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Taylor Swift & Mark Foster: Kings Road Cafe!

Taylor Swift & Mark Foster: Kings Road Cafe!

Taylor Swift grabs a bite to eat with Foster the People frontman Mark Foster at Kings Road Cafe on Thursday afternoon (May 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

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Last Saturday at the exclusive Chateau Marmont, Mark sat between True Blood‘s Jim Parrack (Hoyt) and musician K’naan during a screening of one of James Franco‘s shorts from his Rebel art exhibition. Later in the evening, the trio grabbed a few drinks outside in the garden area.

FYI: Taylor is carrying the Coach Classic court bag. Mark wore the AllSaints Durham blazer.

15+ pictures inside of Kings Road Cafe couple Taylor Swift and Mark Foster

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taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 01
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 02
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 03
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 04
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 05
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 06
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 07
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 08
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 09
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 10
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 11
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 12
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 13
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 14
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 15
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 16
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 17
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 18
taylor swift mark foster kings road cafe 19

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  • Reba

    NOOOO, MARK! Not her. Mark is actually talented and Taylor is so not.

  • Wtf

    WTF with that outfit????

    Sing like an idiot, write like an idiot and dress like an idiot.

  • @Reba

    Dont’ worry Reba… she will be dumped in 5 minutes hahahaha

    Just in time to write a song about it!

  • Jennifer

    I think Brad Renfro had some great friends who were sad to lose him so soon.

  • A

    Why is she wearing a tablecloth?

  • lol

    lol guys calm down. i bet theyre writing together like she did with ed sheeran and he has a girlfriend

  • Effy

    Why does she always slouch?! It’s extremely noticeable, especially since she’s so tall.

  • jk

    I agree with lol. They’re just working on a song just like with Ed Sheeran the other day. Isn’t he dating Michelle Trachtenberg? Are they still together? Anyone know?

  • em

    where did he go?

  • Chiara

    @Effy: Probably because of that very reason. I´m a little over 5´11 and i tend to slouch too

  • rikki

    effy, same with me. i’m 5’9.5″ and i slouch at times because i tower over everyone. haha oh well

    anyways, i love taylor, but this outfit is just no. the hat is cute though, for some reason hats look really cute on her. and by the way, you can say “she’s not a good singer,” but don’t say she’s untalented. she writes beautifully (fairy tale thing- yes it’s annoying but her more serious songs are actually really poetic). also, she plays 4 instruments.

  • em

    I hope Mark’s not using drugs again. I love Taylor, I don’t want any of that stuff for her.

  • Dave Franco

    She slouches because she is TALLLL. She loves dating lead singers. And for people you think taylor is a virgin? No way.

  • lol

    @Dave Franco: taylor is single and hasnt been dating anyone since december 2010. and who cares if she isnt a virgin??? thats her private life and should be respected.
    anyway, IM EXCITED FOR THEIR COLLABORATION. Taylor’s been writing with several artists these days like with Ed Sheeran two days ago.

  • A

    Soooooooooooooooo when are we going to hear a song about him and how he broke her heart?

  • http://AthanasiaHoran Athanasia

    Get a life people. No one asked your opinion

  • what


  • del

    If you don’t want to be photographed together, please do us all a favor and stay home. Mark, you look like an i d i o t. What is the deal?

  • blah

    Oh, Mark! FYI, you are not that famous. If you don’t want your pic taken with Taylor by the paps don’t go out to lunch with her. Don’t you think it’s rude? Ya, dude, ran away! What’s wrong with walking together? I don’t get it?

  • em

    That loser left Taylor to brave the pap on her own. Such a gentleman. (sarcasm)

  • yup

    @blah: they are not walking together cause its a business meeting and they are going on their own cars. and cause theyre not dating. its not a big deal guys.


    I confirm she doesn’t know how to dress honestly!! It looks like she’s wearing a curtain

  • Buzz

    Gorgeous girl and he’s ok, i think those 2 work together not dating

  • Anon

    Okay, I don’t have anything against her so I’m not hating…. but I just gotta say Taylor’s outfit is horrible!

  • Stephie


  • stan

    Mark Foster is so below Taylor its not even funny. And avoiding the paps like a little chicken? GTFO, dude. Be a man.

  • Sayer


    John Mayer has been there done that.

  • ilikefoster

    She has to take every good guy, right? What’s so great about her, her personality? oh sh”T! Also it’s a shame to be only 21 and already had 5, 6, 7 boyfriends! what a world!

  • hold up

    @ilikefoster: Not every guy has seen talking to, pictured with, having lunch/breakfast/dinner with is her boyfriend. Y’all need to calm down because she is single and not dating anybody in the moment. They are probably working on a song just like she did with Ed Sheeran a couple of days ago.

  • Bar

    OMG what is she wearing? Taylor , get some help.

  • ana m.

    I don’t hate Taylor (or her outfit by the way) but I don’t see this couple happening at all. BTW for those who are saying that Mark is a nobody trying to feed from her fame, I’m sure he doesn’t need that seeing as his music is better than hers in every way.

  • hehe

    @ana m.: music is subjective though. and that’s your opinion. it’s not a fact.

  • N

    I love her outfit!

  • KissThis

    I don’t really care if they’re writing together, dating, whatever, I just have to say I seriously LOL’d at the pictures. Mark looks like a flashback to the 70s or something w/ that mustache and taylor, well she dresses oddly these days.

  • Jolie

    I don’t understand how people find her attractive at all.

  • ranisrina

    @Reba: so NOT???? what an idiotic opinion

  • ranisrina

    whatever other’s opinion, whoever gonna be Taylor’s boyfriend it is doesn’t matter because Tay will always be our blessful and kind singer. Haters gonna hate anyway. don’t just judge, make an action?

  • debby

    Nooooo Mark! Not her! You should date Kimbra =D

  • lil


    no he’s not like that

  • Sia

    All you dear haters could u PLZ shut your big mouths and don’t comment on everything she does????
    If you don’t like her so why are u reading this post? Just go away and let her goooo
    Haven’t you EVER seen ANY OTHER celebrities hanging out together FRIENDLY? Just jump to ur stupid conclusions… DATING!!! HAHA HOW CLEVER!!!
    Niiiice outfit Tay!

  • Sia

    Taylor HASNT SLEPT with him… That nasty garbage!! She didn’t sleep with any of her DATES!!! Got that or your brain just doesnt work?????