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Ian Somerhalder: Love Is Complicated

Ian Somerhalder: Love Is Complicated

Ian Somerhalder leaves Bardot after enjoying a night out at the hotspot on Thursday (May 10) in Hollywood.

“One of my favorite songs is on TVD finale tonight! Its called Airplane – was played many times in my living room by my bro @shadowrewind,” the 33-year-old actor tweeted earlier in the day.

One of Ian‘s followers chimed in on The Vampire Diaries episode, saying, “I cant understand why Elena doesn’t love Damon,” to which he responded, “I can ;) its complicated. Love is.”

Also pictured: Ian‘s girlfriend and co-star, Nina Dobrev, outside her hotel in NYC’s Soho neighborhood on Friday (May 11).

FYI: Ian is wearing a Rogue leather jacket and henley.

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  • Delphic

    I bet she bonked someone else.

  • georgie

    Love them together both on and off the show!

  • Jess

    Apparently they had a huge fight in public which left them both in tears.

  • wow

    This Nian thing will be over sooner than later.

    It´s not all beautiful. A lot of pressure, this Nian thing brings good things and bad things (a lot of pretending and pressure)., This won´t survive this because what they feel is not strong enough,

  • Susan

    Is that Dawn behind Ian? Love them <3

  • petra

    @wow: how do you know? are you them?

  • Nina

    His boyfriend is likely pressuring him to be open.

  • Anon

    Who really cares about the relationship! Could this man be anymore gorgeous, smart and giving? I THINK NOT. HE’S BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT!!!

  • wow

    @petra: No, but I could ask you the same question… do you know if they are so in love??

    They are not meant to be and sadly time will show that, many things around them and pressure and they are very different deep down. And not real love, just my opinion.

  • sue

    Who looks THAT good after a long party night? WOW…Love Ian XDDD

  • petra

    @wow: no i don’t. But I’m taking it for what I see at face value and not trying to act like I know the intricate details of their love life.

  • Lexy

    Nina is such a skank

  • wow

    @petra: Once we are talking about famous couples, people whatever, they show what they want to show, how many times we see a couple all happy and in a couple of weeks they announce that they are not together??

    And for them will be harder in order not to damage the show, and fans.

  • CanD

    I don’t care about the love story but i want to really know is why is Alcohol such a predominate hand held accessorize when the major of the cast is supposed to be high school students. Last show there is Elena sitting at home recuperating when friend asks her if she wants vodka to help her sleep. Also the brothers Salvatore most always are drinking and doing so because they are upset as it will help calm the nerves. Truly this is the type of thing we want to teach our youth??

  • petra

    And as you can see they’re not even together in these photos, so they’re not showing off that they’re together. The thing is though, why does it concern you what happens to them? Many couples get together and break up, and if you think that them breaking up is going to ‘damage the show, and fans’ you really need to learn to differentiate between the show and reality.

  • rachel

    @CanD: Well that’s the point, they’re high school students, they drink and go out and party. And not to forget the Salvatore brothers are vampires, and over 100 years old….

  • Susan

    @petra: Totally agree! I don’t like Nina that much but if Ian is happy with her then I’m ok with it!

  • The Muffin Man

    i think that is one of the first times i have not seen him smile when there is a camera in front of him he looks kinda sad or annoyed or something i rpefer him looking like this than with that sleezy side grin he gives

  • thetis


    Why do you always sound like a bitter, mean spririted ass hole. He had a girlfriend before her.

    I am so sick of ignorant, loveless human beings trying to label every goodlooking man gay. Get a life better yet find some happiness

  • jamie

    I like Ian he seems down to earth and nice. Not Nina though, she acts like she is a big screen movie ACTRESS. Nina you’re on the CW. The kids on the Disney channel are better actors.

  • jamie

    Oh and PS, notice she lovessss to have the paps take her picture. I’ll never forget when Ian and her were walking through the airport the paps were taking Ian’s picture and asking him questions. She walked by the paps and smiled. They didn’t know or care who she was. Now she acts like oh please. She’s such a snob.


    Ian Somerhotter! <3

  • tutu

    She’s ugly.
    The most beautiful women are Gwyneth and Kate.

  • Vamp

    Ohh gawd… Soo many jealous fan girls…… All of u, get a freaking life…. Nina is an amazing person and u have no right to make assumptions about her…. And she is gorgeous….. How many of u can say that about urself?????.

  • Verite

    Indeed so many judgemental people on her posts all the time. Yes, as soon as someone gets a little recognition all the trolls come out to call her a “bitch” or “ugly” or “sleezy” or whatever. The way women are treated in this business is shameful. She’s an actress, she works hard and alot, she plays hard when she can and I think from how she’s out there she knows her time in the limelight is limited and not to be taken for granted. I say, go girl. She seems pretty harmless to me.

  • Amber

    Some of you pathetic nobody ass women are so consumed with jealousy. Nina is very beautiful and regardless of whether or not you think she has talent at least she’s trying to do something with her life and earning her money in a legit way. How do you know she’s a snob unless you’ve actually had a conversation with her? and stop making up stuff about her and Ian arguing they seem happy and even if they aren’t its none of your business.
    get a LIFE!