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Mark Zuckerberg: Married to Priscilla Chan!

Mark Zuckerberg: Married to Priscilla Chan!

Mark Zuckerberg has tied the knot with Priscilla Chan!

The 28-year-old Facebook founder announced the happy news with an update on his Facebook timeline. How appropriate!

The couple has been together for over nine years and married in his backyard in front of less than 100 guests, who thought they were attending a party to celebrate Priscilla‘s graduation from UC San Francisco’s medical school, according to a Huffington Post editor.

The wedding comes just a day after Facebook went public and Mark‘s wealth soared to $19 billion.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

FYI: Priscilla chose a couture gown by designer Claire Pettibone.

Bigger wedding pic inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
mark zuckerberg married to priscilla chan

Photos: Facebook
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  • Fassdong

    Congrats to the happy couple!
    They will be set for life!

  • yez

    yoco like dolla

  • lulu

    Wow! Congrat to this happy couple.
    They are mean for each other!

  • solecito

    What a better way to celebrate becoming billionaire that to get married. Congrats!

  • tru luv


  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    She just married one of the richest men in the world………19 billion dollars! Wow!! And congratulations to both of them!

  • anon2

    Congrats. It seems a very honorable thing he did marrying her after he got even richer. She’s been with him through it all, no? Best Wishes to them.

  • yoco

    yor 19 billyuan dolla make you rook reeree handsome darring

  • Halye

    They didn’t bother to include her in the social network. It wouldn’t be bittersweet if Mark found true love. A happy ending for the couple. Congratulations, Mark and Priscilla!

  • Rena

    She is quite hideous o_0

  • LOL

    WOW they look REALLY happy!!! *sarcasm here*

  • uhhh

    Is it me or does the pic look photoshopped? weird.

  • @

    ugly and uglier..why are their ugly mugs here Jared? They are not celebs.

  • Prissirruh

    No Gold Digger.
    Me ruv him wrong time
    and me Dokta.

  • humanoid

    Ugly Zionist Atheist Jew and his Atheist Chinese bridezilla! Thanks to Zion and Satan the world gets to enjoy this cheerful photo of the new members of Satan Worshippers.

  • trendeh


  • anon


    I bet you’re a guy and I bet you got a real small one.

  • yoco

    you make me raff anus

  • Creed

    I’m developing an algorithm to define the connection between Jewish guys and Asian girls.

  • Can you say prenup?

    Smart move on his part to get married after FB went public. That means anything he earned before he married her is pre marital assets and his, including the billions he just earned. If she tried to divorce him now, she’d only be entitled to claim against his earnings accumulated starting today from this point forward. If she had married him last week, she’d be one very rich lady if she divorced him.

  • Ashley

    @Rena: At least he married an intelligent woman! Pediatrician..amazing.

  • Yell

    He doesn’t need to help her open her own medical office. She could open her own medical school because she’s a teacher already. Free tuition for all the poor medical students. Or open her own hospital and give the best healthcare in the world at no cost to the poor.

  • Zuckerberg

    My god is Mammon and my country is the NWO.

  • Sarah

    Are these two on Glee?

  • sara

    What lucky people! I live near them.

  • Chiara

    They look quite awkward in that pic lol!

  • DarkEmpress

    So, since they got married the day after he became a billionaire, if they get divorced she wont be entitled to his pre-marriage assets. smart.

  • Gee

    She seems like a good person and that is exactly what he needs to keep him grounded. If reports are true, they have been together for years so she is not a gold digger.

  • barron797

    @Can you say prenup?:

    I totally thought that too when he married AFTER the IPO. Can you blame him? I’m sure one of his many advisors told him to do it this way.

  • maleficent

    Happy for them. Congrats to the newlyweds.

  • ColinG

    HES SO FUGLIN FUGLY! but rich

  • Pink

    Her lawyers could make the case that they were living a common law marriage…

  • ?

    No offence or anything
    but they don’t look happy in this picture
    I mean its the most amazing day of you life and you look bored
    But anyways I hope they stay happy, and wish them luck

  • Tollde

    They are too intelligent to care about something as frivolous as a wedding. Most people don’t- it’s mainly to please the family of the groom and the bride. Lovely and smart couple. Now that Mark has cash in his stocks, I hope that he will reach out to some of the charities and organizations that desperately need support.

  • anna

    smh at the racist comments towards this lovely educated asian woman. she’s obviously not a trophy wife which is commendable….she’s an achiever too(although not a billionaire) She graduated from Harvard and now, medical school.. It takes intelligence and hard work to graduate from medical school. And they’ve been dating for 9 year, before facebook became this huge big entity. So quit the gold digger comments. Even if she’s a gold digger, she’s not the first one. Racist assholes are just madthat she’s Asian American, and not Euro-American.

  • bebe

    With all that money and they both look so homely…not a fan of her hair/his suit or her dress…

  • Actually…

    @Pink: California doesn’t have Common Law Marriages. (They can only be established 10 states and Washington DC.
    Personally I think it’s incredibly selfish that he married her the day after his company goes public after she has supported him for nine years through the highs and lows of his business and life.

  • Dee

    My first thought was “chick just won the lottery!” lol And second is she looks beautiful. They’ve been together a long time they seem like a good, stable happy couple. I wish them lots of luck!

  • Nancy

    Beautiful bride! Best wishes for the lovely couple.

  • mn

    wow, folks…we’re in the 21st century, and the only thing some people have to fall back on is racism. get out of your middle school mentality and grow up. chan is an educated, accomplished woman who just married the man she’s been in a relationship with for the past 9 years– the color of her skin is irrelevant. congrats to both of them!

  • Em

    Well, he’s a pretty rich guy and so is she, having gone to harvard and now a medical doctor. She’s not a gold digger, she’d rather earn her own money than take his. There is spousal and child support…

  • nikola


  • Looselipz

    Beauty and the geek. Rich geek.

  • Jolo

    congratulations to the newly wed!.. :) amping (take care)

    -greetings from Davao City Philippines

  • Oleksa Ribon

    I’m gonna go ahead and call this a compliment and not a reality. Zuckerberg is pretty intelligent, but let’s wait and see how the keynote speeches go.

  • carrie

    my first thought was “image the prenup agreement ” LOL and for some people who saw Fincher’s movie Fincher prefered the legend to the truth

  • Tessa

    Girl, you better make this work! His timing made it blatantly clear he’s keeping all his new billions if not.

  • Lola

    Why talking about divorce when they just got married?? And who cares about how much she ‘s gonna make if they divorce! It’s a happy news so just wish them the best! Actually, if someone is smart it’s her, she actually graduated from Harvard!

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    strange choice of Mark….but, congrats.

  • el toro bumingo

    The newly-weds doesn’t look romantic or deeply in-love in their wedding picture. They are not even close to each other :)