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George Clooney: 'Gravity' Pushed To 2013

George Clooney: 'Gravity' Pushed To 2013

George Clooney is all smiles as he hits the beach on Tuesday (May 15) in Malibu, Calif.

The 50-year-old actor reportedly filmed a new Italian TV commercial with a furry friend.

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George‘s upcoming 3D sci-fi drama, Gravity, co-starring Sandra Bullock, has been pushed back from its original November 21 release date to 2013, according to EW.

The Alfonso Cuarón-directed film, which centers around astronauts stranded in open space, has no new firm release date yet.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney on the set of his commercial in Malibu…

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  • Annie

    Well, apparantly George smells yummy – that dog looks like it can’t get enough of him. Good to know.

  • Guest

    Too bad he looks more comfortable with this dog than he does with his girlfriend.


    Doggy is precious! Cute as a button! Animals are awesome! they are loyal, faithful, and unconditional love. Good playmate for Einstein.


    This picture is just too precious! True unconditional love flowing here….

  • Capice

    You Do not Understand That we are dealing with a selfish narcissistic Chameleon..

  • mimi

    Why does George need to cheapen himself by doing ads? Doesn’t he make enough millions already? Actors cause confusion by using themselves to sell product. We’re supposed to suspend belief when they act… are we to do that when they do ads? Or are we now supposed to think… oh, no, he’s being honest here. He’s not really trying to sell you something… this is a product he loves so much he’s doing this out of sincerity. Hogwash. Don’t be a sell out George, it’s unbecoming.

  • signage

    @mimi: I don’t mind the ads. I do mind being expected to suspend disbelief when he takes a contract “date” to a photo op.

  • janieb

    I love that George loves dogs!! Great pictures!!


    Signage I got a thought from you. It is from Anna. She told a bunch of this and on many levels it makes some sense and sheds light on George in some ways. In LA, people really do not want to be bothered with you unless you have money. The more, the better. Anna heard George talk at length about sleeping in his friend’s closet, all his pals going out to dinner and he was left behind due to lack of money etc. Anna says that people will tell you to your face, when you get “stabilized” (meaning have money) give them a call and they will help her out for whatever business or etc they are trying to hook her in. Bottom line, we truly believe this had a damaging effect on George, and dating worthless ho*s like Kiebler is him thumbing his nose at these a’holes. People in LA are so bad, they take issue to someone asking them just pass along their resume. Their excuse is the solution to your problem is on you, and not to ask for anyone’s help. Teamwork is not very big here. The sad part of this, is George has taken on the very traits of the individuals who sh*itt*ed on him. It is very evident with these pr relationships. One of life’s ironies.


    Well somebody did not like my comments. Truth hurts does it not? Is that why a posting was sent to Anna about applying for work in Washington, DC? People are nasty and bottomfeeders as well as major users in LA. I do strongly feel this did affect George on some level. Also not to mention handlers and people in the industry constantly badgering you about age, and doing something acutely outrageous to stay in the public eye. H*o bag Kiebler I see got a helping hand from George’s pr and a People article talking about staying in shape is making the rounds. It does not take of the non working muscle in her head, nor the fact it is a pr war between her and Elisabetta right now. If we lock them in a room, and let them go at each other then they will cancel each other out. What a peaceful day that would be indeed. They both love to w*h*o*re out for publicity so much, would that not be the ultimate publicity move for them?

  • signage

    @TIMEKEEPER: I agree. That is a very sweet pic :-)

  • signage

    @TIMEKEEPER: It’s sad there are so many shallow people in L.A., but it comes as no surprise. Too bad so many do not realize that the person they help when they are down on their luck may someday be in a position to help them out, just as George has done for those friends who helped him when he was starting out. I’m sure Anna has dealt with some shallow types since she has been in L.A., but she is smart and can handle things.

  • Anna

    @signage: I hope your Anna is smart and not like the one who just died. May her soul rest in peace.


    Signage- Yes there is a high amount of shallow, self centered using people here that is for sure. It toughened Anna a lot and she takes no s*h*i*t* that is for sure. Yes George did that but it is also like he has left them behind for the muckrackers. I say that based on the screw ball decisions in mixing his business and personal life. They will eat you alive, and judging how grey he has become it is no suprise. People that are decent tend to isolate themselves from the sludge, or seek out like minded people.

    Anna- You need to be slapped in your misinformed head! Anna is alive! Stop the bs. Bad enough some idiots tried to hack into some accounts of hers today, and sent a phony email trying to pose as one of her friends stating they were in trouble. Idiocracy abounds and is very alive.

  • hmh1108
  • hmh1108
  • the REAL LMAO

    my, my, my…how the “mighty” have fallen….reduced to impersonating a “sick woman” in order to get attention. I always knew you were an “attention” but wouldn’t it be more beneficial to try and get back in the game yourself, than to sit on the internet and “pretend” to remain a relevant player by impersonating others and denegrating what you “perceive” to be, your rival?

    Such a “sad” little man…such a sad state of “affairs”…wonder what the amazon would say if she knew.

  • the REAL LMAO

    hmmm what’s the problem?? cat got your tongue? where’s all that “witty repartee”…no sense of humour left? awwwe poor thing!

    I suggest that you do something quickly to rectify the situation that YOU created for “St. Peter” or suffer the consequences of your actions…and I’m in no mood to play around with threats….this is your last chance to make it right or you will pay and so will your family…afterall turnabout is FAIR PLAY!

  • the REAL LMAO

    tick tock…..your time is growing short!


    The Real LMAO- Who are you directing this to? Are you saying hmh1108 is who?

  • seriously

    clooney fans are nuts! ~ please see the above as proof ~ truly wacked out people