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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Bora Bora with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Bora Bora with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr and a shirtless Orlando Bloom hit the beach with their 16-month-old son, Flynn, on Friday (May 4) in Bora Bora.

The bikini-clad 29-year-old model enjoyed some R&R on the French Polynesian island with Orlando, 35, and a few other pals.

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“So sad I can’t be with you all tonight at the MET Ball! Sending love from New Zealand xxx,” Miranda tweeted a few days later.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom in Bora Bora with Flynn

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67 Responses to “Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Bora Bora with Flynn!”

  1. 1
    rainsy Says:


  2. 2
    jesse Says:

    They look like pure white, australian trash

  3. 3
    dobbi Says:

    Beautiful family!

  4. 4
    belle Says:

    … offensive much?

  5. 5
    xhu Says:

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  6. 6
    baradrianafan Says:

    the most overrated chipmunk face EVER! does she even model now days?

  7. 7
    Melissa B Says:

    They shouldn’t let him be naked bc of the paparazzi. You know some pervert will get ahold of that pic and be nasty with it.

  8. 8
    carrie Says:

    are they so famous that some paparazzis follow then until Bora Bora?

  9. 9
    sam Says:

    @carrie: no, it’s their personal photographer they take along everywhere they go, so they can sell the pics and remain in the tabloid.

  10. 10
    Leloo Says:

    They eat organics but no hat for the baby boy… no comment…

  11. 11
    uh Says:

    why isnt the baby wearing clothes? that’s kinda weird.

  12. 12
    I Says:

    she looks so simple without make-up and all the Victoria’s secret stuff.

  13. 13
    Peapo Says:

    They are at the beach. They think they are alone. Why put a diaper and shorts on a little baby if he’s just gonna get sandy anyway. In Europe the children run around naked or girls with just bottoms until they are 9 or 10. Americans are very puritanical when it comes to nudity.
    When I was in Sweden a few years ago we took a boatmtocall the little vacation islands and entire families all naked would wave to the boat from the beach.
    A little baby running around on the beach is naked is cute. And NO I am not a pervert or pedophile

  14. 14
    @9 Says:

    No dear. They are famous enough for anyone on the island with a camera can become a pap for a day and sell their pictures.
    But I understand that common sense is a foreign concept to you haters.

  15. 15
    YAY! Says:

    My favorite little celeb family!
    They all look amazing!!
    So gorgeous.

  16. 16
    sal Says:

    Such a beautiful, sweet family!
    Love all three of them!

  17. 17
    James Says:

    @Peapo: #13

    We are not Europe. So who the hell cares what they do in Europe.
    In America we put clothes on our children because of pedophiles.

  18. 18
    @17 Says:

    Well, sweetie, Bora Bora is not IN America.
    And seeing something wrong with an baby going without clothes says more about YOUR psyche, than any supposed pedo.
    That is your problem, not theirs….or ours, for that matter.
    And BTW, I’m an American, too. And you don’t speak for the rest of us.

  19. 19
    lola Says:

    never a lovey-dovey moment between them!

  20. 20
    Lola Says:

    Most overrated super-model ever.

  21. 21
    @19 Says:

    What are you expecting them to do in public…on the beach…with their baby…in front of friends?
    The fact that she is willing to forgo the biggest party in the fashion world to be on location with her husband says a lot. And besides, they are often seen holding hands, and smiling at each other. But I’m sure that if they were doing that in these pics, you would scream set-up, right?

  22. 22
    @20 Says:

    You can’t be both a supermodel, and over-rated.
    Miranda is a star. Get over it.

  23. 23
    Peapo Says:

    thank you you took the words right out of my mouth. Not only are they NOT in America, both Orlando and Miranda are NOT Americans so they have a different sensibility.
    Oh and I am also American and I see nothing wrong accept the fact that photographers follow people to the end of the earth where they think they have some semblance of privacy and take their picture and get paid thousands. I’m more offended that it is legal to post a pic of any child famous or not without their persmission. That is what should really piss you off.

  24. 24
    @23 Says:

    Well said.
    From yet another American who sees nothing wrong with a bare baby.

  25. 25
    * Says:

    she’s so ugly with her hair up, exposing her big round flat face..that 1st and 4th picture of her shows how average and overrated she is. Also, why not get a hat for the baby in the blazing sun?

  26. 26
    Effy Says:

    I wish I looked that pretty naturally!

  27. 27
    @25 Says:

    Bitter, aren’t you. LOL!
    And I’m sure that gorgeous Flynn has been slathered with sunscreen from head to toe to protect him. He doesn’t need a hat.

  28. 28
    ashley Says:

    um I’m American and grew up on the beach nakey. (my baby pictures prove it) LOL its a cute little baby thing to do. In fact I used to tear my clothes off my mom said. sad we live in such a sick world today though, that insinuates gross comments about children! If you dont have nekkid pictures on the beach as a baby then you’re simply not Americana IMO. lol. its natural, free and perfectly normal for babies! (and in Europe the norm for adults….us Americans can be such prudes sometimes My GAWD!)

  29. 29
    sarah g Says:

    Miranda is beautiful, and seems very sweet, I just don’t get the hate.
    Flynnie is GORGEOUS!
    And Orlando looks fantastic! So hot! =)

  30. 30
    Carbon Copy Says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with a naked baby BUT when a child is not used to the sun and no protection from it, thats not cool. Even if the put sunblock, the UV rays damage such sensitive skin.

  31. 31
    mk Says:

    In the first picture, does it look like she is holding a cigarette and it’s been airbrushed out?

  32. 32
    Carbon Copy Says:

    Oh… and ironic enought, they are wearing hats and sunglasses.

  33. 33
    @30/32 Says:

    Uhmmmm, sun block BLOCKS UV rays…..that’s what it does.
    I don’t understand the problem.

  34. 34
    @31 Says:

    Paps don’t airbrush pics.

  35. 35
    Carbon Copy Says:

    Sure it does… Educate yourself before make comments that are not true. Just like the sense of protection sunscreen provides. It protects but not 100 percent. Plus I’m sure that child doesn’t have suncreen in his eyes.

  36. 36
    mk Says:

    I understand that the paps don’t airbrush pics…i’m assuming that this website edited the pic before posting.

  37. 37
    @35 Says:

    hats don’t protect 100%. Neither does clothing. Do you expect them to put him in a haz-mat suit before going outside?
    A little sun is good for you. And broad spectrum sun blocks are very effective in blocking out UV.
    Maybe you are the one who needs some education?

  38. 38
    @36 Says:

    I’ve seen these pics on several websites, and not a one show a cigarette.

  39. 39
    Denise L Says:

    @Peapo: #13

    Who gives a damn what they do in Europe, they also run around naked in front of their children. That also is not acceptable in America.

  40. 40
    Janice Says:

    Peapo #13
    In Europe the children run around naked or girls with just bottoms until they are 9 or 10. Americans are very puritanical when it comes to nudity.
    Then Europe must be a pedophiles paradise.

  41. 41
    lol Says:

    She is not pretty at all. Flat boy body. She will not keep Orlando.

  42. 42
    ? Says:

    Love the gorgeous Miranda and her adorable baby! Orlando, however, is so boring and old looking. I guess he hasn’t done much workout lately. His body looks quite flabby and is almost as chubby as the baby. Definitely nowhere near attractive at all!

  43. 43
    @rainsy Says:

    Ummm Preggo?
    Miranda…obviously NO! You can see her tummy is flat just like normal people.
    Orlando…probably YES! He does have one of the biggest belly in Hollywood. Even those who are ten years older have a better physique than this narcissistic attentionwhore.

  44. 44
    @39 Says:

    Hey, don’t speak for all of the rest of us Americans.
    You certainly don’t speak for this one.
    And just to remind you, neither of them are Americans, and they are not IN America. And if they were, no one would think that a bare baby is anything to worry about. babies run around bare on the beaches of the Gulf, in California, and all up and down the east coast all the time, so I don’t know where you get the idea that this isn’t done in the US.
    I think that you are just desperate to find something to complain about. And you seem to have a worrisome attachment to what pedophiles find exciting. very worrisome, indeed.

  45. 45
    @42/43 Says:

    Hi Zoe!
    What took you so long to get here?
    And why are you posting under different names? You aren’t fooling anyone. Only you could claim that Orlando is fat when we have proof righ in front of us that he has great abs.
    No one else is that stupid.
    You, Zoe, proundly claim that crown.

  46. 46
    beautiful Says:

    Even without makeup Miranda looks beautiful as always. Lucky Orlando!

  47. 47
    Peapo Says:


    I agree completely. I see naked little ones at the beach all the time IN AMERICA and pedophilia is the last thing on my mind. Some of you people are uptight! Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of. There are nude beaches all up and down the beaches on both the East and West Coasts. No big deal. Go if you want, don’t if you do not.
    There is nothing wrong with their little baby naked at the beach. Only you people with sick minds think there is.
    Let IT GO!

  48. 48
    ash Says:

    why don’t celebs give their kids hats and sunglasses too??

  49. 49
    wow Says:

    Miranda never looks bad for once. Can’t wait to see Flynn growing up. He will no doubt be as beautiful as his mommy.

  50. 50
    @49 Says:

    He’s going to be gorgeous!
    He looks just like his uber-handsome daddy. He has Miranda’s cute cleft chin, but he has Orlando’s eyes, brows and smile. He’s going to be a real heartbreaker.

  51. 51
    s Says:

    why is there so many hater?? i think they are really a gorgeous couple!! i love miranda, she is positive and beautiful!! maybe you just don’t like her personality or something, but she just tries to be herself!

  52. 52
    nguyen tran gia linh Says:

    Flynn So Sexy :p

  53. 53
    @51 Says:

    They hate her because Orlando loves her.
    She can’t do anything right in their eyes. They even criticized her for feeding Flynn healthy, organic food.

  54. 54
    frisbee Says:

    Looks like an awesome holiday! Yeah, we Europeans like our nudity. Kid is fine – looks healthy and happy. And as for saying that pedos are out there – that’s like telling women to cover up because someone “might get ideas”. Wrong side of the problem.
    But I’m amazed Miranda had been away from JJ for so long – is now off season for models?

  55. 55
    Nathalie Says:

    @Janice: could you please avoid saying Europe is a paradise for pedophiles!! Indeed, we have some pedophiles in here, but I’m perfectly sure you have some yourselves in America. We are not twisted because we let kids be naked, we just let them be what they want to be… Let’s say it’s just natural… and oh, by the way, pedophiles don’t wait for kids to be naked to have nasty ideas… what they want is just destroy innocence, so naked or with clothes, if they want to hurt, they can anytime… just have to look after kids, then you’ll be sure you don’t have any problem with a pedophile.

  56. 56
    to miranda's haters Says:

    Don’t know why but it looks like that most Bloom’s fans are anti-Miranda. They just can’t accept the fact that she’s obviously more popular than her husband right now. Go get a look for yourself. She’s the media’s darling on not only JJ but also other websites internationally. People prefer her news, her pictures, or anything about her. Orlando is technically living on Miranda’s fame. It’s always “Supermodel Miranda Kerr and her husband”, not “Actor Orlando Bloom with his wife”. Get it?

  57. 57
    Nuts Says:


    Did anyone tell you that you have **** for brains?

  58. 58
    Nuts Says:

    @@19: She didn’t forego the party. she was not invited

  59. 59
    @58 Says:

    A model who has had three Vogue covers, as well as covers on iD, Harper’s, Numero, etc. Editorials in many more. A model who has walked the HF runways of Paris, including Chanel and Prada, and is married to one of the most well liked celebs on the planet, is NOT INVITED to the Met???
    You’re delusional.
    And pathetic.
    But funny!

  60. 60
    @56 Says:

    Speaking of delusional……

  61. 61
    jones Says:

    Is Orlando pregnant with their second?

  62. 62
    @61 Says:

    Hahaha…I envy Miranda’s figure, and thanks god my bf looks so much fitter than her husband. Love is blind, but Miranda really is one of the women who have the worst taste in men ever.

  63. 63
    lol Says:

    Bloom makes his son look slender. @@61: Who knows? Some women just like dating fat guys.

  64. 64
    ha Says:

    I see that Zoe has made a return visit.
    Hey Zoe, you do know that claiming that Orlando is fat when we have evidence to the contrary RIGHT IN FRONT OF US just makes you look pathetic, right? Oooops, better make that MORE pathetic.

  65. 65
    Streetcar Named Desire Says:

    Seriously? You’re calling him fat because he doesn’t have rippling muscles? He would look weird with them and you would all be bitching about the fact he had them. He looks healthy and slim and still as hot as ever. He has never really had a defined body and it looks good on him. Just piss off with the damn hate because you look like a moron.

  66. 66
    kyle Says:

    And he’s still a FxAxG :D Just like Cruise and Smith and Travolta and … and…and… All spineless ********!

  67. 67
    @66 Says:

    That’s right. Any man who is handsome must be gay, right? LOL!
    What a pathetic, hateful, vulgar excuse for a human being you are.
    Such a loser!

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