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Jennifer Aniston: New smartwater Ads!

Jennifer Aniston: New smartwater Ads!

Jennifer Aniston flashes a smile in this new pic from smartwater‘s latest ad campaign.

“Simplicity is delicious,” “Good taste travels well,” and “Live a life well hydrated” read the three black and white photos, which will appear in June issues of magazines.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Late last month, rumors surfaced that Jen, 43, was scouting locations for a wedding on the Greek island Crete.

Her rep shot down the reports, calling them “a total fabrication … How is it that one of the most photographed people in the world supposedly goes to Greece to check out a hotel she never heard of and is not spotted or photographed?”

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jennifer aniston new smartwater ads 01
jennifer aniston new smartwater ads 02
jennifer aniston new smartwater ads 03

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  • JL

    The third picture is the best.

  • KN

    Oh my on the third picture JA looks like a cross between Celine Dion and Jay Leno with Iggy Pop’s hair!!!!!!! And for some reason, whenever I see Jennifer Aniston I always think of afghan dogs, to me she looks like one.

  • JL

    @KN: All I can say about your taste is you are not a man.
    Do you want to know what think afghan dog looking at you?

  • So Sad but true

    Man can’t live by photos alone…. What happened when it’s come to REAL LIFE…. Just go and look for yourself… The true colour of JA, at JJ POST, the one she goes shopping with her midget in side the car… that’s the original true face of JA!!!!!!

  • The truth is

    It’s so much photoshop that she looks like a video game avatar, unreal.

  • angie

    bahahaha………all you people who hate on her and change her name to whatever you think sounds insulting, (seriously people, how old??) do you have any idea how utterly ridiculous you sound? I really think the majority of you people posting on this site about her appearance, brad and angie, and the chick posting about the pros on bottled water and helium balloons creating extra recycle (cause I know I see more people walking the streets with balloons as opposed to water….) need to get off the computer and go live a life!!!!

  • wakeupNsee

    At least Jen isn’t anorexic. Jen also didn’t make a fool out of herself at the Oscars in front of millions of people. Brad only got engaged to Angelina to take the attention off her bizarre behavior. Didn’t work because people are still talking about it. Maybe Angie is not eating because she’s troubled that Shiloh is transgender.

  • JL

    @wakeupNsee: Shiloh is a “transgender” just because of Jolie’s initiative. May be mommy envy to own child beauty. It happens – not often but anyway.

  • Boohoo

    She needs to freshen up her look. She’s always so blah, predictable, and passe.

  • Why buy it?

    Why buy bottled water, other than as an emergency reserve? I just filter my water with a reputable system and use a reusable, BPA free bottle over and over again. It’s MUCH cheaper, healthier, and there’s no plastic waste.
    This bottled water craze is all hype.

  • yesss

    jen is beautiful and HOT. look at that bod of hers in her movies, WOWZA! beats skeley’s non existent se* appeal ANYDAY.

  • l

    i wonder if she knows/cares that plastic bottles are not good for environment?????

  • yep

    Love Jen, the photos are gorgeous! Gee, photo shop who isn’t? I will continue to purchase Smart Water and the LARGE bottle too!!! I know about the plastic but I know my drinking water isn’t safe! Smart Water is also distill which is better! Jen is such a classy lady!!!!!!

  • JL

    1. People, enough about plastic bottles please!
    How will you keep the water in the bag? In the glass bottle? Are you ready to this weight?
    2. With the ecology we have water must be SOFT first of all.

  • ann h

    Pretty dumb to call the product “smart water” when so many people are not drinking it, no matter who hocks it. I’d love to see all the plastic bottles to be dumped in her yard, then maybe she will get a clue.
    Hey Jen, what’s next? Club a baby seal why don’t ya.

  • nakedoldjennifer


    No need to attack children just because Aniston’ career is over
    Mean crazyjen is just a punch line in Hollywood, 2bit tv actress and her time is up!

  • BooHoo

    I’m just suprised she hasnt tried to call it “Jennifer Ansiton Water” like she did with her latest perfume hawking failure.

  • Marcell

    It’s ironic how dumb people buy smartwater.

  • BooHoo
  • JL

    Why do you so afraid her beauty and talent?
    She is just 43.
    Go talk to Helen Mirren about this age.
    “Career is over”?

  • JL

    @nakedoldjennifer: Hey ‘naked’,
    I’m taking not about children, but about Jolie’s “politics” toward Shiloh. You may look at their pictures – this kid smiles not very often comparing to the rest of Benetton club.
    But you are ready to say: “No need to attack children”
    I saw the LOGICS like that…

  • nakedoldjennifer

    Jen the 47yoa hag career is not over because of age Lunatic!
    Because of her limited acting, puffy leather face still playing Rachel green.
    Enough! you and your crazy idol need to GO AWAY

  • jennyandstephen

    like a twisted version of “Dorian Gray”.

    Anyone becoming involved in their schemes seems to have bad things happening to them. Karma comes around.

  • JL

    you will talk about Karma after watching her pictures right here! :)
    Look at Jolie’s bones – THIS IS KARMA !

  • jen fan

    oh my god!!!!!haters haters..get this s*** out of here and comment on that anorexic B**** you worship!!!

  • So Sad but true

    That’s the power of Jolie….That pose… Is a MASTER PIECE!!!!
    Not just the world spinning with her her sexy legs thing… But the whole UNIVERSE… round the planet Mars too …. See… Look at you .. Still wetting your pant…. do you think Jolie give a FLYING F@ck for what everyone think….. Unlike you chinny the Man… Insecure with very low self esteem …
    Only the FAT and the UGLY would foaming from their mouth looking at some one skinny…. KARMA for Posh aka Victoria Becham too… LOL…
    one think for sur… NEVER TO SKINNY OR TO RICH ….
    Karma is when you CANT keep a Man… Keep being dump by a man.. And the only man you can keep is when you have to BUY A MAN…. And yet the man is bald.. Midget.. And as ugly as Sin!!!!!!
    Sadly Chinny had to eat salad for 20 years Plus exercise 24/7 to be average!!!!!

  • JL

    HA-HA-HA-HA-HA !!!
    the “power” to earn 6 kids and to receive just the RING she hates!
    that primitive pose with the horse leg!
    may be Mars but NOT the EARTH is a place of peoples love!
    wet pants? may be just your!
    JA self esteem is REAL and without drugs!
    do you hate Posh too? LOL!
    Jolie was dumped by BBT!
    And BBT was bald!
    JA eats what she wants and is the America’s sweetheart
    and the SEXIEST WOMAN OF ALL THE TIMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NAN

    An Easy Poosey Ho of Hw is Jenny Poop.
    Once a Ho Always a Ho.
    Hehehe,no drug huh ? just coke and bong right ?
    Too much bongs for catching the man that’s why no time for Babies.
    When the man could woke up then he ran as fast as he could,Whamo The HalfmanJL heart broken b/c his plans were failed.
    BP he has make it right to find the real love Not A Set Up blind date from their agents which an Easy Poosey Ho(A 1 night Fvck@bleHo)
    No one cares of her bought Boytoy McStumpy,
    PittbullJL is still sad that BP choosing to have real Babies Not Dogs.

  • JL

    @NAN: Oh you so love to fantasize about “easy” something! Not so easy – just for the FUTURE HUSBAND ! 5 YEARS OF MARRIAGE !
    Yes, no time for babies. At least her babies will never see the mothers SHAME in the media like Jolie’s children will. The shame in the magazines, in the TV interviews, in the porn movies. SHAME FOREVER!
    And Jennifer’s dogs will NEVER KISS EACH OTHER – don’t forget this,
    poor pervert admirer!

  • NAN

    Hehehe,JL The paid dog have to thinking thoughts for 1+ hours to B@rking back huh?
    Wow Jenny Poop so have 101 % selv Exsateem(esteem) with her dogs then all Failed and Kaput,eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh.
    After got Ding Dong with 10+ men in 7+ years after DIVORCED ,her dogs and The Easy PooseyHo cannot Stop B@rking about her Ex Set Up A-list hunk.
    Now Ms.Hohumm be very happy(Unhappy) with her Z-list bought Boytoy,since the engagement annouced ,Jenny Poop is FINITO .

  • NAN

    Hehehe,The Halfman got angry that BP doesn’t wanted the FakeBimbo Ca Ca,

    No one wants her since she told the whole world that.


    Karma come after her now and forever,hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa.
    Becareful The Halfman that your husband will leave you too b/c you B@rking all the S!TE for the innocent kids and family!!!

  • JL

    poor NAN,
    where do you see the “family”?
    Just 6 children, 25 nannies, 2 PR partners and 1 ‘ring’ Jolie HATES :) :) :)
    Look at the Jennifer’s pictures – envy much?
    Jolie look horrible to advertise even the tap water :)
    HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA !!!

  • So Sad but true

    Fake picture = dumb water ad
    Real picture = JJ post chin buying furniture with baldy midget
    You can sreams how glorious the result of the AIRBRUSHING FOR THE DUMB WATER ” ad” all the way to the ocean all you want but the sad truth is the real fugly chinni MMANiston remainder the same… Wake up in the morning she is forever look like a man, with her forever CURTAIN HAIR to covers her FUG!!!!!!!
    The ORIGINAL look = JJ post buying furniture
    The FAKE LOOK = dumb water ad …..
    So sad … But TRUE!!!!!!!
    JA + JT = 2 pea in a pot .. What happened with matching2 dressed up no more??? They both looks so much alike…. Indeed…. WHAT HAPPENED???

  • So Sad but true

    If JA eat what she wants she is BIGGER THAN A HOUSE by now…
    Her minder BOUGHT her that FAKE award with all her millions just to keep her FROM ” A” NERVOUS BREAKING DOWN… 20 years THERAPHY …her very own Mother told her that she Is INDEED Ugly!!!!
    AMERICAN SWEETHEART ???? why Wonderbustt BOMB big time????

  • yep

    beautiful! gorgeous! awesome! ad! i love distill water which this water is…..need to make the baby some formula you can……as the water is distll JUST like you buy to mix baby formula! love the photos!

  • yep

    @CLINIQUA: hate to hate much? lol Jen’s perfume is amazing! Love the perfume and lotion and if you looked you would know that her perfume gives people JOBS in Florida! So thanks, Jen! for helping people WITHOUT EVERY mentioning the fact! love the photos! love the ad!

  • JL

    Yeah, SAD BUT TRUTH:
    she looks great no matter what she is doing!
    Buying the furniture? So what?
    You are crazy because of her great look – just look at your posts!

  • So Sad but true

    Wether she is buying furniture or having more fillers who give a F@ck…. The point is … That pictures is FAKE…. all that airbrushing cant even make her look feminie and can’t hide her MANLY FACE …
    He he he he he …so sad but true!!!!!!!

  • JL

    @So Sad but true: Her face can be “manly” just for pervert person. Wash your azz poor gay,
    SO SAD but true :)

  • yep

    @So Sad but true: Why do you care? Why waste your time hating? Jen is beautiful inside and out! The most stunning eyes, smile, skin, love her cheeks, she has her father’s chin….a beauty that is unique…..stunning! simply gorgeous! She doesn’t need all that photoshop!

  • yep

    @So Sad but true: lol! How much is Jolie paying you? Jen ads are amazing!

  • Bree

    You’re right! Her ads are so amazing that it doesn’t look like her at all. What an idiot!

  • JL

    @Bree: Yep told you:
    Who is idiot?


    even her thread is FLOP FLOP FLOP gee, so funny how her delusional fans being thumbed down hahahahahaha is the what you call The Power of Jen hahahahaha oh well, look at that ad, photoshop to the max anyone who says its not is a total idi*t………….


    smartwater lol your endorser has a brain similar to a pea hahahaha why not changed it dumbwater hahahahahahahahahhahaha

  • JL

    @JEN THE FLOP QUEEN:Blah-blah-blah about “power”
    is a Jolie’s point.
    JA is not obsessed with own “power”.
    She advertise a good product. She uses one. And she looks great because she knows how important the quality of water is.
    All these pictures are prepared for using on big boards – THAT’S a reason of photoshop.
    Her face doesn’t need one. May be you’ll say she is “photoshoped” on the big screen too? :)

  • Ghost

    Truth be told she’s like a tvrd that won’t flush. Please , stick a fork in her……she’s done. After Wondercrap it’s evident she is not a movie star , only a sitcom hack at best. As far as the water goes , who cares. It’s not as if she found a cure for cancer and is posing with it in bottled form. However the way she shows it off you would think she had. How pathetic………………………. Love the Ghost…

  • JL

    I’d like to stick the fork in your tongue, Ghost.
    You are a jealous bumpkin, not a movie expert. She acts in the movies for concrete audience loving her and her work.
    Producers know better who is done and who isn’t.
    She advertise the Smart water year by year and everybody is satisfied.
    What do YOU advertise, Ghost?
    Your stupidity?

  • So Sad but true

    Yes, yep ups JLoon, why do you care? Parking at the JPs threads day in day out bashing them .. Wasting your time hating… Go and tell your employer the chinMan to stop her hating and jealousy and while you are at it.. Ask her why her twin, CHELSEA THE HOndler care so much wasting her time HATING!!!!!! I tell you why?? Cos your Idol, ups I mean your employer ChinMan have NO LIFE .. NO FAMILY… and nothing better TO DO … other than FEELING SORRY for her self…. thumping her bunion feet feeling sorry for herself … 24/7 … 8 years and counting… MHUAHAHAHAHA…. 3x
    What happen with the… I Will… I do…. I am going to have baby …. BET You will have to wait UNTIL the KINGDOM COME… Cos You the ChinMan LOON and your IDOL the
    ChinMan ….are TO BUSY “”" HATING”"”"”

  • So Sad but true

    Ups … My bad….. Your self centred idol do have a life other that feelings sorry for herself… She is to busy Tanning…. Day spa.. Dieting… Yoga… Hair extensions… Botox.. Fillers… Trying hard maintaining her teeny booper Girly girl image but forever look like a Man…. while smoking from her chunky pipe and drinking her Margaritas …. LMAOOOOOoooOOOOO……