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Kristen Stewart & Charlize Theron: New 'Snow White' Stills!

Kristen Stewart & Charlize Theron: New 'Snow White' Stills!

Check a gallery full of new stills from the highly anticipated film Snow White and the Huntsman, featuring stars Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron.

Here’s the film’s synopsis: In a twist to the fairy tale, the Huntsman (new papa Chris Hemsworth) ordered to take Snow White (Stewart) into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen (Theron).

Watch a new clip from the film below, featuring Snow White asking the Huntsman for help when he finds her in the woods.

Kristen Stewart & Chris Hemsworth: New ‘Snow White’ Clip!

20+ stills inside from Snow White and the Huntsman

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kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 01
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 02
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 03
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 04
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 05
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 06
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 07
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 08
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 09
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 10
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 11
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 12
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 13
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 14
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 15
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 16
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 17
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 18
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 19
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 20
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 21
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 22
kristen stewart charlize theron new snow white stills 23

Photos: Alex Bailey/Universal Pictures
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  • tim

    I think the huntsman is a fool in this movie for not killing snow white!

  • aquarius64

    I thought Snow White was suppose to have a British accent here. Stewart’s own accent came through.

  • kami

    kristen’s british accent is good, but chris seems to have an australian accent.

  • Ugonna Wosu


  • blue

    Charlize Theron is killing it in this movie. Shes owning it. She’s too gorgeous to make it believable that she’s jealous of Snow White though.

  • Jessie

    Kristen Stewart’s accent is too Americanish and Charlize Theron’s accent has an African touch to hers. Whatever, still looking forward to this.

  • BOW

    Charlize is insanely beautiful.

  • eyeroll

    In what universe would Charlize be threatened by Kristen’s “beauty”?

  • Lilla

    Great stills! I can’t wait to see this!!

  • pan

    does nobody get the moral of the story? LOL. it’s always been about inner beauty…geez.

  • LaCroix

    Horrible movie saw a screening of it.. just horrible..I get why they are trying to push the shit out of it..

  • SS


    I know, right? It’s strangely hilarious, actually.

  • meski

    @LaCroix: don’t let the k-stew fans on the site hear you talking bad about their queen. They’ll eat you alive!

    I saw the commercial and I really liked it, charlize looks beautiful and chris looked hot and they both fit their roles very well. Then Kristen steward started talking….

  • meski


  • rachel

    @meski: it looks really good, but her playing snow white makes me not want to see it.

  • Tasha

    @LaCroix: You do realize that they have already starting writing a sequel to this film?…I read it on So it can’t be that horrible or the vast majority of the test audience must have responded positively to the film. Nothing with Charlize can be that bad anyway.

  • Tasha

    Secondly, Charlize is way beautiful and better looking than 99 percent of the people on the planet. However, the film is obviously supposed to be about inner beauty and I’m guessing that part of the trailer where they show Charlize sucking the soul out of that chick is supposed to show that Charlize’s beauty is not natural. Whatever. I am so seeing this film, Kristen Stewart or not, because I love me some Charlize and Chris is pretty hot too.

  • Tasha

    @aquarius64: My mom is English and I go back and visit family in Richmond (part of London) a lot. None of the accents are fantastic, but Stewart’s is actually the better of the bunch as much as it pains me to admit. Charlize’s (and she’s my favorite actress and the whole reason I’m seeing this film) accent barely sounds British…More like a weird American accent mixed with British mixed with South African. Chris’s Australian accent is coming through. Kristen’s sounds like a mix of British and American, and her accent is just slightly better than the others. Anyway, like I said before I doubt this movie is horrible because I read on that they have started writing a sequel before it’s even been released. That’s usually a good sign. I think it’s kind of a bummer that people won’t see it just because of Kristen Stewart. I mean, Charlize and Chris are in the film too and the film looks good. While I am not a fan of Stewart, I don’t get disliking a celeb so much that I wouldn’t see what looks to be a good film.

  • Creed

    I still am unsure about KStew as snow white tbh. I think Rooney Mara would be better, she is more beautiful and talented, too bad she did not audition

  • common

    Love this film, love Kristen, love the accents. I’m not british and the accents all sound fine to me. A very small proportion of viewers are british anyways. Majority are american and the foreign countries will get dub or subtitled. She sound foreign enough to me. I find true british accents tough to listen to so the fact an american is speaking a british accent helps because they know how to pronounce it in a way that everyone in america are used to hearing.

  • Helen

    Can’t wait to see this movie. I’m big Charlize Theron fan so there are two film to watch.

  • v

    I love Kristen in this. Her accent is that perfect royal English accent. Love it. The whole cast seems great. Can’t wait to see it.

  • aquarius64

    @Tasha: The reason I bring up the British accent because it has been used as a selling point for Stewart’s ability to do the role. There have been many blogs and articles about it. Critics are going to have their ears cocked for that accent, coming in with their own perceptions what a British accent should sound like. I strongly doubt the critics will consult a linguist or a dialect coach. When the reviews are written and if some critics feel Stewart missed the mark on the accent they’ll say so. Stewart is perceived as a bad actress in some quarters; blowing the accent feeds that narrative and that’s she all hype because of Twilight.

    Also, I think Universal shouldn’t count its chickens before they hatch, despite the reaction from a test audience. The studios IMO needs to wait to see what SWATH’s opening weekend and 2nd weekend box office look like before announcing a sequel. “The Avengers” has set the bar high this summer for box office haul, and each subsequent movie-rightfully or wrongly-is going be measured against that.

  • Amy

    I will see this movie because of Charlize and her fantastic costumes! C’mon, how often do you get to see her in a role that celebrates her beauty?

  • Beth

    Charlize is a queen in her own right. She looks so REGAL it hurts.

  • Beth

    Kristen and Chris (and Sam too) are lucky to have made a movie with someone like Charlize who is a rare talent in HW. They all have a lot to learn from her in the acting department.

  • karl

    shouldnt snow white look better then then the queen, or have i forgot my fairytales…

  • Tasha

    @aquarius64: True, Promethus opens the second week so that will hurt the film to an extent. I am obvs. a Charlize fangirl, so I will see both. I actually think this type of film would have been better at the end of the summer, away from the big alien blockbuster types of films. People don’t always like fantasy films (LOTR excluded)…Like Alice in Wonderland did crazy good at the box office, but the reviews were pretty crappy and if I remember correctly the crazy good was because China/Russia etc. go nuts for fantasy films. I get what you are saying, I was simply pointing out that the it obvs. got enough positive feedback to warrant writing a script for the sequel, so that I doubt it is horrible. It might not be good, but I doubt it’s Transformers/Twilight level bad because of that fact. Anyway, we shall see. Even decent films fail at the box office while films like the Transformers do not. As far as the accent…like I said, none of the accents are fantastic but her accent really isn’t bad. Many American actresses have hideous fake accents (think Anne Hathaway)…there are very few that can do a really good accent. I might be a little tough, but it’s true in my opinion. There is a wide variety of accents, and hers is fairly close to an upper-class Southern English accent with a bit of American mixed it. It’s decent to good, although not fantastic. If the critics call anyone out for their accents, it should defn. be Hemsworth. I hope this film does well because a) I love Charlize and b) it would be nice to see a film with two strong female characters kick ass at the box office.


    Guys, I British born and bred and my accent is a mess – my dentist thought I was American and some guy thought I was Australian – if you’re looking for a British accent I think Kristen’s is just dandy. If you want the Queen’s English…..well, I think you should suck it up. The movie’s made. Tough cookie.


    * I’m (I do have a grasp of the English language, promise!)

  • v

    @aquarius64: aquarius64 I see you all the time spewing your hate about Kristen on justjared and gossip cop. I get it you don’t like her…but why are you spending time hating on her? And it’s funny how you seem to know soooo much about Kristen. It’s actually disturbing. It’s okay if fans know some things…since we go on her fan sites…but you? I find that quite strange. And if Kristen’s accent is considered a selling point, then so will Charlize’s and Chris’. They will get the same accolades and criticism…funny how you just narrow it down to Kristen.

  • jaymes lover




  • wkyee

    Cockney English and Received Pronunciation (RP) which is Queen’s English, both come from London but they are totally different. Just wanna point out that there are a lot of different accents in Britain not just the Queen’s one. I think Kristen’s accent sound quite good for an American. I wonder how many American actors/actresses can speak English in a flawless British accent. Even for British people, RP is not easy to learn. I think all actors/actresses have worked hard on the accent. Can you imagine you have someone to teach you how to talk in a particular way all the time? We should appreciate their efforts.

  • flash news

    Charlize covers InStyle June the photohoots is hotness!!! i think one of her hottest photoshoots this year!!!

  • aquarius64

    @v: Right on cue any shipper who hears or reads a criticism about their idol they try to downrate the poster to make him/her shut up and not say anything. In your world NO ONE is allowed to criticize Kristen Stewart. One thing does allow me to do so: the First Amendment of the US Constitution which grants freedom of speech. This is not a Stewart fan site; it’s a forum for different opinions. You can cheapshot me all you want, you will not force me to stop. I will stay what I think.

  • aquarius64

    @aquarius64: correction – say what I think.

  • sara

    i will watch this movie just beacuse of charlie you can clearly see that she is the star of the movie after watching this video i can say kristen acting and british accent sucks

  • tree3000

    kristen stewart is too masculine

  • aquarius64

    @sara: You can tell by the advertising that CT is the focal point (and getting more face time)., even with the most recent TV ad.

  • http://@rayudi Drew

    This looks plain… stupid.

  • Matahari

    I feel that I’ve known too much from all the trailers to be surprised by the actual movie…..

  • bad taste again
  • LaCroix

    @meski: LOL who gives a shit about the K-Stew fans & no ones is eating me alive..

  • LaCroix

    @Tasha: WTF are you the SWTH police or do you really have no life as to stick up for an actress who could give two shits about you? I have my opinion I don’t like movies laced with CGI & actresses who have no talent getting parts like this. This movie is horrible. And no movie gets a second script without it being released first to see hoe well it does at the box office. Nimrod.

  • Zileuton

    yeah, even though kristen’s way younger..but somehow she really doesn’t look like the tough snowhite..neither is she nailing her competition here, i.e,, charlize. I like kristen, but charlize, here, is killing it in all departments, energy wise as well as looks wise. :)

  • R

    I find it cruel that KStew was cast as Snow White. Never in life she would be sized to threaten the Charlize’s beauty and charm. So for me the plot o film’s plot is already completely skewed. And this ridiculous KStew fans’ argument of the “inner beauty” simply makes no sense: the Queen is incredibly beautiful but wicked, so she wants to kill Snow White because she is too good and cute? The banal and boring girl who works at the high school’s cafeteria is a threat to the sublime Cheeleader? eh?

  • R

    * film’s plot

  • Cara

    @LaCroix: Do you have anger issues, or what. Calm the eff down. I read the previous thread, and that chick is right. It was on Deadline that they already have started writing the second script even before this film came out. Quite frankly, I think you are FOS. You seem a little too angry.

  • common

    Inner beauty, goodness of heart, pure soul. The moral of the story, and life really, is lost on some of the posters here. Not surprising as they comment on JJ frequently. They lost the sense of reality, how to treat people appropriately, what life is really about. Looks only last for how long, 10 years max, for a woman? A woman can hope to live for 80 years. so the other 7/8 of her life is meaningless for these readers. I fear for their mental state when they hit to big 3-0.

  • Jessie

    @DAISY: I’m not English but I sure know one when I heard it, and Kristen has no English accent is sounds too American.