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Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Holding Hands in NYC!

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Holding Hands in NYC!

Ryan Gosling and girlfriend Eva Mendes hold hands on a romantic stroll on Thursday (May 10) in New York City.

The 31-year-old actor and the 38-year-old actress grabbed some coffee to go from Panya Bakery in the East Village. Later in the day, Ryan went on a solo walk around Soho.

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In case you missed it, check out the just released trailer for Ryan‘s new film The Gangster Squad, co-starring Emma Stone and Sean Penn.

Make sure to catch Eva‘s new film Girl in Progress, in theaters this weekend!

FYI: Eva is wearing Stuart Weitzman‘s “Alex” wedges.

10+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes out and about in New York City…

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ryan gosling eva mendes holding hands 01
ryan gosling eva mendes holding hands 02
ryan gosling eva mendes holding hands 03
ryan gosling eva mendes holding hands 04
ryan gosling eva mendes holding hands 05
ryan gosling eva mendes holding hands 06
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129 Responses to “Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Holding Hands in NYC!”

  1. 1
    Fassdong Says:

    So they’re still together i see….

  2. 2
    Eman Says:

    They confuse the Hell out of me. lol

  3. 3
    Laís Says:

    So they’re still together i see….²
    she is so ugly!!i miss the perfect couple ryan and rachel mcaddams!!

  4. 4
    Amanda Says:

    Well, these pictures are just like a dagger to the heart aren’t they?

  5. 5
    KC Says:



    Not like you have any chance with him!

  6. 6
    Claire Says:

    @KC: a girl can dream, right?

  7. 7
    Flop Says:

    LOL Ah, a photo-op before her movie that NOBODY cares about bombs. The reviews are already terrible, her career is in the toilet. When was the last time she even worked?

  8. 8
    Wow... Says:

    She’s 38!?……good genes….

  9. 9
    Laurel Says:

    @Flop: Pictures of Eva and her hot, young boyfriend are hardly going to drive people to the theatre to see her movie. This “PR-couple” crap has been beaten to death.

  10. 10
    Jeh Says:


    Don’t question it, be happy about it! Besides a small bit cameo in a French film, Eva hasn’t done ANYTHING since she got with Ryan. This is a good thing since she sucks at acting. Seems like Gosling might be a chauvenist and doesn’t like women working. Again though, in Eva’s case, this is a good thing!

  11. 11
    KC Says:

    Not a hater, but her nose is so….unfortunate.

  12. 12
    Jojo Says:

    They’re like exactly the same couple as Timberlake/Biel. Insecure, mommy-obsessed MMC-er with a manfaced, talentless C-Lister who clings to them and have no identity or career outside of them (though Biel has given some decent performances and is still steadily working, to be fair. Plus she doesn’t look like a complete tranvestite like Mendes).

  13. 13
    Emm Says:


    They still need to stay together till their flop movie comes out. Wasn’t it just rejected by Cannes? A.K.A. it probably sucks (not suprising considering the cast).

    Since Eva has no real life or career anymore, maybe she can compete on RuPaul’s drag race. I’d say she win easily! Especially after that awful dress she wore at the MET Ball.

  14. 14
    Maddie Says:

    I keep forgetting Eva’s pushing 40. I thought she was around the same age as Ryan!

  15. 15
    enternow Says:


    Agreed. I don’t care about her enough to dislike her since she’s pretty irrelevant and Gosling isn’t hot or attractive to me at all but I think that’s why I’ve never found her that hot. The HUGE nose. She’s had work done so if she can do something about that nose, she’d look a lot better IMO.

  16. 16
    Jen Says:

    I’m saying this as someone who doesn’t dislike Eva at all: She is NOT playing this right. She really should stop clinging to Ryan for her own sake. It seems like she has no life anymore but slaving over him and being his new mommy. This is a time in her career where she NEEDS to be working. She’s 40 soon, she’s not very talented, I’m afraid it’s over for her pretty much. Girl in Progress was basically her last ditch effort and it’s a bomb, already awful reviews and it’s been dumped in limited release.

    Since she never wants to get married nor have kids, they’ll be over sooner or later, then what’s going to happen to her? She’s going to have nothing left.

  17. 17
    Case Says:


    She’s not even the lead in Girl in Progress. Cierra Ramirez, the daughter character, is the star, lead, and main character. The poster is very misleading. (I’ve seen it, it’s not AWFUL but it’s completely forgettable and should have just premiered on Lifetime).Eva has NEVER been and will never be the lead. I don’t see why she won’t keep just doing the same small supporting roles she’s always done into her 40s. But instead of “hot girl” roles, they’ll now be mom roles.

  18. 18
    Maddie Says:

    @Jen: Jen, you’re her therapist, right? Or….?

  19. 19
    MBX Says:

    Ryan and his mom before Mother’s Day. Cute!

  20. 20
    Flo Says:

    He’s an immature manchild who’s still desperately trying to hang on to his childhood with the Disneyland ,candy, monsters, and magic crap which at 31 is NOT cute, and she’s an utterly vapid bimbo. The conversations between these two are definitely on the level of a 10 year old. There’s really nothing to be jealous of girls. Take him off your pedastal, he is NOT the kind of person you want to be in a relationship with, unless you like being a mommy to grown men.

  21. 21
    Kris Says:


    That was mean but I LOL’d. Yeah, I’m starting to think he really is a manchild with a serious mommy complex. A few years ago for some reason I thought it was kinda cute (like the whole Sandra Bullock thing) but not anymore. He’s 31 years old, he should grow up.

  22. 22
    Laurel Says:

    Mommy Complex? She’s not THAT much older than him, guys. If she was, like, 50 yrs old, maybe.

  23. 23
    TheEricaStar Says:

    Sexy Couple he’s hot he gets better as he gets older I remember him as the dorky kid in remember the titans he’s come along way! Yum

  24. 24
    surf's up Says:

    Ryan GOsling is pretty cute (though I never noticed his vague hotness before his great acting in films such as Ides of March (what a pretentious name and overblown concept btw), Drive, etc). I don’t like Mendes bcoz she seems really stupid in every interview! However, you can’t deny she’s got an unique hotness that’s ultra watchable onscreen. Gosling is probably one of those super easy going types who enjoys the drama-queen type. Good boyfriend material so let’s not be jealous haters here.

  25. 25
    Ash Says:

    Yeah, she looks like a man, but HE is not hot at all. Completely bland, generic, and mediocre looking. So all you fangirls that are wondering why he can’t do any better, it’s because he himself is nothing special. What a basic, boring couple with no chemistry whatsoever. Why are you all so invested in it LOL?

  26. 26
    Mosley Says:

    If this low class bimbo hasn’t annoyed the hell out of him, he is either brainwashed or awfully dumb. But this looks like another staged photo op for her bad movie (reviews are really bad) and his recently released trailer for Gangster Squad (also getting mixed reviews, and esp. him not looking good in it) They are not even trying to look like they are having fun.

  27. 27
    Hess Says:

    He keeps Eva around because mommy Donna approves. Probably not because she paticuarly likes her, but because Eva never wants to get married and doesn’t want kids which means this relationship will never get too serious (like it did with McAdams which she did NOT like), therefore mommy Donna will ALWAYS remain the #1 woman in Ryan’s life.

  28. 28
    marcie Says:

    She says she wants to have babies with him now. She said she’s on a mission to get pregnant! Ryan, please no!!! They are so many other more suitable women out there for you. What are you thinking!!!!?

  29. 29
    gina Says:

    Well, she has no movies lined up, and hasn’t for a while. Maybe she’s quit work to be housewife for Ryan?

  30. 30
    Hmm Says:


    He’s low class too,IMO. He’s insecure and tries desperately hard to mask it with the over-the-top fashion and contrived good guy image but there’s something naturally grimy about him. He lived in a trailer park growing up! As previous posters mentioned, he’s immature as hell and they’re conversations together probably would make you lose braincells. Why exactly do people think he’s smart?

    I wonder if he’s seen the youtube video of her letting out a huge ****. She’s gross LMAO

  31. 31
    vish Says:

    Ok, what’s exactly being an adult to you folks? Just because the guy likes things considered “childish” doesn’t mean he’s a goddamn peter pan (and I’m pretty sure everybody here indulges to stupidities very often too). His relationship with Eva is what they want it to be and it’s none of anybody’s business to put it in question. Let them live it. If she’s the worst actress in Holywood, bad for her, it’s her path in life to know how to grow a better person and professional, and, again, it’s none of our business. Don’t like her movies? Just don’t watch ‘em! These hate comments are so sad and out of purpose that I feel they’re doing just right in being on their own as much as they please. If she’s a diva, despicable person as everybody loves to state here, nobody knows for sure and Ryan is not a God himself either. This HAS to stop, seriously!

  32. 32
    Trish Says:

    Gosling and Timberlake are EXACTLY the same . Gosling is just a much better actor. But Timberlake (who gets much more hate) being more up-front about his smug douchiness and try-hardness actually makes me respect him more than Gosling who is more phony.

  33. 33
    Robin Says:


    And I don’t get the appeal of EITHER of them. They’re so average looking, seriously. At least Pitt, Depp, and Dicaprio (well when he was younger) were all good looking. But cross-eyed, weasel faced Gosling and rat-faced Timberlake. Really ladies?!?

  34. 34
    carrie Says:

    I think he’s definintely modeling himself after Clooney and Dicaprio (and Penn too). Eva is just like and no better than a Stacy Keibler or swimsuit model. They all like to date vapid bimbos who can’t challenge or threaten them intellectually or career wise. Then after a while will get rid of them when their expiration date comes and replace them with another bimbo.

  35. 35
    sweetness Says:

    They’re an odd couple. She’s so harsh looking and he’s a bit whimpy next to her. She’s not an actress one is interested in seeing in a film. No charisma.

  36. 36
    Mosley Says:

    @Hmm: You are prob right in some regards, but at least he made some really smart decisions with some of his movies, and he gave crazy good performances in them too.

  37. 37
    Frankie Says:

    I like both of them but they’re nowhere near as hot together as I would’ve thought. They look very mismatched, there is no heat at all. I agree that he looks a little whimpy next to her.

  38. 38
    Gilmore Says:

    I don’t really understand this relationship. Like, he’s hot, she’s hot and yet I still can’t find them hot together. And sometimes I feel like their off than they’ll be sightings of them saying their on, I don’t know it’s weird imo.

  39. 39
    fern Says:

    fake couple

  40. 40
    Dave Franco Says:

    I see the jealous ones come out of their shell… Gosling is da man, and if he’s happy, who cares. Yeah eva is just using him but I’m pretty sure this won’t last.

  41. 41
    Please Says:

    @Dave Franco:

    If Gosling’s “da man” then he should be doing better than a manfaced chick pushing 40. More like he’s a chump.

  42. 42
    LOL Says:

    Why does he like old women so much? His next girlfriend will be Betty White!

  43. 43
    Sol Says:

    If Eva Mendes is “old”, then I’m John Travolta. And who the hell would wanna be him?

  44. 44
    MKHAY Says:

    Dear god. Hes just… yum…

  45. 45
    seed Says:

    A lot of haters on here seething with jealousy lol

  46. 46
    Gary Says:

    I wonder why she bother you people. That’s so naive!!

  47. 47
    Ren Says:

    Huh. Why does he just look so .. I don’t know? I can’t figure out if it’s bored, angry, unhappy, maybe he’s just tired, maybe he saw the paps and is annoyed, maybe he’s lost in thought? All possible. She looks a little psyched in that third photo. Im perplexed. That dude looks happier walking down the streets of NYC with his actual mom (photos from New Years). I’d love to see a photo where they are both looking in love and happy. I mean they’re together so why not?

  48. 48
    Jake Says:

    Why do people think this plain douche is good looking?

    And Eva is old by Hollywood standards, hence why she no longer works. Her time is up.

  49. 49
    Missy Says:

    @marcie: What interview did she say she wants babies now? She’s said sooo many times that she doesnt have a maternal bone in her body and she’s left it too late as well, its very dangerous to have babies at her age, and she wil probably be going through menopause pretty soon anyway

  50. 50
    Eva Says:

    is pregnant??

  51. 51
    Ky Says:

    @Missy: She never said she wanted kids in an interview. But there was a tabloid story recently claiming that she wanted Ryan to be the father of her babies. Whatever.

  52. 52
    kidinasuit Says:

    @Laís: you’re the ugly one

  53. 53
    Lena Says:

    I feel like I’m the only person in world who thinks they make a great couple. lol

  54. 54
    T Says:

    @Laurel: I have no opinion of her one way or another, but these comments are ridiculous. She’s not that old and the age difference is not that large. He is not some early 20-something, he is nearly 32! People can dislike them, but to call her old and saying she is his mom’s age is really grasping at straws. Funny, you don’t see those comments for Rachel McAdams, who has an even bigger age difference with her boyfriend.

  55. 55
    Emma Says:

    She looks so terrible without make upp.But she is hot!!!

  56. 56
    Kk Says:

    Look, as a female i’m still catching up with the whole “ryan gosling is god” thing (although he looks pretty good here), BUT even I can say he is too attractive for her. He looks like a nice, decent man and i don’t get that vibe from her at all. I wish him all the best regardless.

  57. 57
    Sarah Says:


    Naive? I think you should look up the definition of this work in a dictionnary before using it again.. I’m saying this in your interest

  58. 58
    Missy Says:

    I think half of why they look so mismatched is how she dresses! It’s just so odd and not fashionable, she wears things that are out dated or have never been in fashion EVER! Come on, she has that crap 80′s jumper on again, genie pants and of course the only shoes she ever wears and must have 50 pairs of, espadrilles! If she was wearing something like, skinny jeans, a band tshirt and some boots like he’s wearing, and aviator sunglasses, I think people would think they were more suited. But she just can’t do dressed down casual, she always looks over done.
    I don’t think they are going to go the distance, it’s only a matter of time, they are too different, and I think they live and want very different lifestyles, but the longer he stays with her, sadly the more it lessens my opinion of him.

  59. 59
    Ace Says:

    @T: ITA. No doubt, these are the same women (Yes, some of them are in their late 20s and 30s writing this immature crap) who will complain about men their age going for younger women and oh how SO unfair it is for older women in Hollywood and life in general, boo–hoo. Yet they make these sexist comments about Eva. Ridiculous and I actually feel embarrassed for them.
    We’re all going to be old one day, if we’re lucky!
    I think Eva and Ryan make a good looking couple, some fan girls however are stuck in 2004. Rachel has moved on. And the notebook was just a movie!
    I know it’s hard, but get over it! Rachel has and apparently, so has Ryan.

  60. 60
    anon Says:

    @Missy: How in the hell does she look overdone in the photos above?

  61. 61
    Gary Says:

    You are too thick‐skinned to take a hint from my sarcastic remark like that. And check your spelling mistake!

  62. 62
    Missy Says:

    @anon: Ah, she’s wearing heals to get coffee

  63. 63
    MrsKutcher Says:

    i used to like him at “lars and the real girl” time but now he is becoming these hollywood wannabe its discusting…..when you see his interviews during the promotion for “drive” and “the ides of march” he is a real douche….eva mendes is also a wannabe has no talent at all she is probably going the casting couch way she is almost 40 her career is over but i doubt she ever had one….so why do people care about these two??

  64. 64
    abs Says:


    so whaaat? you’re just jealous. admit it !!!

  65. 65
    R Says:

    This is a dream couple! they are too beautiful and sexy! Ryan is one of the biggest actors in the world and she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world, Brangelina will be obsolete?

  66. 66
    lucy Says:

    I really miss the ryan he was before all this PR show, before he dates this tacky bimbo. After Cannes festival last year, he was at the top, had an image of a serious actor and now she’s pushing him down , she’s ruining his image. They seem to be so different , I can’t get he loves such a superficial women. She has a lot of ambition but absolutly no talent, is always talking about the way she looks, I hardly knew she exist before he dates her. And like Missy said, the longer this relationship will last the more it lessons my opinion of him.

  67. 67
    eleonora Says:

    does he EVER simile these days? they both look just sad

  68. 68
    farrah Says:

    I’m sorry, but I just can’t support them as a couple. I’ve tried, honestly. But I just don’t like her, Sure she’s beautiful, but there’s way too many accounts from people who have met her or worked with her who say he’s really rude and b1tchy to people she doesn’t deem “worthy” of her. And I know Ryan is said to be one of the most down to earth, nice celebrities there is. What the heck is he doing with her? And for so long? I’m thinking his niceness might be contrived.

  69. 69
    Ace Says:

    Jealousy is such an ugly trait…

  70. 70
    lucy Says:

    @eleonora: he looks very sad even when he’s alone – maybe he’s suffering because it seems that a lot of people despise her- and he ‘s in love with her !!?!!she doesn’t look sad but fool, like nothing is with her and full of herself.

  71. 71
    Laurel Says:

    @T: You made a good point bringing up Rachel Mcadams and her boyfriend’s age difference. Plus, the met on the set of their movie too but I’ve never heard anyone say they do “photo-ops” for attention. Why do people accuse Ryan and Eva of this stuff?

  72. 72
    paula Says:

    I would like her more if she didn’t have such a reputation for being so horrible. No, I’m not jealous. I don’t care about either one of them. But a friend of mine witnessed her being very rude and condescending to a waitress at the restaurant. I’m sorry, but there’s no excuse for that. I don’t care how beautiful you are. She’s not respectful of people in service jobs.

  73. 73
    JN Says:

    Watch. Eva won’t take any more jobs. She has now been appointed housewife to Ryan. Rachel (who can act circles around Eva) also stopped working (or worked a lot less) when she was with Ryan. I see a trend here. I wonder why?

  74. 74
    eleonora Says:

    well, he is a grown man, I don’t think he need people approval to be happy with someone he loves…
    it’s been ages since he looked effortlessly happy, so I assume he’s simply unhappy, poor Ryan

  75. 75
    mandy Says:

    To me, there is no love and passion here. He has never looked that into her. He acted completely different around Rachel McAdams. Here he just looks like he’d rather be somewhere else.

  76. 76
    lily Says:

    What’s going on with Ryan’s taste in women lately? He used to have excellent taste. Now he just seems to like them talentless, vapid, superficial and dumb. Look at her interviews. All she wants to talk about is how sexy she is, and how hard it is to be beautiful. She also comes off as thinking she’s way more talented than she actually is. Yes, she has looks, but no substance. Sadly, my opinion of Ryan has been steadily declining since the end of last year.

  77. 77
    lucy Says:

    @Ace: Being jealous of eva mendes, what a ridiculous thought. I would be of Michelle williams, emma stone, carey mulligan, marion cotillard…. They’re fabulous ! And I still have not seen the notebook. Rachel and him have split for years. I just wished ryan had chosen a great company like rachel did. I think that’s why people are so disapointed.

  78. 78
    nina Says:

    Ugh, this couple. She seems so full of herself and he looks miserable with her.

  79. 79
    ernie Says:

    I’m totally into them as a couple. Actually he earned extra points in my book for hooking up with her.
    And you people with comments about her nose or whatever… Grow up. She’s effing hot. No amount of online denial will change that.

  80. 80
    Venne Says:

    @paula: When did it happen? Which restaurant?

  81. 81
    lily Says:

    always breaks my heart..

  82. 82
    hello777 Says:

    i hate these guys who bounce from woman to woman! what creeps! stay with one girl! considering how HW works these two wont last.

  83. 83
    Mosley Says:

    @ernie: She bragged about having had sex in all 50 states some years ago, yeah she is hot, a real class act. Her mother must be very proud!

  84. 84
    beauty Says:

    Latina Cindy Crawford WOW!

  85. 85
    Angela Says:

    You guys are killing me!!! lol! Life is short, give em a break guys!

  86. 86
    Missy Says:

    From lipstick alley forum:

    i know first hand that she’s a vile, nasty bish. my first and most memorable encounter with her was at the wrap party for the movie ‘all about the benjamins’. it was held at a small, intimate, lovely venue in hollywood. everyone there was in a jolly mood…including all the stars of the movie.

    anyway, i had one of my homegirls with me. she’s a white cuban. she had just moved out here from florida. she was missing the intense cuban ethnic identity that is just non-existent in cali. she was accustomed to everything around her being cuban.

    so i GUESS eva is cuban or half cuban? anyway, my friend was soooo excited to meet her. she wanted to bond with her on the cuban tip. all night i had been watching eva and she looked snarly. i warned my friend. but she didn’t listen.

    anyway, eva was walking by and my friend walked up to her and said, “hi ms. mendes. i just want to tell you that i’m very proud of you and the work you do. i’m cuban like you are and i just want to let you know that you’re a great role model and we are all very proud of you.”

    and i swear to you eva looked her up and down with a snarl and said, “and…so what do you want me to say to that?”

    so everyone just kind of stood there stunned. ice cube was standing near enough to listen and he even had a look on his face like, “DAMN BISH!”

    and then she rolled her eyes and flounced away. my friend was embarassed and wanted to die. after that night she hated the bish.

    i’ve ran into eva two more times at events…and each time, while i didn’t approach the bish (i have never been a fan with her big teeth)…i could see that she was still just as snarly.

  87. 87
    Nanci Says:


  88. 88
    Maggie Says:

    Whenever this guy’s name comes up, I go straight to the comments. I find it so interesting that you guys make these comments about people that you don’t even know. You don’t have a clue what their relationship is like! Get a life!

  89. 89
    Maggie Says:

    @lol fangirls:

    Totally Agree!

  90. 90
    traveler Says:

    @lol fangirls: I agree with you completely. This shows how women especially jealous women can be their own worst enemies. The jealous fangirls should stop attacking this woman’s age and her looks. She is by no means old and she is extremely beautiful….palpably hot. They are together because he obviously is into her. Watch his movies or don’t but don’t think that you can dictate who he dates or how he conducts his life.

  91. 91
    aine Says:

    I cant believe some people think he’s not good-looking….SHOCKING D:

  92. 92
    Halli Says:

    Ryan Gosling fangirls are the craziest.

    I had no idea so many of you know Ryan, his mother and Eva so personally. You people are deranged! You do NOT know him, or her at all so why pretend?. He is a perfect stranger to you people. He’s an actor and he gets to live his own life away from the movie screen. Please get help.

  93. 93
    frostyD Says:

    both of them seem to have the hugest egos on the planet. I give them 3 month more and they will be bored by each other.

  94. 94
    joy Says:

    I could care less about this couple but honestly, I don’t see how this relationship can last, they seem completely different.

    Anyway, I’m more interested in new Ryan & Rooney filming pics.

  95. 95
    rob Says:

    She’s hot. Jealous screeching biatches are a bone killer.

  96. 96
    Rachael Says:

    I just read this whole thread, and the venom spewed by some of these posters is unreal. smh

  97. 97
    Olivia Says:

    everytime there’s a post about them, I don’t even bother reading the article, going straight to the comments to have a good laugh

  98. 98
    joey Says:

    @ernie: She might be hot, but looks aren’t everything. She seems like a nasty b*tch. And no, I’m not a jealous fan girl. I couldn’t care less about either of them. She just looks really b*tchy to me.

  99. 99
    martine Says:

    @Missy: WOW! What a b*tch. Why is Ryan having anything do to with someone like that? Maybe he’s just as bad as she is, he just hides it better? Disappointing.

  100. 100
    zoey Says:

    Yeah, what’s the scoop on Ryan? He seems a little crazy himself.
    I’ve always got the feeling he’s not quite in the driver’s seat in his own brain. Something very strange about him.

  101. 101
    rob Says:

    @zoey: Have you read the above comments? It’s his obsessed, jealous fangirls who are crazy.

  102. 102
    zoey Says:

    @rob: No, it’s not the fangirls . I don’t really care about them. It was just an observation I have from Ryan’s interviews and appearances, etc.

  103. 103
    Bel la Says:

    I think the rumor is that eva mendes is the one who is crazy jealous, she stayed in thailand the whole time keeping an eye on her prize. Give me a break, why would i be jealous about such an ugly (inside and out) person!

  104. 104
    gina Says:

    My impression is she’s a really insecure woman. She has to be watching him all the time, making sure he doesn’t cheat. What does that say about the relationhsip? Not very healthy if you ask me.

  105. 105
    lol Says:

    Jealous @ss white girls. With your pale ghostlike faces, and flat butts.

  106. 106
    lily Says:

    @Flo: grown people like disney get over it.

  107. 107
    Kiki Cohen Says:

    I have a good friend who resides in Hollywood who is not an actress but sees a lot of celebrities around town and reported to me that Eva Mendes is quite hateful to us commonfolk, as one of the posters said earlier. I am neither a Gosling or Mendes fan – just reading this website.
    I will say this though- I remember in early 2000′s when Eva first hit
    Hollywood, she was gorgeous, dressed beautifully, and had a great figure
    Now ( yes she has aged) she looks matronly, gained weight, and doesn’t get good roles- it’s odd????

  108. 108
    Katie Says:

    STOP being so immature, everyone keeps bashing Eva because you all wish you could be with him instead and that isn’t going to happen. Can’t anyone be happy for others? No one here personally knows Eva and what she is like so you can’t really judge her and if Ryan likes her and is happy then that’s all that matters….

  109. 109
    Alonso Says:

    You guys are always making things up. You are a phenomenal genius!!

  110. 110
    ciddy Says:

    Ryan Gosling is so beautiful!

  111. 111
    ciddy Says:

    Ryan Gosling is so beautiful!

  112. 112
    Rachel Says:


  113. 113
    marie Says:

    @lol: Can we keep the race comments out of here, because race has nothing to do with it.

  114. 114
    one Says:

    Ryan did say Eva is the female version of himself. So what does that say about him? Is he a b#stard then?

  115. 115
    paige Says:

    They both look so awkward.

  116. 116
    nina Says:

    @lol: I’m not white myself so it has nothing to do with race. She’s beautiful but there are tons of stories about how bitchy she is. Some of them are very detailed. That’s a good reason to dislike her.

  117. 117
    lolly Says:

    It’s because there is much evidence that she’s a nasty and crazy person.
    That should be reason enough not to hang out with her. Maybe Ran likes crazy, b#tchy women? He’s gone from dating sweethearts to b*tches.
    I wonder why he changed his preference?

  118. 118
    lolly Says:

    I meant to say “Ryan” not “Ran.” Sorry, typo

  119. 119
    gg Says:

    I’m so over Ryan Gosling. He’s such a fake.

  120. 120
    sara Says:

    Eva’s movie is getting really sh*tty reviews. She thinks she can have a career like Annette Benning. Yeah right.

  121. 121
    noone Says:

    Eva Mendes is on a mission to get pregnant, according to friends. She’s thought to have told Ryan Gosling, 31, she wants his babies. “Eva’s wanted to start a family for two years and even looked into adoption,” says a pal. “She sees Ryan as perfect husband and dad material.” (Now Magazine)

    If Ryan does this, that’s it. I am so over him.

  122. 122
    mark Says:

    I thought she said she didn’t want kids?

  123. 123
    Missy Says:

    @noone: How can a person publicly announce that they don’t have one maternal bone in their body and they like sleep more then kids, have a complete turn around? She’s the last woman in the world who should reproduce, she will eat her young …..

  124. 124
    annie Says:

    @Missy: I agree. This is a woman who puts a shock collar on her dog. She definitely shouldn’t have children.

  125. 125
    Angela Says:

    He’s beginning to look a little cubanish.

  126. 126
    Angela Says:


  127. 127
    Erin Says:

    Who cares if she is older than him! Guys love older women, this isn’t a new trend by any stretch, and it is not just happening in the celebrity realm.

    If you are dissing Eva and saying she looks like a “transvestite”, then you’re actually insulting Ryan’s tastes. Get over it, none of you who are talking trash would ever have a chance with him. You’re all just insanely jealous. Get over it, you’re probably fat anyway, so get outside and run, and stop dissing celebrities who could careless about your opinion anyway. You don’t exist.

  128. 128
    nm Says:

    I don’t like her because of her attitude. I don’t care about her looks.

  129. 129
    Andrea424 Says:

    What kind of pants is she wearing? Does anyone know the brand?

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