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Miranda Kerr & Flynn: Mother's Day in Sydney!

Miranda Kerr & Flynn: Mother's Day in Sydney!

Miranda Kerr holds tight to baby Flynn as she meets up with her mother Therese and her grandmother Ann on Sunday (May 13) in Sydney, Australia.

The 29-year-old model smiled and waved with her 16-month-old son as they approached his grandmas.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda is back in her native Australia to promote her skincare line, Kora Organic. She tweeted, “Hey guys, the Kora Team are at the Sydney Fashion Show. Experience the beauty of Kora first hand in our free workshops.”

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and family out in Sydney…

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  • abby

    cutest celebrity baby of all time

  • cute!

    This is seriously the one of the cutest babies ever. Motherhood suits Miranda well. She looks even more radiant. Such a beautiful pair of mother and son =)

  • aww

    Such a beautiful baby. He looks exactly like his gorgeous mama!

  • sillyme

    Definitely the cutest baby boy I have seen.

  • awww

    Such a beautiful, happy baby!
    he looks more and more like Orlando every day.

  • BarAdrianafan

    most overrated chipmunk head ever.

  • Livvyloo

    Serioisly the cutest baby ever, not just boy baby. They need to make more babies and then sell their genes for others. I’d take one:).

  • RJ

    Damn that kid is HUGE!

  • tina


    he weighs as much as she does.

  • janewhite123

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  • siennagold

    He is absolutely adorable! So cute!!!

  • liz


    You need to get out more….

  • Dee

    Flynn is a rare exception of a time when I’m glad for the paparazzi! Haha. He’s definitely the cutest celebrity baby I’ve ever seen. Miranda is beautiful as always but does anyone miss the uber sexy Miranda Kerr from like 2006/2007? I miss her long, beautiful hair, amazing tan and those gorgeous eyes. I know she’s a mom now and her priorities have changed…I love that she’s natural and simple…but it would be nice to see her grow her hair out again or something ;)

  • hrmph

    Gosh he is GORGEOUS. Such striking features already!

  • sal

    What a beautiful family!

  • luckiest man

    Orlando Bloom is arguably the luckiest man on the planet! It’s so rare to see that a C-lister like him can successfully score a supermodel wife and make a beautiful baby. I’m sure there must be millions of guys dying for his extremely good luck.

  • @16

    Orlando F’ing Bloom?
    Sorry, but any actor who appears in two of the highest grossing trilogies of all time could retire immediately and forever remain an A-lister. Not a higher grade A-lister like Brad Pitt or George Clooney, of course, but an honorary A-lister for life. Keira, Viggo, Elijah, Liv, etc., will also carry that title for life.
    Anyone who considers him a c-lister has some sort of agenda. Like that idiot Zoe, who only comes on these threads to insult Orlando. Or those pathetic delphites who label him a d-lister because they are furious that he didn’t marry some fat waitress.
    Pathetic, the lot of them.

  • Tam

    Flynn, oh dear Flynn <3

  • Like mother like son

    Flynn looks so adorable and his smile is just precious! He’s totally a Miranda’s mini-me. They both have heartmelting smiles and seem to share the same personality (so warm and lovely). It must feel amazing when your son resembles yourself so much almost like copies!

  • cute & cuter

    Cute mom with her cuter baby. Miranda is genetically blessed with this youthful looking face. Her doll-like face will always make her look about ten years younger than her real age and let’s hope the same goes for her little boy.

  • steph

    Such a beautiful boy!
    Except for the cheeks and chin, I think that he looks like Orlando. Same eyes and smile. Not sure whose nose he has, though.
    That baby sure did win the genetic lottery!

  • haha

    I think its pretty sad that this broad only became more famous/popular because of her cute kid. …She has a C list modeling career. crazy how a baby made her more relevant. I never heard of/saw her before him. sick world we live in.

  • AlienRFug

    Don’t get the hype. Average model,chicken legs,huge alien head,wide set bug eyes,big wide nose,thin scraggly hair (naturally). Her biggest assets I guess are her smile,dimples and son. I guess she appeals mostly to pedos and little fangirls going through their acne stage in life.

  • pity

    She could do better :(

  • holy moly

    imagine Flynn growing up and ending up as an ugly adult…shit happens!

  • hrmph

    @holy moly: NOOOOO :O At least he’ll always have beautiful eyes!

  • bgd

    well its not surprise extremely cute kids grow up the opposite alot of the times (and vice versa) sometimes ugly or funny looking kids grow into swans/major hunks. All the cute girls when I was young got ugly/fat in high school and beyond….while the not so attractive youngsters often got so beautiful in high school and college…

  • @22

    Uhmmm, models who appear on HF magazines on runways, and earn millions per year, are not C-list.
    You’re just another delusional hater stuck in the land of denial.

  • @27

    well, both Orlando and Miranda were beautiful babies, and they both turned out gorgeous.
    Are you so hateful that you are wishing something bad for that beautiful, innocent baby?

  • simon

    @cute & cuter: round faces do not age better after a while…they generally get jowls and chicken neck faster than usual….that round-ness has no where to go but south, after a while.

  • @30

    Actually, the opposite is true.
    Rounder faces take longer to show wrinkles, and appear youthful much longer.
    Seems like there are a few people here who just can’t stand that the baby came out looking so gorgeous.
    Just remember folks, karma can be a real b**ch. And she has teeth.

  • MichaƂ

    Flynn looks just like Miranda. His mom is sopretty.

  • tam

    A question for you haters….
    Do you do this to your friend’s babies, too?
    Do you go up to them and say something like ‘sure, they may be cute now, but you better watch out, they could be really ugly adults’???
    I’m just wondering if your obnoxious comments are limited to baby Flynn, or are you hateful to all babies?
    I know that you are famous for your double standards, so I believe that this is a legitimate question. Even if I know that none of you will have the guts to admit to being horrible, hateful people.

  • chipmunk

    @simon: she already has jowls. I dont even wanna know what they will look like as she gets older, wowza.

  • LOL!

    More double standards from the idiot haters!!!
    Doutzen playing with her baby in the beach = awww, look at her playing with her baby on the beach! Look how she is able to ignore the paps and keep on playing with him!!!! You can tell that she loves him!!! Look at how those awful paps follow this lady that no one knows outside of fashion and her no-body husband!!!
    Orlando and/or Miranda playing with their baby on the beach = look at them treating him like a prop!!!! They should have gone inside immediately when they saw the paps!!! And look at how that world famous actor and famous model CALL the paps everytime they go outside. What a SET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You guys make it so easy to mock you!
    No wonder that you idiots are the laughing stock of the fandom!!!!!!

  • awww

    Saw some ADORABLE pics of Flynn laughing and running on the beach with daddy!
    So precious that I wasn’t even phased by Orlando’s GOSH AWFUL day-glow pants!
    Flynn is such a happy and well loved little man!
    So precious. *sighs*

  • @35

    They’ve earned the title of biggest hypocrites on the web.

  • happy

    Why does she look happier alone, or only with her son, or with her mom and granny than with Orlando? In every recent paps photo with Orlando she is very serious. She looks all stiffed and in the bad mood on Bora Bora and totally relaxed and happy here. Am I the only one to notice that?

  • @38

    Yes, you’re the only one to imagine that.

  • @happy

    Why is she supposed to look happy with that douche? He’s obviously a big burden of her life.

  • @40

    I mean, who could POSSIBLY look happy when they are married to ORLANDO BLOOM????
    He’s rich, successful, kind, romantic and DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!!,
    and you know what kind of “BURDEN” that can be!!!!!!!!!
    Whatever will she do?????
    *clutches heart*

  • MIB

    I just saw the new MIB3 where it is confirmed….. all models are aliens. lol

    That said, that baby has to be the cutest celeb baby ever! Looks just like Orlando!