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Ian Somerhalder: Happy Mother's Day!

Ian Somerhalder: Happy Mother's Day!

Nina Dobrev shops the day away with her mom Michaela on Saturday (May 12) in the Soho area of New York City.

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old actress’ boyfriend Ian Somerhalder (in John Varvatos sunglasses) was spotted showing off his rockin’ biceps exiting a taxi cab in Soho.

“Good bye LA: good bye palm trees, friends- your been very good to me.I have a feeling the Big Apple will do the same. Good night world” Ian tweeted that day.

“Happy Mothers Day amazing mamas. Love to you all” Ian added the next day in honor of Mother’s Day!

10+ pictures inside of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder out and about in New York City…

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nina dobrev ian somerhalder nyc weekend 01
nina dobrev ian somerhalder nyc weekend 02
nina dobrev ian somerhalder nyc weekend 03
nina dobrev ian somerhalder nyc weekend 04
nina dobrev ian somerhalder nyc weekend 05
nina dobrev ian somerhalder nyc weekend 06
nina dobrev ian somerhalder nyc weekend 07
nina dobrev ian somerhalder nyc weekend 08
nina dobrev ian somerhalder nyc weekend 09
nina dobrev ian somerhalder nyc weekend 10
nina dobrev ian somerhalder nyc weekend 11
nina dobrev ian somerhalder nyc weekend 12
nina dobrev ian somerhalder nyc weekend 13

Photos: Bauergriffinonline, FameFlynet
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  • jen

    ugh Ian looks like such a douchey try hard hipster loser.

  • molly

    They are both gorgeous!

  • jamie

    Ian looks good. Nina LOVESSSSSS to have her picture taken. I like him. Her on the other hand is such a SNOB.

  • Susanna

    Gorgeous Ian <3

  • Tvfan

    Interesting how after Delen crush on the show,,fans get all Nian goods. And more interesting that even if they spend time apart the most important that now they are in the same city (who cares that it is due CW business stuff) fans will be so happy to create a love story for to co workers who forced to spend time together off set. This year they are so tired that they do not pose together more than necessary. Poor Ian.
    Folks who was at Barcelona con said that Nina was more fake yhan ever and so desparete for attention that it looked pathetic.
    She really loves to pose in front of camera. But what else she can do?She is the only one from cast who has free summer, the others are to busy to be involved in other projects.

  • danny

    I love Ian so much! Happy Mothers Day everyone!

  • Uta

    I really tried to like Miss Dobrev but I can’t :( Ian, Matt, Candice, Kat Graham, Malese…they are SO nice and sweet! They really LOVE their fans! Not so Nina…she is really bitchy and an attention seeker!

    Ian looks hot!!!!! <3

  • Emma

    Funny that they’re dating but they’re never together. They’re just together in events… funny.

  • Rose

    my name is ian somerhalder and I have a MAJOR RECEDING hairline and must wear hats all the time to cover it up because:

    1) i can only wear weaves and taupes for public appearances
    2) i can only wear weaves and taupes while filming tvd

    and before all you fangirls attack this comment, find me one picture in the last 2-4 years where you can REALISTICALLY see HIS REAL HAIRLINE

  • Sam

    Wow so many haters just because she’s always smiling?! I’m sorry but I’d rather see a celebrity being nice and smiling than a pouty one glaring at the cameras!!

  • Tony

    TVD seaon 3 finale was epic… Cant describe it with words. And ofc Damon and Elena are my favourite characters there, especially Damon.

  • Sammy

    I love vampire diaries..

    but one question.. why do people keep telling Nina is rude or diva like? Is she like a diva on sets or really bad to her fans?

    she comes across as a nice person.. so kinda confused :S

  • Tvfan

    both. Folks who visited set,saying that she is the most capricious diva ever,plus snob,plus rude.Folks who works near the set saying that she treats stuff and crew like sh*it.A lot of fans said she was being rude and stuck up. Sad thing is that those stories are more frequent than the good ones.she is fake during cons and always seek attention,if she doesn’t get it she can throw a fit in i tend to believe in that

  • Lisa

    I really like them but I don’t get the big hype about Ian. If he wasn’t Damon, I don’t think everyone would think he was so hot. Nevertheless, I think they’re cute together

  • Mandy

    They are adorable! I love Ian’s outfit *swoon* and I really hope they have a great Mothers Day!

    @Rose: That was really rude ;(

  • NYC

    Nina is hot! and I want biceps like Ian!

  • The Muffin Man

    i love them both but i dont get why you have to post both of there pictures in the same topic section when this post is clearly only about Ian in the title, they might be dating but do not have to be stuck together like glue on gossip sights considering they are not even hanging out in any of these pictures

  • Verite

    Tvfan, I see you all the time on these posts, putting down Nina, talking about what people say who are on set etc. and yet I read much more about fans who approach her and are always treated politely and considerately. She to me seems like a very sweet girl. And as for them not hanging around except for publicity, I guess this is why there are pictures of them together all over the internet today, strolling around, and they both had dinner with her mother yesterday for Mother’s Day. Seems to me that the more they are pictured together, on their free time, the more you come out and adamantly protest that its not true. I suspect if they got married, you’d still say it was just for publicity. GIVE IT UP!!! As for her “free summer” I think the issue was she left it free because she filmed a movie last summer and likely was thinking she’d have to promote it for release this summer. But it appears its not yet being distributed. So I guess just as how she showed up as a guest in Barcelona, she will be at the other conventions. She’ll find some way to get out there and do something. And you? You’ll be pathetically on the internet constantly insulting her and putting her down like a miserable old bat…

  • Tvfan

    fans aproch her where and when?when she is at work and paid to be nice?try to aproch her when she isn’t warned about paps or fans and feel the difference.
    but u seem to know soo much about them. Even more than others,where they were,with whom they were eating. Lol. Interesting how much time u spend to find it all.
    U should better once go to con and be near smoking rooms where they don’t expect fans to be or try to work at con and tell me about their relationship then
    So coy and shy Nina and still paps knows excatly at what time they will leave or enter hotel,through what streets they’ll stroll/ Few weeks in a row u recieve new episode of Nian life and still believe that it is true love story.
    Ian btw do not promote clothes he is wearing during paps shoots. Nina though….
    and about being patheticaly in the internet…pot calls the kettle black. I dunno their daily routine. I work in industry and travel with show buyers. So i see them from inside and u from Tv. I just enjoy how good CW managers work in this particular fanservice
    Best fooled fans in decade

  • Aurélie

    I’ve met Nina several times already on and off set.. and let me tell you dear “Tvfan” that you are all wrong! Nina has been SO NICE everytime I’ve met her !!! And a lot of other REAL fans would tell you the same thing! She always comes out when fans are here.. and don’t say it’s because of the camera because I’ve also met her one time with a friend where she was just with her dad and Ian, and even then she was adorable and took the time for us..
    So please, just sh*t up.. I guess you’re just the jealous type here.. trying to put her down.. GET A FREAKING LIFE !

  • verite

    @Tvfan, I admit to reading celebrity stories on the internet. Its a way I enjoy my free time. I work hard all week so I like to relax and read entertainment news because hard news stories about war and crime and economic downturns depress me. Entertainment news gives me a bit of escape. I don’t know much more than what I see on these sites. Very basic stories. Tvfan, you have written on these blogs your stories about this smoking room incident from a year ago over and over again. God forbid someone sees you some day in a bad mood or after a rough week and catches you in a moment when you are not at your best and judges you for the rest of your life on that one moment. People are not perfect nor should you expect them to be. But no single person is defined by solitary moments in their lives. But so many people such as Auriele here comment how they’ve been nicely treated, even on the street when saying hello. So I don’t think YOU know the whole story either so why not go back to your job at trade shows and in smoking rooms and spreading tales about everyone you meet who doesn’t maybe give you a big tip or some free promotional items….

  • Regina

    I am from Germany, sorry for my bad English. – But the season finale was really bad and the writers did a really bad job. The hole scene at the parking lot were not plausible and not worthy to believe. This wasn´t Damon from season 1 and meanwhile he looks a little bit too old. And he acted not really good, Nina was better. Perhaps he need to have vacation.

  • Rose


    you are rude. you delusional fan girl. people like you are the reason he keeps hiding it, and doing that smirk while posing…
    …giving his ego a boost by going all crazy for him

  • Rose


    you delusional fan girl. people like you are the reason he keeps hiding it, and doing that smirk while posing…
    …giving his ego a boost by going all crazy for him

  • lena

    I totally agree with you regina, the finale was boring and bullshit! the parking scene was ridiculous & no, I’m not a stelena fan, in fact I think I’m done with the show, waiting for true blood now.
    concerning nina, she seems nice but we don’t know, I used to have a friend. she was really beautiful, smart, funny and adorable at front…she was very popular, but the biggest bi**h I’ve ever met when you get to know her very well. So….

  • Angel*

    Loving Ian Somerhalder!!!!!!!!Vampire Diaries is my favorite show—hands down!!!!!Why?????IAN SOMERHALDER!!!!!!!!!!