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Jennifer Garner & Violet: Fun with Photographers!

Jennifer Garner & Violet: Fun with Photographers!

Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet take pictures of their photographers as they head into Violet‘s ballet class on Saturday (May 12) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 40-year-old actress and her 6-year-old cutie took pictures of waiting photographer’s using Jen‘s cell phone.

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Jen‘s hubby, Ben Affleck, sent her a sweet Mother’s Day shoutout online, saying she was an “incredible, spectacular, world-class mom.” Ben also thanked his own mom, Chris.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Violet taking pictures of the paparazzi…

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33 Responses to “Jennifer Garner & Violet: Fun with Photographers!”

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  1. 1
    EM Says:

    I think celebs looks like idiots when they photograph the paps.
    What exactly will it accomplish?

    Instead Jen should stop calling them & stop going to the pap hangouts. It is very possible to live in LA, go out & not be photographed.

    She & her kids are the most photographed people in the world!!!!! It is daily.

  2. 2
    Kate Says:

    They probably do it if they need to document when there are particularly aggressive paps. They have had problems with stalkers in the past. I can’t believe people still think she calls the paps. They are easy targets because they have kids with routines. If you look back I’m sure there is a pattern of which days pics pop up of violet leaving ballet, etc. If people stopped clicking on the pictures, the paps wouldn’t follow them.

  3. 3
    Marina Says:

    Violet’s smile :)

  4. 4
    sean Says:

    The only idiots are the people that think they call paps, it’s so absurd it is laughable. Yea, like she wants to put her daughter through that ordeal. The paps are relentless and are everwhere in LA…for any star it is next to impossible to avoid and they know where the kid goes to school, attends dance classes etc…they track them, and they stalk them. To blame her for that is ridiculous.

  5. 5
    kARA Says:


    She does call them. How in the world do they find her at random friend’s houses if she does not call them?? She goes to where the paps are. She makes it too easy for them and does nothing to avoid them. NOTHING. She is not protecting her kids.

    Hate to bring them up but Brad & Angelina were mainly in LA from November to April & there were a handful of pics. They are a much bigger pap target yet can avoid them in LA! They are hardly seen in LA & are proof you can escape paps for the most part.

  6. 6
    kARA Says:



    Other far more popular celebs manage to live in LA & not be photographed EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!!! No excuse for her.

    Paps are NOT everywhere in LA. They are in a few select areas. Most areas of LA have no paps. Jen chooses to go to the coffee shops, farmers markets etc. with all the paps.

  7. 7
    kARA Says:


    Also pics of Jen & her kids are not worth much. She is not popular enough for paps to waste their time stalking or tracking. People really don’t care about her & her MIA husband.

    She just does nothing to avoid them. It is very, very possible to live in LA & not see paps.

    Jen, Alba, Stefani are the worst when it comes to photo ops with their kids.

  8. 8
    anon Says:


    STFU you ignorant hag. She is having fun with her child. Just because your children hate you doesn’t mean some parents don’t know how to lighten up an otherwise intrusive and invasive situation with her child. Its called parenting, look it up.

  9. 9
    B Says:

    Obviously their photos are worth something or the paps wouldn’t follow them to all these obscure places. It’s pretty easy to follow people when you know where to start looking. It’s hilarious the haters show up to comment on every article because that’s what helps drive demand for more pictures of them! JJ doesn’t care whether you love or hate them as long as you click on the stories, comment, etc!

  10. 10
    EM Says:


    I DON’T have kids actually. But if I did I sure would not keep allowing them to be photographed on a daily basis.

    A hag??? You don’t know me.
    Ignorant??? Why? Because I can see Jen for what she is & the fact she does nothing to avoid the paps? Absolutely nothing.

    Good parenting would be Jen making some changes to her routine to avoid the paps altogether. It is completely possible & her fans are too stupid to see she CHOOSES to be photographed.

  11. 11
    EM Says:


    That is the thing, Jen makes it way to easy for the paps. She needs to rethink her routine, switch it up & learn to avoid them by finding the MANY areas of LA without paps.

    And the paps know where to look because Jen calls them & goes to them. They don’t stalk Jen, she just makes sure they know where she is all day, everyday.

  12. 12
    Matt Says:

    So Violet shouldn’t get to go to the same ballet class every week just to avoid paps? As much as they don’t like the paps, I think they have figured out it is healthier for her to have a routine with the same classes, friends, etc than pulling her in and out of activities for the sake of confusing the paps.

  13. 13
    anon Says:


    You can’t see squat! She doesn’t know you and you (despite your fantasies) don’t know her. And I don’t know you but I do know you have some weird investment in believing you know all about her. Crakers like you are one step away from being stalkers and you may or may not be a woman but you most certainly are one ugly hag.

  14. 14
    2ma2 Says:

    A six-year-old girl who can do ballet and karate at the same time. A perfect balance.

  15. 15
    janewhite123 Says:

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  16. 16
    sean Says:

    No, what you meant to say is you don’t care. Obviously the paps do as they stalk the school her kid goes to, the location where she takes her for ballet, and the park she goes to. You are delusional and sad if you think she calls paps. And you obviously don’t know LA, because paps go to a lot of locations, in the LA area, to track celebs.

  17. 17
    yeah Says:

    jennifer is an amazing mom. her daughters are ALWAYS seen smiling and happy. cant say the same about a lot of other celeb kids. stop bickering about the paps!! people like us being on these sites.. commenting and viewing pictures.. THAT’S whats calling the damn paps NOT jennifer.

  18. 18
    siennagold Says:

    Katie Holmes could learn a thing or two from Jennifer Garner. Jen taught her kids not to be afraid of the paps, just go about your daily business and ignore them. Being celebrities, they will always encounters paps. You just have to know how to deal with them.

  19. 19
    laura Says:

    I don’t know why she wants to show her daughter to the paps she is freeking ugly, definately they don’t look like the cheeter Ben….

  20. 20
    Diane Says:

    I can’t believe how many people write such terrible things about Jennifer Garner. Her kids always look happy and healthy – she’s obviously a terrific mom. And why should she stay away from the ballet classes and farmer’s market? Would you want to forgo what you enjoy just because you might get stalked by paparazzi? I wouldn’t.

  21. 21
    dw Says:


    Laura, The only ugly thing I see is the hateful comments about a child. Grow up. And learn to spell by the way.

  22. 22
    Laura Says:

    dw: This is a free country, have you heard freedom of speech? if you don’t like peoples opinion don’t go in the blogs..By the way you grow up…b***h

  23. 23
    Laura Says:

    O sorry dw it’s people’s lol

  24. 24
    SS Says:


    I wouldn’t put it past the paparazzi to keep a track of the ballet class timingsof the class that Jennifer Garner’s kids go to. It is that simple, unfortunately.

  25. 25
    April Says:

    Jennifer Garner is so pretty and she is a fantastic mom. Her kids are very lucky that she gives them what they need to ignore the paps and don’t have to hide out like other kids of famous parents and will grow up like their classmates, being normal and attending karate, dance and ballet classes like their friends. No home school for these kids and crazy jetting all over the world like circus people.

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