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George Clooney's Obama Fundraiser - Party Highlights!

George Clooney's Obama Fundraiser - Party Highlights!

President Obama waves as he steps off Air Force One after landing at LAX Airport on Thursday (May 10) in Los Angeles.

The President was on his way to George Clooney‘s highly anticipated fundraiser event, which is said to have raised as much as $15 million for his reelection campaign.

Here are some highlights from the party released by the White House:

  • Attendees included George, his girlfriend Stacy Keibler, Robert Downey Jr., Diane Von Furstenberg, Barbra Streisand, James Brolin, Tobey Maguire, Billy Crystal, Jack Black, Salma Hayek, and party host Jeffrey Katzenberg.
  • Guests had to pass through two security checkpoints before being driven up Clooney‘s driveway by golf cart. Dinner was served at round tables inside a clear tent on his basketball court.
  • President Obama gave a 19 minute speech. “I want to thank Clooney for letting us use his basketball court. This man has been talking smack about his basketball game, ever since I’ve known him.” He said he and the actor had known each other for quite a while, and that famous Hope picture of him was actually culled from a picture of him and Clooney when the latter was advocating for Darfur. “We struck up a friendship. This is the first time that George Clooney has actually been photoshopped out of a picture,” Obama said to laughs. “Never happened before, will never happen again.”
  • Obama joked about going grey. “People have commented on the fact I’ve got gray hair now. There was a blog post about look how wrinkly Obama is getting. [Laughter]. Sort of distressing. George doesn’t have to go through these things.”

Sounds like it was a great event!

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Credit: Michael Buckner, Clint Brewer Images; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Getty
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  • Mika

    george clooney has no idea he is pushing a unconstitutional and freedom stripping agenda

  • TheDudeAbides

    The event was held on a basketball court? Pretty spooky stuff…

  • ohspareme

    it’s actually really quite sickening and scary to see just how much celebrity and politics (especially obamas administration) have come together, they are both two extremely separate entities and should remain such. this whole george clooney-obama sycophancy thing is really sickening, like please give me a break. its all about money and the power, i guess they are just doing what they do best.


    Hmmm…. George and Stacy at the dinner? Hmm…. I could of swore someone been posting they “broke up”? This is the EXACT same routine he used on Canalis. No big suprise there….. Someone needs to rewrite this comedy act. Getting old REAL OLD……. God bless!

  • Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning

    Clueless Clooney

  • hottiepatrol

    Jared showing political bias…..nobama 2012

  • اخبار

    it’s actually really quite sickening and scary to see just how much celebrity and politics (especially obamas administration) have come together, they are both two extremely separate entities and should remain such. this whole george clooney-obama sycophancy thing is really sickening, like please give me a break. its all about money and the power, i guess they are just doing what they do best

  • bep

    I’m thinking these quotes are actually paraphrases. The poor grammar doesn’t sound like Obama.

  • Colleen

    What perfect timing for his “I support same sex marriage” speech. Votes – it is all about the votes.

  • Becky

    ohspareme remember Ronald Regan…THE ACTOR who became president. Oh wait he was white so it’s all good in your eyes huh.

  • IMO

    Clooney is pretentious, controlling & obnoxious. Any man who is so callous as to pretend he’s in relationships with unattractive cheap bimbos with whom he doesn’t have any chemistry, just because he’s so insecure about his image, is nothing but a loser & not admirable at all.
    And I bet it was his suggestion to get Obama to state the same sex marriage support. Perfectly timed with the lousy PR stunt dinner.

  • FOREWARD- off a cliff

    heading us right into a NWO .Thanks cLooney


    Obama is using gay people.

  • Gelina

    I do not believe it was Clooney’s idea “to get Obama to state the same sex marriage support.”

    It was depressing to see the headlines the day after the event which makes it appear as if George Clooney is Obama’s bitch.

  • Gelina

    I do not believe it was George Clooney’s idea “to get Obama to state the same sex marriage support.”

    I think the idea was President Obama’s and/or his team.

    It was depressing for me to see the headlines the day after the event which makes it appear as if George Clooney is Obama’s bit*h.

  • Maleaki Bladder

    To hell with war and the economy. The Obama’s have nice smiles.

  • Crux of the Matter

    @FOREWARD- off a cliff: George Clooney is a member of the Bohemian Grove, therefore he’s already part of this NWO. He’s an insatiable, corrupt & mean-spirited person.

  • the REAL LMAO

    and crux of the matter is jealous of George Clooney because he can’t fill a stadium anymore, even if his life depended upon it and no one even remembers his name anymore or his music….SOUR GRAPES PERHAPS????

  • Democratic Underground

    @Crux of the Matter: don’t pay attention to the nuisance Kirstie Alley posting on #18. It’s her ruse to say you’re some singer. And she always parrots idioms she leeches off other smarter posters…. sigh…..

    I agree with you, George Clooney is a prominent member of the Bohemian Grove. He’s attends their ritualistic all men meetings and often goes with David Gergen.
    The fact is he’s a lily-livered pathetic coward. A complete assshole!
    Clooney is cursed.
    Political anathema for anyone.

  • Gossipgirl

    Wow! The POTUS is a vain as woman. Yes, Mr. President, we are all stresses out and getting old. You should not be wasting time reading blogs about your wrinkles……

  • Gossipgirl

    And oh, PS George really needs to come out of the closet; it’s safe now George, you can do it. I know you are crushing on the president, but Michelle will never let it happen!

  • Gossipgirl

    @Becky: Excuse me…that “actor” was elected Governor of California. His legacy speaks for itself so I need not say more about your ridiculous attempt at comparison.

  • the REAL LMAO

    ohhh look the aging old rocker is coming out of the closet on the internet! He’s posing as women on JJ and bashing Clooney cuz he’s so jealous that he can’t get any interest in a “come back tour”….NOT even if he exposes himself on stage! ahahahahahahaha

  • the REAL LMAO

    A swan song for your many, many personalities…always boils down to the same source and the same reason for the “war of attrition” you’ve been waging on the internet…does the fam know what you get up to, I wonder now?
    Your swan song!

  • Uncle Tom

    @the REAL LMAO:
    oh, clever old girl! Love your imitation of GC’s style in post n.20…LOL
    You’re slipping, fatso.
    Wanna join the club?×2447572
    *no gnomes welcome*

  • Crux of the Matter

    George Clooney is a shameful assshole!
    He cannot live his life earnestly. He’s weak and easily manipulated.
    No wonder his demon is alcohol. Substance abuse to numb out reality.

  • the REAL LMAO

    and crux of the matter is an aging old rocker who couldn’t get papped if his life depends upon it.

    He spends his time now on the internet posting as women and he’s so jealous of Clooney he can’t see straight…you know what they say though?
    PRIDE always comes before a fall…and it’s going to be SO MUCH FUN to watch!

  • Minnie

    @becky, typical…throw in the race. Is that all you see?

    Wonder if any of the money raised last night will go toward paying our nearly $16T debt….

  • no one

    @TIMEKEEPER: She paid to attend so that she can continue pretending she and George are together. Isn’t that obvious to you?

  • no one

    It was really stupid of him to allow her to attend, though. Everyone had already accepted that the contract was over, and now her PR team is submitting lies to Us magazine and other tabloids saying they were there as a date and making out. Really, really dumb, George.

  • sean

    Doesn’t anyone think it’s strange that there are no pics of Keibler with George? No way would she have been there and not gotten her pic taken with George. I think she didn’t get an invite, and her publicist sent a bogus press release to Us magazine and elsewhere.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …LOL @ jobless losers who do absolutely nothing insulting george clooney.

  • no one

    @[~Fug Face Man!ston~]: I hear McDonald’s is hiring. Good luck.

  • George Clooney

    Brad Pitt is an emasculated putz

  • Amy

    Yes, apparently Stacy was there. And in my opinion it’s a disgrace that a person with such a trashy background that promotes violence was sitting at a head table where the President of our country was speaking. I used to be a huge Clooney fan and felt that his sleazy choices in GFs were his own business, but he’s crossed the line with this. Why didn’t he also get some of Hugh Hefner’s girls and Dog the Bounty Hunter an invite while he was at it?


    Over George Clooney

  • shawn

    @Amy: She wasn’t there. Her people just jumped the gun sending out that press release saying she was there.

  • Ashamed of Celebrities

    I’m ashamed at all these celebrities that THINK they know politics. All they are doing is showing their ignorance, not to mention hurting their popularity. If they could only keep their mouths shut people would like them more. Robert Downey Jr., you should know better…. I don’t expect any of the others to know anything… especially that Streisand bunch. Yes, she has a gift from God, a beautiful SINGING voice, but that’s where she messed up by NOT keeping it singing instead of talking!!!

  • no one

    NO it is NOT obvious. One of George’s colleagues told Anna yesterday he turned down the opportunity because he is overloaded with work, and could not make it. He then asked her why she wasn’t going. She laughed it off, because we already figured Appalachian Honey Kiebler would be there, and heaven help us if George actually had a real intelligent woman who is politically and socially aware, and his paid h*o* being in the same place. Anna applied to work on Obama’s campaign to get reaquainted in working in the political arena since she is writer/journalist. We all know she will not get the appointment simply because she will not kiss a*s*s*, and she has never lowered herself to the levels the rest of George’s sk*an*ks* routinely do. So, once the time has passed and she is passed over by Obama’s people, she can apply to work on Romney’s campaign. She is a registered independent, so it is not like she is jumping camps. Bottom line there is a lot of us that was hoping that Appalachian Honey would sit out on this, but I bet you a cookie that she did not fork out the money, but George did it for her. None of this is a big suprise. I said a few weeks ago, he was waiting to premiere her again. It makes him look like a putz, and it makes Obama look even more suspect. Not the way to win a presidential campaign unless you already have it rigged already. Just my opinion…


    Sorry guys, I pasted no one’s name in place of mine in error. I am a bit irritated by the insanity and games that are consistently going on.


    Oh yes, I almost forgot. Anna knew someone connected to George is connected to some things she was involved in. She was so not suprised George’s colleague spoke up and apparently he is chummy with George’s parents too. Just know that games and blocking people to be a real b*a*s*t*ard does have repercussions. Also it is insanely retarded to have people flock from website to another to post blatant lies so that in the end you can pull a “fast one” and have your paid h*o* bag at your side. Judging by some of the postings I am seeing online in many places people are even more disgusted. I hope for Obama’s sake that he actually gives a damm and try to do what is best for his image and in relation to him running the country. It truly does matter……..

  • jeff way

    Does it not make you feel good to see the Hollywood pukes make millions of dollars off regular people paying dollars to see their movies and appearances. Hollywood Pukes stay out of politics!!!!!


    Kinda of quiet here. It is disgusting and stupid on George’s part to play the charade with his trashy mess of a woman named Kiebler. The mere fact Obama is sliding with it is revolting. Anna is putting desires her support behind a president that can distinguish this. People are in a uproar and it is going to get worse. Team Clooney and Team Obama thought they were playing people like Anna. Well they thought wrong!

  • Pamela

    Oh How I agree with you. Otherwise there are a lot of people walking around with blinders on. It’s sickening. Stupid celebrities should stick to acting and stay out of politics!!!

  • Looky Looky

    Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot! Republicans don’t do fundraisers.
    Those of you bashing President Obama, Clooney and the democratic party really need to educate yourselves as to who caused our economic chaos.
    As for you Clooney fanatics, although it’s most likely just one psycho who refuses to take her meds, you can find lovely pics of President Obama, George and Stacy at and at the fundraiser.


    Looky, Looky STFU! We are talking about the games that George play with his paid h*o*s! People don’t have to be Republican to get sick of this stupid s*h*i*t*! Bad enough tabloids are saying Obama had Secret Service getting him hookers! IT LOOKS BAD AND UNDIGNIFIED!!!

  • Looky Looky

    Wow, where’s my comment? Someone here on JJ must have it out for Clooney.

    I’ll try again..

    Timekeeper, I do feel sorry for you but when you venture into Obama territory, I have no other choice but to call you out as the nutball that you are.
    There has not been one tabloid reporting that the secret service got Obama hookers. None. You are delusional as always.
    You need to STFU and take your meds.


    Looky you are nutjob! You are pi*ss*ed off because I am hitting too close to home. Those stupid supermarket tabloids had stated Secret Service brought h*ook*ers to Obama so STFU yourself! There were PLENTY of people less than enamoured about the fundraiser at George’s. And apparently they live RIGHT IN STUDIO CITY! So STFU and talk about what you might know. IDIOT!!!

  • Snickers

    President Obama said this about George: “Not only is he an unbelievable actor, but he is one of those rare individuals who is at ease with everybody.”

    And here is the translation: Next time you go dumpster diving for your escorts in trailer parks, George, please don’t seat them next to me at a fundraiser.