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Jennifer Lopez & Cameron Diaz: No Feud on 'What to Expect' Set!

Jennifer Lopez & Cameron Diaz: No Feud on 'What to Expect' Set!

Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz are all smiles on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as they chat about their upcoming movie What To Expect When You’re Expecting in an episode airing Tuesday (May 15).

The two co-stars dispelled rumors about their experience on set. “They made [rumors] up about us on this movie,” Cameron said. “The fact that we wouldn’t talk to each other and there were all these cat fights.”

“I was like, I haven’t even seen her yet … give us a chance to get in the room,” Jennifer added.

JLo also talked about her feelings on adoption: “I never really thought about adoption before this movie, ever. I just…never thought about it as something I would do. But after doing the role and holding these babies you can see how you can take a baby who needs a home and raise them as your own. I really came to understand how people do it because before I never really thought about it.”

Check out the interview below!

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Jennifer Lopez & Cameron Diaz – ‘The Ellen DeGeners Show’
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15 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez & Cameron Diaz: No Feud on 'What to Expect' Set!”

  1. 1
    WTP Says:

    JLo is aging well, but Cam not so much.

  2. 2
    hello777 Says:

    j-lo refuses to stay put. she takes marriage as a pure joke. i love cameron, she is always sweet and cute.

  3. 3
    Yum Says:

    Jennifer Lopez is SO pretty<3

  4. 4
    Paul Says:

    Jennifer Lopez is SO pretty

  5. 5
    mental Says:

    that was a cute interview. I also hate how the media pits women against one another all the time, and never the men. ugh women are so catty!!!

  6. 6
    She Stinks! Says:

    Cam is clearly slumming it here, having to sit next to this self important no talent lying trash. I bet Cam was screaming at her publicist later on, making her do this? Cam is a huge star, she doesn’t need to sit next to this broke down garbage. Remember, Cam is a real actress and is making nice here so people go see this bad movie. The reviews are in, and its awful, as I expected. JHO Bag acting = movie bomb!

  7. 7
    Fritz Says:

    Jennifer Lopez has had millions od dollars of cosmetic surgery she looks nothing like her old self. At least the German lady Carmen hasn’t re-constructed her life the way the Puerto Rican woman has.

  8. 8
    Sammie Says:

    Does J-LOW ever stay at home with her monkey twins? NO!

  9. 9
    michele Says:

    JLo is one of the most stunning beauties ever. haters face it, that face is gold. those cheekbones,cat eyes,smile,skin…just gorgeous.

  10. 10
    md Says:

    I lvoe them both!

  11. 11
    No Way!! Says:

    JLO has never been stunning are you nuts she has only had lots of plastic surgery through the years to change everything about her appearance. She has had cheek implants, cat eyes are the courtesy of makeup illusions, skin has been bleached and scrapped…just fake.

  12. 12
    Weber from Brazil Says:

    @Fritz: Damm you so dumb and racist…
    both of them (Cameron and J.Lo) have Latino blood
    Cameron is half Latina, from her dad who is Cuban (I guess)
    but she’s a blonde and blue-eyed girl just like Xtina Aguilera…
    anyway…they look lovely :)

  13. 13
    Genoa Says:

    Cameron Diaz is a white girl her father was a white Cuban and her mother is a Germna. There is no such thing as Latino blood and there is no such thing as Latino either that is a political word invented by American media and Politically Correct social activist who are trying to corral anyone with a Spaniosh sounding name into one category but that does not work. Cameron is as American as you can get she speaks only english and was raised in a non-Spanish speaking household with American values. Xtina Aguilera is also American and white having a Spanish European father and an Irish mother. The only one who is HIspanic is the Puerto Rican JLO. By the way, no self respecting Brazilian would ever call himself Latin, like the Puerto Rican Weber From Brazil, who is actually a Puerto Rican from New York .Brazilians are Brazilians and Portuguese speaking LUSOPHONES! Spain has nothing to do with Brazil and Brazil has its own unique culture, history, language.

  14. 14
    Weber from Brazil Says:

    lol at ur comment!
    I’m not Puerto Rican, I’m a white Brazilian guy with Italian, Portuguese and native ancestry….but if I were born in that country, I’d be pround too!
    Xtina doesn’t have a Spanish European father, he’s Equatorian…
    and Cam’s father is mixed as well…
    ok…over here in Brazil we don’t call ourselves Latinos, because of everything u already said…
    but I think all that racism thing completely ridiculous…I dunno …but for me there’s more racism against Latinos ever more than black people….
    everyone shouldn’t judge each other by their skin tone…it’s sad :(

  15. 15
    Weber from Brazil Says:

    Actually, you caught me I am Puerto Rican from New York so..LOL!!! Just having fun!!!
    I wish I was from Brazil though they are beautiful people.
    And yes Xtina’s father is a White Spaniard American but Xtina was born in Ecuador her dad was in the Army.
    Cameron Diaz’s father was a Castilian from Cuban and that is the same as saying White Spaniard as well. Her mother is German so basically Cam is a white girl.
    I know that the people of Brazil are Brazilian only so what? There is a lot of racism amongst the Hispanics in America with only the white Hispanics getting the better treatment so a lot of Puerto Ricans like me like to claim them because it makes me feel better about myself even though they are not too fond of me.

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