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Miranda Kerr: Women of Style Awards 2012!

Miranda Kerr: Women of Style Awards 2012!

Miranda Kerr strikes a pose in Carla Zampatti at the 2012 Women of Style Awards held at Carriage Works on Tuesday (May 15) in Sydney, Australia.

The 29-year-old model was nominated in the Beauty category for her line of organic skincare, body and hair care products, Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr.

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“It’s really special because I’m nominated for Kora Organics for the beauty awards and I’ve really put my heart and soul into [it],” Miranda said at the event. “So to be recognized for that is really special for me.”

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at the 2012 Women of Style Awards

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Credit: Mark Metcalfe; Photos: Getty
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  • shanelle

    gorgeous! but she needs to put on a little more weight if she wants people to believe her “treasure yourself” act

  • ren

    lovely as usual

  • kiki

    @shanelle: no she doesn’t. she is a model. putting on a “little weight” is loss of money, she has to work for her child.

  • zoe

    Looking beautiful as always.

  • sillyme

    Very few women could wear a dress like that without exposing some side boob (although, that could be because she doesn’t have much boob to begin with). Still, very nice dress and a very pretty woman.

  • Eva

    The dress makes her look like a greek goddess. Such a gorgeous young lady.

  • s

    love Miranda:)) she is absolutely stunning as always!!

  • Girls

    I’ve always liked baby blue

  • tam

    Just gorgeous!
    And congrats to her! Kora seems to be doing quite well.

  • LOL!

    She looks FANTASTIC!
    Did we ever get a response from the delphidiots who kept INSISTING that she had a boob job?
    Remember, they claimed that they had “PROOF”??
    Remember that they claimed that she WASN’T breast feeding?
    You know, the LOGICAL reason for her increase in size after she GAVE BIRTH?

  • sara

    She looks amazing!
    She wasn’t just nominated, she won!
    Congratulations, Miranda!

  • Amazed

    @LOL!: You know LOL, you are always ragging on the delphi people, but you instigate just as much as they do. You are just as guilty. Try not going down to their gutter level for a change.

  • Rob

    conceal your hamster pouches girl.

  • @12

    LOL! doesn’t instigate anything, they just mock the idiocy of the haters.
    And they deserve to be mocked. If they left their ridiculous theories and hateful comments on their own site, no one would bother them.
    And they not only come here, they post on every single anon blog/article/twitter that they can. They even post anon questions to people like Ted C. They are OBSESSED, and deserve everything that they get.

  • @12

    What’s wrong with asking them for a response?
    They are always here posting their hate filled garbage and insane theories, so why shouldn’t they answer for their comments?
    They post lies all of the time, but run and hide when confronted by the truth.
    What’s wrong with asking for a reponse?

  • pachi

    She has so much style, and she is very beautiful women, really deserved that nomination.

  • Dieter

    This woman PUSHED out an eleven pound healthy and beautiful big boy !!!!! I have the most respect for her !!!

  • Reba

    Say what you will… She looks amazing. I bet she will be on Fashion Police this week!

  • YAY!

    Congratulations, Miranda!

  • LOL!

    An example of why I like to call them out on their stupidity. If they kept their idiotic comments on their own site, no one would bother with them. But they like to spread their hate. Like a virus.
    This was posted in the comments section of the Daily Mail:
    “I am not jealous but I am fed up with this narcissus being chucked in our faces as the perfect mother/body/face/dress/whaterever the DM says. She is not a role model mother, yes she is attractive but not in the way that you and others fawn all over her. She is an underwear model married to an actor on the wane and actually they are rarely seen together these days apart from the times they tip off the paps, like the holiday in Bora Bora. Their child spend its life on planes and does not seem to live a normal life for one so young. ”
    This person is so obviously a delphite that they may as well have just copied/pasted a post from their site and signed their name. They ticked all the boxes of the delphi code.
    “chucked in our faces” = forced down their thoat = delphi response after coming across an article on Miranda after they have scoured the internet 24/7/365 searching for news on her. BTW “narcissus person”? LOL!
    “underwear model” = they always ignore her numerous HF shoots and runways
    “an actor on the wane” = obligatory dig at Orlando
    “rarely seen together” = how many times have we seen that posted here? Well, it started at delphi.
    “tip off the paps” = when they aren’t seen together they say that there must be trouble in paradise, but when they ARE seen together, it’s a set up = CLASSIC delphidiot hypocrisy
    Flynn spends his “life on planes” = I guess that the delphites think that better parents would leave the baby at home with the nanny while they were on the other side of the world, eh?
    Flynn doesn’t have a “normal life” = that’s right, he doesn’t. His life is better than normal. He has two loving parents with the means to give him everything he needs to have a better than normal life. Why settle for “normal”, when you can have exceptional???
    As long as they keep trying to spread their hate, we will be there to mock them.
    They are always good for a laugh!

  • @20

    My favorite moments come when an obvious delphite posts comments like that, then runs back to their pathetic board, quote their own posts, and exclaims “see, we aren’t the only ones that think like that!”.
    Amlost as funny as when their ‘anon’ questions to Ted C. keep getting shot down.
    Too darned funny!

  • ali

    beautiful woman , amazing body . especially after giving birth .

  • Sj

    The delphidiots comment all the time on the Daily Mail, posting over and over again pretending to be different people. It’s sick how obsessed they are by her, you would think they would all grow up and move on.

  • Leloo

    What a ‘Sauerkraut’ on her head. Can’t she use a brush to do hair. Look her hair !

  • Dee

    Everytime there’s a Miranda post, I hear about these delphites. I don’t care to know who or WHAT they are. All I have to say is it’s really incredibly sad when people hide behind a computer and become keyboard warriors against a woman who would probably be so lovely towards them if she ever met them in real life. Miranda isn’t perfect (even though alot of people would say she is) but she’s embraced everything about herself – beauty, mind and soul – and she lives her life to the fullest. She obviously brings joy to Orlando and she will no doubt be an incredible mother to Flynn. All of that and she looks incredible! She’s a natural beauty (I haven’t even seen her with a fake tan in the last 5 years), she’s elegant, she’s understated, she’s well-spoken, she’s a family woman….what’s to hate?

    The delphites or whoever they are need to get over their jealousy. Maybe if they focused less on insulting a woman who they’ll never even meet, they could enhance their own beauty – both inner and outer – and spend less time behind a computer screen.