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Alexander Skarsgard: 'Battleship' Premiere with Liam Neeson!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'Battleship' Premiere with Liam Neeson!

Alexander Skarsgard suits up for the premiere of his film Battleship held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Thursday (May 10) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor wore a Tom Ford suit, white shirt, grey knit tie and brown leather lace up shoes.

Alex was joined at the premiere by his co-star Liam Neeson.

Battleship, about a fleet of ships forced to do battle with an armada of unknown origins in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals, hits theaters on May 18.

20+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard and Liam Neeson at the Battleship premiere…

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alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 01
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 02
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 03
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 04
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 05
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 06
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 07
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 08
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 09
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 10
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 11
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 12
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 13
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 14
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 15
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 16
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 17
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 18
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 19
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 20

Credit: Kevin Winter, Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Lunarmoon

    @Taste goes out the door:
    Yup.Finally im convinced that there is no romance. Glad thats settled. However, I am very disappointed how these CT rumours has been handled. No statement from CT or AS camps. No conformation no denials, Instead it seems they have choosen to build on it. Feeding stories to the press saying they were spotted here and there. Holding hands and so on. Bad PR for both of them, if you ask me.

  • ladybug

    @Lunarmoon: Most of those ‘holding hands’ ‘staring deeping into another’s eyes’ were from the Enquirer, not from their camps. The US story could have been from hers, but who knows.

    @Tanter, not deliberate get togethers, but running into each other on personal time (bars/restaurants) and HW related events is how I’m interpreting it.

  • Tanter

    @ladybug: Yeah, that’s what I’d think too, though I’m sure some will still believe it means something else.

    @Lunarmoon: I can see where you’re coming from but if actors start commenting on all the crap made up by gossips, they’ll end up not having to do much else, I think. If all they really are, are friends, it hardly seems reasonable that they *have* to make a comment on something made up to sell magazines or generate clicks. Ha, I wonder what Ted will say about this. He’s been pushing this story pretty hard.

  • Nice one alexander

    I don’t think there is anymore to add to the video , his goal, he is single go to a party have a few drinks and get laid because Alexander is going to be working on a few projects in the summer so he needs to get laid.
    This reminds me of last year comic con video leaving the maxim party with sexy brunette and blonde lady, they were not seen again, and it will be the same with this women, we will never see her again, unless a romance develops and then further sightings occur , But very doubtful.

  • Texas Swede

    @Lunarmoon: The stories to the press mostly come from un-named sources. I for one don’t think they should have to tell anyone who they are seeing. I look at it like this. When they are working, whether it be on set, doing promos, or events like premiers then they are officially on duty. But even then their private lives should be off limits. But when they are off duty and on there off time they should be left alone. If the paps stay a respectable distance away and don’t heckle them with rude questions and remarks then I don’t think they mind being shot in public. But when they are constantly being screamed at so they will look towards the camera it gets real annoying real fast.

    Respect their privacy the way you would want yours if you were in their position.

  • ladybug

    @Nice one alexander: The only way we’ll see her again if the paps find out who she is and stake out her house looking for signs of him.

    @Tanter, Ted will probably be disappointed. Though he’d backed off a bit on his last post I think.

    Though I wonder where our ‘he wasn’t flirting with anyone at Coachella/premiere, etc, so he and Ct must be serious’ troll is.

  • Texas Swede

    @LaLaHollywood: Easy way to solve it. The gym has my phone number. Go back there and have the GM call me. She can tell me with your permission if you were there or not. I will recognize the number from my phone record. If she does I will make a full apology to you here.

    If you really want to clear this up it is easy to do.

  • LaLaHollywood

    This is ridiculous. I am not going to do something so silly to prove myself to you.

    Despite what you seem to think, we both are trying for the same thing.

  • Texas Swede

    @LaLaHollywood: I want to be wrong so badly. But you change the version too many times. I am willing to admit I am wrong with proof. But what you say and what the GM says do not match up. You can put the matter to rest. It is in your hands. Believe me when I say that I have been sad about this ever since talking to her. I tried many times to give you a chance to clarify things without challenging you. I am sorry it turned out this way. You can fix it. It is up to you.

    Until I get a phone call I will not speak to you about it again.

  • maria

    yes is clear that alexander is a single man, what freak lies about CT, etc romances and why?i hope he enjoy his life and take care, je je.

  • LaLaHollywood

    So the only thing you are unclear about is whether I went into the gym or not?

  • LaLaHollywood

    PS I have not changed my story once. How did I change my story?

  • LaLaHollywood

    @ladybug: She is very striking. Her dress is very nice.

  • LaLaHollywood

    I would also like to point out that it doesn’t take much for someone to drive a wedge between posters here, all they have to do is thumbs down one person and not the other.

    Carry on!

  • Macy

    Can we please drop the gym nonsense? It’s taking over the whole thread. They know and they’re doing something about it, period. End of story, I don’t care who went to the gym and when. Seriously, enough already, it’s tiring to read through it all.

  • Preach


    Amen ^

  • Strange

    Saw the 2 minute clips to the new season alot of interesting things happening .It will be a exciting season and yes Eric was in the bed with Pam . Sookie , Eric & Bill working together almost everyone is shown tonight . A must see

  • Lunarmoon

    @Texas Swede:
    Guess your right. However CT camp shut fairly quickly officially down the rumours that CT and Keanu Reeves were getting serious. So once in a while they step in and take action. Apparantly it was not necessary in this case. Despite thousands of posts on the internet, and what like 2 millions hits when googling their names, and countless articels in papers. Not to mention the interviews where both of them never gave a straight answer. Yes or no.

  • Disney Villainess

    @ladybug: I always thought he purposely acted distant from those women at Coachella because he knew what their agenda was and just chose not to participate in it. Or, he just could’ve been frontin’ the whole time(LOL)……..forget what I just posted, I’m starting to babble about sh*t I really don’t need an answer to.

    @Taste goes out the door: Well, they’re all consenting adults. I didn’t see anything or anyone forced, the woman took out the garbage(LOL) and happily got back in the car. And I think the CT and AS rumor or whatever accomplished what was wanted: people talking, whether negative or postive. #KANYESHRUG

    @Preach, I second that, can the church say……….?

  • ladybug


    @Disney: Well, the CT/AS rumor did keep their names in the gossip pages. Whether that was intentional or not …. (shrugs)

  • Disney Villainess

    @Strange: OMGGGGGG. I am so f*ckin’ fangirlin’ right now. #SHAMELESSASHELL

  • ladybug
  • Macy

    That must be when Eric turned Pam. God, I can’t wait for June 10th, this better not be a sh*tty season.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: I’m presuming that’s part of the Eric/Pam flashback.
    And yeah, I’m hoping they’re more focused on the primary story, which is still the vamps. I don’t mind the other side stuff, as long as it stays side stuff.

  • ladybug

    Bad earworm:

    “I hope Taco’s Puttin’ On the Ritz plays during this scene. ”

  • LaLaHollywood

    @Macy: I do apologize. I just don’t appreciate being called a liar. You have my word I will drop it from this moment forward and not respond to any further remarks regarding it.

  • Macy

    Nobody does, but let’s just leave sleeping dogs lie ok?

    Me too, I hate that people like Arlene and Tara get so much screen time.
    Ooh, I wonder if that’s supposed to be like a Jack The Ripper type of scenario? Pam was a prostitute after all.

  • hmmmmmmm

    @Disney Villainess 217- Late to the party but so glad the video is out. The man is single and is dating. Be it CT, RM whoever. It’s called dating and he’s doing it. (More ways than one) :)

    So he says crappola like any other guy about smoking, natural girls etc.Take it for what it’s worth.

    Safe Sex Alex and I am a little jealous of that woman.

  • LaLaHollywood

    @Macy: Which is why I said I would not speak of it and am moving on. :)

    Did you all see the new promo yet? Eric in a tophat? Nice!

  • hmmmmmmm

    Here’s something I don’t get. Why does this video mean to some that he never dated CT, RM etc. If anything it shows that he is “dating” and consentling adults (even famous oscar winners) do like to have casual sex you know.

    Oh and I saw the True Blood teaser. Awesome that we get to see Eric and Pam the beginning. :)

  • LaLaHollywood

    I look forward to seeing how he turned her.

  • mforman

    @Just Asking (#178)—–I have been posting on the famewhores threads for quite sometime. I have never, ever liked her and never will, I have always made my reasons quite clear, always offering up proof to back up anything I have and will say about her. The famewhore is a waste of air and a void of a human being.
    I will continue to post until JJ stops cashing the creatures checks.
    @Texas Swede—I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but whoever it was that did what she did do AS at his gym, is truly a creepy person and I am glad that you are a fan such as myself when it comes to him because this was completely crossing the line. Sometimes it takes fans such as ourselves to step up and inform someone who can do something about it. When someone we respect and admire is taken advantage of without their knowledge, especially when it is someone who never says no to a fan, that just makes it worse.
    AS is an actor’s actor and the way he handles himself really makes you want to stand up for him, (who cares if he is a grown man).
    Those coming scenes from Season 5 look absoulutely amazing, it is going to be very hard to wait for the middle of June.
    That is one lucky girl. First she gets to ride home on his lap and then we can assume he will be spending at least tonight with her. My goodness HW seems like such a fun place to live.
    From what we could see on the video he looked just as good as he did at the Battleship premiere, I do not think that man has ever looked bad.

  • sunaru

    @mforman: Thanks. You know me. Never afraid to be or do the unpopular. Where I am in my life I just feel the need to do what I feel is right. If I am wrong I will apologize because I am also not afraid to say I am wrong. And I hope I am.

    When I first met him he was 16. He still had the gap in his teeth and was still shy. But even then he had charisma. And to see the growth in his appearance and confidence from then til now is amazing. From totally grunged out to dapper there is something about him. He looks good from one end of the spectrum to the other.

  • sunaru?


    So TexasSwede is now sunara AND TexasSwede? Kinda odd there is a person on the Kate thread defending her named uranus (sunaru backwards). How many names do you have?

  • LaLaHollywood

    LOL No comment.

  • Texas Swede

    Yep I did. And I was aiming the comment at uranus. A new poster who likes to stir things up. This the first time I have used a different name. I admit I did it. Notice uranus never post over here in Alex threads but was quick to jump in todays fiasco? They have another name too. So I used their name backwards over there and then over here to post a reply everyone would know is me to see if they would catch it. Looks like ya did. So now who is paranoid about people making up names to bash them? You can’t even confront me with your own sign on.

    So to answer your questions, I have one name but used an alias for one post only to test something.

  • Texas Swede

    @Texas Swede: I correct myself. She jumped me the day this matter started.

  • LaToya

    @hmmmmmmm: Maybe he wants his girlfriends to be natural and non smoking, but for some chick he is just going be with one night, he doesn’t care. I don’t know. Before I got married, I didn’t like smokers but if it wasn’t serious, it didn’t really matter since they weren’t around long.

  • maria

    alex looks so good always even before a party, i carry that trash for him too.and about the trailer :OMG…the hat…the face…The blood!

  • Texas Swede

    @sunaru?: Just one question. What stopped you from going to the other thread uranus post on and telling them about this? I gave you almost 2 hours.

  • uranus

    @Texas Swede: to test what? you crazy. you’re taking this stupid forum too seriously man

  • ladybug

    @hmmmmmmm:”Why does this video mean to some that he never dated CT, RM etc” I don’t think it’s that he ‘never’ dated CT: at least for the CT thing there seemed to be small push to make it more serious than it probably was. As for the Italian skydiver, the source for that is a tabloid on par with The Enquirer for reliability and facts, so other than being at a party at Coachella together, I don’t think anything happened. Or with RiRi.

    @LaLaHollywood, even though Pam’s origin story has changed from the books, I hope they keep the fact that he probably turned her because he could see how strong, smart and feisty she was and decided she’d make a a good vamp.

  • Disney Villainess

    @hmmmmmmm: Yes, you were very late, I had the popcorn, drinks, and all that sh*t; it was very entertaining.;-P

    @hmmmmmmm: “Why does this video mean to some that he never dated CT, RM etc. If anything it shows that he is “dating” and consentling adults (even famous oscar winners) do like to have casual sex you know.”

    I most definitely know. It’s probably shocking for some, to actually see, that Alex does indeed get his **** wet on occasion. Generally speaking, dude is obviously not sworn to any form of celibacy. Everyone’s single and havin’ some d*mn fun, why the hell not, TBH?

  • I feel sorry for her

    Why do some posters believe they she is just a one night stand hit it and quit it the following day ?
    And they made her pick the bottles up? She was closer to the car door then Alexander so she seen the bottles didn’t want them under her feet and put them in the bin,nice to see a lady keep her country tidy and Alex was very comfortable to allow the lady to sit on his lap in the car
    and she was comfortable with him and how do we know that is not his new girlfriend.
    Whom he wishes to keep quite for now, because clearly she knew them all from the video.

    It’s a shame across the forums there ripping into the lady for no reason low self esteem , paid hooker one nighter etc a cleaner for picking up bottles For Alexander and pals.

    Poor lady

    I think she looks very nice and decent and an unknown , well done Alex

  • marissa forman

    One night stand or not, AS looked like him and his friends were having a good time, and sorry that is all that matters to me.
    AS is probably casually dating a number of women and why shouldn’t he, he works so hard, and has even more work lined up, so I think it is great whenever we get to see photos or videos of him smiling and relaxing.
    @Texas Swede—You crack me up.

  • boardsonfire

    @I feel sorry for her:

    I agree 110 % everything you said #294. But haven’t you learned Alex is not allwed to date any pretty, skinny and YOUNG girl/woman. His fan “girls” want to see him as a monk/celibateur, gay or preferably a toy boy for older women.

  • Macy

    @boardsonfire: @I feel sorry for her:
    I don’t think that’s the case at all. Only a couple of people said that. The rest congratulated him on having some fun and thought the video was amusing. I specifically said that I thought the hand on her *ss and thigh was great. I still think it was funny she took the bottles out though, she didn’t look pleased about it, but it was funny none the less. Nobody is complaining about recycling, it’s merely amusing they got that on tape is all.

  • LaToya

    Well personally it doesn’t matter to me if she is a one night stand or his girlfriend, either way good for him. I was just offering up a reason to the poster who was wondering why he would be leaving with someone that is smoking. The man is allowed to date or have any type of relationship he likes.

  • LaToya

    Wow, sorry if that came off a little snotty. I just read it back and I didn’t mean for it to sound like that..

  • Too funny

    Yes she didn’t look best pleased with taking the bottles out, but maybe she wasn’t expecting rubbish in the car, so she took them to the trash can.What’s worse for her is that it is being filmed , so some posters assumed Alex made her take them to the trash can because he was standing by her when she was clearing the car
    i don’t know who’s car it was but for example if it was Alexander’s and pals rubbish they should have put it in the trash can themselves not someone else especially your date.This is the last comment on the rubbish, because it is a bit petty and an edited video that doesn’t show all facts.At least Alex and Keith are having some fun.