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President Obama Supports Gay Marriage, Hollywood Reacts

President Obama Supports Gay Marriage, Hollywood Reacts

Celebs are tweeting their thanks to President Obama who has publicly voiced his support for same-sex marriage.

“I’ve been going through an evolution on this issue. I’ve always been adamant that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly and equally,” the commander in chief told Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts on Wednesday (May 8).

“At a certain point, I just concluded that for me, personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think that same-sex couples should be able to get married,” Barack added.

Here’s how Hollywood has responded:

Ellen DeGeneres: Thank you President @BarackObama for your beautiful and brave words. I’m overwhelmed.

Neil Patrick Harris: Bravo, Mr. President, and thank you.

Ricky Martin: I applaud President @barackobama for affirming that ALL Americans should enjoy equal rights. Historic! I will be a very proud host on Monday

Jane Lynch: Pretty darn happy today. Thanks Mr President, for supporting the dignity of my family and so many others!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: With @MichelleObama & @JustinMikita permission I would like to marry @BarackObama right now!

Fran Drescher: So proud of our President who showed such leadership& the meaning of America’s freedom 4 all!

Sean Hayes: Thank you to @BarackObama for taking a forward-thinking stance on equality for all gay Americans and for supporting gay marriage.

Sophia Bush: Thank you Mr. President. @BarackObama speaks up for #Equality today. #LoveIsLove

Evan Rachel Wood: Wooooooo! @BarackObama

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217 Responses to “President Obama Supports Gay Marriage, Hollywood Reacts”

  1. 1


    NOBAMA 2012

  2. 2
    Halli Says:

    Yet another way this highlights the major differences between Romney and Obama. Romney has no core and would never make a single decision or utterance unless an entire focus group could take a poll first.

    I respect and admire the President for making a politically risky and bold decision on an election year. He’s yet again making history again!

    OBAMA 2012!

  3. 3
    Verite Says:

    All I have to say is that its about damn time someone spoke out for the side of common sense. Supporting same-sex marriage is this generation’s equivalent of supporting interracial marriage. So grow the heck up people in the US (I am Canadian btw and same-sex marriage is legal here) and realize that because your neighbours Sue and Jennifer are married doesn’t mean you are somehow going to “catch” their homosexuality or something and it does not diminish your (probably very dysfunctional) hetero marriage. Marriage is just a friggen formality these days … nobody does it anymore and nobody stays married. So let’s spread the non-love and include everyone in the silliness.

  4. 4
    Girl Says:

    I’m really neither here nor there when it comes to American politics (not American), but yeah, the elections are this, probably doing it to get the vote from the gay community. He didn’t really need to say it as I doubt many gay people would vote for republicans, anyway!

  5. 5
    John Says:

    Thank you President Obama! Thank you for standing up for equal rights for all!

  6. 6
    Effy Says:

    I don’t get how people can be AGAINST gay rights. People should have the freedom to love WHOEVER they want. OBAMA!<3

  7. 7
    ms_levitt Says:

    yay!!!! ( from germany) :)

  8. 8
    solecito Says:

    Not sure about his true motive, but I think it’s all about re-election. Why didn’t he make this statement earlier?

  9. 9
    ... Says:

    Nice of him to do this, but I still wont vote for him after all his screw ups. Reagan once said that America would have a president whose celebrity status and personality would cover up for all his errors, and its sad for African Americans that Obama had to be that person.

  10. 10
    Equality for All! Says:

    Now President Obama – please move the DNC Convention out of that NC backwater now where you can marry your cousin but not if they are gay!

  11. 11
    danielle Says:


    Well, Reagan should know–he certainly covered up all his crap with his celebrity status and personality.

  12. 12
    mel Says:

    Yay!! While I’m not American I still have my opinions about their politics (as I know most people do) and I firmly believe that politics and religion should not mix. Obama says he’s a Christian but he doesn’t shove his religious beliefs down Americas throat. There is NO place for a biased president and I’m so glad Obama believes in treating everyone as an EQUAL!!

  13. 13
    Dace Franco Says:

    Obviously, What was he suppose to say? Still think he’s a puppet. Ron Paul in 2012

  14. 14
    Halli Says:


    Are you seriously going to call Obama a celebrity while supposedly quoting Reagan… who was an ACTOR!! LMAO!

  15. 15
    Dace Franco Says:

    @solecito: Agreed! Look at his smirky face.

  16. 16
    Halli Says:

    @Dace Franco:

    Ron Paul is a homophobe and is anti-choice. He is far from Libertarian.

  17. 17
    Halli Says:

    @Dace Franco:

    Ron Paul is a homophobe and is anti-choice. He is far from Libertarian.

  18. 18
    Kee Says:

    i could not be happier that obama has finally revealed that he is all for gay marriage! i have new faith for him! :)

  19. 19
    Dace Franco Says:

    Ron Paul in 2012. He is better equipped and much smarter than this HYPE machine known as “OBAMA”. He gets nothing done and keeps in the spotlight by catering to celebs & talk shows. He is a celebrity.

  20. 20
    Dace Franco Says:

    Look: I’m all for equality but Obama is such a puppet.

  21. 21
    Lexy Says:

    I’m overwhelmed by this news, in a good way of course! I’m just so happy because it’s about time gay people are able to marry just like us heterosexuals can. His words send such a positive message for gays and lesbians everywhere. He definitely has my vote.

  22. 22
    bahha black sheep Says:

    one term president

  23. 23
    Gossipgirl Says:

    @Halli: just so there is fairness here; the POTUS supported gay marriage in 1996, then he flipped in 2004 and then he opposed it again in 2008. Now supports it today. It is easy to see what we want in candidates when they support various positions, but the fact is that it is now politically expedient for hi. To support it, hence his announcement today.

  24. 24
    Tam Says:

    So Mr President, is that all what you have to say to the world and to your people? You’ve done nothing of a value through your 2 years or so or of ruling the US. Are we thankful? No.

  25. 25
    ehhhh Says:

    So now i can only give a thumbs up for comments that you agree with Jared?

    F YOU JJ !!!

  26. 26
    Dace Franco Says:

    Ron Paul all day, everyday. All you hypocrites don’t know what you’re missing… OBAMA is a puppet. Plain and simple.

  27. 27
    Halli Says:


    Its far from politically expedient. This President is in virtual ties right now in hey swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. He needs white working class blue collar voters who are often socially traditional and conservative. This was a real risky move on his part and he is only going to inspire all the far-right who were lukewarm on Romney to come out and support him because to them gay marriage is like spitting in god’s face. This really only made things more complicated for the Obama team when he could have easily said and done this after the election. It says a lot about his character right now that he is putting out a variable like this on an election year. It only makes it more unpredictable which way voters will turn.

  28. 28
    zzzzz Says:

    another distraction

  29. 29
    Coral Says:

    Ron Paul’s domestic policies are a little troubleing, love the foreign policy.
    Anyone standing by the Constitution,like Paul, at this point has got my support.

  30. 30
    Marieke de Graaf Says:

    Big thumbs up from the Netherlands!!

  31. 31
    Sayer Says:

    I love how the people who hated Mr. President and weren’t planning to vote for him anyway are b8tching about this. Lol!

  32. 32
    KAY blood Says:

    Thank you Mr. President.

  33. 33
    ROMNEY 2012 Says:


  34. 34
    ad Says:

    As an Australian i don’t always agree with american politics but this is great for the gay community. (and everyone who supports them) – and not 2 be a negative jerk but i think this was the safest thing Obama could push for his agenda.

  35. 35

    its official America is going to hell

  36. 36
    jenfan Says:

    being a Christian im taught tht homosexuality isnt the best at the same time I am taught that we r all equal!!! Ppl should be able to marry and be in love with whoever they want..only God has the right to judge…i dont live in america so it doesnt affect me but Congrats!!!

  37. 37
    American Strong Says:

    I am voting Republican now for the first time in my life this is a travesty to the moral fabric of America. Special interest groups are in charge of our country not the people.

  38. 38
    OMG Says:

    NOW conveniently just before re-election he supports gay rights?? After 4 years????

  39. 39
    OMG Says:

    I’ll be waiting for him says now he supports environmental issues and the Latinos rights.

    Sorry but Obama has been a great disappointment to many who expected more from him during his time. Now he wants 4 more years to do nothing AGAIN.

    His only achievement has been to become a celebrity… hobnobbing with all the celebrities, keeping track of the Kardashians and talking nonsense in the thousands dinners he offered for them.

  40. 40
    me Says:

    Obama has an understanding about people, especially the troops..he cannot conceive that someone who is willing to die for their country cannot get married..Potus will always be on the right side of history. I think he had a lot of angst supporting this because of his own religion but when he took religion out of it and made it into a civil rights issue it certainly made a lot of sense!!!

  41. 41
    Sayer Says:

    @American Strong: You were always a Republican. Please!

  42. 42
    haha Says:

    omg he is as bad a sell out as Lady Gaga and her antics. He was anti gay and now come re electioin time he changes his mind…AHAHAHHA flip floppin hypocrite!

  43. 43
    sad Says:

    he is the worst president ever., my middle class family who was quite well off all our lives, has suffered immensely since he became pres. All I ever see him do is laughing,singing and attending parties with rich people. why is this topic so important and gets so much attention? what about the Americans suffering right now, not eating cant find jobs etc….!!!!!!???

  44. 44
    vgdfr Says:

    WOW he did this for their vote, thats all. How convenient for who? HIM!

  45. 45
    overrated Says:

    f this overrated subject. All I care about is the economy and terrorism staying off my land. Obama sucks, hes done nothing if you lived in America you would see how bad many are suffering since he became president…its uncanny.

  46. 46
    BetsyR Says:

    If marriage is so wonderful – we should not limit who can get married. That’s just common sense.

  47. 47
    Kikicohen Says:

    That would be because he is heading to LA tomorrow for the Clooney fundraiser and desperately needs those Hollywood (people’s) $$$$. Is it any coincidence that his “decision” on gay marriage was made exactly ONE day before that trip?? Although I support gay marriage, I think his timing is lame- makes me question motive as being money

  48. 48
    Kempis Says:

    Remember back in the day when all a candidate needed to do was just kiss a baby in front of a camera?

  49. 49
    Kikicohen Says:

    Yep- exactly- but- he needs the $$$ desperately for his campaign and the Hollywood heavy hitters were threatening to cut him off if he didn’t take a stand on gay marriage ( and not against it) . Romney has the funds already to outspend Obama if things continue the way they’re going, so….
    In some people’s opinion, it was more risky to not take a stand on gay marriage than to take a stand in the affirmative and risk losing those 2 states you mentioned in your post. Problem I have with Obama regarding this, although I’m pleased with his decision and genuinely happy for gay people wanting to get married, is how he vacillated so much through the years on the issue and now that there’s money on the table, he yells, “yes!”, from the rooftops- seems disingenuous.

  50. 50
    Kikicohen Says:

    Actually, the gays represent less than 1% of population- h
    But you’re right on track!- he did it to get the vote and wallets of all ofHollywood for his campaign- exactly ONE day before his lovefest with George Clooney and company- what a coincidence….

  51. 51
    @45 Says:

    If you care about the economy, then you can’t vote Republican. In eight years of George W, and his cronies in big oil and the GOP, destroyed the middle class, and expoded our budget deficit. The economy is now getting back on track, and the unemployment rate is dropping.
    If you care about terrorism, you should definitely vote for Obama. He, not George, had the guts to REALLY go after Bin Laden. He took off the head of the snake, and left Al Qaida in disarray.
    If you actually paid attention to the issues at hand, instead of falling for the GOP BS fed to you on FAUX news, maybe you would be in a position to make a real choice this November. The smart choice. President Obama.

  52. 52
    Really... Says:

    @@45: Why would I trust soome President who has the US 5 trillion in debt?? Tell why should I would rather have a bussinessmen then some douche who is all about his on F ego and is a narcisstist to boot…Romeny i’ll take over Obama get the F government out of my F way. Also all you equality people are c@$^ sucking suck ups who would suck up to Stalin if he had the same view so shut the F up. Kool aid drinkers with no ball’s or brains…..

  53. 53
    lylian Says:

    Well done President Obama.

  54. 54
    Gossipgirl Says:

    @Kikicohen: This was my point; the left coalition is basically made up of a spectrum of voting blocks that he has to please….it is becoming an almost comical balancing act because some of these blocks don’t even like each other. I have not dog in this race; if the economy does not improve and I don’t have a job by summer, I will not be voting for BO.

  55. 55
    Really... Says:


    Ive noticed that it is a balamcing act that is easy to fall off of as even one little miststep can be costly. Honestly Jobs should be the main thing here not some dude F another dude or a girl F another girl. Lets talk about jobs not some well badly thought out political ploy like this homosexual marriage thing is. Although I doubt in helped him in NC or virginia if anything it hurt him in those states. Its also embracing less then 1% of the population so it doesn’t matter vote wise but it matters because the homosexual community has tons of money to give him. Obama would honestly be against it if he felt it was to his advantage to do so he is rather well not trust worthy his opinion changed like 4-5 times before this. So Romeny doesn’t support homosexual marriage but thats been a known fact he isn’t hiding from it yet some president who can’t make up his mind is better somehow? I don’t see how this is good its a political liablity now as 30 states define it as a man and women.

  56. 56
    Kikicohen Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your job situation- it’s unacceptable- the economy is worse off than it was 4 years ago, more people are on food stamps now than 4 years ago, student loan debt has sky rocketed, and unemployment ( not including under-employment) , is at an all-time high. I do not comprehend how we can afford to have BO in office another term. Yes, kudos to him for his stance on equality toward gays, but that won’t help the economy or secure you a job, will it?

  57. 57
    Kikicohen Says:

    Narcissist is the operative word here- it covers everything about his agenda

  58. 58
    ugh americans Says:

    @overrated: terrorism staying off your land?? lol! why dont you stop bombing innocent countries that way yours will stay safe?

  59. 59
    larry Says:

    summer , warm and many nice things wait us in close time :) well that president on our side , and maybe we found some alone guys when we be on beach , this 100% fact ! thank you president !

  60. 60
    Mosley Says:

    most European countries are far more advanced in gay rights – so I support president Obama 100% on this. It’s about time gay and lesbian people have the same rights and opportunities than heterosexual people!

  61. 61
    TheDudeAbides Says:

    Gay culture icon Vidal Sassoon died of blood cancer on the same day. Everybody and his dog from Chicago knows that Obama is gay… Which has nothing to do with being married to a woman and having children.

  62. 62
    Rose&Sage Says:

    underside of worrying about what gay marriage could take care of other more important things

  63. 63
    Rose&Sage Says:

    he wants to be cool to have the most votes on everything from famous freaks

  64. 64
    WOW Says:

    sorry its obvious he wants to please his RICH Hollywood friends. He was anti for so long and now all the sudden not?! LOL can’t you see his motive? omg. It makes me like him less that he has never stuck to his guns!!!! how can I trust a president like this???!!!????

  65. 65
    dupe Says:

    @@45: oh please he is making peace with them (so he thinks) they couldnt hate us more! Its all predicted in the Bible. the calm before the storm. When you think everything is ok, is when things are really brewing….he killed their master; you know what kind of plots they are planning? HA! we havent seen nothin yet! no one will worry about who they can marry, when their home or place of work is bombed!

  66. 66
    ewww Says:

    Hes on Gossip sites. Hes on JustJared. says ALL really. A president on gossip sites? you gotta be kidding me!

  67. 67
    carlino altoviti Says:

    Hollywood è un covo di froci!!!

  68. 68
    Olivia and popeye Says:

    It’s about time. However this is all about votes instead of what’s right. Had Obama really felt this way, it would have already been done. He pushes everything else without approval, why not same sex marriage? Because it’s only for the votes. Without this statement he didn’t have a chance in hell of re-election. You lost my vote a long time ago (along with 43% of Americans that voted for you Mr Obama)

  69. 69
    fifyan Says:

    he just looking another 4y round so he will say what ever to get some support

  70. 70
    Kikicohen Says:

    Amen! That’s what I was trying to say last night
    Also, how come whenever I write anything remotely negative about Obama, I get this “-2,-3,etc”??? I’m new to this site. Can someone explain? Thanks

  71. 71
    nitin Says:

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  72. 72
    mrst Says:

    This should not be a surprise or an issue. They pay taxes and eat and breathe the same air as everyone else. Its only fair. The issue is between them and their God or lack thereof and noone else.

  73. 73
    nitin Says:

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  74. 74
    Jen Says:


    Then don’t read JJ – The whole point of this site is to report celeb gossip in a positive way.. there is never anything mean or harsh posted here so go to a different gossip site if you want to be an ass.

  75. 75
    FAKE Says:

    flip floppin floozy. I lost all respect! Its not a matter of for or against to me now. Its a matter of integrity and really standing up for what you believe in, which I see Mr. President cant seem to do because of his Hollywood support hes so worried about to have again to help with his campaigning. despicable really! you dont change your mind on an issue like this! LOL its usually black or white and he is CLEARLY doing this for his own gain. Once hes re-elected you watch him change his mind again LOL.

  76. 76
    foreal Says:

    “President Obama Supports Gay Marriage, Hollywood Reacts”

    awww how sweet. because thats whats so important right? Hollywood? SAD.

  77. 77
    Colleen Says:

    I don’t want to burst everyone’s bubble on his statement, but I’m pretty sure no presidential candidate will change the laws, if elected, even if they say they are for same sex marriage. Too many feathers to ruffle if you go in either direction. He is saying this now because it is proven he can’t “change” the economy! He said this for votes.

    Barack Obama (2008) – “I believe marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me, as a Christian, it’s also a sacred union.”

  78. 78
    hmmm Says:

    Why didn’t he say this BEFORE 2012? He is trying to get as many votes as he can, he doesn’t fool me.

  79. 79
    joe Says:

    Blah Blah Blah…I don’t care what people do. I just have to point out that everything this guy does is for votes. We already have him on tape stating that once he is reelected he will have more freedom to change his stance with Russia. Don’t you people see the problem here? He was caught admitting that he’s telling the American people one thing now to get reelected but will do something different after. You are a fool if you think this guy will follow through with his latest ploy for your vote.

  80. 80
    Janet Says:

    He’s only saying this to get re elected. Should he get back in he won’t do a thing. He never does anything he says.

  81. 81
    Pick1MrPresident Says:

    2008: “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage.”

    2012: “I just concluded that for me, personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think that same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

  82. 82
    depressing Says:

    His name is not even American! Gosh im so sad in my people. whats happening to this country?!? divorce,violence,bullying,10 yr olds killing themselves,hate,and so much more are at an ALL TIME high like never seen before… and we wonder why……we are not true Americans anymore!!! we care about popularity more than our convictions. SAD.

  83. 83
    lucy Says:

    In my country we have already voted for gay marriage and I am very proud of it ! President obama is brave ! Equal rights for everyone !!

  84. 84
    Votes.... Says:

    This is all for votes I see no other reason as he kind of voted present as he won’t infringe on state rights. NC voted homosexual marriage down by at least 20 points which is a big number its the same in 32 other states. Obama said let the states decide and its clear most states have decided via voting unless your california in which case well votes don’t matter…activist judges…

  85. 85
    noosa nnoosa Says:

    hahaha america in the name of freedom you make the wrong to be right …gay people are not normal people hey need to be cured most of them became gay becaue of something happened to them
    in their childhood ..other wise we then must allow peophiles and other unnormal cases to marry ..that’s not right wake up people
    what’s wrong with you…
    god create us in male and female for a reason ..oh my god

  86. 86
    noosa Says:

    hahaha america in the name of freedom you make the wrong to be right …gay people are not normal people hey need to be cured most of them became gay becaue of something happened to them
    in their childhood ..other wise we then must allow peodphiles and other unnormal cases to marry ..that’s not right wake up people
    what’s wrong with you…
    god create us in male and female for a reason ..oh my god

  87. 87
    Votes....and Cash Says:

    I also don’t see the big deal about all this nothing changed other then he stated a his personal opinion. Fact is also a lot of the homosexual activists give him a lot of money which he was going to get anyway but this just sealed the deal. Its not a matter of equality its a matter of money and votes he changed his opinion 6 times in a row. How can you take this obvious poltical ploy seriously he cares not for any rights he wants cash and votes. Unfortunately we have moron celebs today being as politically correct and for “equality” that remains undefined other then if you don’t think like I do your a bigot,against happiness ect. Also Ellen really he wants your cash he won’t infringe on state rights or their ability to vote on homosexual marriage like 32 have voted it down. My question is I keep seeing these poll’s about homosexual marriage going up but whenever its brought up it fails it failed in 32 states so where is this polling even accurate??

  88. 88
    Aubrey Says:

    I truly don’t understand people against homosexuality. Those type of people are ignorant and probably jealous of the happiness of the individuals of a same-sex relationship. Just my thoughts. xx

  89. 89
    Ali Says:

    It was odd that after all Obama said which I believe it was to get votes. The president said it is up to each state to decide what they want. So nothing has been changed at all. Obama did give an eloquent speech but everything remains the same for gays….

  90. 90
    Mort84 Says:

    Yay from Hungary! But wait…it is election time this year…

  91. 91
    oh wow Says:


  92. 92
    Billie Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with gay marriage…but there is something WRONG with Obama’s timing…..suddenly …(election year) he decides that he is for gay marriage… what took him so long….if he is true and believable he should have made this statement in the beginning of his term in office……I DON”T TRUST THIS GUY……really…seriously..think about it.

  93. 93
    Mrflippyfloppy Says:

    I dont know if it was a safe thing. The south is a big part of voters…and he now lost 100% the elderly christian male & female voters who make up ALOT of the voting population for ages now…(and who may have been undecided; well they definitely wont be now because unlike him they believe strongly in their convictions). so he has minorities,gays and Hollywood but He lost Christians,the elderly and alot of the south. It can go either way.

  94. 94
    Bradaigh Says:

    I wonder if this is just to sway the gay vote.

    It’s one thing to SAY you support it – SHOW you support it and do something to prove it.

  95. 95
    obama's stash Says:


    …and yet, it took him 40+ years (and 3 1/2 as preezy) to ‘evolve’ to this point? Oh, and AFTER discussing it with his daughters and wife. Now he’s a hero. PLEEZE, give me just a small break. NO ONE and i mean NO ONE, reads the polls like Obama. HE-HAS-NO-CORE.


    (Can you imagine Bush saying he made a decision after talking to the wife and kids?? He’d be vilified. But, of course, Obama is ‘thoughtful.”
    Blah, blah, bullsheezy.

  96. 96
    With the poll's Says:

    @obama’s stash:

    Ive noticed Obama changes his opinion with the poll’s but is politically puzzling really. I mean I doubt it got votes he wouldn’t have already had but it likely destroyed the chances he had of getting SC or VA for that matter its very puzzling. I mean was this really worth throwing electoral collage votes away like this? Obviously I don’t support Obama but I don’t see this as even a wise choice even if it wasn’t Obama. As for Romney so he doesn’t support homosexual marriage at least he has been consistant with that view unlike Obama who changes his views with the wind or the poll’s. I feel sorry for these celebs don’t they know a politican when they see one?? He wants their money and he is getting California anyway I heard gay activists where holding back writing him big checks as where move producers and actors from out of touch Hollywood.

  97. 97
    Postwatcher Says:

    Silly bs. Obama is using diversion tactics to fire people up and ignore the real issues of corporate and banking greed that have destroyed the middle class this country. I could care less who marries whom. 52% of African American men in this country our unemployed. This is the true civil rights issue in this country. When is the last time any if you have gotten a raise? For you youngsters, I am sure you are being offered low salary jobs even as college grads. Speaking of college, the interest on college loans is doubling. Speaking of interest rates, our money in the bank is accruing no interest in order to devalue the dollar so the greedy corporate ******** can go shopping and outsource more jobs overseas.
    School are shutting down, no jobs available for the high school grad, Mexican immigrants ignored by this administration, unions being busted, housing market in the gutter, coffee cost 5 bucks a cup, gas is 5 bucks a gallon, Medicare at risk retirement age keeps on creeping up…..and the big story of the day is Obamas opinion? This was not legislation you dummies, can we now get back to the REAL Issues??!!

  98. 98
    cmac Says:

    I support marriage between people who love and respect each other. I do not care what gender they are. Thank you Mr. President for supporting gay marriage and putting the power of your office behind equal rights.

  99. 99
    to 97 Says:

    to 97

    I still won’t vote for romney even if what you say is true

  100. 100
    to 97 Says:

    i was against romney in 2008 and i’m against romney now. i just don’t like the man.

  101. 101
    to 97 Says:

    and im a republican. i don’t like sarah palin or mccain either. obama was the best choice for our country in 2008 and will probably the best choice now. the republicans need a major overhaul and to stop being so extreme.

  102. 102
    to 97 Says:

    i don’t like obamacare and hope it gets overturned at the supreme court level. i am against the individual mandate that all americans purchase health insurance. this to me is the sole reason to vote obama out. however, all the candidates have a healthcare idea that just doesn’t work or is unacceptable. to me the real issue became healthcare when it shouldn’t have been.

  103. 103
    Extreme? Says:

    @to 97:

    Ok he isn’t the best choice now we are 15 trillion in debt or have you somehow forgotton that. Extreme no but financially safer yes and they do support traditional marriage are they extreme for that to? Your honestly likely not very conservative or maybe your just naive to think that electing one extreme will make another less “extreme” then again i’ll I see is you go with the flow like those republicans are extreme now blah blah..which is kinda BS since they have had those views on marriage and spending for a while despite Bush. As for Palin really common couldn’t pick a better target that you don’t like that takes about as much balls as saying obama sucks does. Now your excuse for reelecting the incompatant president is lame and moronic republicans are too extreme blah blah. You know what if you think their to extreme go be a democrate they are ok with nutty spending and trillions in debt.

  104. 104
    to 97 Says:

    i bet republicans are losing lots of voters in their party to dems and independants.

    yes they are too extreme and this has nothing to do with marriage.

  105. 105
    to 97 Says:

    maybe another word would be rigid. do you think you could accept that?

    I am a moderate and disagree with their financial policies right now.

  106. 106
    to 97 Says:

    i am that lovely 10% that makes or breaks an election

  107. 107
    to 97 Says:

    well let me put it another way, if there is a litmus test to be in the party, you are going to find yourselves losing election after election after election.

  108. 108
    Extreme? Says:

    @to 97:

    You haven’t even explained how they are too extreme besides saying they are to extreme its. Not a logical argument your making your throwing a word out there extreme without defining the extreme….see the issue is we are 15 trillion and debt and obama wants to keep spending more and more. And burrow more and more and regulate more and more now that is extreme to me instead you give me a undefined “extreme” to go with where as I gave you a example of “extreme” hard left. Lets put it this way it looks like conservatives will win the senate and since Romeny is ahead of Obama with likely voters Romeny 50% Obama 43% no you aren’t a independant obviously but you sure try to sound like one. More then likely your a hard lefty calling yourself independant….which is sad really.

  109. 109
    to 97 Says:

    im a republican and i prefer obama out of all the candidates on a personal level. on a fiscal matter i do not think it right to take away senior citizens social security or to reduce it. also there are people who are disabled and need it. there are people who are still unemplyed and not getting any benefits and the republicans don’t want to hire people and they don’t want to pay for unemployment. the republicans are not doing anything to make things better.

  110. 110
    to 97 Says:

    also businesses do not hire the disabled so they discriminate against them and in addition want to take away their social security. people who are on disability get very little help it is pathetic.

  111. 111
    Extreme? Says:

    @to 97:

    Just admit your a lefty yesh could sound anymore like one of those hard left emotional people? So he’s likeable well at least was not so much now because he sucks up to certain groups for cash. He used to seem nice but I won’t vote for someone just because I like him on a personal level..thats moronic to br honest.

  112. 112
    to 97 Says:

    i think it is extreme and rigid to use cultural values as a benchmark of who can be in your party and who can’t.

  113. 113
    to 97 Says:

    romney is not likeable and i won’t be voting for him. i saw him in action and i don’t like him. period.

  114. 114
    to 97 Says:

    i’m not going to allow someone like that to be in charge of my country

  115. 115
    to 97 Says:

    the republicans better come up with better candidates in the next round.

  116. 116
    Extreme? Says:

    @to 97:

    yet you have a incompantant far left radical in charge now i don’t see the logic in fact i see one at all….

  117. 117
    Extreme? Says:

    @to 97:

    unlikeable….if that is the excuse you well good luck and just don’t vote at all as we don’t need. anymore incompantant leaders….like obama

  118. 118
    to 97 Says:

    i also just explained to you my fiscal reasons for preferring obama. i told you the republicans have not done anything to make life better for people who do not have jobs and you say that’s being leftist?

  119. 119
    to 97 Says:

    you are what’s wrong with the republican party

  120. 120
    to 97 Says:

    romney will make this country worse. obama will make it less worse. that is the difference.

  121. 121
    to 97 Says:

    i will vote to make sure romney doesn’t win. because my vote is a vote against romney.

  122. 122
    Extreme? Says:

    @to 97:

    please those things will have to be cut though in order to get spending its not a good argument. to say we shouldn’t cut them is naive and moronic i think we should cut though.

  123. 123
    F@$% idiot... Says:

    @to 97:

    You really are just a far left emotional moron aren’t? Its worse under Obama you numbskulled moron…If that’s the argument you have then you have none. All you have given are personal feelings about Romeny and thats it Obama has us 15 trillion in debt and high unemployment yet you give me these BS answers…just don’t vote…let someone patriotic vote…

  124. 124
    to 97 Says:

    ok this election cycle the republicans chose to run a race on religious markers. dumb.

  125. 125
    F@$% idiot... Says:

    @to 97: Where the F@$^ have you been take your head out of the F#^& sand its about the economy stupid….or moron.

  126. 126
    to 97 Says:

    we are in debt because of bush cheneys wars. that’s not obama’s fault.. clinton had tons of money saved up and they ate through it for their war and then some.

  127. 127
    F@$% idiot... Says:

    @to 97: You still aren’t specific or even logical your just emotional in your arguments…just don’t vote. Really if your going to vote for Obama who is radical then just don’t vote at all because you aren’t helping the country for sure..

  128. 128
    to 97 Says:

    the price of the american people’s financial security is what bush wanted everyone else to pay. he said there would be sacrifices because of his decision. i think in the bible it says don’t go to war if you can’t afford it and don’t have the resources. he should have reread that one a few times.

  129. 129
    to 97 Says:

    idiots voted bush and cheney in and you are telling me not to vote….lol…get a grip.

  130. 130
    F@$% idiot... Says:

    @to 97: So let me guess everything us bushes fault even though Bush has been gone for four F#%^ years. When will you lefty morons stop it with the blame Bush crap he’s gone yesh he is gone…..really Obama spent 5 trillion in his first term Bush spent 4 trillion in his 8 years see Obama has spent more like 6 trillion so just stop with the blame bush BS.

  131. 131
    F@$% idiot... Says:

    @to 97: So let me guess everything us bushes fault even though Bush has been gone for four F#%^ years. When will you lefty morons stop it with the blame Bush crap he’s gone yesh he is gone…..really Obama spent 5 trillion in his first term Bush spent 4 trillion in his 8 years see Obama has spent more like 6 trillion so just stop with the blame bush BS.

  132. 132
    to 97 Says:

    obama spent too much money on going to afghanistan in 2010.
    and you want romney in to spend MORE!

  133. 133
    to 97 Says:

    it IS bush’s fault. you are the numbskull or you are just a warmonger.

  134. 134
    to 97 Says:

    oh come on….think about the candidates who were put up…they were all religious in their own way pushing their religious agenda. even the ones who fell out.

  135. 135
    to 97 Says:

    and as far as emotion goes, the candidates are emotional so i have a right to vote on their emotional composition as well.

  136. 136
    Typical Says:

    @to 97:

    Its rather amusing to root out the pretend republicans :) Which you are by the way its pretty obvious your about as conservative as Obama. I know its all Bushes fault its all his fault your the way you are and why everything is the way it is..could you be anymore patheticly predictable. Really blame bush even though Bush is gone you lefties never learn Obama is the president not Bush and Romney isn’t Bush..A warmonger no I actually don’t like wars but if we must protect ourselves by killing bad guys we must. Frankly just blame Bush for every problem you have lol as it seems you do anyway hence your either a moron or a numbskull who would vote for stalin over Romney even though Romney is far far more conservative obviously…you would vote for stalin anyway. Your not a republican or conservative your a far left loon playing one online…

  137. 137
    to 97 Says:

    after this election i will tell you how to get good republican candidates next time.

  138. 138
    to 97 Says:

    accusing me of being left isn’t going to help your cause because i am in fact republican and you are not listening to what is wrong with the republican party when a professed republican tells you why you are losing the election.

  139. 139
    to 97 Says:

    ok so you agree that war is disagreeable and horrible. that’s a start. but who had to pay the price?

  140. 140
    to 97 Says:

    i know its about the economy and i prefer obama to take care of that not romney

  141. 141
    to 97 Says:

    i just wish a candidate was chosen who could have defeated obamacare

  142. 142
    to 97 Says:

    you’re idiots. you want the seniors vote but you are going to take away their social security. duh no brainer. you aren’t getting their vote. old people are more likely against gay marriage then young people but you aren’t getting the old vote because you are against gay marriage. you are not getting the young vote because they are more likely pro gay marriage and you aren’t getting the women’s vote because they have the right to their own bodies.

  143. 143
    to 97 Says:

    you are only getting the men’s vote because you are pro war but you can’t get the women’s vote because of it not to mention your little hypocrisy about women’s right to life and pro choice. those matters affect the young more than the old. but you can’t get the old vote because you want to take away their social security. you are ******** yourselves.

  144. 144
    to 97 Says:

    also women work too. and you don’t care about those unemployed women.

  145. 145
    to 97 Says:

    construction workers are typically not women.

  146. 146
    Typical Says:

    So we are losing the election really?? Obama is at 43% of likely voters Romney is at 50% so tell me how they are losing…I look at what he has done and evidence doesn’t go with what you claim.@to 97:

  147. 147
    Typical Says:

    @to 97:

    Typical left sexist,bigoted and all the above you have no idea that you are just doing talking points?? You aren’t saying anything new your making claims you can’t back up and emotional arguments your not a republican….just admit it. You know I once had to get someone they wanted to steal other people’s money because they felt they earned enough. No I want to make Social security no longer bankrupt as it where I want the budget balanced ok I want some sanity yesh. Although your propoganda is amusing its kind of pathetic at best and talking points and bigoted sexism at worst….emotional arguments won’t save the economy or help with the close to 16 trilion in debt…it won’t.

  148. 148
    their own body Says:

    @to 97:

    I think you mean you want to own and control their bodies after all thats what Obama wants to do. Control and power over people is the main thing ive seen from him and your using sexism and bigotry as a excuse to vote for a incompantant leader…sad.

  149. 149
    to 97 Says:

    there’s plenty of sexism and bigotry in the republican party. and they want to take away social security from seniors. if youre not a white male of working age then they aren’t interested.

  150. 150
    to 97 Says:

    i think obama has self control which cannot be said for the majority of the republican candidates. i don’t think he is trying to control other people. i think you are against other people being in control of themselves. and I am still a republican who is not voting for romney.

  151. 151
    to 97 Says:

    i guess it bugs you that you can’t control my vote even though i am republican and won’t vote republican this time

  152. 152
    to 97 Says:

    are you a nutty tea partier?

  153. 153
    to 97 Says:

    i gave you all my reasons why im not voting for romney. and im a republican. i know how i am registered so don’t contradict me.

  154. 154
    to 97 Says:

    the way i see it, the republican party is going to keep losing members and become more and more rigid and extreme because of it.

  155. 155
    to 97 Says:

    then it will implode

  156. 156
    to 97 Says:

    if politics is self interest then i expect the republicans to meet my needs otherwise i won’t vote for them.

  157. 157
    to 97 Says:

    as far as spending goes, get the hell out of afghanistan.

  158. 158
    Registered... Says:

    @to 97:

    How your registered only matters as much as you make I could register democrate and vote conservative. It doesn’t matter as it can be changed your a hard left kind of person but you are registered republican. Also stop with you whining and your they are going to lose BS you call the republicans extreme yet you would vote for this is it extremest. Did I mention you fell hard for that fake war on women as for the tea party I do support their idea’s of smaller government and states rights as well. Honestly if you could call any extreme it would Obama but you won’t because your nothing but a suckup who would vote for a Jimmy Carter wannabe. Your about as republican as Obama is register yourself democrate because that is what you are you won’t admit it but that is what you are stop lying to yourself….kids these days…

  159. 159
    to 97 Says:

    so you admit romney is sexist and a bigot. i didn’t even make that case but you brought it up. that’s just two more reasons not to vote for him.

  160. 160
    to 97 Says:

    there has been a war on women since at least 2001 that i’ve been aware of but the irritation against hilary has been longer…i’d say since the early 90′s. only recently did some of that irritation wear off…however the war on women is very real.

  161. 161
    to 97 Says:

    in the 90′s the republican party was much better than it turned out to be in the 2000′s. and its only going to get worse if the extremists aren’t rooted out.

  162. 162
    to 97 Says:

    obama is no jimmy carter. you’re very mistaken there.

  163. 163
    to 97 Says:

    on switching parties,
    no i’d rather fling it in the face of the republican extremist that they can’t have my vote even though i am republican.

  164. 164
    to 97 Says:

    as far as your poll numbers go…they don’t mean anything because obama has hardly started campaigning also romney still has to pick a running mate.

  165. 165
    to 97 Says:

    polling after the two conventions will be a better gauge

  166. 166
    Blah blah Says:

    @to 97:

    Really the switch tactic for supposedly being bright you certainly aren’t good at strawman arguments. Which to be honest most of your’s have been either intellectually lazy or talking points of some war on women that doesn’t exist. You should switch parties at least you’ll be on the wrong side of history then but you’ll vote democrate. Obama is worse thrn Jimmy Carter to be honest more debt then him certainly Bill Clinton was better then Obama. Yes the war on women is real from the democratic side so you are correct there however to say republicans are waging one is intellectually dishonest at best. Of course your a talking points repeater who claims to be everything republican which I doubt your about as republican as that senate turn coat was. No im afraid democrates are the sexists and the bigots most the time of course thats why im not voting for Obama. You lack the balls to vote for a generation you think only of emotional talking points and faux wars on women and all the above. Frankly you are more amusing because you have no mind no original thoughts just those fed to you more then likely. Also you repeat talking points again and again all seem to be based on emotional and strawman arguments to logical reasoning. Like here is some logic for you Obama will spend trillions more he will bankrupt social security faster with his spending spree’s. He will also want more regulations then we already have and we have thousands already I looked I went to several thousand are made a day. So as for that war on women lets start with Bill maher shall we calling certain women the C word among other things now that seems like a war on women to me. Saying Anne Romney hasn’t worked a day in her when she has battled cancer and other aliments. Also Sandra Fluke a women who said she spent several thousand a year on birth control. Now you can blame anyone I guess you could blame Rush for calling her a **** which you could say she slept around a lot with that much money spent on birth control. Now since your dense enough to buy the war on women and some sexism and bigotry that well really doesn’t exist. Although most democrates like Mahr call women awful names some how he is neither a sexist or bigot yet you say republicans are?? You won’t give me any logical answers or examples because you go on strawman and petty arguments instead of facts and evidence. Also register democrate at least be true to those illogical emotional arguments of your’s ;)

  167. 167
    to 97 Says:

    you have made many arguments and yet have still ignored that i gave you good solid economic reasons why i am against romney.

    so let me repeat: 1. the republicans want to cut social security.
    2. the republicans have not hired people that are unemployed
    3. the republicans do not want the unemployed to have unemployment insurance.
    4. there is long term unemployment and the republicans voted against extending unemployment benefits.
    5. the disabled get paltry payments under social security. the republicans will not hire the disabled. the republicans want to cut social security therefore it would harm the disabled and the elderly.
    6. the republicans are being fiscally irresponsible.

  168. 168
    to 97 Says:

    also telling any republican in the above positions to switch to democrat is not the answer. these are your constituents.

  169. 169
    Blah blah Says:

    @to 97:

    You gave me far left talking points again…ive heard all that before its the democrates that are being fiscally irresponsible. Of course you grasp for straws like the best of them which I think you are pretty bad at honestly. But we have to do some cutting of the budget we can’t continue to spend like we have or do you not understand that. You have not given me any good reasons at all they are all talking point repeats. Clearly you don’t know how to blance a budget and you don’t understand that we have to cut entitlment spending we have to. But you blame the republicans for god knows what reason certainly you aren’t logical and you don’t get Obama is worse then Romney. Then again you seem like a troll with all your repeat talking points and ive chewed out a lot of troll’s. 15 almost 16 trillion in debt yet you call the republicans fiscally irresponsible just to avoid placing the blame at obama’s feet. You refuse to admit that the democratic senate hasn’t passed a budget in three years you refuse to see that the republicans passed a budget in the house. 15 trillion dollars and debt and you give me some of the worst most selfish and illogicak arguments ive ever heard.

  170. 170
    to 97 Says:

    i’m not grasping for straws…i’m telling you like it is. you think only people who have jobs are your constituents? think again. you lose their votes because you are not addressing their issues satisfactorily. you haven’t even attempted to do so. you just say im a democrat or to switch.

  171. 171
    Blah blah Says:

    @to 97:

    I was telling you to switch to democrate because you sound like a democrate…

  172. 172
    to 97 Says:

    im an accountant i darn know well how to balance a budget so don’t give me that nonsense.

  173. 173
    to 97 Says:

    republicans have historically driven up the budget. as far as the deficit goes, it has been growing for years…well before bush got into office.defense spending and homeland security spending went way up when bush got into office. that is where the cuts need to be made. heavy cuts. because its astronomical.

  174. 174
    to 97 Says:

    i just don’t trust romney to take care of #173 or of me. and that is why he won’t win my vote. i trust obama to do so more so than romney.

  175. 175
    to 97 Says:

    now do you understand why the items in 167 makes the religious markers a losing battle.

  176. 176
    Blah blah Says:

    @to 97:

    You would likely trust a paper bag over romeny and you trust a crazy out of control spender. Over a bussiness man really is that your excuse a incompatant president over a fiscal president you have no logical or economic arguments at all. No you obviously could care less about a blanced budget you just want to suck on the governments *** obviously…trust them to take care of you lol really…ahhh your dependant on the government figures…

  177. 177
    to 97 Says:

    you lose

  178. 178
    to 97 Says:

    even you can’t claim to be religious now.

  179. 179
    to 97 Says:

    let alone moral

  180. 180
    to 97 Says:

    did you hear about that bullying incident with romney?
    guess what — he’s losing votes.

  181. 181
    j Says:


  182. 182
    j Says:


  183. 183
    j Says:

    @Dace Franco: yEAH oBAMA IS PUPPET

  184. 184
    Blah blah Says:

    @to 97:

    That incident was pretty piss poor journalism to be honest and the person who supposedly happend. To is deceased and it was 47 years ago it would be like me trying to bring up your high school years or something. I could bring up the fact obama smocked and did every drug under the sun but somehow you would make what Romney supposedly did which has been disproven as the family didn’t back it up at all…or the fact Obama pushed a girl in his youth but somehow Romney is worse my question is what are you smoking??

  185. 185
    to 97 Says:

    romney’s bullying behavior as described in this incident has been displayed many times. even in 2008.

  186. 186
    to 97 Says:

    i wouldn’t want someone like that in charge of my country

  187. 187
    Blah blah Says:

    @to 97:

    You already have someone worse in charge of your country yesh your dense as hell….

  188. 188
    to 97 Says:

    romney is worse, obama is less worse. remember that.

  189. 189
    Blah blah Says:

    @to 97:

    You aren’t even beimg specific bt 15 trillion Obama is worse but then again you deny reality. You would vote for a pencil instead of Romney although I kind of think its amusing how you seemed to have you heard in the sand for the past four years of Obama…sad really. Obama is worse Romney is better remember that but your a dense fool so I would think you would keep on living in fantasy land…where romney is worse thrn everyone. Just register democrate and get it over with you care not for the debt all you have is personal bigotry against romney and thats it. And you certainly don’t care that Obama has spent more then any other president in history yet you would still say Romney is worse for some moronic,shallow,dense,stupid reason…just don’t vote not that your vpte would matter much considering romney is gaining ground pretty quickly. Also this whole bully thing is just lousy journalism at best at worst its kind of irrelivent and means nothing now. As its in question if it even happend…

  190. 190
    to 97 Says:

    on the bullying incident…there were two stories. atta girl

  191. 191
    to 97 Says:

    one incident is verbal and the other is physical. he has a history of verbal bullying…or didn’t you notice that? oops you’re guilty of the same behavior so birds of a feather flock together.

  192. 192
    to 97 Says:

    the debates will be interesting. i wonder if he can control himself….not

  193. 193
    Blah blah Says:

    @to 97:

    I think you should worry if your boy Obama can control himself he can’t control his spending for sure…..

  194. 194
    to 97 Says:

    just for argument’s sake, how would a deficit hurt?
    what’s the big deal with spending all that money anyhow? who is it going to hurt?

  195. 195
    to 97 Says:

    what a minute…are you even american?

  196. 196
    Blah blah Says:

    @to 97: Do you really want me to into how much every person owe’s on the country’s debt?? Yes debt hurts look at europe and greece they spent like madman and now they even had to cut back on things and cut social progammes. Yes im american and yes I will vote for romney due to Obame being a incompantant bully which you accuse romney of being. Which that story is still pretty scetchy unless you buy every news story you read and have no brain to see that its a political hack job and bad journalism…

  197. 197
    to 97 Says:

    i already decided in 2008 that romney was a bully this story just subtly confirmed it.

  198. 198
    to 97 Says:

    just for argument’s sake, how would a deficit hurt?
    what’s the big deal with spending all that money anyhow? who is it going to hurt?

  199. 199
    to 97 Says:

    thought you would enjoy this

  200. 200
    Blah blah Says:

    @to 97:

    For supposedly working with money you don’t know much about how a country debt affects it. Ok the debt is 15 trillion plus we have intrest it hurts the economy because its like a weight all the money has to go to the debt more or less. And no actually the family of the guy who is deceased said the story was factually inaccurate so that is that.

  201. 201
    to 97 Says:

    i know how much the debt is. im not stupid. we disagree on how to cut it. what to spend on. things on like that. as far as romney and the bullying incident goes. there is also the situation where he would interrupt a gay student at school when he would raise his hand to give an answer with atta Girl. romney is a bully and so are you. which is why i won’t be voting for him. also your posts are boring and fail to address in anything in a logical manner. another proof of how stupid the tea partiers are.

  202. 202
    to 97 Says:

    and it still doesn’t change the fact he cuts someone’s hair against their will. held him down so he couldn’t fight. the fact he had scissors is like a weapon as far as i am concerned, even if he only intended to cut the person’s hair. i don’t see it as a gay issue, i see it as a bullying issue. the fact that he was gay is incidental. i have a right to hold my position that he is a bully, because i already formulated this position back in 2008. the fact that this news is coming out now doesn’t phase me. it merely confirms that my judgement about him is correct.

  203. 203
    to 97 Says:

    how would you like it if i cut off your ****?

  204. 204
    to 97 Says:

    if 10% aren’t working where is the extra tax revenue going to come from? the businesses are still making money hand over fist. the ceo’s are still taking home uber paychecks–money that belonged to their workers who they think of as peons. even if there was full employment there would still be a deficit because there has always been a deficit and there always will be a deficit. so you can’t say its all obama’s fault. god forbid if romney came in, there would still be a deficit. im not letting him because i don’t agree with how he wants to spend my money nor with where he wants to take our country and the wrong kind of jobs.

  205. 205
    to 97 Says:

    also it is a legal but unethical business practice to buy a company and raid it for its cash, then bankrupt it, which is what romney does.

  206. 206
    Blah blah Says:

    @to 97:

    Its the freemarket and bain capital actually helpd make staples what it is today. Although then again you just do talking points not a real logical answers cause all your answers are recycled…

  207. 207
    to 97 Says:

    you just resort to namecalling rather than making a cogent argument.

  208. 208
    Blah blah Says:

    @to 97: Did I just call you a name?? your a fool of course but thats no matter really. You would support a president who has had a awful record on economic matters as well as with other countries he is a suck up to. Back on the Bullying Obama is more of a Bully honestly seeing as he seems to like calling others names. As for this alleged romney bullying thing the family said it was factually inaccurate and yet you think its ok for Obama to openly say he pushed a girl in one of his books. Not to mention hung out did drugs drunk heavily and hung out with radicals and racists like bill ayers and Rev-wright. So I fail to see how Romney is more of a bully not to mention this fau war on women and the elderly you seem to think is happening. Oddly and ironically Obamacare took 500 billion away from medicare so who is taking away the elderly’s health insurance and benefits again?? Also didn’t Obama also say “White folks greed runs a world in need” so I fail to see how romney is radical. When you have a president saying things and doing things pretty radical really although a celeb wouldn’t notice. Also let me guess you don’t want more oil drilled for you want those losing green jobs that will never happen. As for Romney he seems to know the market better then Obama after all he got rich off it unlike Obama who got rich off of community organizing or agitating maybe a better word. Ive noticed your rather petty not going on things of defined substance but going on emtional and feelings based illogical views. Of course your a democrate so thats what you will do Obama doesn’t know how to spend money correctly he does hoever know how to wast trillions of it. And the bale out and everything is on the tax payers back so tell me what would I want some economic incompatant in office like Obama?? Answer I don’t because he has shown he isn’t up for the job of president he spent the last 2 years basically running for a 2nd term. Also did I mention he is immature and petty and a egotistical taking credit for everything even if he didn’t really do anything. The Osama thing he made the call but he didn’t pull the trigger its seal team six that deserves the most credit.

  209. 209
    to blah Says:

    bush foolishly gave tax breaks while at the same time going into an EXPENSIVE WAR. dumb! where did he think all the money was going to come from to fund this war? and who benefited from it financially and is still in business not paying enough taxes? cheney!

  210. 210
    to blah Says:

    you are making emotional arguments not logical ones

  211. 211
    Whatever Says:

    @to blah:

    You see that is why its easy to tell your a democrate because all you want is to tax. and for heaven sake please stop going back to Bush and Cheney they are gone and have been gone for four years. Obama has this mess on him now get used to it he does remind of Jimmy Carter in a lot of ways really. No im making logical arguments you are making the emotional one’s like what you said above.

  212. 212
    to blah Says:

    ridiculous. bush gave tax breaks while going off to war. DUMB! it costs money to do that. lots of it. he’s a liar and an idiot and so are you.

  213. 213
    Whatever Says:

    @to blah:

    Im not making excuses for the war now am i? Also name calling I thought you would be above that but when someone loses a argument. Name calling is the next best thing right? For instance I think the blaming of Bush for every single thing that has gone wrong is intellectually lazy and too easy it takes zero balls. Obama has spent more then any other president that isn’t counting the fact he stayed in those wars because you can’t just draw out just like that. Im guessing you want to tax everything then toilet paper,trash,wast,food,gas,cars,money,income ect. Even if we taxed everything we still couldn’t pay down the debt which you remain blissfully ignorant of it seems. which is a shame its worse then any name calling that you would be willing to fit a generation with a 15 trillion dollar debt.

  214. 214
    Kikicohen Says:

    @Blah blah:
    Hi there! Don’t mean to intrude on your conversation with “97″, but it SO reminds me of my conversations I have with my Democrat, elderly parents, who make absolutely no sense whatsoever, when attempting to explain their political choices and then become emotionally immature, belittling, non-sensical, etc., when I express anything that differs from them, which happens to be Republicsn. May I make a suggestion? It’s taken me a long time to get to this point, but I’m there now: you have to ask yourself: “What kind of challenge is there going to a “battle of wits “”with an unarmed man?Do you know what I’m saying?
    Bottomline today: USA is 15 T in debt, more people on foodstamps in US history, unemploymentANDunderemployment is over 2008 figures in some states, student loan debts highest in US history, no end in sight
    DONT blame BUSH- lame copout
    How can Romney help?? 1) NOT tax small business owners any more than they are now- this would free up funds for increased jobs and paychecks!2) do NOT redistribute wealth- this is economically and ethically wrong and creates LOW morale for those folks who have worked hard to get where they are. To “take” from one and “give” to another indiscriminately is dangerous and irresponsible.
    3) eliminate and/or pare down entitlement programs that have been PROVEN not to be effective. Forget what is “politically correct”- we, as a fiscally responsible society, must decide what is truly needed and what is not

    Sorry to rant- just heavy on my mind

  215. 215
    to kikicohen Says:

    what is your solution for people who are unemployed?….small business won’t be able to hire them all…or even half.
    you bring up food stamps….are you against people getting food stamps?
    what is your “solution” about the elderly? are you saying you are FOR taking away their social security, which they earned and paid for?
    do you define food stamps, unemployment insurance and social security as entitlement programs?
    What is your solution for the disabled?

  216. 216
    to kikicohen Says:

    bush made a calculation that the rich would give to the poor out of their own pocket for charitable causes…but that didn’t happen.

  217. 217
    don't vote for romney Says:

    Mitt Romney is claiming that, if he is elected, he will start to put out the “prairie fire of debt” sweeping the nation.

    But his tax plan, in its current form, would instead feed the flames.

    Romney is proposing to cut the top income tax rate from 35 percent to 28 percent and cut other tax rates by 20 percent, among other tax cuts. That would reduce revenue to the federal government and increase the debt and deficit, according to nonpartisan analysts.

    Romney says he will offset this lost revenue in part by eliminating deductions and loopholes in the current tax code. Yet he is decidedly mum on exactly which deductions and loopholes he will eliminate. An email to the Romney campaign asking if and when the candidate would fill in the details of his plan was not returned.

    Romney has good reason to be vague: Explaining exactly what tax breaks he would eliminate means potentially angering the voters who would be affected. But his decision not to offers details leaves Americans with no choice but to consider the plan as it now stands. According to a March Tax Policy Center analysis, Romney’s plan would add $900 billion to the deficit in 2015, when his proposed changes would go into full effect.

    Romney claims that, under his leadership, “[w]e will stop borrowing unfathomable sums of money we can’t even imagine, from foreign countries we’ll never even visit.” The Congressional Budget Office is projecting a $1.17 trillion budget deficit for the budget year that ends in September. If the deficit otherwise stays steady, Romney’s tax plan in its current form, with its projected $900 billion in lost revenue, would push that to more than $2 trillion. His plan to increase defense spending would push it even higher — one analysis found Romney’s proposals would mean $2.1 trillion in additional military spending over a decade.

    It appears, then, that if Romney wants to fulfill his promise to “stop borrowing unfathomable sums of money” while dramatically cutting taxes, he’ll have to eliminate more than $2 trillion per year from the federal budget. (Even if the as-yet-unspecified offsets save $500 billion, he’d still have to eliminate more than $1.5 trillion.) The federal government spent $3.6 trillion in fiscal year 2011, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

    Twenty percent of the 2011 budget, or $718 billion, went to defense spending, a figure that Romney says he wants increased. Romney’s proposal, with its reduction in tax receipts, would thus leave less than $1 trillion (or $1.5 trillion with the offsets) for everything else. To get there would mean drastic cuts to Social Security, Medicare, education and infrastructure programs, benefits for veterans, medical research, the FBI and border control, safety net programs that keep millions out of poverty and other federal spending. Romney does say his tax plan will gave the economy a boost, which would mean there is more overall economic output subject to taxation. But even if the boost goes beyond economists most optimistic projections, severe cuts would still be needed.

    Romney has proposed immediately cutting non-security discretionary spending by five percent upon taking office, which falls far short of the cuts needed to balance the budget. He has offered broad plans to reform entitlement programs and “streamline” government, but details are vague, and the proposals do not seem to approach the massive spending cuts that would be necessary to eliminate the deficit.

    Romney has also endorsed the House GOP budget plan, also known as the Paul Ryan plan. That plan, which proponents say would cut spending by $5.3 trillion over a decade in part by replacing Medicare with a subsidy for seniors to buy health insurance, would also fall short.

    Romney’s campaign would surely quibble with some of the specifics of this analysis, and when you’re considering complex budgetary figures and projections, there is room for discussion. But the overall picture is difficult to dispute: If Romney is going to fully put out the “prairie fire” of debt in conjunction with his current proposal to cut taxes, he’ll have to preside over the sorts of cuts to federal spending that would dramatically reshape American life. And if he pushes through those tax cuts without huge offsetting cuts to federal spending, then the “prairie fire” is going to keep on burning.

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