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Will Smith Slaps Male Reporter for Trying to Kiss Him

Will Smith Slaps Male Reporter for Trying to Kiss Him

Will Smith attends a photo call for Men in Black 3 on the roof of the Ritz-Carlton on Friday (May 18) in Moscow, Russia.

Later in the evening, the 43-year-old actor attended the film’s premiere where he encountered an overly-friendly male Ukrainian reporter who tried to kiss Will on the lips.

“What the hell is your problem?” Will asks the guy before giving him a little slap across the face.

A source tells TMZ “the reporter’s mouth brushed up against Will‘s and that’s why the actor reacted so violently. Despite the incident, Will stayed positive … and happily continued to sign autographs for fans and do red carpet interviews.”

Also pictured inside: Will meeting with Olympic hopefuls on Wednesday (May 16) in London before the Men in Black 3 UK premiere.

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  • ColinG

    Good job Will Smith! He had any right to slap him, that was sexual assault!

  • katie

    He should have punched the guy.

  • I

    I understand him.

  • The Brain

    Lighten up Will. We all know your kiss men in your private life so chill out. Stop trying to act so butch – your “wife” plays it much better than you.

  • ColinG

    @The Brain: If I was right next to you, I would slap you silly myself!

  • Brit

    @The Brain: I wish Will Smith slapped you too!

  • bb

    Haha wouldnt be the first time. . . Remember a couple years ago jim cerry tried to make out with him at the mtv movie awards!!! Hilarious

  • Brit

    All I’m going to say is that you can take the boy out of the hood. But you can’t take the hood out the boy! Lol Will would have whooped his ass if the cameras weren’t there. He’s from Philly they don’t play that!

  • believe

    It wasn’t really a big slap, light contact. I don’t blame him, that guy was trying to kiss him on the lips.

  • Haters Suck!

    Slapped him dude shouldve closed that fist and knocked his teeth out.



  • lisa

    That reporter was inappropriate and I don’t blame Will for his reaction. I don’t understand people who don’t respect or are tone deaf to personal boundaries.

  • Oh Yeah

    Go Will he was Inappropriate with the Kissing! Freak! SHould have Knocked HIm out!

  • Mkhay

    LOL, i love that people expect him to be cool with it.
    If you were a guy would you welcome so old ass stranger trying to kiss you on the lips.

  • User

    I saw the video, maybe it was a bad angle but it looked like he was giving him a kiss on each cheek, which even guys do to each other in that part of the world as a sign of friendship.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    The guy’s name is Vitalii Sediuk. He was the same one that set up the Madonna incident with the Hydranges. He pranks celebrities so he knows what to expect. Will was right to lite-slap him!

  • Gossipgirl

    Ewwwwwww! Will was well within his rights to slap the shiz out of that guy!

  • DebraDoodles

    I like Will

  • The Brain

    @ColinG: Obviously the Scientologists are out in force! Ha!

  • Panda

    I’m not a fan of the way he’s shoving his kids down our throats lately, but I’ve had a soft spot for him ever since the Fresh Prince. Plus he’s sexy.

  • Feeling Lucky

    @Panda: I too think that he is sexy ;)

  • Tracy

    I don’t blame Will for slapping him one bit! You do not encroach on one’s personal space!

  • hap

    Slapping is fine, but to all those encouraging Will to slap him in the face, get a grip. The media would’ve have turned against Will Smith in a second, accusing him of being a homophobe in need of anger management, not to mention the assault/hate crime charges.
    What he did was totally reasonable, and it’s good to see him keep a lid on his temper.

  • one

    noone has the right to accuse him of being a homophobe, thats not fair, he’s not comfortable with another man kissing him even on the cheek, then thats his right, he should sucker punched him.

  • JeffH

    I can’t wait for all of the “WILL SMITH HATES GAYS” posts that are going to evolve from this.

  • Julie

    No one should have the right to force themselves upon someone else without consent. Will had the right to react the way he did.

  • Natalia

    @PLEASE: I have no idea if Will Smith is gay or not, I do not care, but even if he were gay, has the right to choose who kisses him and who is not. To say otherwise is to endorse a restriction on the right of individual freedom that we all have.

  • lene

    its normal reaction.which guy want another guy to kiss him

  • Linda

    wills a douche. that man was just trying to kiss him om each cheek.

  • kimmi

    I think he overreacted, Will showed his true ghetto personality. all the money can’t buy class.

  • Ace

    @kimmi: First of all, Will is from a middle class family you idiot and has never lived in a ‘ghetto’. Second, no one has the right to invade your personal space! he was trying to kiss him on the mouth! As you can see from the video, Will was ok with cheek to cheek kiss, but it went too far when the guy tried to kiss him on the mouth.
    I am so sick of the gay maffia branding anyone homophobic just because you don’t want to be sexually assaulted.
    Get a grip, you are really starting to lose people’s support.

  • Gay rights for all!

    Homophobe, I used to like will. Would he have been so violent if it was an attractive russian lik Anna Kournikova or Maria Sharapova? No he would have enjoyed it. He hates gays and thats a shameful! fact!

  • Sprawo

    Pushing him away: fine. Muttering to himself and asking the guy what his problem was: alright. Slapping the guy as an afterthought of anger: says everything you need to know about the man. Seeing him walk away with a shamed look of casual camaraderie should leave everyone disappointed–not for missing his opportunity to ‘deck him’, but rather allowing his hangups get the better of him. Douchebag, indeed.

  • Ron

    I saw the video and I can tell that Will overreacted BIG TIME.

    The guy just tried to kiss him on the cheek (which is a friendly way to greet someone in some parts of Europe). Shocking to see how Mister “I’m so cool” lost his cool in such a VIOLENT way.

    Will Smith had been incredibly uncalled for and disrespectful !

  • Ace

    @Ron: Oh shut the f*ck up.
    Just because you don’t want to be sexually assaulted (imagine if Will had been a woman!) does NOT mean you are homophobic! He DID try to kiss him on the mouth AFTER he kissed him on the cheek.
    No one has the right to invade your personal space and sexually assault you, and yes, it is sexually assault. Like I said, if it had been an actress and he had tried to force kiss her it would have been a different reaction coming from you.
    So sick of the gay lobby branding anyone homophobic just because you don’t want to kiss someone of the same sex – imagine if someone tried to force you to kiss a straight person when you are gay! It’s absolutely sexually assault and does not make it less so because Will happens to be a man.

  • koisha

    it is no deep secret that will smith is a homosexual. funny how they covered that moment when will was with that callboy but then again this is hollyweird and pediphile sex with young men less than 16 is not a crime !!!!! again i am jus pointin out that will needs to come out instead livin a lie then….. maybe he can deal with the teenage boy sex addiction that will ruin his career…… look what is is doing with travolta.

  • vicki

    like any good homophobe/homosexual, Will denys and denys what he really is.

  • patricia s.

    The force that jerk used to grab Will’s face deserved a sucker punch. Will is such a gentleman….plus he looks so cute when he’s angry.

  • Mariena

    Tell me, please, what does he eat and what cream does he use??? His face hasn’t changed since he became 25. Some stars eat only vegetables and look much older!!!

  • Giveitarest

    I saw the video and Will’s reaction. I don’t blame him. There’s some real kooks out there walking around. Now the guy’s probably made a name for himself as the “Kissing reporter” or something.

  • Ace

    @vicki: You are not making gay/homosexuals look good with that comment…

  • Kelly

    hey, wasnt it pretty obvious… the guy tried to kiss him on the mouth twice, and will tried to avoid it by turning away?

    just because he got the cheek, doesnt mean he intended onk issing Woll on the cheek.

    WATCH properly, the guy really tried hard to kiss him on the mouth.

    People dont kiss each other’s cheeks like that. It was a little too rough.

  • cesar

    are you all crazy ?? it was a stupid and gratuity AGGRESSION by an ACTOR” in front of all world.

    he do not have any right to SLAP nobody. even if the guy have kiss him.
    Will Smith is a stupid ARROGANT with a MACHO MENTALITY.



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  • monnie

    The intent of this was to “test” Wil-to see how he’d react when Travolta basically has been outed after there have been rumors for years of bi or homosexual tendencies—I for one dont care what they are or arent, I just dont like the hypocrisy of being in the closet–come out, come out wherever you are. Travolta, Cruise, and Wil have had gay or bisexual rumors for years–Travolta’s were just lent credence. Because they all have something to do with Scientology which pretends to have a “cure” for being gay or having gay impulses this was a test to find out how Wil would react.

    I think it’s too bad you cant come out in HW or in professional sports–a few do but its taboo. Then again if he, Travolta, or Cruise were gay ONLY then perhaps they could do what Ellen DeGeneres or Neal Patrick Harris have done and boldly own up to it. But I think Travolta is AT LEAST bi or confused- I dont mind the behavior but I think its selfish and silly to have a whole family as a beard.

    You can argue it’s none of our business, and I would say you are right but I think its sad that so many people feel they have to hide in plain sight.

    There have been rumors about Wil, Travolta, and Cruise for YEARS. Whether there is basis I dont know, usually where there is smoke there is fire, even just a little bit, I dont mind what they do in their bedrooms and DONT disapprove but Scientology feels they can “cure”
    gayness and supposedly they tape interviews and have them from Travolta and Cruise talking about gay feelings/impulses. Smith also has been involved in Scientology of late, opening him up to these rumors.

    I think the pressure on Raven Symone this week regarding Azmarie Livingston has been interesting, First of all, if its true, good for her. I kind of like Azmarie and think she should have WON next top model because she was the only one with true modeling potential. And she’s beautiful, if they are happy, so what. Just dont hide! Then again if she says its her business, its HER business, leave it alone,

    Bottom line, dont care who he has slept with. “Outing” people is not cool–its like in the Hitler era when they went after gay men, confiscating correspondence and personal diaries and address books to find other gay men- I think it was around 15,000 they arrested and did god knows what to. Used to be homosexuality itself was a crime in the US and you could be arrested for that.

    It is interesting he did slap him—which says to me he knows exactly what this guy was trying to do-what was Wil supposed to do, turn around and make out with him, renounce his family, a la the governor of New Jersey? I liked that guy too, I felt he didnt need to step down and would have supported him coming out AND staying in office.

    There have been similar rumors about Leonardo DiCaprio for years and my reaction is “So what?” if he was bi or experimented at some time or another that doesnt make him less and actor or me like him less.

    Don’t jump on me, all I am saying is there is more to this than meets the eye,

    Personally I grew up with Wil, we are the same age and I remember him from Bust a Move with fondness and nostalgia–he has a agreat personality and is very attractive and is a great entertainer-if not a Shakespearean actor he broke down some doors to black actors by being one of the first to get an A-list paycheck. (And I love Hancock and MIB for the fun, mindless entertainment they are, I admit, even Bad Boys and Independence Day, I havent seen his serious movies)

    HW has become a battleground for gay acceptance whether it intended to or not. They used to beard Rock Hudson, James Dean, and Tab Hunter (and even, if you can believe it, Liberace) by setting them up on dates with women. Hudson was an open secret in HW, J.Edgar Hoover, another closeted man kept paranoid tabs on him.
    Liberace was actually in a few movies where he posed as a “straight”piano player. I believe there are a lot of men (and a few women) who are closeted and I think its a shame and silly, but these guys have to battle the allure of multimillion dollar careers as hetero
    sex symbols with their own desires–which may be more mixed then people want to admit. Not everyone is completely gay or straight, there are a lot in the middle.

    The amount of pressure on someone like Travolta must be unbearable…..

  • monnie

    sorry for the novel. Im a hetero woman and if some douchey reporter tried to kiss me I’d shove him off me and get a restraining order.

    We like you Wil and whatever you are doesnt matter to us. We go see your movies not your sex tapes–which for any celebrity are usually vile and relentless self promotion. (Not that he has one, I am talking in general, I’ve seen one or two like R Kelly’s and unfortunately can’t UNSEE it)

  • monnie

    I just saw the tape—at first Wil laughs it off and then when the guy gets too affectionate he pushes him off and slaps him almost playfully-not to hurt but to remonstrate, like get off me dude.

    And frankly, even if Wil was 100% gay—he would be perfectly in the right. Gay men can and do get raped, they have the same rights as everyone not to be assaulted. Ain’t no thing, we should just let it go and leave Wil who is just trying to do his job promoting his movie (part of every actors contractual responsibilities) anyway and leave his personal battles/sexuality alone til he’s ready to make a change or do something.

    If the rumors are COMPLETELY wrong then so be it too ! I always liked/was a little jealous of Jada and Wil and always thought it could be PLAYA HATE in a big way….

  • Ron

    @Ace : Very polite, very mature. Bravo.

  • NYJ

    Disn’t look like he tried to kiss him on the mouth to me…looked like he was going for a traditional European double-cheek kiss and Will misinterpreted the gesture and got homophobic. Classless, and letting Smith get away with it is pathetic.