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Halle Berry: Revlon Walk Hostess!

Halle Berry: Revlon Walk Hostess!

Halle Berry sends her love to all the people participating in the 19th annual Revlon Run/Walk for Women fundraiser on Saturday (May 12) in Los Angeles.

The 45-year-old actress was joined by her co-hosts Mario Lopez, Matthew Morrison, and Stacy Keibler who all came out to support the cancer research event.

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“It is almost impossible to describe the feeling of standing before tens of thousands of women, men and children at the EIF Revlon Run/Walk,” Halle said. “There is such unity, emotion and hope among the participants and it is truly an honor to once again lend my name to the event and the ongoing fight against women’s cancers. Please join me in spreading the word so that we can further the research efforts and continue to save lives.”

Earlier in the month, Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde kicked off the event in NYC.

10+ pictures inside of the EIF Revlon Run/Walk

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Credit: Karl Larsen, Axelle; Photos: INFdaily, Baurergriffinonline
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  • Laurel

    I don’t like the hair. It kinda makes her look crazy.
    Reminds me of Whitney a little bit. *shudders*

  • No

    Since I saw her screaming and cursing in a very ugly and disturbed manner after a bunch razzi, I am disgusted just to look at her. And the hair at least is natural. I like when Afro-American girls accept the way they were born. Wearing wigs or having their hair straightened is so ridiculous.

  • Lola

    @No: That is a wig lol and she’s not african american she’s an american who happens to be black. Last I heard she was born here, not africa.

    I agree she has a horrible attitude and personality, I saw her act grossly angry at the paps too….showing her true colors I guess.

  • .

    Halle need to drop the angry black woman thing because it’s getting old and she’s making other black women look bad. She chose to continue with fame. All these celebrities claim to hate the paps so much but news flash, there is other celebrities who NEVER have problems with the paps because they stay away from the LA/NY celeb scene.

  • Laurel

    @Lola: Thank you, Lola! NO was going on and on about “Afro-Americans” being all natural when Halle’s got a moppy wig on. smh

    Wearing a wig is perfectly fine but at least pick a good one! lol

  • suki

    Is she showing off her boobs in thumb four? Pretty tasteless for a Women’s cancer research fundraiser.

  • Delphic

    Apparently even when she had cropped hair, it was fake. Fake lady, inside and out.

    Has-been, too.

  • Gossipgirl

    Halle, please get rid of the hair; it is wack!

  • jani

    A bunch of haters on this site. She was yelling at the paps because he came to her daughters school. That is wrong on so many levels. Nahla is a kid. There needs to be boundaries..

  • Peapo

    If the paps went after your child you would go crazy too. Howmwould you feel if there were a bunch of weird men standing outside of your child’s school all fighting to take her pic. What if one is faking being a pap and is actually some perv. She doesn’t know. it should be illegal for paps to be within a certain distance of celebrities children. It is just wrong. Halle signed up for this, not her daughter. You don’t know how you”d react, so don’t throw stones.

  • sfe

    @jani: agree. I am American but the paps here are apparently worse than anywhere else. Marion Cottiard said in France they wont even bother you on sundays and are not near as intrusive (and childrens faces are blurred out over there) wheras in NY on a sunday there are 20 cameras flashing at you. There needs to be stricter laws for these fools imo. stalking in private areas and messing with children should not be tolerated. for what? so we get to look at their pictures and make fun of their crazy hair and call them ugly? pathetic business/hobby really.

  • Cutecare

    @Lola: All Black people in the US came from Africa at some point. Halle considers herself African American because she is. Don’t fight it cause there’s nothing wrong with it…

  • Helen

    She was screaming to make it looks that it’s not safe for her daughter to stay in the US ..if she care she not try to take the girl away from her father

  • hello

    she wants to play whitney houston tahts why her hair is like that

  • CHorowitz

    Did Whitney leave Halle her wig in her will?

  • My Opinions

    The extensions look bad. Her hair was nice on Swordfish. She should consider hiring some security. She needs to invest in security so that she can stop all the battles pointing fingers and shouting in the media. She needs to understand that if she is going to be in the spotlight she is going to be amongst photographers who could care less about privacy. So do like other celebrities. Pay for some security and keep it moving. The more bad press she gets, the fewer movies in her pipeline. No more shark movies please! Pretty soon she will be staring in Yahoo! Cybergeddon like Olivier. Exactly on the D-list.

  • Ace

    @Lola: I agree with you except the ‘black’ part. We need to stop claiming biracial people as black. They are of TWO different races, respect that.

  • Helen

    We don’t hear Tom hanks ,Julia Roberts or meryl streep complaining about the paps..simply because they don’t go to places where the paps are and Julia has 3 kids who go to school also

  • Anna

    She is officially nuts, why is she holding her breast when women lose their breast every day to cancer and she is holding her breast. I have not liked her in a very long time.

  • the REAL LMAO

    Helen apparently you weren’t reading the tabloids when Julia Roberts CHASED down the paps in her car because they were hiding in the bushes at her childrens school. It happened a year or so ago and was all over the news.

  • Helen

    @the REAL LMAO: It’s different with hallie there are pictures where she is smiling while walking with her daughter from school,which looks ok for her to be followed so why the screaming..Julia also doesn’t live in LA

  • the REAL LMAO

    Oh yes…driving down the street like a maniac, in a car chase, endangering other people is so much better than yelling at some stupid paps….right! OK!

  • Anna

    @Lola: Learn your history, before you speak. African American means that you have African descent idiot.

  • hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa