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Charlize Theron & Jackson Board Private Plane in Paris

Charlize Theron & Jackson Board Private Plane in Paris

Charlize Theron carries her baby boy, Jackson, while getting on a private plane on Thursday (May 10) in Paris, France.

The 36-year-old actress’s Snow White and the Huntsman co-star, Kristen Stewart, was also spotted boarding a jet en route to London.

In case you missed it, check out a brand new Snow White clip where the title character (Stewart) takes on the Evil Queen (Theron).

Snow White and the Huntsman, co-starring Chris Hemsworth, hits theaters June 1!

FYI: Charlize is wearing a Leslie Fremar for Fruit of the Loom t-shirt and earrings by Dana Rebecca Designs. Kristen is wearing Bloch‘s “Hannah” shoes.

10+ pictures inside of Charlize Theron, Jackson, and Kristen Stewart boarding a plane in Paris…

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  • Tam

    That Kristen thing takes herself so seriously, as if she’s an A class actress.

  • Strange

    Love Charlize . Kristen not so much . Hello Jackson he is so cute .

  • Carla

    @Tam: I think the fact that she has a movie lined up for Cannes means other important people take her seriously as well

  • Lovely

    Angelina 2.0

  • Millie

    Love them both!!! Independent, individual, strong minded and beautiful ladies!!! Wish there were more like them in hollwood!

  • Lara

    I love that they have so much respect and admiration for each other! They really get on and have lots of laughs together! It is wonderful to see in a World full of competition and especially female jealousy!

  • Becs

    Charlize has said such wonderful things about Kristen as an actress and a person and Kristen has done the same about Charlize! Thats what I call respect!

  • Jen

    Love them!!!! Can not wait to see SWATH!!! Looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fiona

    London for Kristen and then Cannes! Very excited for her!

  • Sal

    They are both so beautiful!

  • Max

    Two of my favorite actresses! Looking forward to seeing them in action for SWATH!

  • Tam

    @Carla Having people lined for your movie, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are talented. And Justin Bieber is a good example.

  • @Tam

    Oh dear Tam…I believe Carla meant the movie is in the Cannes line up…not that people are lined up for it!!!!!!!!! Cannes is a huge honor!

  • Dawn

    These ladies are AWESOME!!! SWATH, OTR and Promethus all coming out soon!!! Very exciting times!

  • maya

    awww..that’s the cutest baby ever! Look at his little face nestled comfortably in momma’s shoulder. So cute!

  • Lilla

    That close up picture of her & Jackson is so beautiful.

  • not again

    OK, so now are we going to have to see her on JJ everyday? Now is the time to part company with this blog. I will un-bookmark this blog. I will not be able to stand seeing her everyday.

  • stupidsexyflanders

    beautiful pic of mom and son. well done Charlize.

  • what a sweet heart

    AWWWWWWWW this is too adorable so cute look at his face on his mama’s shoulders and the way she is holding him, this is such a beautiful picture, oh and Charlize looks stunningly beautiful!!

  • g

    Ct and Jackson _ Luv them <3

  • Lise

    @17: bye bye, no one will miss you here. No more whining about Kristen being a fame whore and a dirty unwashed hobo. Her daily coverage will attract more of her fans, which is great.

  • Paula

    Beautiful people!

  • topic of discussion

    Level 2 of T.O.P Look people, look see I do spend time with me baby all by myself look I am a good mother. Don’t believe the hype, it’s all hype. All these actress uses babies has a selling point to get sympathy from the audience to buy their perfume, to go to their movies, talk about them. (Take your money and your time) Don’t be blind just because she is hot, she doesn’t have a choice, she has to be to sell you the BS that she is better than you and you want to be her. She is an actress her job is to deceive you. Yes she is pretty and talent but it all in the name of FAME and staying the Topic of discussion. I hate blind worship she is not a goddess and this is not envy but she’s selling BS that I am not buying this baby is way too time convenient. but thumb me down because truth is lost to most of you.

  • Helen

    When Victoria beckham wears high heels while carrying Harper everybody criticize her but when Charlize does ??

  • Peach

    @not again: Why leaving you can come here and say what ever you want even if you are arrowed red

  • sofia

    @topic of discussion: go chill you psycho freak, seriously calm the fuk down you jealous envious looser, don’t blame other people because of your own issues, there is nothing wrong here you crazy freak, it’s just a mother with her son going to take an airplane, flash news these 2 ppl are famous personalities. if you can’t handel it then don’t watch their movies don’t read their news, and start by stop following every detail news about them, as writing in their thread as you do, speak what you preach hypocrite freak.

  • pan

    Congrats to Kristen and Charlize! I can’t wait for SWATH and Cannes Film Festival. What a huge honor it is to have one of Kristen’s movies being played there!! So glad to see strong women!
    *if you don’t like seeing Kristen on JJ then you don’t have to click on her post. Just scroll down. geez*
    And it’s promo time for Kristen…obviously she’ll be all over the place because it’s called promoting…it’s her job to promote the movies she’s in. It’s not like she asks to be photographed. She obviously doesn’t want to be.

    A lot of people were asking why Kristen was at the MET Gala…well for one thing, she was invited and she was there with the director for Balenciaga! She is their new face for the new fragrance and she also is there because she has new and upcoming projects!!!! GOSH, I don’t know how people are so ignorant and have no clue. They always trash talk Kristen but they dont even know what’s going on.

  • dani

    Charlize just got voted sexiest actress by Victoria secret angels, i couldn’t agree more she is pure hotness!!!

  • Whycantipost

    @topic of discussion:

    I asked you a question in the previous topic, why don’t you answer it? I don’t know if u are trolling, but why do you CT is like this? Do you feel the same way about other single actresses who adopted? And once again, WHY? :O
    On topic: that little boy is so cute, he makes me smile

  • Alex leave CT alone

    We know darn well when Charlize gets back to LA were going to be plastered with tweet sighting of her and that overrated Swedish they can an actor alexander skarsgard.
    Dude is desperate for an Oscar a list GF go back to z list kbosworth she will take you back and drop molish

    I am surprised they haven’t been spotted sneaking away somewhere

    Alex leave CT alone she doesn’t need you only keanue reeves for CT

  • Smiles

    She’s a Saint you know at least these losers believe so. She’s a fake. A fake in high heels.

  • Smiles

    Right after you, you dump fool. Keep believe what they are producing. Keep on those rode color glasses. But you are right I will give you that she is a good actress, she keeps fooling all of you every day.

  • Whycantipost

    @Alex leave CT alone:

    Maybe you should follow gossip more, because both CT and AS have denied they are dating. Even if they were, who cares? As long as they are happy right? Don’t think CT is dumb enough to fall for someone who uses her and don’t think AS is someone who is using people to get fame.
    imo I think CT should be with someone who is the same talent/succes-wise. She was with Townsend for a very long time but he was less succesful. That was one of the reasons they broke up she said in interviews. I can understand this, I’m sure it is frustrating being in the same profession and one person is doing a lot better than the other.
    (and not to troll, but I think Keanu is nowadays less famous than AS, but mkay)

  • topic of discussion

    You have eyes you can see, don’t look at how pretty she is, irrelevant. They all are most of the time aren’t they have you ever seen a ugly celeb. NO! There is a reason for that. It’s a game a money game, she makes they make. HW one on one. The timing is exceptional, exceptional now not only is she being talked about personal but professional. She took a private on the new post but to Paris she used a usual one why. So we can see her being a mom you know. IF she didn’t want to be seen and it very easy for Celeb to move invisible at airports. But she did it so there would be pap shots of her and the baby you know being a mom. Because people have been saying that she is a bad one. You think they don’t know what you are saying about them. They know and their people know and they fix it.

  • topic of discussion

    Wow why are you so worked up? Do you work on her team? Do you have information to disprove mine? If so please share. I will leave you to it, I hope you get this work up in real life about things that matter to you not about a celeb that you DON’T know her behind the scenes life. Because when the camera are not there she is living her real life which you know nothing about.

  • Fran

    @Alex leave CT alone:

    Whats your problem ? Charlize has said she was single, and AS has said he was not in any relationship what bit don’t you understand ? Jealous much ?

    And as for reeves Charlize and reeves go back a long way and are old friends not lovers

  • Carla

    @Tam: I meant to say that her movie is being shown at Cannes festival, which is a very big deal.

  • Single?


    Was Charlize ever asked about dating Alex? for her to respond she was single?
    I know Alex mentioned he was not in a relationship? but I think that E interviewer confused him about the dating question and it led to an awkward response

    I don’t know how they both classify the term SINGLE/ DATING isn’t it different for each country the term could mean nothing serious, casual only, not attached to anyone, not married, etc

  • baugh

    Oh what a precious baby.

  • Dieter

    I just creamed my jeans on her ass !!!

  • Madeleine

    Charlize is so beautiful!

  • sofia

    @topic of discussion: working in her team huh?? you serisouly need some help wow, just because im not trolling and hating blindly on a mother walking with her son like you?? just because im not a desperated hater like you who have nothing to do in her life but hating like a hysterical freak, who are utrying to convice like that lol?? you pathetic sad self? look at you reapting yourself over and over like a psycho freak getting all hysterical, as if she was the first celebrity ever to be taking by paparazzis, you are pathetically rididclous, the more you talk the more crazy you sound ,that’s all what you have found to say lol??

  • wth

    Those alexander whatever f-k fanatic fat ugly girl fans are really f-cked up, Charlize is single she is not with that z list fame h* so get over it, especially you – topic of discussion- he ignores you b!atch safe your hateful energy and GET A F-KING LIFE.

  • topic of discussion

    @ wtf Haha Wow still very angry huh, losers. I bet you cry when you look in the mirror and you wish she was your friend. I can tell you have no friends. But continue being blind. For Skarsgard he has got his hands full haven’t you hear and if anyone is chasing him it’s CT her people has been feeding US weekly gossip about the two of them. But of course she is above that because she is private lol.
    I am just laughing at how stupid you all are, PR works wonders not for you sad people but for celebs but then again you don’t work in HW so you have no idea, they love that you don’t so they can get your money so go spend it on her perfumes, movies and what BS she is selling you.
    Please don’t pull something in your next post you sound so very upset you would believe I was talking about someone you knew.

  • sofia

    @topic of discussion: ohh finally you show your true colors, you should have started labeling yourself as an AS delusional psycho fan…that would have been much more easier lol, as for these rumors it’s actually a downgrade for such an A list intenational oscar winner like Theron to be linked with that d list actor of a vampire series who is more known for being in the tabloids scandals with his other d list k bosworth than his career(‘if he got one), his PR teams are famous for that, since he is irrelevant, that’s all what he got, unlike Theron who is known for her accomplished resepcted career tha tabloids, and the way some of his trolls fans like you who spend their time stalking Theron threads says a lot about you, and your intentions get clear here, the one who talks about someone as if she knew him it’s you, the way you talk about AS and his hands..speaks volumes, im not upset im actualy laughing at your ridiclous non sense hate, i wish to ppl like you some good help and a littel bit of life…

  • topic of discussion

    You’re a waste, just a waste and vile. His hands full is an expression can you read?! I never said she was the only one all these celebs play this game d list and a list according to you. Hilary Swank won an oscar she is playing the game too. They all are. But as i said go buy her perfume so you can smell like her.

  • sofia

    @topic of discussion: why do i have to by her perfurme lol, why you are assuming this, just because im not hating blindly on a mother( who did nothing wrong to me) walking with her son taking an airplane lol? can you stop for a second and listen to yourself, just because im not full of hate?? i don’t know what is wrong with you…… this is borderline

  • whyohwhy

    He is adorable and I wish her all the best but whyohwhy do these actresses walk in these extra high heels whlile holding a child or pregnant. Taking a chance there ladies.

  • joan

    It see. The way for these white female has-been actresses to be noticed on a daily basis, to revive their fading careers, is to adopt a Black baby. This gets them noticed again. Look what it did for Sandra Bullock.

  • fab

    @joan: Who’s fading career? if you are talking about Charlize Theron you are completly wrong my dear, she is on top and that way before adopting, She’s Been nominated on several awards shows received acclaimed reviews about her performance and honoring awards for her indie film Young Adult, is on one of the most anticipated movies( whom she signed on last year) of the summer Prometheus, SWATH, will do a George Miller movie this summer (signed on it last year) , so your ignorant stupid thought is fading and failing big time. Next time you’d like to spread your ignorant stupid hate at least do your home work before.