose with her at the met ? Where is the poor soul been left outside ? Or was he even there ?

  • DailyNightly

    She looks like an emu.

  • Lilla

    @What happened to polish: He’s there, I don’t know why they weren’t pictured together on the carpet though.

  • ladybug

    You’re right, most everyone else has photos where they’re the only one in the photo, or the primary focus. Not her, she’s got people wandering around her.