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Vanessa Hudgens: Ralph's with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens: Ralph's with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler hold hands as they enjoy a quiet evening stroll on Monday (May 7) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress and her boyfriend were also spotted picking up some food from Ralph’s Grocery earlier in the day.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa spent some time with her mom Gina in the morning as well – the two lovely ladies were seen leaving the gym.

20+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens out and about with her mom and Austin Butler

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vanessa hudgens austin ralphs 01
vanessa hudgens austin ralphs 02
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vanessa hudgens austin ralphs 12
vanessa hudgens austin ralphs 13
vanessa hudgens austin ralphs 14
vanessa hudgens austin ralphs 15
vanessa hudgens austin ralphs 16
vanessa hudgens austin ralphs 17
vanessa hudgens austin ralphs 18
vanessa hudgens austin ralphs 19
vanessa hudgens austin ralphs 20
vanessa hudgens austin ralphs 21
vanessa hudgens austin ralphs 22

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  • kk

    And i can’t wait for the mean comments.

  • sarra

    i adore her <3

  • florence2

    Whoa, she really has short legs. Not so pretty without make up :S

  • anon

    I don’t have anything against them but they are on JJ way too much!!!

  • lauren

    i generally dont get why are they are always seen everyday, (not hating)

    someone must be calling the paps this cant be not planned

  • Never

    Just another Disney girl… When is this factory going to stop with these people?

  • lol

    Stop Disney stop!!!!!

  • R U sure

    Vanessa , I wish I was as lucky as you.!

  • kyle

    Please stop posting about them every g-d day JJ! She is so far beyond Z-List it’s insane. No one wants to see her grocery shop or makeout with her boyfriend. Maybe on JJ Jr. but not here. Quit it already! We all hate her!

  • KissThis

    I don’t get how Vanessa still has fans. She’s trashy, can’t act, and I’ve met her in person at Disney Land – She’s a major bitch.

  • Elendur

    It’s a shame that two people can’t go for a walk without being followed, let alone being accused of calling the paps! Also, don/t you think she would have dressed up and put on makeup if she was going to call them.

  • tina

    I’m still a fan and will support her always. @Elendur: I agree, if she were calling them we’d see alittle more than her living her normal life.

  • unknown caller

    not them again…:S i dont mind seeing her on her own but shes nearly always with this guy..

  • Jessica
  • tina

    @kyle: Speak for yourself not “all of us’ unless your talking about the little people who live in your head.

  • tina

    @KissThis: You met her as in you were introduced and had a conversation or as in you seen her from afar?

  • maria

    Why would you call the paps if it does nothing but bring out all these stupid hateful comments? Why don’t you morons hate on the paps and tabloids for taking the photos and then selling them? Instead you hate on the girl for just being out, taking a walk, going to the grocery store, etc. Why on earth would you call the paps for such mundane everyday tasks?? You people have no common sense.

  • serena

    everyone is sick sick sick of her.

    she calls the paps on herself and negoiates deals with websites, its clear, JJ never puts pictures of a celeb twice a day.

  • KissThis

    @tina: I actually got to meet her, face to face and talk to her. (My friend’s aunt works for Disney.) Vanessa was extremely stuck up, and seriously, she glared at any girl who was taller than her lol. She had on like 6 inch heels. It was actually pretty funny. Anyways, after that I was no longer a fan. She came off as very snotty, yet insecure as hell.

  • kyle

    I’ve met several Disney stars- Ashley Tisdale, Selena Gomez, Brenda Song- ALL stuck up, noses in the air. They think they are better than everyone else because they’re pretty and famous. Vanessa is a huge snoozefest.

  • mimi

    yea yea i’am pretty sure you meet her in your dreams maybe -__- and stop the hate and the lies

  • amber

    It’s you who have no common sense. Why would paps stalk a washed up disney girl and her nobody bf everyday?
    “Why on earth would you call the paps for such mundane everyday tasks??” because that’s the only way she can remain somewhat “relevant” these days. you haven’t figure that out yet?

  • kyle

    Let’s face it, her career has been in the toilet since Zac dumped her. Her movie Beastly went straight to the $5 bin at wal-mart. And that’s still $5 too much.

  • kyle

    @mimi: you’re clearly not from LA. Meeting celebs is a daily occurence.

  • Haters Suck!

    lets just pretend I believe you. You’re not the only one who has met her tons and tons of peoplle have met her aswell and gotten pics with her and said how kind and sweet she is. Even when Vanessa would say no to a pic with a fan they would still say she was nice about it and would even give them compliments. When she was down in Miami over twitter I heard nothing but good things about her interactions with fans.

  • mimi

    her career what ??? lol i think you should get your fact right before talking

  • Haters Suck!

    Another thing I’ll never understand when did Disney become the root of all evil in the world? First she hasn’t worked for Disney in years but so what if she did? Disney has done a lot of good things both in the country and the world. It gave tons of stars their very first start. I don’t understand where this hostility toward Disney comes from.

  • Haters Suck!

    Now that that’s been said Vanessa is looking damn hot. Austin is a lucky guy.

  • ?

    Excuse me but you don’t have access to their call records. You’re not her phone administrator so u have no clue what you’re talking about. I realize we live in the age of conspiracy but I’m tired of people thinking they know everything when they have no clue or shred off proof

  • ?

    And austin has some serious guns on him. I can see why vanessa is attracted to him

  • tina

    And the hate feast continues. Why in the H ELL would she care about people being taller than her a made up statement if I ever heard one. Most actresses are short (we are not talking models) to make short actors (Tom Cruise, Josh Hutcherson, and Zac Efron for example) look tall. She can wear 6 inch heels and not worry about being taller than her current bf. She is comfortable in her body. You need to try again.

  • BOJI

    Doesn’t that tell you something when Austin gets to be the love interest or the hot guy in past roles he played. He has the looks alright and he keeps his mouth shut about his personal life. I like him for that.
    I’m a fan like many other posters on this thread barring the repetitious hater going under different names. I can never ever get enough of Vanessa, the paps annoying and stalking them yes.
    Yup, great guns!!! I bet he can lift Vanessa with no effort.

  • katy

    @KissThis: When have you met her??

  • Nicole

    Look at picture #21. You can totally tell she’s yelling at the paps to leave her alone.I saw them once and they were BEGGING the paps to go away. If you look at videos you can hear how the paps are screaming at them constantly while they are just trying to take a nice walk–in New York she finally told them to “shut up.” If these two could vaporize the paps I know they would–we all agree this has gotten ridiculous, and Austin and Vanessa would be agreeing right there with us. If they wanted pictures, they would be helping to create pictures that made them look good. These pictures are invasions, and any honest, thinking person can see that.
    @kyle, If you drop your condescending tone, you will have to admit that “seeing” celebs MAY be a daily occurrence but truly “meeting” celebs is not, for most people. I’ll bet Vanessa’s attitude toward new people she meets is a reflection of their attitude toward her–most of us are like that.

  • toodles???

    @kyle: You sound like a first rate a**hole. Why are you commenting so much if you can’t stand Hudgens? You may hate her but her true fans do not. So bugger off and go find a cliff to drive off of.

  • tina

    @kyle: So what you’re saying is you met all the Disney stars and they all dissed you, right? Couldn’t have anything to do with your personality they’re all just snobs right?

  • http://google barbara

    read they say just jared, eye prime,celbuzz, are payed to take pictures, i love vanessa, i go to all her movies, and she is getting better as a actress,beastly made money, they made alot more then it took to make it, i’m interested in her career, not her love life, and the same with zac, he’s getting better, and better as an actor, i believe this relationship won’t last for very long, too much lust, as it is he. looks bored half the time, he is trying to futher his career, if this continues, she is going to ruin, very thing she worked so hard for, she is lewing fans very day, all this shows she is supporting him financialy, he doesn’t have the money to support him self. i hope she realizes, this before it is to late. i would like to see shes works on her career more.

  • Haters Suck!

    are you serious with that stupid blog?!?! I should believe what an anonomous blog that could be anyone tells me to believe. Why? Why should I believe a word that person says? You’re so gullable I can’t believe you belive everything you read. It’s nothing but a wanna be pere Hilton blog. You know nothing about austins finances and quite frankly it’s none of your business. If the fans don’t like who she’s dating that’s too damn bad and only proves she needs more mature fans. She needs to date who makes HER happy not who the fans want her to date and make her miserable and them happy. You said this relationship wouldn’t last long when they first started dating and here we are still 9 months later

  • sara
  • ehryle

    The more comments the more picture of her will come out coz u bought it!! good or bad comment it will count on her popularity it mean you notice her everyday doing which is normal thing for human being!! There is nothing wrong being alive and do things like normal people.. Go V just live life to the fullest!! YOLO… We still love you!!

  • xo

    @kyle: Her career’s actually better than when she was with Zac, actually. She’s filmed more movies than she ever has. Journey 2 made over 300 million worldwide and Gimmie Shelter has been getting buzz in the film festivals.

  • xo

    @Nicole: I agree. You can tell they bother her. Not only did she tell them off in New York, but Austin was literally begging them to leave them alone in the video outside the restaurant a few weeks ago.

  • tina

    I love how people who “hate” her have all the time ih the world to comment on her threas. I love her and don’t always get to comment . I seriously doubt the word of someone who claims to have met her and she was smobby to them after actually being introduced by some one she knows. You do know the comments still count even when you waste your timerefreshing your computer to hit the down arrow, don’t you. And thanks for making Vanessa one of the most popular people on this site.

  • ics

    @anon: there’s no such thing as “too much!” JJ and other websites post pics of certain celebrities based on the number of visitors those celebs get… vanessa is one of the most “sought after” celebs

    @lauren: no, they don’t (have to) call the paps, the paps come anyway, they know where she lives, what cars she and her boyfriend drive, where she usually does shopping, has lunch and so on (even without being a pap, I can tell you a few such places: aroma cafe, ralph’s supermarket in studio city, nail garden, westfield mall in sharman oaks) If you live or hang around enough time in studio city it’s not really hard to come across her. The paps also fallow them (almost) everywhere they go. They also can get tips bout their whereabouts from a variety of people (restaurant/shop employees, taxi drivers and so on)
    As for “why” the paps take pics of them all the time, it’s really simple: because others buy them. It’s not just JJ, there are major press companies that buy the, like for example the daily mail (which is the second largest newspaper site in the world after new york times):

    All these sites buy the pics because they bring them visitors, fans and haters alike (lol) More visitors means more people exposed to advertising that is present on the said sites and that’s how they make money. :-)

    @Kiss This: she isn’t trashy at all, she CAN act and she’s one of the sweetest girls in hollywood (probably the sweetest)
    As for being “snotty”, I wouldn’t say so. Maybe she doesn’t accept each and request from fans for a “photo shoot” or for who knows what else, but that doesn’t necessarily make her “snotty”

    Maybe you should watch these video to have a better image about her & the paps, how “snotty” she is in real life, etc.:

    She deals with this kind of stuff all the time.

  • kyle

    @toodles???: Lol actually I just felt like bashing her today. Im just tired of seeing boring pictures of her day after day after day on here. Maybe if she was promoting a film or something it’d be a bit more interesting.

  • Rise Above Hate

    Treat others the way you would like to be treated for one day you will be judged just as harsley,
    I love seeing pictures of Austin and Vanessa they make a wonderful young couple. They spread love not hate, God bless them and God bless you all.

  • toodles???

    I truly believe that she’s trying to live a normal a life as possible. When she dated Zac, they were always running and hiding, and sometimes you wouldn’t see them for days. This went on for five years In the beginning they were not savvy about evading the paps, then it became almost like a game. i don’t believe for a minute that she or her BF call the paps. In fact, She’s so well known especially in Studio City, she’s probably going to be followed and pursued no matter what.

  • kelly martineau

    Augly looking couple her and big lips! Wonder how he is kissing? With those big Big Lips.

  • BOJI

    Kyle, Kyle, liar, liar, your panties on fire. Just felt like saying it. Childish, I know. The child in me just popped out, hahaha.
    Never believed you for one bit. I could have said I met Vanessa myself and no one would have known better. She is one of the sweetest and most genuine personalities in the celebrity world from all accounts. Just like her tremendously.

  • maria

    @ics: Thanks. These idiots who think she actually wants the paps stalking her are ridiculous. Seriously. As if pics of her in gym clothes or at the grocery store keep her relevant. So stupid.