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Rihanna Made 'Battleship' Director Treat Her Like 'Any Other Actor'

Rihanna Made 'Battleship' Director Treat Her Like 'Any Other Actor'

Rihanna gets ready for a night out on the town in a sexy white outfit in this photo posted to her Instagram on Thursday (May 17) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old entertainer dined at Giorgio Baldi restaurant before heading over to The Roxbury night club in Hollywood.

Battleship director Peter Berg recently spoke to EW about Rihanna deciding to take on the role in the flick.

“She called me and she said, ‘I’ll do it, but please you have to promise me you won’t treat me special, you’ll treat me like you would any other actor, you’ll make me work and you won’t go easy on me.’” Rihanna said to Peter. “And I’m like, ‘Deal.’” Peter said.

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  • JEZ7

    Go away. She’s as good an ‘actor’ as she is ‘songwriter’ and ‘vocalist’.

  • Buzz

    another case of someone displacing a real actor in a role

  • Serena

    Don’t treat me special? Any real director never gives anyone the special treatment, unless you are a mega star in your field. Maybe if she was one of The Beatles or Duchess Kate acting in a movie then they could call ahead and say ” Don’t treat me special.”

    I mean, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, and countless other famous singers have been in movies and you don’t hear about them calling ahead to say that!

    You don’t hear Al Pacino calling ahead anywhere to say ” don’t treat me special because I’m so famous you probally will and it will make everyone else feel bad about themselves,” because everyone on sety should be acting professional. Personally I think Rihanna’s ‘ fame’ has really gone to her head.

  • Emile

    Shes the most talented singer, songwriter etc. Totaly Amazing…

  • Keith Lemon

    She is FAF! Fit as fook ;) Keith Lemon

  • Kiki

    Does she want a praise for acting like a professional person at a work place? I used to like RiRi, but she’s been tiring me out lately. And there’s no way in hell I’ll spend my money on this crappy Battleship, I’ll wait for the DVD. To rent.

  • Nessa

    OVER EXPOSED in so many ways!!!! does she have no shame at all. Rhinna you are just classless

  • Carbon Copy

    Ha ha… She’s so full of herself!

  • kizbit

    And she thought they would treat her “special” why???????????


    Who do you think you are?


    Soooooo sick of this self absorbed no class ho.

  • jillyro

    I would think she needs to be treated “special” not special as in “wonderful” but special as in not very intelligent LOL, you know, when people talk sloooooooow because someone is “special” in the head and not that bright, that is the “special” I thought of when I read that about Rhianna. Too funny how she is so full of herself.

  • KN

    The downfall of Rhianna’s popularity can’t come soon enough (and it will come) and when her star descends, she will freak and be depressed by the lack of attention. Just a matter of time before another pop star takes her place because it’s not like she’s uber talented and she won’t be young forever (it will be hilarious to watch her get older and watch young’uns take her place) . She’s the pop flavour of the past couple of years, but the flavour is getting stale. People are sick of her. She is her own worst enemy. She is now overexposed, overly-naked, overly-annoying and people are OVER her,.

  • JustMe

    She has to learn to act before she can be treated like anyother actor.

  • John

    What an ugly face she has, but I don’t mind her body. I like girls like that with no boobs. She does seem like a f@mewhore tho.

  • Mila

    sometimes she looks like my ex boyfriend. i dont know why, even when her clothes are really feminine. o.O

  • zizi

    u guyz r full of hate.thats all i can say.
    she cant act? well then peter berg wouldnt pick her for d movie.
    i watched battleship in Serbia last mounth and it was amazing! she is so goooood!
    the movie is perfect. my sister dont like riri so much,but she said she is good in battleship.
    trust.u wont regret even if u like her or not

  • zizi

    trust me*

  • an opinion

    Please shut up. The fact that you were offered the role shows they were treating you different because certainly you can’t act. This goes equally to Brooklyn Decker.

  • Sarah.

    The only reason she was in the movie is because she can get a lot of audience. (She did a lot of press for the movie!) She actually had the perfect role for her.. She didn’t had much to say but she was in the movie a lot. More than I expected..

  • Louise

    Why should she be treated differently. She is butt ugly and looks so like a sl_t. Totally stuck on herself. None of her songs are on my iPod!!

  • Ibrish

    Why z comment area always filled up by haters comment.

  • bajan


  • Lalalove

    She’s so unattractive lately. I could have sworn she used to be even remotely attractive… What happened to her?
    “Don’t treat me special…” HA!!!! Someone tell her she’s not Paul McCartney, nor Mick Jagger.

  • look

    oh my good all this bitter hating people on this post. she looks good. and yes she lives a life you all are envy of. the @KN: why are u on so many articles of her when you are tired of her? makes no sense. nobody is forcing u to read every article. but still u do it. it seems that hate is the centre of your life. and the downfall of rihanna? really? because you say so? sorry but u are so full of yourself.

  • sue

    and she’s back to ugly hairstyles

  • look

    @sue: easy to hate on the looks of people when u hiding behind ur computer. dont wanna know how u look.

  • ukreporter1

    I find people come onto these sites to spit hate and follow hate like sheep to the slaughter. It’s a competition to see who can say the most vile. It’s a good thing this girl is tough because if she was weaker there INTERNET BULLIES AND NET THUGS because that’s what they are ( can’t say it in person) would be her end. They hate everything about her and they have a choice where they can continue to read or pass it and although they are tired reading about her they log onto every site and write up where it is very clear it is about Rihanna to spit hate, to wish for her downfall and some even wish her dead. How pathetic could these people be. They definitely need mental evaluations as they are very sick indivisuals full of envy, hate jealousy.bigotry and low self esteem.

  • mimi

    lol is she joking? how the hell is he going to treat her special anyway! there goes the ego!!!! that man has worked with more famous and successfull people that she cant never be their league. what a stupid seld centered ugly person. wow im surprised she even still got the role after that stupid statement.GO AWAY ALREADY!!!! SICK OF SEING HER BLEACHED OUT, UGLY WEAVE/WIG/CONTACT WEARING SELF CENTERED EGOTISTICAL NOBODY

  • lola

    @look: Can you honestly tell me that bangs is doing her any favor? Don’t think so. It’s not about hating a look, that hair cut just doesn’t look good on her. That’s all.

  • dreamange

    Ugly and dumb girl ….. Please do not worry about it it’s a toy in the hands of the Illuminati to control the minds