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LeAnn Rimes Still Writing New Album

LeAnn Rimes Still Writing New Album

LeAnn Rimes leaves Coral Tree Cafe after having lunch on Tuesday (May 15) in Brentwood, Calif.

“Writing….not finished with this album, thought I was…nope,” the 29-year-old singer tweeted.

The next day, LeAnn caught a flight out of town for a show.

“Looking forward to hanging out with a very understanding Ohio crowd tonight. Thx for coming back….I won’t disappoint :)” LeAnn wrote in another tweet.

“My sweet Eddie on a plane trying to ‘master’ a rubik’s cube. DORKING OUT I can thank Josh, my ear monitor guy for this,” she said with a pic of her actor hubby.

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Credit: Bruja, Juan Sharma; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Jane

    Save it, sister…trying to make an album worth buying is not in the cards for you. Simply put, after all your histrionics and sick, sad behavior, who would want to listen to that voice of yours? If you are going to sing songs to exalt yourself on a higher ground or insult Brandi, we’re not buying it. Better yet, we are not buying your antics. Please go away.
    The American Public!

  • dobbi

    @Jane Make that The World!

  • boreee

    why do people support lame d list reality stars? I hate America’s obsession with reality “stars”.(we’re the only country like that) they should not be famous at ALL! at least Leann had a talent to get famous….
    reality tv is for bored middle aged catty (big b*tt) housewives.

  • Gossipgirl

    If tweeting ceases to exist, will Leann disappear?

  • lisa

    @Jane: Nicely put Jane.

  • Jane

    @dobbi: I was thinking of using th e word “world”, but then I didn’t want to have delusions of grandure. LOL

  • judy

    Think Curb records told her to forget a new album. she barely sold any of the last album. no use throwing good money after bad. such a lame excuse for a human being.

  • Jane

    @lisa: Awwww, thank you!

  • Harry

    She is so ugly.

  • Heidi

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  • whatever

    Oh, look. These are not taken by the pap agency she sets up photos with. No wonder she looks so pissed.

  • Sick of Brandi

    Hey haters, don’t you lot have a life yet? It’s sad people waste so much of their time hating on a celeb.

  • Erin

    So this is what actual paparazzi photos of Leann look like?! No stupid, fake ”my life must be wonderful because my smile is comically enormous’ photos! I actually increasingly pity this girl, anyone who so obviously confuses attention for love has something lacking in their life.

  • hell no!

    leann is gross.

  • Spanx

    thought this was a tranny/linebacker when I first looked at the photos.

  • Spanx

    @Sick of Brandi:

    uh, doesn’t your name imply you’re doing the same?

  • Jane

    @whatever: It also stands a chance that she heard the Britney Spears got the X Factor job and she didn’t. Since she isn’t the center of attention in the music world now, she has her pouting face on. Or perhaps she was trying to call Eddie for the upteenth time and he wasn’t answering her calls. Perhaps he was er…ummm. “busy”

  • Annie

    Her arms are so manly.

  • betty

    @boree You must be jealous. It’s'paying off for the Kardashians and others. Leann career is faltering with all her talent. It’s a lot of talent out there nowadays and you need more than talent to survive. Leann is overexposed and disliked.Brandi is not doing bad for a non talent she has book coming out, column in fashion mag and starring on popular TV show and poor Eddie what happen to the show he was to appear on.?

  • Truth

    @boreee: If it weren’t for one would even know who that d-lister was. TRUTH!

  • Truth

    @Sick of Brandi: Yes, their lives consist of eating and hating.

  • Truth

    @betty: A book, thanks to Leann!

  • Lissa

    I guess Curb doesn’t have faith in her album and are making her rework it. She sure looks angry when she isn’t the one in control of the photos that get released of her. She and her producer seemed so pumped and proud of the new record. They’ve been boasting and gushing so much about it. Wonder what happened?

  • elaine

    Yup, Old eddie was right, you can see clear to Alaska up those nostrils.

  • predictable

    When Brandi’s interview came out the other day, the support for Brandi’s point of view was overwhelming. It seemed to bring masses of commenters and mag editorial writers out in agreement against Leann. I’m sure that irritated Leann, who has to go write more bitchy, woe is me, I’m the victim, passive aggressive lyrics now.

  • bobjustbob

    Such an unfortunate looking woman. She looks like a beady-eyed monkey. But you could overlook her awful looks if she was kind and nice on the inside. But she’s not, so all around unnattractive.

  • Danielle

    Must really suck to be a has been and in a couple reviled by the majority of the public by the rip old age of 29. Guess the record company isn’t thrilled with the prospect of promoting another bomb a la Rimes. Can’t blame them. Trigger hasn’t had a hit in almost a decade.,

  • betty

    @Boree Leann is only a side note.The book is about Brandi I bet only a few pages are dedicated to that situation.Forget Leann she’s an afterthought She probably could write one about her years with Eddie and Leann would really learn something..

  • Laura

    Have you seen the pictures Leann Rimes tweeted from the gun range? She is sick FOR REAL. Looking pretttty rough in these pics for sure!

  • Kristina

    @Laura: She is completely coming unhinged at this point. The ex uses a figure of speech that any person whose brain is functioning on even the lowest level can understand is not meant literally and she puts it out “there” that she wanted a restraining order and was afraid for her life and then she goes and shows pictures herself at a gun range. LeAnn the SWF and cyber stalker at a gun range. I don’t think she’s the one needing the restraining order. She’s even putting it out there that she thinks the ex is manipulating the media. How hilarious. Miss Staged Photo Op/I Pay Sites to Print Fluff and Spin on a Daily Basis 2012 has the nerve to say the ex manipulates the press. How naive does she think people are? Apparently she is stupid as well as a has been who is mentally ill. I wonder why JJ isn’t showing those photos? Oh right, I forgot. This is one of her go to sites to the fluff pieces with the staged photo ops.

  • Jane

    @Laura: I saw them and I was sickened. If that woman owns a gun and it is in the house with her Bonus Boys, heaven help that entire family. What’s with the gun theme lately? First I see Tom Cruise splashed all over the place with two fake gun tats on his torso and now this. Lordy—it creeps me out to no end. I am sure she is doing this to make herself to be a bada$$, but in reality, it is so terribly sad.

  • betty

    @Kristina If Brandi is manipulating press kudos for Brandi showing Leann she’s not the only one can do it. Leann is such a nut case and her latest antics prove it. Poor thing is in denial and really needs help.Where is her mother now?

  • IGottaSay

    Leann probably wants to write a new song in “retaliation” for the ressurection of old comments made by brandi on seeing LR with Jake at a soccer gathering.

    GROW UP Leann. Nobody gives a &%#$ about you anymore. You peaked at the age of 14. Accept that, try to muster up some dignity, and fade off into the sunset already. You’ve damaged your reputation enough as it is.

  • Beth

    should be a good album whenever it gets released