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Alexander Skarsgard: New 'True Blood' Trailer!

Alexander Skarsgard: New 'True Blood' Trailer!

Alexander Skarsgard enjoys an outdoor lunch with a pal at Hugo’s Restaurant on a sunny Monday (May 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

After his meal, the 35-year-old Battleship star strolled back to his Porsche coupe and drove away!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

A new trailer for the upcoming fifth season of True Blood was recently released.

Be sure to tune in on Sunday (June 10) to see the continuation of the gripping story lines starring Alex, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Joe Manganiello, Ryan Kwanten, and more!

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  • DailyNightly

    I can’t wait for True Blood to begin! I think Alex looks really good!

  • egp

    Chesticles. Yum.

  • Strange

    Alex looks yummy !

  • Lilla

    He looks so good!

  • Stacie

    He’s just so Damn beautiful I so can’t wait for True Blood to start back up . Boy have I missed Eric !!!

  • Gina

    LOVE Hugo’s! It is my favorite brunch place. Delicious food and so many good, healthy choices.

  • maria

    is michael mcmillian whit him?

  • LaLaHollywood

    Agreed, it is so yummy.

    Lookin good in black! As always.

  • Camille

    Alex looks great. Looks like he’s got a bit of scruff happening. I wonder if he’ll grow a beard again this summer.

  • blue

    Alex looks good :) though he seems a bit angry caught by paps.

  • A

    He’s awesome! His car is amazing!

  • Yum

    I’m more into Chris Hemsworth but he’s not bad!

  • KissThis

    He’s so sexy it’s almost unbearable! XD

  • pangur ban

    I love it when he takes his pecs out for a stroll after lunch. The man is perfection.

  • danielik25

    OMG! Alex is so beautiful in flashback from Victorian period! I´m so impatient to see him in new TB season!

  • Texas Swede

    He does not look happy at all. Maybe he got some news he did not like. I don’t think that was Mic Mac. Looked like management type to me. JMO

  • chelle

    Damn he looks so fine! Pissed but hot!

  • Tanter

    I don’t think it’s McMillzz either.

    I think he looks great but I find it hard to enjoy watching him when he’s so obviously bothered by the one(s) who took the photos. Well, either that or he’s very tired.

  • Lina


  • POGO

    I like it when he has is brooding face on. He is sexy smiling or brooding.

    I can’t wait for TB. It’s going to be a good season.

  • What’s up with Alex

    Where is his new blonde GF that he shagged last Saturday night ? Hiding the chick, is he ashamed of her or something .

    And what’s With the angry face, some bad news?

  • jen

    Maybe he got bad news? There’s ONE picture of him sitting with the guy. Maybe he was laughing and smiling the second before or after. How do you guys infer this crap? I don’t understand, it’s SO stupid!

  • DailyNightly

    I think he is just annoyed at having his lunch interrupted by the paps.

  • ladybug
  • BLAH

    What Maisie Knew trailer looks soo good!!!

    Alex with children get me excited lol

    this movie has soo much cuteness.

    the little girls acting is good. i just want to hug her.

    i cant wait for it to come out and the gifs we will get!!!

    it better come to Australia

  • youyou

    my man lookin good can’t wait fot TRB

  • ladybug
  • Disney Villainess

    @ladybug: *BOOM* Pregnant. Thanks for the posting the trailer. This movie looks very nice, and the screen caps are lovely. IDK, these are the types of films I’d like to see more of from him; that Battlesheep can come and go already; the more down to earth type roles, are the ones I just love.

  • hmmmmmmm

    Great to see the Maisie trailer. Looks good.

  • ladybug

    @Disney Villainess: I think the WMK type movies are more of his thing acting-wise anyway. Battleship was an interesting detour.

    He really doesn’t look he fits very well in the Porsche:

  • Camille

    @ladybug: Thanks for posting the trailer! It looks like a good movie and the little girl is adorable with Alex as we suspected. I hope this comes out soon so that we can all enjoy the relationship he had with that little cutie pie.

  • Camille

    @ladybug: Is he wearing a driving glove? That’s hilarious. :)

  • maria

    @What’s up with Alex:
    you are so mad that you are funny, go to psiquiatric please!

  • chelle

    @Camille: no glove just a shadow.

  • Camille

    @chelle: Oh ok, geez it looked like a glove in the smaller photo but when I blew it up it’s obviously a shadow. I thought it would be weird that he only had one glove on, MJ styles. :)

  • No reports

    Very surprised that no gossip rags picked up on Alex and his new date /love / gf what ever she is to Alex, and the date Is actually on vid, no enlarged reports

    When Charlize and Alex were first spotted well gossip rags were on fire with all sorts of stories ,and it was only in print and no pics.

    Maybe because she is not famous enough for the gossip rags to care. only the fans .

    And the WMK trailer looks wonderful, awww the little girl

  • egp

    @Camille: I got a sudden mental picture of adorkable Alex doing the Moonwalk all the way to his car. LOL

  • ladybug

    The reaction to the WMK trailer reminds of this Skarsgard news post:

    “From what I’ve heard of the script and Alex’s scenes, if you think the pics are bad, apparently all the women will be running up to the screen in the theaters and rubbing up against it like it’s their favorite catnip toy.”

  • Be realistic

    @No reports:

    I shouldn’t really respond to your post, because it’s a pointless post.

    There was nothing to report, the young lady was clearly going home with Alex for the night, YOUNG, HOT, SINGLE and there is no indication that it was a date? Or his GF, just because she was on his lap, and his hand on her thigh. And Alex was at the CM with his pal Keith and who ever else, be realistic Alex would risk taking any potential new date to the famous CM bring all his mates and pap cameras around to get that money shot, come on Alex is not that thick.he was just having some fun
    END OFF the video matter It’s his personal life.
    let’s all move on.

  • Disney Villainess

    @ladybug: Yeah, I know.:) Plus, “he’s gotta keep bringin’ in that cheddar, the bills ain’t gonna pay themselves.” I just think he looks so much more comfortable when he doesn’t have a role that requires him to be so over-the-top; that’s where I feel he gives the best performances.

    And da*n, looks like he got to fold himself six or seven different ways to fit in that vehicle, LOL……….hope that car came with a chiropractor on speed dial. STAT

  • chelle

    @Disney Villainess: I know right?!? WTF was he thinking when he got that car?? Badass ride…. absolutely, but it’s almost like him trying to squeeze into one of those Smart squished up cars! I tried to ride in one of those and it was not pleasant and I’m 5’4. It felt like a space pod ready for takeoff!

  • chelle

    @jen: If you go to socialite life there are lots more pictures. The one at the table was taken after he took a bite of something. That’s why he has that peculiar expression.

  • Disney Villainess

    @chelle: LOL:), and yep it’s a sweet ass ride, but he just had to know that it would be a pain in the ass(literally) gettin’ in and out of that thing with those sequoia trunk legs of his……..SMDH, doing that Cirque du Soleil type sh*t everytime though, this man’s a masochist…….

  • ladybug

    @chelle: Yep, he was fine until he realized he was being photographed.

    As for the Porsche, I’m sure he’s got room inside, it’s just getting into the car looks awkward and slightly ungraceful. Ah, the sacrifices one must make in order to have a fancy car.

  • Chicks love it

    Yeah a fancy car all right comes with a heavy price tag $120,000 he has got some wod of cash, or he leases his cars, I cannot imagin Alex shedding out that much every time for a fancy peace

    Chicks love guys with hot fast cars especially if they come with Alexander so that car is a chick puller ,impress the chicks carnt say i blaime him,because that ain’t made as family car.

  • LaToya

    Well, Alex looks wonderful as usual. The WMK trailer looks great. Right up my ally. I will try to refrain from rubbing against the screen, lol.

  • ladybug

    @Disney Villainess: I have a suspicion that he didn’t receive that much money for Battleship. Oh, it was probably the biggest single paycheck he’s ever gotten, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Liam got more money for a much smaller role. Yes, he’s got a Porsche now (and before that an Audi), and they’re not cheap, but they’re not Lamborghini or Bentley either.
    We know he doesn’t spend that much on clothes!
    I suspect that as long as he’s got enough money to keep a roof over his head, go to restaurants, fly to see his friends/family (or fly them to him) and buy/see music, he’s happy. Anything over that is just icing.
    And these smaller movies, like The East, WMK, or the Hidden, aren’t huge paydays for a successful HW actor, they’re more than enough to pay the bills and still have a very nice lifestyle, if you’re careful.
    Also, I prefer the smaller films because if they play at the little arty theater down the street I can just walk to go see them.

  • Disney Villainess

    When someone says 1 thing and does another he is called a LIAR!! A S.L.U.T.T.Y liar. STOP supporting this Creep. Defend him as you will. HPV for everyone.
    He is probably upset because he just found out he is nothing more that a Big Dumb Doofus.
    HPV for everyone.

  • concerned

    i’m excited – i get to see Battleship this weekend at my local theater! had to share cause i can NOT wait to see him on the big screen!

  • Disney Villainess

    @Disney Villainess: I would like to solve the puzzle, Pat: the word is masoch*st. I didn’t know JJ would censor that. *learn something new everyday;-)*

    @ladybug: You’re preachin’ to the choir :-), my post(#43) was just a joke heavily laced with sarcasm;-).