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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: CW Upfront After Party!

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: CW Upfront After Party!

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder arrive at The CW’s Upfront After Party held at the Colicchio & Sons restaurant on Thursday (May 17) in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress and her boyfriend Ian, 33, were joined by their The Vampire Diaries co-star Paul Wesley.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ian Somerhalder

On the same day, the trio attended The CW’s Upfront presentation to promote the Vampire Diaries, which will be moving to a new time slot for the 2012-13 Fall season.

10+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev at the CW Upfront After Party

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Credit: Dara Kushner; Photos: INFdaily
Posted to: Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley

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58 Responses to “Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: CW Upfront After Party!”

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  1. 26
    Teyla Says:


    Wow! How presumptuous of you! Have you ever actually met Ian and Nina personally? Do you even know them on a personal level? If so then you would know what you just wrote about them is pure bullshit. I can attest to that personally.

    However, if you have ever met Paul Wesley, then you would know how rude he actually is, not only to his fans, but his costars too. I have witnessed his tirades on the TVD set. His temper tantrums are horrible and watching him stomp of the set cursing every step of is hardly pleasant. I have seen how rude he is to the fans that wait to meet him in Covington, GA where TVD is filmed. It is rare he will take a moment to meet him. . I have been to a TVD convention and witnessed first hand how rude he is to the fans once his Q & A is over. I have experienced an autograph session with him as he is texting and not even looking up at the fans that has paid for his autograph, and then signs his name so illegible nobody could possibly read it. So please don’t even try to sell the concept that Paul is laid back, kind, caring of his fans and fellow cast and crew.

  2. 27
    Tvfan Says:

    i have to agree wican attest it personally.
    There are 3 Divas on the set. 1 Dobrev 2 Wesley 3 Trevino
    Kat and Ian are the most amazing personalities u ever seen.
    Yes they become moody/ Have u tried to work for 16-18 hurs per day and when ur partnesr screw the hooting mpoment almost every single time?
    Yes Ian someties is arrogant but hey everyperson is.
    He has dirty humor/ Come on he is a guy. He sometimes might act impulsivly – he is the most passionate person ever and it is about everything. And he is devoted. I remeber witnessing moment when Nina on puprpose to piss him and Paul off screwed the shooting process,Paul indeed lost it very soon. Ian as a good schoolboy worked the moment over and over and over again and only when almost all extras (especially those who were Nian shipers,yes actors knows about shipers and act on set when extras are there) where gone and they were practically alone, Nina recieved his peace of mind and that was ouch! He totally is not in love with her.
    As for Nina, she call him names at daily basis (such a lovely gf) and she is not moody she is hysterical, she throws objects when she thinks she has not enough attention. She is beyond arrogant, rude. With no class and charme.
    Ad most of all she can’t act!

  3. 28
    Verite Says:

    @tvfan — again, here you are. You posted on another thread and picture that your experience with this cast is from being at conventions in Europe last year where you witnessed an incident in the smoking room. And talked to some people. So how do you know all this stuff? Is this from gossip? In the end, though, its really not our problem if Nina and Ian have a good or bad relationship. Its their problem.

  4. 29
    Teyla Says:


    I don’t know where you are getting your information, but none of what you are saying about Nina is true. She does not deliberately cause problems, nor does she deliberately try to ruin a scene, nor does she throw temper tantrums on the set. Nina is a very sweet upbeat person that gets along very well with all of her costars. As for Ian, everyone wants to work opposite him because he takes his scenes to the next level. He doesn’t just say his line, he puts emotion into it and he makes his scenes the best. He puts the other actors at ease and works with them before the filming takes place. He is their mentor. Also, Ian and Nina are definitely in love with each other, of that I am 100% certain. This knowledge is first hand from the TVD set, and not a TVD convention.

  5. 30
    Tvfan Says:

    So oh nice of u,to remeber me..i’m so flattered,my humble person cught ur eye for a second. Now i can die happy (sracasm here) but u werent paying attention i was saying about Comic Con 2011 afterparty for ppl who works in industry. ASnd other persons were just saying that similar incidents happened during cons or elswehe too.
    oh but of course they are. Also they are aware of the fact ppl like u are doing their bests to get on extras just to see first hand how in love they are,that crew has direct orders to give vague answers about them with hint on the relationships or confirm it. And the fans who sit in the bushes.
    but u see, cast,crew,Jared,journalists and ppl receive orders how to behave from the same person from CW. As soon as TVD is over or fans will get over Nian their epic love will end
    May be sooner, b/c what u said about Ian is 95% anf he acts friendly around Nina,and hugs her. Also he does had hugged Candice and gave Kat massage on set, that is 100% info from set. So what they have there love a la trois or a la qutrois???
    Ian is Ian, he is sweet and flirty with girls.
    But when they know that they are in fan free zone it is absolutely different picture. And Missus pissed of to many ppl and to many fans so be prepared to write a helluva lot of exuses for her b/c they wont keep their mouth shut
    and if u are so aware about what is going on on set, u should know that when they resigned contracts in april
    Both Ian and Nina said to April &Johnatan G. (u should know whom i’m talking about) that they are single. Oh i forgot it is a code word for being in love, they protect their relationship from chanel producers and managers so they would give orders not to by or reliase paps pic b/c Ian and Nina wants to be low profile.
    I love fans. Really. Next time when u will write smth about epic Nian love, send it to Plec and may be show will get it ratings back

  6. 31
    Teyla Says:

    I am not an extra on the show, nor am I a fan that sits in the bushes.
    Ian, Nina and Paul are the main cast members and signed 5 year contracts at the beginning of the show. They are locked in. Kevin signed a contract with the CW to develop 3 more shows and included in the deal was an additional year of TVD, which means a total of six years. Ian, Nina and Paul will renegotiate their contracts before going into season six. The supporting cast renegotiates their contracts each year, which includes how many episodes they will star in each season. Hearing how you describe their relationship shows how much you truly do not know about them. Yes, Ian and Nina are very much in love.

  7. 32
    Tvfan Says:

    oh but i can bet u have a very legit and solid sources. May be Ian and nina themselves? lol
    and i wasn’t talking about renegotiation of general contract of leading trio, i was talking about those where are salary raising,amount of events attending representing TVD or CW,amount of interviews and personal promo. If u’re so smart and know how industry works u should know about them too
    and btw thank u,thank u,thank u for responding. b/c it at least gives a little amount of posts about them even as sappy as urs. They need attention right now b/c other fans (not nian) are so dissapointed with season in general and finalle in particular
    if they can’t sell the show lets help them sell Nian

  8. 33
    buby Says:

    And can you tell as bout joseph morgan if he is dating clarie h

  9. 34
    Tvfan Says:

    he has a gf but not Clare

  10. 35
    Teyla Says:


    No! Joseph Morgan and Claire Holt are just very good friends. Joseph was dating Emily Van Camp (Revenge), but they broke up. For now, Joseph is single.

  11. 36
    Teyla Says:


    Wow! You really have no idea what you are talking about.

  12. 37
    monique Says:

    @Teyla: joseph is in hungary now maybe with erin

  13. 38
    Teyla Says:


    Yep, I know he is in Hungary filming a movie called “Open Grave”.

  14. 39
    buby Says:

    and Clarie Holt has boyfriend? and by the way thnx for the answears

  15. 40
    Teyla Says:


    As far as I can tell, Claire Holt is not dating anyone steadily. In Atlanta, which is where I live, she hung out with the TVD “group”. Her and Joseph quickly became very good friends, as well as one of the TVD crew members, Kate (set production assistant). Claire shares an apartment in LA with actress Phoebe Tonkin. Claire will be back in Atlanta to shoot the 4th season of TVD around the first week of July.

  16. 41
    meradih Says:

    Have you heard that Joseph Morgan and Persia White are dating?

  17. 42
    Teyla Says:


    Joseph Morgan and Persia White are NOT dating. Luke Massey and Matt Ryan came to Atlanta to visit Joseph in March-April. Luke Massey is the director of Joseph’s movie “Warhouse”, which is being presented at the Cannes film Festival before being released. While they were in Atlanta, Joseph directed his own short film, with the help of Luke Massey. Matt Ryan and some of the TVD crew that helped out, called “Revelation”, which Persia stars in. Luke Massey also wrote and directed another of Joseph’s film, which has not been released, called 500 Miles North.

  18. 43
    lurrinny Says:

    Persia is divorced and has an 18 year old daughter. She visited him in Hungary on the set of his new movie Open Grave. Also, the pictures of her and his other castmates were removed from their twitter pages. I think they are dating.

  19. 44
    jjj Says:

    maybe jomo loves olds women with big va*ina

  20. 45
    Rayne Says:


    Nope! Joseph and Persia are not “dating”. They are just friends.

  21. 46
    Teyla Says:


    I’ve seen the rumors about Joseph and Persia dating, but they are not true.

  22. 47
    josepgijn Says:

    she is writting for TVD AND SHE ADDMIT that joseph is dating persia(old mama)!/nsfcl

  23. 48
    guniess Says:

    A lot of people saw joseph and persia in Hungary holding hands and she is there ..she put a pic form Hungary forest

  24. 49
    Teyla Says:


    Nancy was one of the film editors for TVD this year. She will not be with TVD next year. She never said Joseph and Persia were dating. Someone asked her if the character of Klaus and Abbey would get together. She does not write for TVD, she edits what has been filmed and breaks them down to fit in the time slot for viewing. Nancy has been in the film industry for some time. She worked on Law and Order, SVU and was also a film editor on Buffy.

  25. 50
    Teyla Says:


    Persia put up a picture “being in love with nature” of a running trail with trees. I doubt seriously if that was taken in the Hungarian Forest near the filming of “Open Grave”. The only picture I have seen of Persia White, Joseph Morgan and Luke Massey was the one that was taken of the three of them in Atlanta, GA., while they were working on the short film “Revelation”, but it was posted on Fanpop as though it was taken in Hungary. Other than rumors and baseless accusations of what may or may not be going on in Hungary during the filming of “Open Grave, there was no indication of Joseph and Persia dating in Atlanta during the filming of TVD or afterwards. Joseph has not been in a romantic relationship with anyone since Emily Van Camp, nor was he looking to get involved with anyone. Emily and Joseph were together for 2 years and their break up hit him hard because he loved her very much. If Persia was actually in Hungary, perhaps it was for a project she herself was involved in and as a friend, she went to Joseph’s 31st birthday celebration and took the time to visit with him.

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