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Ryan Phillippe: Football Fun with the Kids!

Ryan Phillippe: Football Fun with the Kids!

Ryan Phillippe gives his son Deacon a pep talk at his football game on Saturday (May 12) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor, who coaches Deacon‘s team, brought along his older daughter Ava and his girlfriend Paulina Slagter to help cheer on the football match!

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Be sure to look out for Ryan on the small screen this summer in the television show Damages. The series, which stars Glenn Close and Rose Byrne, will wrap up with its fifth and final season in July.

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  • seeaaaa

    i think that girl may be 8 years older than Ava…yeah that’s fun

  • Kk

    I can’t believe he is 37 years old. He looks amazing!!

  • Nano

    She looks like she could be his older daughter… Disturbing!

  • Mixie

    Awww he’s such a good dad.

  • Helen

    Most men will prefer 20 years old on someone close to thier age’s the real world

  • Both get something out of it..

    He gets a young girlfriend to have fun with and she gets time in the spotlight… like anyone who dates famous people. It’s a win-win. haha.

  • Annie

    Is she wearing a dress with her legs spread that wide? I know no one is behind her but still!

  • Andie

    Damn, Ryan seriously loves the blondes. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him date a girl with any other color hair.

  • losa

    @Andie: His daughter’s mother (Alexis Knapp) had dark hair when they were together. I think he prefers blondes but he likes brunettes too.

  • kimmi


  • Jessica

    He could be dating someone closer to his age but at least she seems normal and like someone he could have around his kids. He’s obviously an involved and dedicated parent.

  • Helen

    @Annie: The third picture is very wierd

  • M

    @Jessica: What about his other kid???

  • Jessica

    If he’s not involved with his other kid I doubt it is by choice. Co-parenting is a commitment that two mature adults make to put the needs of their child above their petty disagreements. Obviously Ryan is capable of doing that. The woman who has that baby may not be.

  • Pattycake

    Ok, he’s drop dead gorgeous, and a famous actor, other than that it’s just an obviously loving father sharing time with his kids. Ryan is a good dad.

  • Me.Phillippe

    I love him so involved with the team and his son. It’s a great father as well as being very hot. I love it! Ava and Deacon, beautiful as ever.

    By the way anyone know where I can see ‘Revenge For Jolly’? Do not think it will be released in my country and I like to see it.

  • Mrs. Toth is a JOKE!!!

    He is just one cool dude! The woman is 21 so I don’t see what the issue is. He is single, good looking, good actor, wonderful dad who puts HIS KIDS FIRST before anything else!!!!

    You go Ryan!!!!

  • E Offline

    Ava and Deacon are really looking like Ryan. Very nice! and he isn’t so bad himself!!!


    Uggghhhh – this man is such a perv. This model/actress girl is only like 20 years old. He’s 17 years older than her! He could be her own father.


    Poor Reese … she’s surrounded by loser. Her crazy dad doesn’t even remember marrying his new goldigger wife while he’s still married to Reese’s mom! So the marriage wasn’t even legal. LOL. The goldigging “fake stepmom” wants Reese’s money and is living in one of Reese’s properties. So Reese had to travel to Ashville to get a restraining order so that this woman stays away from their family and from Reese’s money. Meanwhile Ryan is trying to relive his youth and instead of aging gracefully he’s dressing like some college guy and dating barely legal girls! Reese is surrounded by crazy unstable men.

  • Jen

    Sorry but he’s WAAAAAAAY too old for that girl. He could be her dad. She’s too young and immature to be a stepmom.

  • crazy reese fans

    I doubt he wants to marry her. She’s 21 she’s not barely legal and Reese is a hypocrite and deserves what she gets.


    I don’t care if he coaches every little league in the state of California. it doens’t erase the fact that he’s a dbag who’s obsessed with being young. he dresses like a freaken teenage boy and acts like one. he cheated on Reese during their last 2-3 years of marriage and he’s chasing after girls that are way too young for him just so he could feel like he’s a 20 year guy again. ryan is a joke!


    Is he still paying child support to former bootycall Alexis Knapp?? Does he even visit their baby??? Alexis is only 22 years old. Girls that young are still VERY VERY IMMATURE. She needs all the help she could get. I hope he doesn’t abandon his child with her. He looks like a jerk.


    I’m 21 and I would never ever date a 37yo man even if he was hot. There’s something so creepy about being with a man who could be your own father.

  • Stephanie

    The legal age is considered 18 and 21 is just 3 years older than that. That’s why some people consider 21yo girls “barely legal”. Because they just recently (3 years ago) became legal. I know she’s old enough to drink but a 21yo girl is still very much a kid. No way would she be ready to be a wife or a stepmom.


    What does a grown man, divorced and with THREE children see in a 21-year-old chick? There’s no way that at her age she can be his equal or his life partner. He’s obviously just looking for some booty which is why Ryan has a bit of a sleazy image. A father of 3 should be past that stage in his life. It’s sleazy for him to be boinking college age girls. He’s almost 40 years old.


    To the pathetic fangirls defending Ryan: If their genders were reversed, and it was a 37 year old WOMAN with a 20 year old MAN, everybody would be calling her a pervert and a freak and accusing her of having control issues. But because Ryan’s a man it’s okay? AHAHAHAHA!

  • Sooooo True

    @HYPOCRITES: It’s true how they say women are their own worst enemy. We are partly to blame for all the double standards and sexism in society.


    If the cheating rumors are true, then I’m just glad Reese got out of this marriage to this low-life. I hope her new man is a better catch.


    Ryan is such a hater. I’ll never forget when she won that Oscar and he squeezed Reese’s arm so hard that he hurt her! He pretended that he was just so excited for her but I think it was bitterness and jealousy. That’s why he grabbed her arm so hard. His negative feelings were seeping through his fake phoney smile.


    I think he’s just coaching this team for damage control especially after knocking up Alexis Knapp who was only 20 years old at the time and then asking her to prove paternity. That made him look like such a dirty dbag. He seems like a very phoney person to me.


    @Helen: “Most men will prefer 20 years old on someone close to thier age’s the real world”. ——> NOT TRUE, HELEN. You’re living in Hollyweird which is far far far from the real world. I’m in my early 30s and I’m happily married but if I wasn’t I could NEVER imagine myself with some 21yo girl. I have 2 teenage daughters so that would only be slightly older than them. That’s creepy! And I don’t think I would have much in common with a 21yo. What would we talk about? How could she be a role model or parental figure for my teen daughters is she is just slightly older than them?

  • Jenny S.

    @NOT ALL MEN WANT 21YO GIRLS: Exactly! Ryan is a creep and a cliche of Hollywood culture, plain and simple.


    He’s not very relative anymore. The only reason he used to get coverage was because he was “Mr. Witherspoon”. Now it’s because of his white trash drama with 21-year-old Alexis Knapp and their illegitimate baby. Reese is the one the media cares about. Ryan has always resented not being in the limelight. Once he hits 40 and his face starts to crack, he will get even less press coverage.

  • InTheIndustry


    Witherspoon plants are out in full force today on this site!

    There is two sides to the story people and you would reconsider if you knew the other side.

    But go on as you may, it just shows you believe those vile magazines and the PR Witherspoon puts out and has put out!

    You all should be worried about Toth, her new fake husband instead hanging on to Phillippe and what is not true!

    So sad!!!!

  • Sabrina

    “Once he hits 40 and his face starts to crack, he will get even less press coverage.” —– LOL! I agree completely.


    I’ve always seen Ryan as a scrub and a hanger-on even when he and Reese were pretending they were a “happily married” couple. I just can’t take him seriously as an actor.

  • Mike

    These girls keep getting younger and younger. What’s he gonna do next – impregnate a high school girl? Keep it classy, Ryan!

  • KFED??

    He reminds me of a slimmer shorter blonder version of KFed. Very similar personalities and both became famous because of the women they were with.


    I agree completely with one of the first comments that said his new gf looks like the big sister of Ava!! AHAHAHAHA. OMG. How dysfunctional this dbag has become.

  • Kailani Phillippe

    I really hope he sticks around for Kailani and stays in her life. I know Alexis Knapp and him weren’t serious but that’s a precious baby girl who needs TWO PARENTS. Do the right thing, Ryan! Don’t become another deadbeat. We’ve got plenty of those in this country!

  • Pattycake

    WOW! I can tell Reese’s image is in trouble, all the cockroaches have scurried out of the woodwork to attack Ryan. I guess he provoked it, spending the weekend being a solid dad. Some nerve. Why the eff do all these people, who claim to hate him, care who he dates? He’s been divorced for years; she’s an adult. All you haters need to move on with your lives. @Kailani Phillippe: Yours has to be my favorite bizarre comment. Does Ryan strike you as someone who takes his parental duties lightly?

  • crazy reese fans

    OMG is Reese drunk in an airport lounge with her caps lock on or what? These posts are obviously all from one person. One person with issues.

  • Pattycake

    @crazy reese fans: Hahahahaha. I think you’re right.

  • IamKevinSmith

    LMWAO! Knapp is like 26 or 27 not 21!!! WitherSloth is completely desperate and she has put her PR crap in the hands of that gay druggie boozer abusive not the father of the spawn in the oven who has no father qualities about him. Never has Never will!

    Let em all have their WitherSloth moment @Pattycake. As you can see from the drama in redneckville, she ain’t what she portrays to be! She has sh it on so many in this business that she will get hers!

    Ryan is one of the nicest guys in this business and as you can see a extremely dedicated dad!

    Pictures speak a thousand words. Kids have good perception of people. Ava is much more comfortable with dad and his lady friend then she is with The WitherSloths!



  • E Offline

    @crazy reese fans, @pattycake, @IamKevinSmith

    Not only is Witherspoon drunk at an airport or sitting at her computer at home, Toth has done a big fat line of coke with the caps on lock!


  • KissThis

    is this still that 19 year old girl he’s been dating? Guy is such a douche.

  • Helen

    @NOT ALL MEN WANT 21YO GIRLS: thanks for your comment ,I’m sure there are men like you even in Hollywood,most marriages that still go strong in Hollywood the couple are close in age like Tom Hanks you are my “real world”‘s Tom Hanks 

  • Me.Phillippe

    Oh my god, released all the trolls of Reese at the same time?

    Hahaha, I find it so pathetic that talk his age them in each post..
    If he has 37! and yes! she is 21, get over it NOW! Madonna is 53 and her boyfriend 24. So what?

    He does not do anything illegal and I’m sure they do not have a serious relationship, in addition to what happened to Alexis, I’m sure that this time Ryan will take the necessary precautions …

    He is a father and a excellent actor and to inform some of here, his marriage troubles began in 2003, 3 years before Reese won her overrated Oscar.