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Emily VanCamp: 'Lucky' Party with 'Revenge' Cast!

Emily VanCamp: 'Lucky' Party with 'Revenge' Cast!

Emily VanCamp hits the Lucky party celebrating her June cover on Tuesday (May 8) at Sunset Tower in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 26-year-old actress paired her alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet dress with Brian Atwood heels, a DVF clutch, and Sydney Evan jewelry.

Emily‘s Revenge cast mates – Ashley Madekwe, Christa B. Allen, Connor Paolo, Gabriel Mann, and beau Joshua Bowman – all came out to support her at the bash.

Also pictured: Sophia Bush, who wore an Ellery dress, Arunashi ring, and Amrapali earrings.

At the party, Emily took time to chat with – click inside for our interview!

FYI: Christa is wearing Donna Karan. She accessorized with Kora bangles, Diego Dolcini shoes, and an AllSaints clutch.

JJ: How exciting is it to be on the cover of Lucky?
EV: Oh it’s very very cool. I am just very excited, I am happy all of the cast got to come out to hang out tonight and support me. This is very cool, it’s my first cover in the United States that I did by myself.

JJ: Your character is all about plotting revenge. What is the biggest misconception fans have about you?
EV:: You know it’s funny, I kind of wondered if people might be a little bit scared of me now but people really are rooting for her [Amanda Clarke] which has been kind of amazing. I mostly have people coming up to me cheering me on and they really love my character and identify with her in a weird way. People say they live vicariously through her.

JJ: I hope you don’t inspire people to seek revenge like your character does?
EV: [Laughs] I feel like there should be something at the beginning of the show. A disclaimer that says “don’t do this at home kids”. People are generally pretty cool about it.

JJ: Your fashion has evolved on the red carpet. Is it because of the beautiful wardrobe from the set?
EV: I think I am just starting to find an appreciation for it. For many years I just didn’t care that much about it, but I am really starting to find the fun in dressing up and having a little bit more fashion in my life. The show has definitely helped me with that. I think it’s also just getting older with enjoying different things and experiencing different things and wanting to look good. It has definitely been a process for me, it never came easy.

JJ: What’s your guilty pleasure?
EV: I just started catching up on The Walking Dead. It is one of my favorite shows, it is amazing. That is the show I will probably be spending my break watching.

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Credit: Donato Sardella; Photos: Wire Image
Posted to: Ashley Madekwe, Christa B Allen, Connor Paolo, Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, Joshua Bowman, Sophia Bush

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  • hmm

    lol at sophia bush trying to attend every event to keep herself relevant

  • Girl

    @hmm: Poor girl, not an ounce of talent! And an annoying voice to boot.

    Emily looks cute but check out the moron in the crop top.


    imagine a career peak for an actress is one tree hill…ouch

  • Katie

    I always love seeing how a handful of haters claim that they dislike Sophia, yet are ALWAYS the first ones to who search and comment on her posts. You idiots give the word “pathetic” a whole new meaning. LMFAO.
    Any waysss, Sophia Bush looks GORGEOUS as always.

  • Wow

    I LOVE YOU SOPHIA BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Damn, she looks HOTTTTTTTTTTTT.

  • hmm

    @Katie: easy there Sophia don’t burst a blood vessel

  • HUH?

    No its just the one idiot posting under different names. Sophia Bush is amazing the idiot is just jealous she isn’t as good looking or as talented as Sophia

  • Melanie Tye

    You know, there’s absolutely NO doubt that Sophia’s fans are obsessed with her……after all, fans of any celeb would be obsessed with their favorite.
    However, it’s also quite obvious that haters are just as obsessed with Sophia, if not more. Goes to show she’s doing something right considering BOTH fans and haters can never seem to get enough of Ms. Sophia Bush.
    So keep it up Sophia!!!

  • Jayla

    Sophia Bush looks awesome! <3

  • KK

    Emily looks nice.
    But I love Sophia’s outfit and hair!
    Looks like it was a fun event.

  • People Need Help

    Wowwwww, clearly there is a moron on here who seems to have a slight obsession with the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” buttons.
    Nice try you psycho.
    Keep pressing the “thumbs down” button and I’ll just take all of the POSITIVE comments posted on here so far by other users and REPOST them.
    Haha, this is toooooooo funny.

  • Tricia

    Dear Sophia,
    You are simply stunning.
    A Loyal Fan

  • Live & Learn

    Only Sophia can bring out this much attention from everyone.
    I just love how this post is also about like 10 other people, yet Sophia is the only one on people’s minds judging from the comments.
    Girlfriend is on a roll!

  • Kev

    Please marry me Sophia!!!

  • I get there’s not much to like about a hypocrite that Ms.Bush is but she gets too much undeserved hate, as for the fans they need a new role model. Bunch of weirdos on here, both the haters and the supporters.

  • Tina

    The girls look pretty, especially Sophia. Love her dress!

  • Get Real

    I’d like to see who you’re a fan of.
    Not the wisest thing calling supporters of any celeb weirdos. You a$$holes love talking sh$t just because you know its impossible for anyone to reach through a computer screen and punch you in the face. Which is why you imbeciles talk sh$t in the first place.

  • People Need Help

    Time to start reposting comments.
    I just hope the idiot with the “thumbs down” and “thumbs up” obsession enjoys this.
    Its all for you!

  • *Wow

    I LOVE YOU SOPHIA BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Damn, she looks HOTTTTTTTTTTTT.

  • *Jayla

    Sophia Bush looks awesome! <3

  • *Tricia

    Dear Sophia,
    You are simply stunning.
    A Loyal Fan

  • *HUH?

    No its just the one idiot posting under different names. Sophia Bush is amazing the idiot is just jealous she isn’t as good looking or as talented as Sophia

  • @People Need Help: If you want to look like the bigger person that’s probably not the best way to do it…

    @Get Real: I support peoples craft and their work. Why would you want to look up to or support someone that you dont know personally?

  • People Need Help

    Thanks but NO thanks for the advice.
    This isn’t about me “trying to be the bigger person.” It’s about me trying to show someone that they can’t expect to get away by saying/doing stupid things over and over again without getting called in on their BS.
    It’s one thing to not like someone or something, but its a whole different level when you go out of your way to be stupid all the while annoying people.

  • Justine

    Who is Sophia sleeping with nowadays?

    Oh, and I guess her toe’s better.

  • Ali

    Sophia is fabulous! So true she gets ALL the attention. Haters gonna hate. I adore Sophia. Keeping my fingers crossed for her pilot Partners to get picked up. I guess next week we will all hear the new schedule. Keeping good thoughts for SB and the rest of the cast.

  • WeenieAmanda

    ROTFL the Galeotti/Lenz fans, whatever Joy has changed her name to AGAIN. Your nastiness just jumps off the page. I guess you well intending “Christians” can’t control your pettiness. come back and spread your vileness some more.

  • Ari

    Its not just “one person” that posts negative comments about this girl

    Im sure theres tons of people that arent fans… and thats what these type of sites are for .. people tend to comment whether they like them or not…

    Im sorry to break it to her loyal fans, but there are TRULY people out there that arent jealous, they just dont think she holds very much talent or beauty.

  • FACT

    No one said that it was just one person. However, years of watching the OTH fanbase go batsh$t crazy for no reason on more then once occasion has PROVEN that there are a handful of haters on the internet that are fans of other actors on OTH and so therefore, have a tendency to act like the world’s biggest MORONS everytime they see how much Sophia Bush is beloved and adored by BOTH fans and the media alike–across the globe. They simply can’t stand how much attention Sophia gets whereas their favorites on OTH barely get acknowledged so as a result, they make themselves feel better by lashing out in ridiculous ways.
    And my favorite part is having see morons actually admit that they’re jealous of how much attention Sophia gets.
    My advice to them is to get the f*ck over it.
    Not everyone has to like everyone. And if you dislike a certain celeb, then A) either igore them or B) if you MUST leave a comment, then leave one expressing your dislike and move on. But when you sit there and go out of your way to be downright cruel, it goes to show that your feelings go WAY past beyond just “dislike.” In fact, it goes to show as some others have pointed out that you’re simple obsessed or simply jealous.

  • sasha

    I will never understand why people waste their timle (no life?) for hating a person (celeb or not), you hate her (hate is a hard word really I hate just awful people like racists, homophobics…)
    Whan I don’t like someone, I don’t even talk about her!!!

    Sophia is a classy lady and I love how she’s passionate and fight for the right things and for me, she’s really talented

    And FYI haters, she doesn’t attention because she has more lovers thans haters, and it’s a been a moment I don’t see her on the red carpet and she was invited. But after, all it’s not your business, move on guys & take your time to post about your favorites, hating is so easy mainly behind a computer

  • Dude

    Sophia Bush and Emily VanCamp are friends. She was there to support her friend. Sophia Bush haters are honestly the most pathetic people.

  • Really

    The douche mods want to close Sophia’s board on fanforum. No surprise there. Those biased b*tches have been after her for years. Never having a true fan as mod. They only put Joy fans on it to discourage her followers there. No matter Sophia’s twitter and FB pages say it all. Sophia has many true fans who AVOID FF.

  • Carolyn

    Naturally they will close it. Partners is getting a pick up and not Scruples another big sore spot for ff. I say good riddance to those petty posters.

  • Woohoo!

    Partners is confirmed for CBS pickup!!!!!
    Congrats Sophia!!!!!

  • terri

    Interesting both mods of the OTH board on FF won’t watch Sophia’s new show. The bias is so obvious.
    I will watch for Sophia and my friends are excited as well. And Michael Urie I adore him!

  • Sienna

    Let me begin by saying that I have never ever posted a comment on a site but I just felt like this deserved a standing ovation!! This “fan” should drop the act, its clearly an agent or relative of sophie’s that has dragged the conversation towards her where in reality, she is completely irrelevant right now.

    Onto the show… I just watched the final episode of season 1 and I have to say, the writers of the show have talent!!! It was Explosive!!

    And for the thumbs up/down person, dare you to drag me down to negative 100.

  • Arinaa

    Wow…..Sophia Bush looks stunning!! Love her so much!!!