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Jaden Smith: 'Give It to 'Em' First Listen!

Jaden Smith: 'Give It to 'Em' First Listen!

Check out the premiere of Jaden Smith‘s brand new song “Give It to ‘Em“!

“Young, black with accessories / And I’m doing well, never seen a penitentiary / Cause they can’t sentence the greatest MC they’ve ever seen / No I’m not, but if you’re going to bother me, then you better be,” the 13-year-old singer and actor raps on the track, which he premiered on Ryan Seacrest‘s 102.7 KIIS-FM radio show.

Jaden, who appeared on the big screen opposite Jackie Chan in 2010′s The Karate Kid, also has plans to make more movies.

“You know what happened is, my youngest son, Jaden, he’s very serious about acting, so he’s taking it all and working out, and he’s looking at me funny across the dinner table now,” his proud papa, Will Smith, recently shared. “Now he’s looking at me like a mark, so I’m like, ‘OK, let me go ahead and hit this young boy with a big one. Keep him settled down a little bit.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jaden Smith’s “Give It to ‘Em”?

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  • n

    gotta loooove nepotism in hollywood

  • xhu

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  • Mimi

    I hate this whole f u c i n family!!!!!

  • saerge0fredi

    he sucks

    the only reason he’s even making music is because of his daddy


    HAHA what the hell is this? don’t wanna rude but this is crap

  • doo doo

    doo doo

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …jared, it’s “battle me” not “bother me”.

  • What Do I Think?

    the fact that I do think makes me want to wretch when I hear this



  • MrRogers

    Oh yeah give it to me Jaden!

  • Prezes

    Who they gonna pimp next ? Their dog ? These kids are privileged, they should be going to the best schools, then study abroad, some place exciting, travel, have fun and then set up a business using their trusting found, which would keep them grounded. They shouldn’t be in a show business this young. Or at all, for that matter – talent is not genetic.

  • KC

    Over exposed.

  • RoweCatherine

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  • the african darkside

    Mr Will smith statements seem very telling.

  • will

    not bad

  • oh.

    Go to the babies’partition. PLEASE.

  • cn

    It’s not enough for the parents to be narcissists and make a living off the public, now they gotta drag their kids into it. The kids are smug, entitled,jaded, think they are grown, and are uneducated. Great job, Will and Jada. Bet they’ll be even more charming as adults.

  • Daniela

    “Never seen a penitentiary” if you keep acting like that you will be, kiddo! This is… whatever. Hollywood and its nepotism like @n said.

  • perky

    Kriss Kross’ll make ya…JUMP JUMP!!

  • mamee

    Gay parents doing it wrong.

  • Funny


    What’s the big deal? Jaden Smith is no different from the rest of Hollywood. Justin Bieber was very young when he came on the music scene. He’s sing’s average at best, but you don’t hear all the negative comments about him.

  • thighmegatampon

    Those r some smug lyrics… He should just stick to acting.

  • black


    That´s because Justin managed it all on his own – without his daddy paying everyone in the bizz.

    And people have it wrong ALL the time —–it does not matter how well you sing, how well you act – hell, the only thing that matters is ACTION!! Britney made it, and so did Bieber, not because of superb skills, but because they damn well worked their asses off.

    This kid on the other hand – he does what millions of kids do out there, on YOUTUBE,…..but do you see any of those other kids mentioned on JUSTJARED?

    No – of course not. Because they don´t have the famous daddy. Jaden has.

  • http://twitter jj

    i guess it’s good
    it’s jaden

  • Michelle

    I don’t like ether Jaden or Willow. I think they are both smug, entitled brats who are far too grown for their ages. HOWEVER, so many children of Hollywood actors and actresses behave the same way. Most of them grow up a lot faster because they are exposed to so much more than “normal” children are. Nepotism has been alive and well for ages. Just look at Judy Garland and Lliza Minelli. John and Drew Barrymore. The Douglas family. Martin Sheen and his sons…..come on, the list is endless. Just because the Smiths don’t share the same skin color, it becomes a big friggin deal.

  • JealousMuch

    Note to self – Kill yourself , the day you become Jealous of a 13 yr old boy . Like some of the posters of the

  • http://gagagirl95 simone elena

    slt , jadores tes chansons ta facon de t ahbiler bref tes cooool

  • kellykels99

    he ain’t sound good at allhe don’t have the voice for it you need to go through puberty first. Boy here’s some advice don’t go in to show biz at all,just be the black sheep of the family and done with it.

  • ericka


  • http://e_gamal eziee

    why are you hating on the “SMITH” family?? they are realGs….. what? is it coz their famous and you aint??? quite hating…. whats deee point of hating??? the SMITH family is deee BEST get it right. never mess with SMITHO’z

  • http://e_gamal eziee

    Why are people hating on the smith family??? STOP hating?? they are realGs… Soooooo WHAT if will and jadas kids are to young to be famous and stuff… They are born to be TALENTED.. and Give it to em is deee BEST sooo…. so if yo hating why bother to comment and waste your time??? once again the SMITH family is the BEST get that right HATERz!!

  • Shortymisfits

    i like both Jaden and Willow i think they are growning up just fine, the boy want to go out there an follow in his father footsteps then let him be. all they asked for is respect. if you don’t like the video then so what others like it. i know i do. with all due respect Jaden Keep Doing your thing don’t let know one bring you down. overall its a great video it could have been better but next time you will kill it. MISFITS!!!!!! Me an my brother going have to show face next. we wanna make it to the top.

  • Shortymisfits

    @eziee: i honestly agree with you.