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Kristen Stewart Covers 'Elle' June 2012

Kristen Stewart Covers 'Elle' June 2012

Kristen Stewart rocks a Ralph Lauren Collection dress on the cover Elle‘s June issue.

Here’s what the 22-year-old Snow White and the Huntsman actress had to share:

On her sheltered upbringing: “You can learn so much from bad things. I feel boring. I feel like, Why is everything so easy for me? I can’t wait for something crazy to f—ing happen to me. Just life. I want someone to f— me over! Do you know what I mean?”

On the gold ring circling her index finger, rumored to be from Robert Pattinson: “Everyone wants to know. Everyone knows already -it’s ridiculous.”

On what it’s like to see herself on screen: “Laurence Olivier was asked, ‘Actors, what’s the impulse? Why?’ And he was just like, ‘Look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me …’ That was his answer. But at the same time it’s like, ‘Nooo, don’t look at me. Look at some version that I’m going to present to you. Let me control it.’”

On intensity of her characters’ roles: “It’s one of the reasons I want to act. I love living in different worlds, because a lot of times mine is pretty nice and easy.”

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119 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Covers 'Elle' June 2012”

  1. 1
    Ace Says:

    Stfu you ugly b*tch! I Hate nepotism. I hate the fact that ugly to average mediocre girls like her get to be actresses when they’re sh_t and there are so many talented actresses out there that can’t, won’t, get a break!
    The acting business is going straight to sh_t thanks to nepotism. Thanks to these people the movie industry is suffering, they think we’re all idiot sheep who will run to the cinema for mediocre acting from talentless actresses like this! !&%!&%#

  2. 2
    ann Says:

    Does she really not hear herself when she says such stupid things?

  3. 3
    heyyou Says:

    sorry, but i just don’t like her!! She looks so arrogant. Maybe she’s not that way in real life, but that’s the image she passes.

  4. 4
    Carol Says:

    she sounds SO stupid! omg does she really want something bad happening to her? cause she was just lucky enough to born rich and have everything easy for her.. she should be thankful for that, but nooo, she wants to be f-cked up.. it makes no sense at all. she doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. she sounds like a spoiled child.

  5. 5
    BIATCH Says:

    Little Ms. BORING! Another anorexic in the house!

  6. 6
    serena Says:

    So Kristen, perhaps when you give away all your money, get a ‘normal’ job and live like the most on earth you’re life would be f*cked uper for you? How on earth can’t you just say how happy you are with this easy life? Or shut up about it? In this world full of people who have what you would call a f*ucked up life you really say those bs?
    Spend your money to charity for people who have to live a life you want. With no home, no food, diseases, no family, no friends. Where people would give anything for just one week that would be easy. How could you say stuff like that? Spoiled? Stupid? Unrealistic? Arrogant? Everything??
    People, animals, the planet suffers and there are problems that are worth a discussion but yours is just sooo ridiculous.
    Perhaps you could help in a kitchen for homeless or visit refugees or children who are dead ill. Perhaps you would realize how blessed you are with your “easy” life.

  7. 7
    Kay Says:

    @Ace: wow! such anger! might I suggest a therapist?

  8. 8
    Lynn Says:

    She needs to wake up tomorrow in a rusted out trailer late for her low paying dead-end job at the factory and just get through one day.That will cure her.

  9. 9
    Guido Says:

    UGLY !! Doesn’t understand why some people think she beautiful she’s totally common and uninteresting


  10. 10
    Dana Says:

    She’s really annoying and there are WAY BETTER actresses in the industry right now, she doesn’t even have facial expressions.

  11. 11
    A Says:


    Haven’t you seen her lip-bite acting video? lol

  12. 12
    Sashalize Says:

    Look at all the HATERS – it’s laughable. Go find a proper and semi-decent life and stop spewing horrible, hurtful insults at people you don’t know and probably never will. Kristen S you look lovely.

  13. 13
    heyyou Says:


  14. 14
    lulu Says:

    She is just a very bad speaker – she did not mean it like that.

  15. 15
    emma Says:

    LOL @ the haters ready to pounce. She IS happy and does appreciate her life. She just means she felt very sheltered and wanted more experiences. Kristen is very enthusiastic when she talks. I mean, she said she loved Joan Jett and would jump off a building for her. Does she LITERALLY mean that?’s just the way she talks.

  16. 16
    jaded Says:

    She sounds very naive and immature. She leads a very charmed life a 22. Talk to me when she is 40 and has experienced divorce, someone close to her dying, career disappointment, etc.

  17. 17
    Larissa Says:

    Stupid ***** should just be grateful she doesn’t have to work minimum wage serving miserable people who treat you like **** and then go home to a gross, tiny house and struggle to pay the rent. That’s what most people her age are doing!

  18. 18
    Ace Says:

    @Kay: I already have one! But guess what? There is still a lot of truth in my comment. Tell me she’s not where she is because of nepotism and I will tell you you’re a liar and prove it.
    Too many of these “starlets” are here due to nepotism I can name a few right at the top of my head now, Lily Collins, Julia Roberts niece aka What’s her face, The girl who was in the movie with George Clooney, Miley Cyrus etc

  19. 19
    aaw Says:

    ho my god, you people are so stupd and aaargh i’m so angry reading all this hatecomments,
    if you don’t like her WHY are you reading the interview !! i’m pretty sure that for other actors that you don’t like you just pass the interview, the photos.. !
    she is just different from all the starlet from hollywood, stay honest, is not superficial!She is happy, so leave her alone please!..
    next time, skipped the interview and shut up

  20. 20
    Scarlett Says:

    Wow, I wasn’t a fan before. Something about her has never sat right with me ofr some reason, but after reading that, just wow, someone needs a sharp slap of realism. She’s been in the ndustry for long enough now that she should know that even if she thinks like that It’s probably best not to say it to a jounalist. Lets be honest, Twilight will probably buy her another five years or so but after that?

  21. 21
    emma Says:

    @Ace: What are you talking about? What Nepotism? Her dad is a stage manager and her mom is a script supervisor. They have no clout in Hollywood. She gets jobs herself, always has.

  22. 22
    lady Says:

    people always mis-read all the time. she actually looks good. she probably doesnt mean what she said…she gets so animated when she speaks. people miss the point. it’s sad. just let it go people…let it go. she does give to charities. red cross and diabetes and for young women who are runaways (to find shelter)

  23. 23
    sweetness Says:

    Ok Robert Pattinson, you got an OK to dump her for some hot chick model..let her get a taste of real life.

    she is a complete idiot.

  24. 24
    Kay Says:

    @Ace: Well good because she does not deserve the venom being spewed at her, she has said in the past and even recently during her promotional duties for Snow White she acts so she can understand other people, people who have struggle more than she has. She is one of the most empathetic actors out there, and isn’t the only one to say they find it more interesting to play people who are opposite from their real life. Maybe she could have worded it differently – with print you can’t see their faces or hear the inflections in their voice which give context – but don’t based your opinion off of one article or quote. I think people just love to hate on her and it doesn’t take much for people to get on the bandwagon. With Kristen it feels like witchhunt. Good luck.

  25. 25
    Neo Says:

    I think that Kristen is a legit person. there’s always going to be haters out there. she doesnt even care about what you guys have to say. she’s living her life like Charlze Theron said. It’s so funny how so many haters go out of their way to read her interviews and look at her pictures…as if they have nothing better to do. giiiit outtaaa hereee

  26. 26
    poor thing Says:

    -may I suggest skydiving with old parachutes KS?
    -sure to give you the thrill you seek

  27. 27
    NoBS Says:

    I like Kristen. She doesn’t deserve all this hate. But whatever, I know she can handle it. HATERS BE GONE. She’s beautiful. I actually find it funny how there’s so much hate…they looove to hate her. LOL. but thats nothing compared to all the people who LOVE her.

  28. 28
    koolaid Says:

    i love how people take every word she says seriously. haha. kristen is too good for your ass*s!!!

  29. 29
    lisap Says:

    I LOVE KRISTEN!!! she’s amazing. enough said. YOU GO GIRL

  30. 30
    stopTHEhate Says:

    Kristen is actually one of the VERY few actresses that I like…she’s got some balls. I like her a lot

  31. 31
    Charlie Says:

    As a former homeless street person I often wondered how the rich and famous managed to get through the day with their awful burdens.

  32. 32
    truth Says:

    Is there just one person the whole time refreshing this page and clicking on the thumbs down button to all the good things said about Kristen? LMAO. I swear, every good thing said is not liked. Kinda f*cked up…go annoy another post.

  33. 33
    Elle Says:

    she talks so much about acting and how she loves it but she is a one-note actress. she acts the same in every single film! i don’t see how she’s getting all these great roles.

  34. 34
    alba Says:

    I love Kristen!!!!! She’s sooo amazing!!

  35. 35
    nelson Says:

    I don’t get why people always talk bad about her? She seems like a cool chick. I think people took what she said out of context.

  36. 36
    D3 Says:

    @nelson: I know what you mean. She seems like a really cool person once you get to know her outside of all the media and interviews.

  37. 37
    KS Says:

    You know you love me

  38. 38
    cook Says:

    all the hate is nothing but a fraction of all the love she gets. she’s a lot better than all the lindsay lohan’s in the world. HAHA

  39. 39
    Confused Says:

    Didn’t she say, not that long ago, that her life was really hard? And now it’s too easy? Ok…
    I’m sure all of the people who have lost their jobs & homes will find her quote hilarious. She’s 22, time for her to grow up.

  40. 40
    mary Says:

    oh man, this is so cool! Finally people cought up on this BS! I was waiting for some1 to pick it up! Ungrateful cany! That’s what she is! She’s always whinning and now she’s whinning cayse her life is…perfect???? REALLY BYCH???? Sit. The. F*ck. Down.

  41. 41
    kid Says:

    Kristen is cool. Love her. she’s just laughing at all the haters right now who wish they had her life. LOL

  42. 42
    woot Says:

    She comes off like such a crass, rough, harsh, and ill mannered person. Her parents raised an unclassy, unsophisticated, uneducated, crass child

  43. 43
    Blair Says:

    Just recently she said her life is so hard in GQ. I believe she’s trying to revamp her image after Jennifer Lawrence talked about how appreciative she is of everything. But she has no idea the struggles Jennifer went through to get where she is unlike Kristen. Jennifer was rejected many times for movie roles and then she started acting on tv for which she won the Young Artists Award for best performer. She then did her first independent film but not without auditioning and won the Venice Film festival award for best actress and later on an Oscar nomination. That’s real struggle and hardworking Kristen has no idea about

  44. 44
    Gwynn Says:

    LOL. So the fat Robert Pattinson middle aged Robert Pattinson obsessed fan-cougars have a new post to bash Kristen Stewart with. Oh joy.

  45. 45
    Puzzle Says:

    Wow is she arrogant. She thinks the world revOlved around her. My favorite part is where she believes Daniel Day Lewis wants to work with her. She thinks she’s such a great actor, blah blah blah. I’ve never read an interview of such an arrogant celeb

  46. 46
    josie Says:

    I really can’t like this girl. I’ve tried. I’ve tried so hard because she’s everwhere I was like, maybe I’m missing something but she comes off so arrogant and annoying. She’s lucky she has the perfect life. I’m 19 struggling with a job to pay for tuition and taking 6 classes at a time. Life isn’t easy and she’s always had everything on a silver platter. Good for her but there’s no need to be so arrogant and hateful like that.

  47. 47
    Ivyblue Says:

    I wonder if I sounded so immature when I was twenty-two? Oh, right, I probably had no time to talk because I was too busy trying to both work full time to pay for my schooling, and get myself through grad school. She came off incredibly insensitive and detached from reality.

  48. 48
    op Says:

    Pretty vile interview but I guess that’s what passes for bad@ss. she’s a spoiled rich brat and has no idea about reality and a hard life. She thinks she’s the best actress that DANIEL DAY LEWIS deserves to work with. *shakes head*

  49. 49
    OMG Says:

    How about her PR team stop overexposing this privileged girl and teach her not to say such stupid things? And then they can teach her to control her use of “f–ks”. For someone who apparently reads as much as she does you’d think you’d get a wider vocabulary. It is SO off-putting.

  50. 50
    genie4 Says:

    She is so self-important, I can’t. She is constantly offending and insulting people of misfortune. First, her life was too hard. Now, her life is too easy and she thinks it’s a game where people have bad things happen to them in order to spice up their life. This girl will never pull her head out of her own azz and I can’t wait until her career is over.

  51. 51
    laud Says:

    She has officially ruined “f*ck” for me with that emo/goth/disaffected youth posturing. The art of the F word is just that. It has to be strategically placed. If ubiquitous, it comes across as too try hard.

  52. 52
    Frick Says:

    Working full time in a minimum wage job while going through grad school is nothing like what Kristen is experiencing. You have the luxury to make mistakes in private, in school, and in a small measly job that thousands can do if not millions. Kristen’s role is very unique, incredibly stressful, in front of millions if not billions, her every word is in print without the real context known. What Kristen is doing is a billion times more stressful than what you were doing at 22 or will ever do in your life. The first time she thought about those questions were most likely during that interview. You are priviledge to sit and critique her but you will never know how it feels until you do it yourself. Kate middleton never has to speak or give an interview and she is 29. her critics are less harsh than kristen’s who’s fans and haters are teen girls with nothing better to do but criticise her dressing, attitude, and lack of grace.

  53. 53
    Sandy Says:

    I just went and read the interview since it’s so hyped about and I get the feeling she buys into a lot of her own hype (and is probably surrounded by yes men and sycophants) and the Twilight adulation from demented fans has created a spoiled little monster. Not really surprised, she’s not very intelligent or well educated. She’s actually very crass and lacks social skills. I think her career decline is going to be very hard for her pretentious a-s to deal with. She thinks she’s a very talented, special little snowflake that the likes of Daniel Day Lewis and Collin Firth want to work with.

  54. 54
    wtf Says:

    Kristen says she’s well raised? Please… Beyonce is well raised. She had more class in her pinkie than Kristen’s whole persona when she was 22 and Beyonce still does.

  55. 55
    Ellen Says:

    She is right. She does have a “perfect life”. She has such an easy life at the age of 22 that she gets everything she wants because she’s a rich, famous movie star. She gets freebie stuff from designers that cost more than our homes, tickets to sold out concerts and Broadway shows, private jets, first class travel and fancy hotel accomodations all the time. She has a very charmed life and knows it. I bet alot of people say ‘yes’ to her more than not. That would be boring after awhile.

  56. 56
    kk Says:

    I get that her PR team was trying to create a new image of her of being appreciative and educated but her language and communication skills came off terribly offensive. I would take her life anyday over the life I’m living right now. I have two jobs over the summer so I can save for college. Life is perfect for your Kstew.

  57. 57
    23 Says:

    Why are we bringing Beyonce into this? Did Kristen say that she is better raised than Beyonce? Didn’t Beyonce have a stage dad who didn’t let his daughter have a life outside of showbiz? It’s a miracle Beyonce turn out well because for every Beyonce with a stage dad/mom we get more often a Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears or Michael Jackson.

  58. 58
    disgusting Says:

    I want to cry after reading this interview. THIS is the girl we look up to? Think is the best actress of our generation? No thanks. I’ve never seen such an arrogant and priveleged celeb in my life.

  59. 59
    Jenn Says:

    Look I have nothing against this girl. I’m not going to lie and say that her interview wasn’t offensive but I get it, she wanted to come off appreciative. She’s just way too overexposed and everything. Her boyfriend isn’t everywhere unlike her. She should really think about taking a break and give people space you know? So people wouldn’t get so annoyed with her.

  60. 60
    iowa Says:

    @23: Really? Wow now I have more respect for Beyonce. She’s defintiely a better raised child than Kristen. She’s never been crass, caught doing drugs, partying around, or flipping her middle finger around. Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone are also very appreciative and well raised actresses. You can tell with their manners and how they handle themselves.

  61. 61
    Shannon Says:

    I really don’t understand why people, who obviously already dislike Kristen, click on an article about her (which you don’t have to, can I just can scroll past it you know) just to say how much they hate her and bash her. And then complain about how much stuff is posted about her..again, if you don’t like don’t have to read about her.
    I barely comment on these things..but some of these comments just get on my nerves. Why all the hate..?

  62. 62
    hahaha Says:

    I’m probably the only one who is not offended. Wish she would shut up though. That interview was the most try hard ever. She thinks her “acting” and lip biting makes Daniel Day Lewis want to work with her? LMAO!!!!

  63. 63
    DoDo13 Says:

    I really hope she is on drugs…bc that would at least explain her stupidity…it has been a long time since I saw an idiot on her level,she should be banned from talking…or acting…maybe banned from the country…Thant might work

  64. 64
    Rhiley Says:


  65. 65
    reece Says:

    She sounds pretty stupid, like one of those people who thinks she is really deep, but really she is about as thought provoking and original as Dylan McKay on 90210. Actually, she kind of reminds my of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Celebrity. Her interviews just don’t read well because she can’t express her thoughts with complete sentences. Her parents didn’t teach her social skills did they since she’s praising her upbringing. Just saying. Plus, I now don’t think I can eat my lunch after reading about how gross her car is. Ugh, I can smell that moldy sandwich in my office

  66. 66
    whateva Says:

    Hollywood is trying very hard to pass her as the IT girl of the moment. And it’s a very hard task to do for a girl, which lacks class, charisma, manners, education, original thoughts, etc. So, I just enjoy observing this process.

  67. 67
    potato Says:

    I remember Charlize saying that how secure Kristen is and how she never was like that. Now I get what she was saying. Kristen is over the top arrogant and thinks she’s such an amazing person that Daniel Day Lewis wants to work with her. It’s pretty sad and hilarious at the same time.

  68. 68
    ScarlettoHair Says:

    She’s not saying how grateful and blessed she is for having a great life. She’s COMPLAINING about how perfect and easy her life is, and how that’s so BORING and she wishes something bad would happen. Because that would be so FASCINATING. That’s what’s so offensive. Who wishes for bad things to happen to them?

    She’s a child if she doesn’t realize that bad things come to EVERYBODY, even celebrities with a lot of money. She’ll learn that one day. She’s going to have something horrible happen to her, her career will decline after Twilight is over, and she won’t be getting these fashion gigs and covers.

    It’s one of the most idiotic statements I’ve ever read.

  69. 69
    stoned Says:

    She insults every movie she’s worked on saying she changes the scripts all the time to match her personality. This is a good actor? No wonder most of her movies are rotten on Rotten Tomatoes. She a spoiled brat who loves controling film makers and rewriting the script to match her so she doesn’t really have to act. Idiot.

  70. 70
    Angelina Says:

    What a jerk! Not that I’m surprised. The cursing is so we know how tough and rebellious and cool she is. A lot of what she said doesn’t even make sense! She needs to be more careful because she’s making subtle insults to the scripts of her movies. Spoiled actresses just need to shut up.

  71. 71
    chuck Says:

    Privileged girls commenting on KStew as if they are the most level headed person between the two. They feel they can criticise her because they worked at a burger joint full time whilst attending grad school at 22… How infuriating for everyone who has actually experience real stress, much less an A-list actress. These uni student’s life must be so hard, KStew is totally trashy for being lazy, unmotivated, unappreciative, clumsy, uneducated. Yet she’s all over justjared and in their face everyday. On magazine covers, in the theaters, on news sites, on tv. At coachella, mets, her movie premier, soon at cannes and at the mtv ma. Rupert Grint is lazy, Kristen is the hardest working girl in show business just by the level of exposure she is getting. You don’t have to read every news item she’s in. It is for those who are casual readers who may miss a few or ten of her interviews since the last month or two. You pay too much attention to her and it shows in your whining about her overexposure.

  72. 72
    yikes Says:

    Don’t take what she say so literally. She’s a nice girl, and this is a print interview. However she worded it it just came out wrong. But her haters are sure glad she said it so they could spam her comment page with name calling and slanderous accusations. They are supposedly educated, too. Not so smart though and more privileged than kstew. They let slip out they had a harder time at time management at 22 because of grad school and working full time at a minimum wage job. Laughably comparing it to kstew’s hectic duties as an a-list star and lead in a billion dollar franchise (and now a soon to be second billion dollar franchise). I smell jealousy in the air. It stinks and it aint coming from Kstew.

  73. 73 Says:

    Here is an unphotoshopped version of the cover. Kristen isn’t annorexic. In fact she’s pretty chubby and her belly was popping out before Elle photoshopped her arms thinner and her waister smaller.

  74. 74
    Shannon Says: I wouldn’t call Kristen Stewart ‘chubby’ but I can’t believe they found things to edit. She looks amazing without all the photoshop.

  75. 75
    Better idea Says:

    It’s hilarious we are bringing in Beyonce as a 22 year old to shame Kristen Stewart. Let’s put Taylor Swift in there too. And Rihanna, Britney Spears who already had Sean Preston by 22. Doesn’t Beyonce take writing credits (and therefore licensing fee) for all her songs by changing one word in the song? Beyonce lacks morals if that is true and everyone in the industry knows it’s true. But she’s Beyonce and everyone needs to kiss up to her, even as a 22 year old she is flawless…not.

  76. 76
    Jennica Panettiere Says:

    Okay, I was really warming to this girl. Never a Twilight fan, but after SWATH trailer came out I kind of forced myself to like her.
    I always defended her for being socially awkward in interviews because alot of people identify with that. But when reading this, she comes off like such a friggin *****. Ugh, it’s going to be hard to watch Snow White and the Huntsman when we know the girl playing Snow White is not really beautiful on the inside! Everyone is going to root for the Queen!

  77. 77
    no Says:

    Jennica, you’ve been posting in Kristen’s post for days now, long before this interview was released, and you were one of the most vocal haters. I think you are just taking this silly little interview as an excuse to continue to hate on Kristen and blow the whole thing way out of proportion, going from an avid fan who would defend her awkwardness to a plain bitter hater is extreme for even a real fan of Kristen. You need to find another hobby. You are too immersed in Kristen’s PR. There was a million other interesting things she said in that interview and the only thing haters can talk about is her supposedly privilege view on her good fortune.

  78. 78
    BKjoe Says:

    Anyone who even tries to defend her saying she didn’t mean that or she can’t really say what she wants… really? You’re trying to defend THIS? Her language in this interview is downright nasty and so idiotic. She knows how to communicate but not without cursing like a truck driver. She says she’s had a great upbringing. As someone here said, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence have had far better upbringings that this uneducated priveliged freak. I hope something bad does happen to her as she wishes herself. She has no idea what a hard life is. What struggles are. Everything is handed to her in a golden platter.

  79. 79
    P Says:

    She’s the most ungrateful person on earth!

  80. 80
    dumb Says:

    You are a true Kristen hater, BKjoe. I smell jealousy brewing because by the way you treat Kstew, she shouldn’t be worth your time. Taking one answer and blowing it way out of proportion. If she was going to continue on that stance in every interview, the reaction is warranted but this is the first time she said it, in a couple of sentences. Blown way out of proportion. If you examine someone long enough, you will find fault in them.

  81. 81
    Elle wants to sell some mags Says:

    People definitely need to lighten up. If you read between her words, and think about the kind of awkward-shy-autistic-ish personality she shows in EVERY interview I think she’s trying (and stumbling, as usual) to say that she feels for those who struggle, had hard lives, tragedy.

    In my mind everyone should be holding Elle magazine as suspect #1. They that these kind of pull quotes will rile people up, make the blog-o-sphere talk about her, and SELL magazines!!!!

  82. 82
    Tasha Says:

    “I hope something bad does happen to her as she wishes herself.”
    That’s a very nasty thought process. I’m 100% positive you are the same person who wishes her film career to fail and for her to disappear from HW. So this is just another excuse for you to wish her ill disguising it as something that she wants and wishes for herself. She is misquoted but I am sure your meaning is 100% clear to me.

    “She has no idea what a hard life is. What struggles are. Everything is handed to her in a golden platter.”
    You are an idiot. Until you get a real job, do not even think that she has everything handed to her on a golden platter. She worked hard for all the roles she had. All the awards, all the fans, haters, challenges and obstacles. Going nude for On the Road. You are so tight assed you would not let anyone film you nude and make money off you, I bet. You would never be able to get on a horse like her, a fear she had because she fell off one as a small child and broke her arm. You can sit on your computer and proclaim how little she worked and how privileged she is all you want but you are just being delusional and it is incredibly dumb that you are devaluing all of Kstew’s hard work and bravery in tackling challenging roles. Something you will never do even if you got the opportunity to, handed to you on a golden platter.

  83. 83
    Shannon Says:

    @Tasha: 100% agree with you. :)

  84. 84
    wtf Says:

    @Elle wants to sell some mags: Lighten up about what? She tries to come off educated but she can’t use any other word except for f-ck. Ok alright, that’s fine but not so subtly trashing every movie you’re done and changing every script to match your personality? That’s not acting. She sounds very self absorbed. She believes she’s so good that Daniel Day Lewis wants to work with her and she pushes Collin Firth aside doing that. Also she complains about how her life is so perfect. Not so long ago she was complaining about how hard her life is. She’s just like any other self absorbed celebrity like RIhanna. Her and Rihanna could win the competition for who is the foul mouthed chick in Hollywood.

  85. 85
    Pink Says:

    Wow so much drama. She is just being honest when admitting she has the perfect life. She’s always got whatever she wanted. That’s how she grew up. I don’t think she can help it now because she’s used to it. If you read her interview, I find it intriguing how she manages to change the production, script, everything if she’s not feeling it. That’s major power. No wonder she is arrogant and self obsessed. Again she gets whatever she wants at the snap of her fingers. She has a bodyguard protecting her 24/7. No one can touch her. A boyfriend who lets her step all over him. Free designer clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc that cost more than my house/car/savings. She can go to whatever party she wants, meet other huge celebrities and musicians and get invited to high end events like the Oscars. She doesn’t know one thing about struggle. She actually hasn’t experienced life and I hope she doesn’t because life sucks… it really does. I think we all mere peasants know that hehe.

  86. 86
    Jennica Panettiere Says:

    @no: Vocal HATER? Who are you? Look up “Kristen Stewart Battles Charlize Theron” (comment #20) and “Hunger Games stars cover Entertainment Weekly” (comment #12 and #25) and tell me that I was a “VOCAL HATER” of Kristen.

    I actually watched Speak recently to see how she did because that’s the movie everyone lauds her for and she was GOOD in it.

    So, no..I think you need to realise that Kristen is not a saint and she can say something RELLY stupid and stop being such a biased fanboy/girl.

  87. 87
    me Says:

    Jennica: Have you ever felt that you were misunderstood? That you say something without meaning to offend, or did something without meaning to cause shiiit yet still people got offended? You haven’t lived if you said no. Anyways, that’s what happened here. Fact is, this is the first time she said such a thing. She has always said how much she dislike the attention. Unless she continues to emphasize this point, you can’t say that she’s not misquoted. To turn on her is really dumb and shows YOU are the one with no life experience.
    Just jared knows it will shiit stir so yeah, it did, and the haters fall for it, and yes, it has gone to 86 comments. Her interview was long and this was the quote jj pulled out from it….

  88. 88
    five Says:

    Kstew has gotten everything handed to her very easily. She’s going to have a hard time dealing with not getting everything she wants after Twilight is over and its effect is done. I can see she’s already trying very hard to hold onto that Twilight effect and power by branching out to fashion, doing fashion endorsements, and going to parties and fashion events that have nothing to do with her. Her boyfriend will probably have an easier time dealing with this but Kstew is looking a little scared to me. She comes off very vapid and idiotic but who knows? Maybe it’s just this interview… BTW she doesn’t need to swear this much to get her point across.

  89. 89
    Effy Says:

    There is a time and place for using the “f word” and constantly using them in interviews isn’t one of them.

  90. 90
    @five and Effy Says:

    Who said you needed to read her interview? If I didn’t like what I read, I put it down and read something else. No one put a gun to your head. If people want to read what Kstew has to say, deal with it. She censors herself on live tv, but for magazines? No.
    She will do just fine after twilight. She had a career before twilight, and so she will have one after it ends. she may never be as famous as when she was in twilight, but i think she will welcome it because it means she can go out and do things without being hounded by paparazzi, who she hates. Pattinson might find it harder because his fan base relies on his heart throb status. Looks, as you know, doesn’t last forever and there will always be another hot guy in hollywood willing to do anything for that one breakout role. But they both have so much money already, I can’t see them missing it too much. Now they can do smaller roles and enjoy their money without the fame that can be a blessing (money) and curse (stalkers).

  91. 91
    Jennica Panettiere Says:

    @me: I was never a Kristen Stewart fan, so you can’t call my switch “extreme”. I said I was trying to like her because of SWATH and defended her personality because her awkwardness to me is endearing and refereshing in a celebrity because shes not cookie cutter. That does not change the fact she can say something stupid and she even admitted that her ‘rape’ comments were stupid too.

    This still does not change the fact that you were wrong in calling me a ‘Vocal Kristen hater’ which speaks to how BIASED you are as a fan, even when I’ve referred to JJ articles where I’ve commented positively on Kristen. Who is the one that needs life experience? You have no basis in arguing if you can’t even back up your accusations! Of course you ignored this in your reply though.

    If she admits to being misrepresented, it will come out eventually, but you cannot deny when taken at face value, what she said is REALLY insensitive. Saying that you wish you could experience hardship just to say you lived life is insensitive to people who are going through hardship. Kristen needs to brush up on her social skills. Maybe her awkwardness is her downfall after all! Maybe it’s not so endearing anymore.

  92. 92
    Carrey Says:

    What I find interesting about this girl is that Hollywood always tries to push her down our throats and what do we get? This. After reading this interview, you realize how obsessed she is with herself. She’s like any spoiled brat to be honest. At 22, you see most girls her age struggling in school trying so they can get a job once they graduate. Anyways what job when the economy all over the world is colapsing? Unemployment is increasing, poverty is increasing and this girl is either complaing about how hard her life is and now complaining about how her life is too perfect. I would do anything to trade places with her. Not because of the Twilight fame because she gets designer freebies to promote, travel all over the world, flip paps off for fun, go against authority, and get paid millions. Life is so hard right now and yeah she really isn’t living a life. She’s living the dream we all would die to live. You know waht? I’m not jealous of her. I pity her. She has everything in the world given to her like she’s a princess but she doesn’t have social skills, class, education, manners, charisma, charm, or anything for that matter. She’s just a sad young actress.

  93. 93
    GAH Says:

    @Carrey: Well said.

  94. 94
    Elle sucks Says:

    I would understand why she was so arrogant and self-obsessed if she was a great actress but she isn’t. Funny how actresses her age have already gotten Oscar/Golden Globe recognition and she has gotten MTV best kiss. It’s amazing how much self importance she gives herself because she’s actually a very overrated actress. She sucks. There I said it.

  95. 95
    gimme Says:

    Attention HO:
    she wants the top, (accolades,privilege,rewards)
    the bottom,(pity,understanding,assistance)
    many narcissitsic celebs want it all

  96. 96
    rage! Says:

    Stupid b!tch. The Twilight fame has really fcked up with her head and made her believe she’s like the *OMG* BEST ACTRESS IN THE WORLD. Stupid freak famewh0ring around at fashion shows and then complaining about being photographed and life being perfect. I can’t stand this narcissist. Once this is all over, no one will give a fck about you and then you’ll see what life is.

  97. 97
    Em Says:

    I usually have a favorable opinion of KS, but this interview…just awful. I am quite shy myself and have often given her a pass on how socially awkward she is. I also don’t hate her just because of Twilight because –let’s face it–no one could salvage those movies. Her interviews lately have really been rubbing me the wrong way, though. I definitely get the impression she’s buying into her own hype about how awesome she is. The entire interview does nothing but serve to showcase her lack of education and class. It comes across as arrogrant, try-hard and ungrateful.

  98. 98
    thief Says:

    People’s opinion of Kristen change on a whim. For one thing, you will never get to meet the real Kristen. Who you read about is what she is in that split second in time. Her opinions change, she change. She didn’t express herself well but I don’t think any sane person would want to lose a loved one or whatever. Stop seeing the worse in Kristen.

  99. 99
    dude Says:

    Jennica: I’m sorry but being misquoted is no reason to turn your back on someone. If you know how magazines work, you would be more sympathetic. I see all the hard work she put into portraying snow white, a girl worthy of role model material, is all erased because somewhere in a print interview she responded to a question weirdly? the gist of her response was that she feels fortunate to have such a lucky life and she sometimes wonders what it would be like if something tragic were to happen. The way she phrase it, so in your face, is so Kristen and takes getting used to if you don’t know her too well.

  100. 100
    Lisa Says:

    Poor little rich girl… life is so hard, isn’t it?

    She’s a joke!!!! she can’t act, she’s so stupid, and even though she’s pretty, she always seems so miserable, and that makes her really unattractive!

    I’m so sick of her with her whining about her privileged life, and all her millons, and her dressing like a homeless person just to “seem down to earth”. She’s trying too hard, and she’s making the fool of herself.

    I want her to go away already!!!!

  101. 101
    um no Says:

    I’m sure she is secure enough not to want acceptance from total strangers on the street. If that was the case, she would not swear so much or act so against the grain. Her attitude is like take me like I am or forget it. That’s an admirable quality and she’s so young to already found it. Helena Bonham Carter comes to mind.
    Kristen doesn’t need an Oscar/golden globe nomination, she already has a Bafta award.

  102. 102
    jennifer Says:

    There is ONE item to remember here…..she is 22…AND she WORKS her ass off.
    You are on a computer. She is working. You are at a party (drinking), she is at work. You are sleeping til noon…She is working.
    Get the picture.

  103. 103
    haha Says:

    @um no: Voted by Twihards.

  104. 104
    more exposure Says:

    Oh lord. Here comes Kristen’s PR team trying to fix this error just like that whole Balenciaga gig and how “I love fashion now”. Save us all.

  105. 105
    um no Says:

    Nominated by the Bafta committee.

  106. 106
    Madi Says:

    Wow… perhaps I’m missing something. Why are people going crazy over what she said? The way I interpreted the whole “i want something bad to happen to me” part is that for most people, having something bad, or someone betray you etc happen makes you stronger and builds character. She does have an easy life. Most actresses earning what she does, and getting roles like she does, do have easy lives. So it’s not that she literally wants something horrendous to happen to her, just, she probably hears about people having to fight for things, or go through things, that she can’t comprehend due to such a lovely upbringing. The only thing she’s gone through was bullying during school, which then lead her to being home schooled. I just don’t understand why people are going off like they are. It’s only an interview. Gosh.

  107. 107
    jesus... Says:

    Who the h3ll swears this much? I’m sure even vile Rihanna doesn’t swear this much

  108. 108
    no Says:

    You swore in your first sentence. Then call Rihanna, another celebrity who you don’t know personally, vile (swearing at her) in your next sentence. That’s 2 for 2. Your username is another swear word. For someone with an aversion to swearing, you sure think you are above it all.

  109. 109
    Thanks JJ Says:

    If I was her, I’d get bored too. Her life is TOO easy. She gets whatever she wants. She gets whatever job she wants without proving anything or fighting for the role. She gets all these magazine covers because of the Twilight fame and in hopes of whether she will talk about her boyfriend who also happens to be in Twilight. I bet you she never even shops outside anymore. All the clothes and shoes she wears are worth thousands but were sent to her for free by designers. She gets to travel around the world in private jets and do photoshoots and obsess over herself more. What doesn’t help is that directors and producers let her change her characters and scripts just to suit her better. I mean how can you expect this chick to turn out anything other than a spoiled rich celebrity? Many actresses her age don’t have this much arrogance or nerve or foul mouths. She’s interesting to read about. I’ve never read such a crass idiotic interview in my life and it made my day lol.

  110. 110
    Jolie Says:

    @Thanks JJ: I do think the fame has gone to her head and she buys into the hype surrounding her now. This interview of hers really shocked me. There not a single moment of generosity or genuinity in the interview. I was starting to like her thinking maybe she was awkward and would be good in Snow White but I was wrong.

  111. 111
    Cyn Says:

    I truly think she is the best celeb in hollywood, she is normal and down to earth and still beautiful.

  112. 112
    tigress Says:

    I was starting to warm up to Kristen Stewart but she came off insensitive, harsh, and rough in this interview. Completely dumb and uneducated. Her constant misplaced use of the f word showed me how hard she was trying to come off as a bad@ss. It’s not like she’s a great actress either. Not bad but just average however she comes across obsessed with her acting and herself in this interview. What a trainwreck of an article. Even the interviewer wasn’t impressed with her which I can’t blame her. She’s also very dirty based on how the interview described her filthy car. She isn’t well raised as she claims she is. In fact this is where the saying “money can’t buy you class” comes into effect.

  113. 113
    Dumb airhead Says:

    Rich spoiled girl is right. Hah she wouldn’t even last in the real world let alone live a real life. She couldn’t survive school because she can’t stand authority. Well to live in the real world, to have a real job, you have to follow the rules. You can’t go around swearing like that and *****************. All her life she’s done what she wanted, she’s smoked and done drugs in public, and can’t give one proper interview. How would she get a job in the real world like that? The answer is no way. Keep living that perfect life in fantasy land Hollywood and keep defying authority and ***************** and acting like an uneducated parasite. We don’t want you. No thanks.

  114. 114
    v Says:

    Love Krisen. She looks so good in these photos.

  115. 115
    v Says:

    The haters have struck again…Kristen does not care what you think! Clearly by hating someone so much like this you all are lacking something. This is a print interview…of course some words said won’t be put across clearly…that’s the difficulty with communication. Jennifer Lawrence comes off arrogant in all her print interviews. But she seems sweet. I think haters just want a reason to bring down Kristen since she has achieved so much in her 22 years. I don’t understand…what is with the hate? What has she personally done to you? Has she stolen your boyfriend? Husband? Lied to you? Hurt you? These are perfectly valid reasons to dislike someone…but hate is even hard to achieve. So why hate Kristen? I don’t get it. Just like you hate her…there’s probably people in your lives who hate you. Think about that. But really…Kristen just doesn’t care about this.. And by hating on her…Rob won’t leave her…if that is your ultimate goal haters.

  116. 116
    v Says:

    But it’s really funny..if you all did not like would not be even commenting on her. Funny how she still seems to have an influence over all you haters.

  117. 117
    V Says:

    The negative thumbs just prove my point. Surely you haters have something better to do.

  118. 118
    ex nihilo Says:

    gotta love the logic fallacy her PR team tries to push down the throats of people who can’t stand this fake chick: ‘you like her, otherwise why even bother to comment?” or, “if you don’t like her, why did you click on this thread?”

    because a dissenting opinion is just as fun to express as an assenting one, mmkay? …some may even argue it’s more fun. and no, it doesn’t make that commenter an overall “negative person”. it simply means that s/he disagrees w/your glowing review of starlet X. deal.

  119. 119
    Ronni Says:

    I like her. she grows on you. She gets more glamorious I think with age. She reportedly is not a club jumper or social butterfly, maybe she doesnt know how. Shes young and can learn by her mistakes. Nobody is perfect. I’m sure she is not concerned about our comments as she gets paid! I think Rob Pattison is lucky to have her!

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