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Kate Bosworth: 'While We Were Here' Finds Distributor

Kate Bosworth: 'While We Were Here' Finds Distributor

Kate Bosworth wears a floral dress while picking up some stationary at Soolip on Saturday (May 12) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Earlier this week, it was announced that the 29-year-old actress’ film While We Were Here was picked up by an international distributor following a successful premiere at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival last month.

“We’re thrilled to be handling international sales for While We Were Here,” Arclight Films Managing Director Gary Hamilton said. “It’s a pleasure to be working with such an outstanding director, cast and production team on a stellar feature film that includes a breathtaking performance by Kate Bosworth.”

FYI: Kate is wearing a Suno dress with Asos shoes.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth picking up some stationary…

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kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 01
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 02
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 03
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 04
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 05
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 06
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 07
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 08
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 09
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 10
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 11
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 12
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 13
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 14
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 15
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 16
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 17
kate bosworth while we were here finds distributor 18

Credit: Poersch/Spot; Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Kinnamanfan

    She’s looking better here, maybe it’s just the angle, but her legs don’t look as stick thin as they did before.

  • Peanut Gallery

    A really pretty dress, not done any favours by the bony knees

  • DailyNightly

    Amazing how, after every Alex post on JJ, she has to have one, too!

  • tutu

    Kate and Gwyneth are the most beautiful wwomen in the world!

  • chelle

    Check cleared! Really all these pictures picking up stationary? Noooo she doesn’t call paps….. not at all!

  • Too bad

    Too bad the director is no longer speaking to her. Yet another person she alienated in Hollyweird.

  • DailyNightly

    Honestly, in this day and age, who actually buys that much stationery?

  • DailyNightly

    Oh wait, maybe we are supposed to think she is shopping for wedding invitations??

  • DailyNightly

    Oh wait, maybe we are supposed to think she is shopping for wedding invitations?? Or baby announcements??

  • Nice

    A very pretty dress and its good news the movie has been picked up.

  • Asya

    Calm down, that kind of dilirium you are talking about?
    I do not love this bony chicken, but I do not believe that she still loves Alex, a year has passed and she looks happy with his Polish. No need because of his hatred for her to make up silly things, we are all intelligent adults.

  • tw

    Kate, just go away. No one is interested in you, you life partner, or those horrible movies you somehow make.

  • Michael

    is she upset that Alex is dating Charlize?

  • Eresyn

    LOVE the dress and the shoes and yes, i believe she’s trying to start the rumor that she’s either getting married, or pregnant, or both…
    and almost 20 pictures of her doing nothing? i hope these were for free…

  • chelle

    @DailyNightly: It’s very difficult for anorexics to conceive so I seriously doubt baby announcement… I also doubt wedding either considering they are already fake married with that “life partners ” crap. Maybe it’s apology cards for all the people she sh*t on famewho*ing it to the bottom. That would explain the giant bag.

  • chelle

    @Asya: sure and she doesn’t still pine for Orly? After all she does still talk about how difficult that one was. Hobbit is just the most recent victim in her pursuit to stay relevant.

  • Texas Swede

    @chelle: Now Chelle she really doesn’t call them. I promise. But man can she text like crazy! ;)

  • chelle

    @Texas Swede: true, it is the latest and best way to contact them so I hear… lol!

  • Perla

    Classy and with talent!
    (…and she gets the más guapos guys!)
    Love for España.

  • DailyNightly

    I didn’t say anything about her getting pregnant. Oh No… she would mail order a baby so as not to ruin her figure. Preferably one that doesn’t eat.

    I don’t think she cares who Alex is dating-she just doesn’t like to be upstaged. He has more movies coming out that people actually want to see, unlike the crap she appears in.

  • Perla

    @DailyNightly: How do you know she doesn’t eat?, she looks healthy, maybe for americans she is too thin and need to stuff with crap food… ew
    “she just doesn’t like to be upstaged” wow you really know her, right :D

  • DailyNightly


    Like YOU know her??

  • Jeannie

    Are those bruises on her arm, or just bad lighting? Ouch. It would explain the tan at the MET.

  • Actually…

    The dress is too busy for my taste. As a skirt I would love it, and it would also be good as just a top, but it’s a bit too much pattern for a whole outfit for me. It’s still WAY better then average for Kate though. (I loke her shoes and bag too.)

  • Sofie

    Do you think that Jared always makes sure to mention Kate’s age so we don’t mistake her for a 40 year old dressig like a 16 year old?

  • mforman

    Once again JJ gives AS his proper due and gives him a post or two in a week due to the fact that AS is actually doing work and guess what all of a sudden the famewhore gets 20 pictures of wind swept hair buying stationary. I mean she truly is that useless, she has nothing to do. JJ puts this post on her thread, when it only belongs on Kat C’s thread, she is the reason this film is getting the distribution, Kat C is the reason the film is getting any notices at all. Kat C, represents a true talented woman in HW, but KB flushed that relationship down the tiolet, I have said it before, she doesn’t know how to be a friend, unless she pays someone to be a friend, she is an absolute nothing and her reputation is only getting worse. KB has nothing lined up, absoultely nothing. What does that tell the stans. This is only going to be the beginning of ridiculous JJ posts dealing with her.
    She truly has to stop borrowing Jasper P’s clothing. That dress is not meant to be worn by a 30 year old woman, she looks ridiculous. Seriously, how funny are those pictures with her hair blowing in the wind, it is like the pap set up a wind machine to make her look like she has hair.
    Also, when she wears those big sunglasses it really shows how much work she has had done on her lips and cheekbones.

  • Rachel ()

    Alex changed his # & got a restraining order, so she can only stalk him via the postal service? Writing letters makes her seem indie & thoughtful? She’s writing Molish sappy, stomach churning love letters? She’s writing herself fan mail, to feel relevant?! Hmm…Kate is so mysterious. Her dress is cute.
    @Perla: Wow, way to diss a whole country while defending Kate Bosworth. Rude. I wish KB was from Spain. If you love her so much, have her. I’m more proud of the Kardashians.

  • mforman

    @Rachel—That was a great thought, soon we will see all these mushy letters online, they will be from KB to MP and then MP to KB, it will be a big mystery how the letters got leaked and they will both be just so shocked that it happened.
    What is so funny is that I can see her writing pretend fan mail and then sending it out to herself, that is how truly sad she is.
    The only thing I disagree with you is that dress is cute, for a teenager, not a 30 year old woman.
    But your post was one of the funniest I have read.

  • Blackcat9

    1-Call Paparazzi 2- Get photographed doing NOTHING! 3- Pay JJ to publish photos with mention of her in WWWH because this is the only way she can promote herself with the movie.

  • frisbee

    She would be fantastic as Ms Havisham.

  • Dieter

    I would love to give her gorgeous full round ass a little grope while she is wearing that wonderful skirt !!!

  • ladybug

    @Kinnamanfan: Her calves have never been as skinny looking as her thighs, which is why she looks better in knee-length or longer skirts/dresses.

    @Asya, she’s disliked because of who she is, not because of who she’s been with. I keep thinking that one day her few fans will understand that and stop posting the same ‘you hate her because of who’s she’s dated’ crap under different screen names.

  • Actually…

    @Rachel (): Sadly I might have to agree with you about the Kardashians. At least they’re successful famehoes. Although it would physically hurt me to use the word proud in the same sentence as them so I don’t know if I can quite do it.

  • ladybug

    @chelle: No, no, no! Stationary stores are the new hot pap places, don’t you know all the celebs hang out there?

  • This makes news?

    Really? JJ, this makes news shopping ?
    Also she never even did any promotional work for the movie, no interviews, NOTHING unfortunately she gets credited because she starred in it :( she didn’t even show up to her own premiere? And she wasn’t working . she has no more work left so why did she avoid being seen with kat c ? the premiere could have been her last bit of saving grace that could have salvaged and repair the last BIT of her career , now what’s left of it. NOTHING
    At the end of the day It was all down to kat c hard work and efforts that has got the film international distribution.

  • Belle

    I honestly don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying stationary – in actual fact, it’s quite an old-fashioned and genteel etiquette – a rather thoughtful thing to do and so lovely to receive (which is probably the kind of impression she wants us to think!), but honestly, who else in the public eye (whatever letter you attribute to them on the list!) is seemingly papped all of a sudden at a stationary shop of all things? This is an all-time high for you Bosworthless (or low, if you already abhor the famewhoring ways)…Not one, two or three snaps, but a total of eighteen! And she looks as smug and odious as ever. Well down BOS-HO!

  • Macy

    I notice she’s shopping RIGHT by the door. Pffff! How obvious! As if she didn’t call them to come take her picture, and then makes sure she stays by the door so they can get her in the shop? What a loser.

  • Rachel ()

    @mforman: IDK. My sisters 27 and she’s worn similar dresses that she’s looked really good in. Of course she still gets carded….doubt KB has such problems! As long as they don’t look like grandmothers, I don’t mind older women in sun dresses.

  • Whycantipost

    AND AGAIN she shows of her lefthand, girl we don’t care if you are married/engaged/alive. Seriously.

  • Tulip

    I love the dress. Kate looks wonderful.

  • anna

    Your comment is nice, I really don’t understand the low ranking.
    We can’t say that we like a dress and that’s a good news taht the movie got picker up?
    I am really confused.
    And I don’t know about the movie, but the dress is so preaty.

  • Kinnamanfan

    I am just saying that she looks better in these photos than she did at the Met Ball. Honestly, she looked horrible that night, her hair was so severe it just made her ears more noticeable and her makeup was just so wrong! Tan arms, dark hose and white face? It was really bad. I know the dress was custom made for her but as pretty as that dress was, she made all the wrong decisions on how to finish the look. By comparison she looks so much better in these photos.

  • Bosworth is most boring fameho

    I’ve ever seen. Seriously, why is she papped every day? She’s not working, she doesn’t have anything new coming out, she’s not dating anyone famous or interesting, she wears boring clothes to go with her boring personality and looks. She has to be paying off the photographers, web sites, magazines, etc. to publicize herself. It’s having the opposite effect on me. She’s making me actively dislike her for overexposing her boring self. I don’t even need to see or hear about this person again, much less pay to watch her in anything.

  • jen

    I hope mforman gets the mental help she so very obviously needs.

  • chelle

    @ladybug: why is she suddenly wearing the theater make up in public? She used to brag about how low maintenance she was by looking like a dirty street person. Does Hobbit like her made up or does she just not have to pretend anymore since she’s moved on to another victim I mean guy?

  • @jen

    mforman is pitied. The posters that encourage her are not doing her any favors. It is sad.

  • chelle

    @@jen: maybe you and Jen are the ones that need help. Mforman does nothing but state the truth which as has been proven is one thing KB stans absolutely cannot handle. This is why they all like to start plans the whine dik card and bash someone who doesn’t do anything but state the flat out truth which btw has never been proven as false. If anything is false then please enlightened us all. Otherwise STFU!!!!

  • chelle

    @chelle: supposed to say start playing…. again with the auto correct…

  • Texas Swede

    I am not believing I am saying this! It is probably a Mother’s Day gift for Polish’s mom. After all she must show what a good girlfriend she is for him and keep mama happy. Now excuse me while I wash my mouth out with soap.

  • uranus

    @chelle: Oh, I’m sure anorexic people can conceive, she hasn’t had chemo and her womb is just fine.