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Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Co-Stars?

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Co-Stars?

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder make separate entrances into their hotel on Monday (May 14) in New York City.

The Vampire Diaries costars and real-life couple both kept a low profile in sunglasses.

In a recent interview with MTV, Nina discussed the possibility of working with Ian on the upcoming adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.

“I think it would be better [if] either he should get it or I should get it,” Nina said. “I know that apparently he’s really great for the role, so I hope that he gets it.”

FYI: Nina is wearing Dylan George jeans and a Linea Pelle Collection bag.

10+ pictures inside of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder arriving at their hotel…

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  • Fassdong

    This would be perfect, but Fassy would be better :P
    But, this would be awesoeme if it happens

  • Angie


    NO! NO NO NO NO !!

    Why does he want this role so much? He’s not right for it at all!

  • Sophie

    Nina looks lovely. Very classy and pretty. Her and Ian make a beautiful couple.

  • bb

    I think nina would be good. Don’t really think Ian is right for it and I don’t think Michael fasteners should play him either.

    I think Gabriel Macht would be perfect!

  • seriously?

    The book is awful why would anyone want to be in it? why the hell is it even going to be a movie?…..And why does Nina use the word ”should” no you should not get the role you’re both mediocre actors

  • Jen

    This movie is going to be a joke. Whoever gets these parts are going to have their careers ruined. And I agree the book is horrible. Its almost worst than Twilight. Everyone thinks this is going to be some artsy piece of cinema but its really just coing to be C Level Trash.

  • Scarlett

    How about neither of them gets cast in the film? Christian is a redhead head and Ana is supposed to be plain and Nina does not personify that at all, sorry. I didn’t like her on Degrassi and I don’t like her on TVD. As much as I love Ian and think he’s a great vampire on TVD, “Fifty Shades” has nothing to do with vamp.

  • CLu

    Thank god I’m not the only who thinks that either of these two doing ’50 Shades’ would be a disaster. Neither of them fit the roles, it would be horrible!

  • dwald

    chris pine should get the role he’s got christian’s cooper red hair and his eyes are so blue almost kinda grey plus he’s got the whole arrgont thing down pat without being Ian douche. If Ian gets it he’ll just be play Damon without the vampire tricks…

  • Lisa

    Ian is too short to play Christian Grey—he’s only 5’9. Don’t know what girl would want to be in this movie, good for Nina for not wanting to

  • K

    I think Ian could pull it off–but I wouldn’t consider Nina for the Anastasia role.

    Matt Cohen should be considered for the role as Christian, too.

  • jamie

    Is this a JOKE? They are NOT big enough to carry a MOVIE. NO NO NO NO NO. They can stay on that cw show. NO NO NO. btw how funny that Nina is wearing the sunglasses pretending she doesn’t want her picture taken. Come on Nina anyone who knows you, knows you LOVE to have it taken.

  • Sam

    This will be a stupid movie no matter who gets cast because it is based on a stupid book.

  • sarah

    When I read Fifty Shades of Grey, for some reason I pictured Colin Egglesfield as Christian Grey. Does anyone else think this? Look him up, he is gorgeous! Btw I’m a big fan of Ian and Nina, but I just think Colin Egglesfield could be a better CG. :)

  • Saskia

    Ian definitely has the LOOK to play Christian Grey! (smoldering, intense gaze,incredible hot….) but the books are so poorly written, imo! Ian is a really talented actor and I hope he will do a great movie soon! <3

  • Stacie

    Love the book but if EITHER ONE OF THEM is in this Movie I will NOT see it . Nina is Not a good actress, Ian is pretty to look at but he too can Not act is way out of a paper bag . Just No, NO,NO,NO that this role not this movie .

  • lillie

    Well for a start Nina can’t act for a start and Ian just doesn’t look the part. no blonde hair or full lips!
    next casting please…….

  • Susanna

    Oh NO not Nina please….don’t like her acting at all! :( We need someone cute and not as fake as her!

    Ian is gorgeous and a great actor….I’d love to see him on the big screen!

  • Muffin Man!

    nina is wayyyyyyyy to pretty to play anastasia from 50 shades anastasia is attractive yes but not in the beauty of nina well thats what i got from the books anyway and also her body is to curvy to play ana if they are going to do this movie which i think they shouldn’t but since they are they should do it exactly like the books characters

  • Muffin Man!

    @lillie: who the hell has blonde hair and full lips out of anastasia and christian they are both dark haired in the book

  • danny

    @Muffin Man!: Nina is not a good actress! There are prettier and more talented girls out there!

    Ian could pull it off but the books are like porn…and as much as I want to see Ian shirtless etc. I don’t think it would be good for him!

  • Lacy

    I think Ian would be perfect. He is phenomenal in every way and he deserves to get the fame!!!!

  • angiesl

    her face is quite blah and looks smashed down. no bone structure. meh.

  • billy

    Ian is GREAT…Christian should be played by Ian Somerhalder. He does great being a tortured soul and he shows emotion soo well. Ian reminds me of Christian just looking at him…and just cuz he isnt tall doesnt mean anything..Elena on TVD was supposed to be blonde and they made her a brunette with brown eyes.. She portrays Elena great…Ian would do wonders with Christian. PLUS IAN deserves to be on the BIG SCREEN he just has the talent.

  • Kaleb


  • czar

    this is FIFTY SHADES OF WRONG! Christian should be tall, fit and muscular and insanely handsome. The hair can be dyed and you can wear gray contacts for the eyes. But Ian cannot be Christian… he just doesn’t ooze masculine sexuality. Henry Cavill would be perfect!

  • tatianna

    @angiesl: She is pretty but only with much make-up!

  • Susann

    @Kaleb: Totally agree with you! Ian is amazing, one of the best actors I’ve ever seen plus he’s insanely handsome! He deserves more recognition!

  • Sarah.

    Nina as Ana? Nooooo!! I would like to see Ian as Christian.. but whatever.. if someone else would play Christian who is better.. that’s fine. But I definitely would not like to see Nina Dobrev in that movie.. at least not as Ana.

  • Billy

    OMG – Ian sounds so desperate for this role. He is planting it everywhere! They are not even under consideraton! Christian Grey requires a real actor who is incredibly hot like a Matt Bomer or Henry Cavill. Ian had his movie shot and bombed. He is just not up to the part.

  • Not Ian!

    HENRY CAVILL HENRY CAVILL HENRY CAVILL he is the only actor who should play christian grey he looks exactly like the books describe him to be If they pick Ian ill be extremely pissed off

  • dude

    @Kaleb: Most difficult character ? lolol he pretty much plays himself how hard is it for someone to act cocky and arrogant the show is full of Mediocre actors though Paul Wesley is the most talented out of the bunch but i guess no one really notices him

  • damien

    she looks like a cute college girl. nothing special at all.

  • ols

    boring couple.

  • M

    @dude I agree that no one really notices Paul=/ and it makes me sad

  • Effy

    Is the book pretty much just porn anyways?

  • leena

    she reminds me of the lady who used to host Dancing With the stars (Samantha Harris?) wow.

  • fgfrtew

    put some makeup on

  • Kay

    Just throwing this out there, but Universal/Focus are the muscle behind Cannes opener Moonrise Kingdom. I see them going with at least one unknown thespian, not actors from a teen Vampire drama. I in no way think these books represent good literature but there’s always a way to spin trash into gold if they get a good screenwriter. When I saw Jennifer Love Hewitt wanted in I had a good laugh.

  • Not Ian!

    @Effy: no its not yes they have sex alot and it is told very descriptive but it is also a love story and learning how to trust fcuk all the people saying they hate the book if you dont like it get off this topic then

  • Mui

    Rooney Mara would be fantastic as the role of Ana! Not Nina Dobrev!!

  • pup

    MATT BOMER!!!!!!!

  • YUCKS!?!?!

    disgusting couple in the world ! Y U C K S !!!!

  • YUCKS!?!?!


  • Clare

    I’d love to see Ian in a big screen movie, but I don’t want him touching this crap.
    I’m under the impression that Nina nor Ian have even read the porn oh sorry, books. They might be keeping quiet when the see how awful they are.

  • danielik25

    No, please! They are more beautiful people like great actors!

  • jade

    TOTALLY agree with you czar. Ian is gorgeous no doubt about it, but its not masculine hotness that CG is supposed to ooze. Anna describes christian as a greek god (muscular, tall)….polar opposite of ian somerhalder. Now, before all the 13 yr old tvd fans start calling me “jealous” let me clarify, i am in NO WAY insulting Ian, i just don’t think he is good for this part, especially when it comes to the way he looks.

  • ema

    This is straight up erotica, the movie is going to be a sexual thriller….Since the movie will revolve around sex the physicality of the actor will matter more than ever. I’m pretty sure the producers will try to get someone as close to the books as possible…which is not in any way Ian somerhalder.Ian is hella short. And in tvd he is the cocky/funny/arrogant/badboy type, i cannot picture him as the calm and collected and serious CG.

  • CC


    I thought Matt Bomer was gay, don’t know how convincing he would be to an audience. He’s also a TV actor, what’s your point?

  • ema

    and btw omg ROONEY MARA FOR ANA!!!!!!! PERFECTION
    PALE, SKINNY, BLUE EYES, WITH AN UNDENIABLE UNDERSTATED BEAUTY!!!! She has the right amount of innocence and strength to her and shes a PHENOMENAL actresss!!!!!!!!!