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Alexander Skarsgard: 'What Maisie Knew' Trailer!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'What Maisie Knew' Trailer!

Check out the trailer for Alexander Skarsgard and Julianne Moore‘s upcoming film What Maisie Knew!

Onata Aprile plays the title character, a young girl caught between her aging rock star mom (Moore) and art dealer dad (Steve Coogan) who are going through a divorce.

The two remarry to Lincoln (Skarsgard) and Margo (Joanna Vanderham), respectively, who in turn fall in love with each other.

WILL YOU WATCH Alexander Skarsgard and Julianne Moore in What Maisie Knew?

‘What Maisie Knew’ Trailer
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  • Strange

    All i can say is that she is pretty . But the picture on popcandies have me thinking he is having fun with the ladies .

  • Strange

    @Acting: I love his acting . I just want him to be happy . I don’t care who he is with . I want him to have a long successful career . So his love life is none of my business .

  • maria

    @Strange: i dont think, valentina serve has long hair with curls and a black shirt, lucy has straight hair and a black jaket.

  • Acting

    Me too but it just gets too crazy when people think they see something. There is a trailer where they (Eric, Nora) are kissing does that mean that they kept kissing after they said cut. Did they do it once because they don’t want to get too attached after 20 takes, come on, they are actors, Alex even gave Stephen a piggyback ride does that mean they are going steady. Alex has sex on camera with Anna does that mean they meet up behind people back and do it, is that Alex baby Anna is carrying (oh god please don’t go there I was kidding) do you see what I mean.

    Unless you see them outside of WORK being with each other really close (or getting into his car at night while stroking her leg) then please this is just getting ridiculous.

  • Strange

    @maria: I did look again . i looked at the picture wrong . My bad again . I told @Caroline that when i wrote her back .

  • Strange

    @Acting: You made me laugh . Agreed enough said . I agree . the Anna part i hope that don’t come up . But i would love that to be a story line for the show . Which will probably never happen. The other funny part Alex with Bill yuck i can’t see that either .

  • hmmmmmmm

    @ladybug 48- I agree all these tweet pics look like there scenes being filmed.

    I wonder what is supposed to be going down in those scenes.

  • ladybug

    @Strange: Carona was blocked by Skarsgardnews because she kept bothering her, wanting info on Alex’s dating life, which is something that site doesn’t deal with. Ever read her twitter feed?!/Carona09

    She doesn’t have some secret insight into a secret relationship that Alex isn’t actually having with Lucy.

    The whole GG/celeb dating site thing was hashed out at that time. Obviously, you’d rather believe in some grand conspiracy theory about it.

  • ladybug

    @hmmmmmmm: Even looking at just that pic, never mind the other ones taken at or around the exact same time, it’s obvious that they’re still on set. So any touching has a high probability that it was as Eric and Nora, not as the actors.
    As for what’s going on it obviously involves the Authority. It could be some variation of the Rhodes summit from the books, or something entirely different. Supposedly Joe M is there as well, perhaps concerning Russell?
    Or perhaps they’re just having great difficulties in hailing a cab. I guess we’ll find out later in the summer.

  • hmmmmmmm

    @ladybug- I agree very obvious about being on set. (just wishful thinking for some) It looks to me a little like Eric and Bill are turning the tables at someone or thing. I just hope it plays into Eric still showing his rebellious side and Bill’s knack on playing politics.
    Sookie I hope stays strong. Joe M is there? Whoa that may mean wolfy involvement also. All good.

  • ladybug

    @hmmmmmmm: There was tweet about Joe being there, but who knows how accurate. There is some presumption that Alcide may be the ‘pet’ that Denis was talking Russell having, from an interview from a few weeks ago.

    I don’t see Chis Meloni there, wonder if he shows up later,or if his character has already met the true death.

  • Strange

    @ladybug: I read her site . She do sound like a stalker. He have alot of crazy fans . No i do not believe in made up stories. I guess she likes him with Lucy .

  • Whycantipost

    Waittt WHAT? I looked at that photo, people describe it as hugging, she has her arm around his waist. That’s not hugging.. I’m sorry, but you are seeing things that aren’t there.

  • It’s just a scene

    OMg give it up why? Are some people discussing an obvious scene with lucy, Alex and i see the lady in the red jacket who is authority in front of them waiting for instructions. There getting into character sweet jeez another exploded fandom over nothing.

  • ladybug

    @It’s just a scene: Well, it was only about two fans on this site, didn’t see the same reaction elsewhere. Some people just can’t help themselves.

    Alex gets another magazine cover, hopefully I’ll be able to find it locally and not have to buy it on ebay:

  • Strange

    TRUEBLOOD { Wednesday May 30 ,2012} – Arrivals on Red Carpet between 5 p.m .- 6:30p.m. Arclight Cinerama Dome 6360 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood ,CA Season 5 Anna Paquin , Alexander Skarsgard ,Stephen Moyer etc . many more to attend .

  • Other attendees

    Other noticeable attendees to the TB red carpet arrivals,/ after party who will Alex arrive with, who will be the lucky new girlfriend.
    Elizabeth Olsen
    Brooklyn decker
    Charlize Theron
    Italian naked skydiver
    Blonde lady from last Saturday (marmont video)

    And anymore young ladies out there that alex has been dating.

  • New Orleans pic

    Another pic

    This is the caption of what Alexander and Stephen was saying to the crowds

    “Alexander was telling us to take as many pics as we wanted but once they started filming to put the cameras down for a few mins so they could get the shot. Bill got up and said the same thing a couple of times too. The crowd was going nuts!!!” - Marilyn @Eric Northman Fans

    (Source:  mac_n_the_city @ twitter)

    This is the kind of things that make me love alexander, I do hope he finds a really nice women who is as nice as he is, and not someone who just wants fame, red carpet, get a child off him , and his cash.

    Oh I love Stephen to he all ready has a good women by his side , and a beautiful child on the way

  • ladybug

    @Other attendees: FYI, Brooklyn’s married, so only linked to him by people who don’t know that she’s married.

  • Disney Villainess

    @Apparently Bitter & Also a Failed Smartass#67: I’m hee-heeing and kee-keeing right f*ckin’ now. TBH

    On Topic: Um, I don’t really have sh*t else to contribute…….I mean movie looks nice and all that f*ckin’ jazz and stuff, etc………..he looks really nice in black I guess?(LOL)……….;)

  • Doggy Waste

    I’m hee-heeing and kee-keeing at Texas Swede’s posts! What’s with that woman? She’s got a screw loose. Why is some 50+ woman stalking AS, hating on every woman he’s linked with past and present, making so much $hit up that she can’t keep her stories straight? She’s so obsessed with young AS. If I were AS she’d scare the h*ll out of me! She needs to take up knitting or something.

  • POGO

    @Doggy Waste:

    Doggy Waste, your name fits you just right.

    Leave Texas Swede alone.

    Who cares if she is 50 or 80 last time I checked anybody can be a fan.

    *Im sorry Texas Swede I don’t know your age*

  • Disney Villainess

    @Doggy Waste: “I’m hee-heeing and kee-keeing at Texas Swede’s posts!”

    Aye, don’t laugh too f*ckin’ hard bruh, you might choke on those vienna sausages and Fanta.

    And gotdamn, your ass is f*ckin’ OBSESSED with Texas Swede and going by your screen name Doggy Sh*t, you also seem to lack f*ckin’ self-worth………….there are places to go for that type of sh*t.

  • ““`

    @POGO: Thanks Pogo. No problem. I am 54. And I have omitted my name for a while. Seems the kids on the block are having a lot of fun with it.

    I am an anonymous person. Any one of them could walk up to me on the street and not know me. I could just quit posting and let things fade out and relieve myself of a lot of pain. I could change my name and not look back. But I am not made that way.

    So I am asking tolerance and forgiveness from those that this conflict is affecting. I have tried to keep it on the thread it belongs but the agitators insist on spreading it around.

    Hopefully this will end soon.

    Texas Swede

  • Prince

    @““` (or the poster formally know as Texas Swede) the symbol thing worked for me for awhile too. :)

  • ~~~~~

    @Prince: I just don’t want to be talking to myself if I answer them. ;)

  • Very late

    A bit late here, sorry^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^ but people have been talking about Alex with a new women or girlfriend works a model at some party last week? .Or week before And it’s on YouTube? did this really happen? what happened in the video were they kissing? what’s the story behind it? Did the gossip mags pick it up ?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    what happened to CT last I heard he was on a second date soho that’s how long I have been off the Internet
    Does alex have a new girlfriend know it’s all moving so fast
    Sorry all confused lots to catch up._^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Cannot Waite for WMK trailer looks great

  • Whycantipost

    @Disney Villainess:

    hahaa your use of language reminds me of TB”s Lafayette, I can totally imagine him saying stuff like this (incl. bodylanguage etc haha). xD

    @Real Texas; The regulars will know which posts are yours and which aren’t, since the fake ones are written by an imbecile xD I would just go with the symbols for a while, they hopefully get bored soon.. But agree with Disney, this person is obsessed with you, trying to bring you down in any kind of way. Lame.

  • Whycantipost

    @Very late:

    There is a video (from Popcandies) during which Alex gets in a car with his friends and a girl, he pulls the girl onto his lap and touches her butt while doing that.
    CT and Alex have both denied being in a relationship, and CT even mentioned him in an interview, saying they are only friends.
    A while after that the car-video showed up, so appears that she is telling the truth, otherwise Alex would be cheating on her with the girl in car:) Thats it:P

  • ladybug

    @Very late: I know I shouldn’t respond to a relationship troll but … He’s dating Betty White.

  • ~~~~~

    @Whycantipost: Thanks. I appreciate those of you that know me for me. :)


  • ~~~~~

    @Doggy Waste: You know I can handle razzing but at least get it right. The only woman I have shown any hate towards is KB. I care not who he dates. I just want people to quit immediately putting him in a relationship every time he is spotted with a woman. One date does not a relationship make.

    Now continue your razzing but keep it real. Okay?


  • ~~~~~

    @Disney Villainess: You go girl.


  • @77

    @Very late:

    There was nothing to add she was clearly a one night stand and there was no indication to suggest that they are romantically involved in anyway in the video,she hasent showed up on his arms since, and only the minority called the innocent women a few horrid names.I am tired of posters linking him to every women as a girlfriend or there in a relationship or there more then friends it gets boring as skars once said the only time you wil know if he has a GF once there engaged :) thats all I have and it’s old news.

  • chelle

    @““`: Texas you can use my twitter name… visciousbitch1. Im actually kinda proud of that one. Hubby came up with it. He said it totally fits my bluntness! Hope all is well with you. I know from experience the hell you are in. Do you have to do radiation? I had burns from mine… sux!

    I FINALLY found a computer I could watch the trailer on… mobile wouldn’t play it on any site! It looks so good! I also see that Battleship didn’t completely bomb like some thought it would. I wish I could’ve gone but I was up to my elbows in ick this weekend… having some gang issues apparently. Almost wish they would go ahead and kill each other off and solve the problem. Also had a peds case my coworker told me about. A child attacked by pitbull… glad I didn’t see that one!
    Glad to see some fun in NOLA. I sooo wanted to work at Charity Hospital. I absolutely LOVE that city. Maybe when I’m done…

  • ~~~~~

    @chelle: Thanks woman. They did not feel I could handle the radiation with the advanced Lupos. The chemo dropped my kidney function from 35% to 22% so I am not doing it anymore either. But I am fighting still. They think they got it all. Time will tell. I beat Ovarian Cancer I will beat this too.

    I get my care at one of the best military hospitals there is. BAMC in San Antonio. Sorry it is now called SAMMC. They do excellent work.

    They have one of the best trauma units in the country. A lot of them know me by first name there.(From emergency dialysis trips in the middle of the night.) I know from seeing what goes on there the things you go thru on your job. I can empathize with you. You need to go see this movie when you get a chance. It is a stress reliever. A lot of those F^ck yeah moments. Your husband would like it when he gets home next. Not as military accurate but definitely has some ‘GET SOME’ times.

    So hang in there woman. Keep on being you. I like you that way. ;)

  • ladybug
  • Disney Villainess

    @Whycantipost#78,”hahaa your use of language reminds me of TB”s Lafayette”

    LOL :)

    @~~~~~: #83, Just LIKE a fabulous Energizer Bunny;)

    @ladybug: #87, Uh…..oh God yes…….. wha………what was I about to say again?;)……….Ahem yes, there’s nothing like a fine ass man givin’ instruction………pure UNFness gua-ran-teed.

  • ladybug
  • ~~~~~

    @ladybug: Yes they are. You forgot to put a warning for the animal interaction. Can we say adorable?

  • ~~~~~

    The thumb patrol started early this morning. Here is a salute for your dedication.

  • hmmmmmmm

    Finally something to really talk about AS . The photo shoot looks damned interesting.

  • ladybug
  • hmmmmmmm

    @ladybug- I hope AS and this sheep theme don’t lead up to this:

    On second thought, why not. LOL. We all be googling the sheep. baaaaahh.

  • ~~~~~

    And each time he is in the presence of one it triggers the strangest expression on his face. Beware the Sheep! ;)) Maybe he is allergic to wool. LMAO I just cannot get over the expression in both pictures. It’s like, “What the f–k?”

  • Disney Villainess

    The artistry in that clip is exquisite……..oh who am I kiddin’………the only thing that stood out to me was “DAT ASS IN A LOUD BLUE SUIT”.;)

  • ~~~~~

    @hmmmmmmm: You know it will. But we need some laughter once in a while.

    @Disney Villainess: RFLMFAO I love it.

    My comment #95 was supposed to be a reply to ladybug.

  • chelle

    @Disney Villainess: ME too! I was totally thinking “get there my little sweet ass! ” OK the red suit is a little….. different. I still don’t think it’s possible for him To look bad. Even that picture of him clearly wasted at coachella! But then again I have that weird middle school crush on him!

  • hmmmmmmm

    @96- Love the blue suit because it actually makes him look like he has some ass back there. :)

  • ladybug

    @~~~~~: I suspect it was around the same time as the Battleship Tokyo premiere and so he’s probably wonder if this is all some sort of evil plot to surround him with sheep and lambs.

    @hmmmmmmm: LOL. Yeah, we’d be Googling the sheep and the relationship troll would be wondering if Alex is going to bring it to any premieres.