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Cameron Diaz Joining Brad Pitt in 'Counselor'?

Cameron Diaz Joining Brad Pitt in 'Counselor'?

Cameron Diaz is reportedly in final negotiations to join the cast of Ridley Scott‘s new film The Counselor.

The 39-year-old actress would star opposite Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, and Penelope Cruz playing a character named Malkina, Deadline reports.

Michael Fassbender will be taking on the title role of “a respected lawyer who thinks he can dip a toe into the drug business without getting sucked down, which proves to be a life threatening decision.”

“The project has been described to me as No Country For Old Men on steroids,” the website adds.

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  • JaPe

    No comments yet? Why?

  • Robin

    it seems that, ultimately, Angie was not called. I can hear to the horde of crazy fans of Jolie, coming to destroy Cameron.

  • Paris

    @Robin: Are you nuts??

  • Manoush

    Wonderful cast

  • lala

    every movie with jolie in it is horrible,so i am glad she is not going to destroy this one

  • Alian

    I didn’t know Jolie was up for this, I don’t remember reading anything anywhere from her to say so? Maybe it was gossip. Why would Jolie fans want to destroy Cameron? It’s a job nothing else.

  • Dieter


  • Jessica
  • Silly people

    Angelina never signed on to do this film. She is making Maleficent for Disney at pretty much the same time. Facts for the simple minded lol.

    I too like CD and am glad to see her move on from silly rom coms which she has aged out of at 40. She is Latina and the role she is to play is described as a Latina in the script and she will play opposite Bardem.

  • Fassdong

    I would of preferred Angie but blondes are hot too ;) – Fassdong

  • Stacie

    I’m so loving Michael Fassbender . Swoon alert . : )

  • Stacie

    I too would have loved to see Angie with Fassy but I guess Cameron will do . :)

  • Bodhi

    Anything by Ridley Scott except for misjudged dramas e.g. Russel Crowe in that A Good Year or whatever it was.

  • guest

    I agree with you on Beyonce’s Met dress. Altough I know its not Angie’s style but I think the dress would have looked fabulous on her since she’s tall and thin. It wasn’t meant for Bey’s body type so it appears trashy looking or a “House of Dereon ” design.

  • tamsin

    Oh LOL, I bet the loons are suffering over their goth goddess not joining the cast of this movie… They were so certain that she’d be in it! They all must be crushed about this. It figures, the producers don’t need someone who uses the PR machine to promote herself instead of the movie.

  • tamsin


    Right on. They’ll think of a few offensive names, that’s for sure! They’d never accept that Cameron looks amazing for her age while St. Angie is a shadow of her former self.

  • Camu

    Bardem and Cruz to real Spanish actors for a change not the ghetto P.Ricans trying to pretend they are Spanish even when they are light.


    Funny the only one trash talking and taking jabs at lovely Cameron is the name changing loon tamsin.
    Crawl back to your hole crazy

  • Flor

    @Alian: because they are crazy people (jolie fans on JJ), that’s why.

  • lol

    Oh NO, not this joker face, please. She can´t even act. Godness.

  • Alex

    Brad is ugly!!!

  • Mia

    brad cant really act and is kinda overrated :|

  • :)

    I like Cameron :) shes great

  • BradIsUgly

    Not brad,please:(

  • jilly

    So Angie was dissed again, hahahahahaha. Maybe Brad can have some fun with Cameron. BTW, we can’t read the Hidden messeges anymore??????????????????

  • Lisa

    Please just give up and retire brad. you were hired for movies when you were young because you were pretty. now that you are old and ugly and cant act you have nothing to offer.

  • jilly

    Sorry, we still can read the Hidden ones, thank God! Those are the only ones worth reading.

  • Liz

    @Lisa: Congrats Brad for your 2 Oscar noms this year Still on top after over 25 years in the biz. BTW BP is not confirmed for this film according to variety .com

  • Queen Bee

    So funny how Chinnifers HAGS are loosin’ they Sheet!! HAHAHA!! YES, BEEIITCHES!! Brad can sell some perfume better than that BARREN BIG-NOSED SLUUT!!…I’m sure gonna buy one…

  • an opinion


  • RotflmaoOoOo

    Angelina Jolie has scared fans with her gaunt, skeletal figure – and it appears Brad Pitt is the architect of her frightening weight loss. Brad prefers his ladies to be rail-thin, and he lets them know it, say insiders.
    “Brad doesn’t come out and demand his women be skinny, but in a not-so-subtle manner, he drops hints,” revealed a close source. “If he’s constantly comparing his current girlfriend with his exes, it has to start making them feel self-conscious about their bodies.”
    Brad likes his woman super-thin for their red carpet appearances, says the close source. When Angelina first met Brad on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in 2004, she weighed 115 pounds, which seemed a healthy weight for her 5-foot-7 frame. “But now she’s wasting away at less than 100 pounds!” declared an insider.
    Brad is also said to have hinted that Jennifer Aniston needed to drop a few pounds when they first started dating.
    “He used to talk to her about how thin and fashionable his former girlfriends Juliette Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow were,” said the close source. “It was a way to motivate her.” So Jen lost the curves she used to show off on ‘Friends’ and she dropped to a waifish 109 pounds. Today, Aniston is dating Justin Theroux and she’s a shapely 120 punds.
    And when Brad dated Gwyneth Paltrow for three years in the 1990s, Gwyneth “always felt she was too heavy for him,” revealed the close source. In 1996, she shrunk down to a bony 101 pounds for “Emma.” But today, Gwyneth looks fabulous at 120 pounds.
    Important to note………”.And while Angelina’s weight varied in the pre-Brad years, she’s mostly been “underweight” (minus her two pregnancies) in the more seven years they’ve been together. So… at some point, it’s less about HER issue and more about BRAD’S issue with his lady’s figure, right?”

  • RotflmaoOoOo

    He is emotionally abusive and has an anorexic fetish.
    Free twiglet from this abuse.

  • cats and rats

    Hello fans I go away for my boy gratude from college. Reason I come to say I see germen Mag’s. Oh yo owe. The fist. Ange an bred daughter look like a boy old cloth Mag’s say her put old an all kids wear same things she pass one kid to another kid.editor for Mag’s say her cheap. How all Ange Manny mommy u go do job. No no no u have job on site day an night to pray. Of Ange. I miss have mush fun fun laugh all times u all thing u do big job on site ha. Do not be serious them care less for u rent all empty. Talt them do not know you ok .I come more fun

  • tazzy


    Please don’t tell me you are an adult.

  • tazzy


    Pure bullshitt

  • tazzy


    You need to be free of your demented mind.

  • tazzy

    @cats and rats: Oh joy, the illiterate one is back.

  • cjc


  • LYNN

    Just lurking.

    Happy Mother’s day to all you mothers out there. Hope you got just what you wanted from the kids and their father. I was just so happy to be getting a little rest and to stay in bed a little longer.

    I also like CD. I am happy for her that she got a part in this movie.
    I never heard that Angie was ever considering being in this movie. I know she could not be if Brad was in it.

    I do hope the movie is a hit. GOOD DAY ALL JP FANS

    I KNOW ANGIE HAD A GOOD MOTHERS’ DAY. My two favorite people.

  • nina

    @cats and rats: Whaaat this? English OR Latspanglishswah!!

    Oh God please protect us!

  • chachita

    I wouldn’t mind about CD playing with Brad so long as she keeps her pants zipped 24hrs! We all know her love/dating history. Good luck Cam!

  • nasra

    Just read an article where chinniston sent a USD 500 bouquet of flowers.

    Is it to tell us she is an ex- who will NEVER GO AWAY? I WOULDNT prefer her and her cave close to Brangelina!

  • maleficent

    @Manoush: It will be more wonderful casts if Angie will join.

  • jilly

    I hope they have some sexy scenes for Cameron and Brad. That would kill Angie.

  • tish

    If this is true hope its a great movie and will be there to see it first.

    I love Brad and Angie , they have proved a thousand times over they are meant to be. Thank God Brad got rid of his nighmare Ticky so he go on and lead the life he always wanted, which as everyone knows is a loving secure woman with brains..~The Beautiful Angelina Jolie.`!

    Congratulations to the lovely newly engaged couple . Hollywood’s Gods.


    Beautiful, handsome, gorgeous, sexy, hot, etc… that’s what BRAD PITT means. Angie and Brad well matched people, can you imagine being engaged with this wonderful person….in my dreams…..luv you Jolie-Pitt

  • annie

    What a stunning cast it’d be, wow!!! But i am looking forward to see Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt, two great actors in a great directors movie, it’d be superb, i’m sure!!!